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       Tempt Me, p.12

         Part #2 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning
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  “I wasn’t exactly truthful with you earlier.”

  She stiffened. “You don’t really love me?”

  “What?” He couldn’t believe that was the first thing she’d think he’d lie about. Hell, it was probably the only thing he’d never lie about. “No. That’s not it.”

  “I don’t care about any other lies right now as long as you truly love me.”

  “Too bad, I’m telling you anyway.” He rubbed a hand over her upper arm. Her smooth, damp skin was chilly to the touch. Perhaps he should concentrate on keeping her warm instead of troubling her with his problems. “I lied about the reason I don’t want you to visit me in Austin.”

  “The porn on the walls?”

  “Madison, it’s not porn. It’s my artwork. Mine,” he clarified. “I didn’t buy it; I created it.”

  “You’re an artist?” She shifted away from his chest so she could look at him. “Why didn’t you ever tell me that?”

  “Hey, baby,” he said in a creepy stalker voice, “I draw and paint portraits of nude women from memory. Wanna come view my collection?”

  “Yeah, actually, I do want to see your work, naked chicks or not.” Her eyes lit up. “Have you ever painted me?”

  The heat of embarrassment rose up his neck and face. Was he seriously blushing? “Yeah, far more than I should. I have at least five paintings of your left breast alone.”

  “But not the right?” She looked down at her perfect breasts. “Is the left one better or something?”

  “Nope, it’s just usually in my dominant hand.”

  She laughed. “Well, now that I know your secret, I can visit, right?”

  “Someday.” He had started this thread of conversation to tell her that his father had moved back in, but that feeling of not wanting to disappoint her made him hesitate. He decided it would be easier to get rid of the old man than to remind Madison that he wasn’t as strong as she seemed to think he was. “But not next week. Next week it’s you and me in New Orleans. Did you forget?”

  “How could I forget? I wonder . . . While you eat me out at the club, should I do this?” Leaning her back against his chest, she cupped her breasts and tugged at her nipples, making them hard and rosy pink. “If I play with my boobs, will our audience think it’s sexy?”

  She was totally getting into it. He couldn’t imagine anyone not thinking his Madison was the sexiest woman alive. And she was his. How did he get so lucky? She lifted her breasts in both hands, pressing them together into tit-fucking cleavage. “Or is it sexier to hold them together like this? Adam, tell me what looks hotter.”

  Jesus. His cock pulsed, protesting its mistreatment. He covered her breasts and massaged them roughly. “Fuck, woman, why do you tempt me? Now I want to come all over your tits.”

  She treated him to a deep, throaty laugh. “Well, what’s stopping you?”

  Chapter Twelve

  Madison wore a T-shirt she’d borrowed from Adam—one day she’d learn to bring an overnight bag when she had a date with him—and was resting on her stomach on the bed next to him. He was gloriously naked, which tended to make her hands wander. She’d yet to tempt him into tossing her on her back and possessing her body as he consistently possessed her soul, but she was working on it.

  He’d made her all hot and bothered in the tub, stroking his cock within the pulsing jets of the Jacuzzi until he’d erupted all over her chest. Then he’d insisted on washing every inch of her body and encouraging her to return the favor. After getting her worked up again, he hadn’t offered her release. Instead, he’d decided it was time to munch on snacks and watch TV.

  They sampled from the banquet laid out before them on the end of the bed—an assortment of junk food Adam had purchased out of a vending machine while she’d dried her hair. Some show about a tattoo artist was on the flat-screen, but Madison couldn’t concentrate on television with Adam’s toe rubbing the instep of her foot and his arm resting against hers. All she could think about—all she ever seemed able to think about—was him. She pressed her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. All the anxiety, the loneliness, the jealousy and the uncertainty had been worth it just to experience this perfect moment. And she had so many more perfect moments to look forward to.

  “I think you need a tattoo, Madi,” Adam said. Unlike her, he was very into the program. He munched another nacho-flavored tortilla chip and licked the psychedelic orange cheese from his fingertips.

  “I’m too squeamish to get a tattoo.”

  He chuckled. “As much as you like being spanked? You’d love it. You’d get so hot and bothered, you’d probably jump me in the tattoo parlor.”

  “I’d probably jump you in the tattoo parlor without any provocation.”

  He kissed her with salty lips. “How about a practice run?” He leaned across the bed and snatched a ballpoint pen off the side table. Holding it in his teeth, he flipped her onto her back and ran his hands lightly over her skin as he lifted his T-shirt to reveal her bare belly. “Such beautiful canvas,” he said. He placed a kiss just beneath her belly button. “I think right here. What do you want as your design, Miss Fairbanks?”

  “You do tattoos?”

  He shook his head. “Nope. I just like to draw. How about a little pussy just above your pretty pussy?” His tongue flicked over the cleft at the apex of her thighs, and her body jerked. She hadn’t been able to locate her panties and was pretty sure that Adam had hidden them from her when she’d insisted on wearing one of his clean T-shirts after their bath.

  “Adam,” she admonished. “Don’t you think that’s a little crude?”

  He chuckled. “Absolutely.” He uncapped the pen and drew a curved line from her belly button to her mound.

  She giggled and squirmed. “That tickles.”

  “Hold still,” he said.

  She tried, but his hand stretching the skin of her belly taut and the tip of the pen rubbing against her sensitive flesh had goose bumps rising, her nipples hard and her pretty pussy drenched. The intensity of his expression as he worked, with his tongue pressed against his upper lip, excited her further. He wore the same air of concentration when he played a guitar solo.

  “Hot and bothered yet?” he asked, flicking his gorgeous gray eyes upward for a brief instant.

  She moaned in the affirmative.

  “I can smell your excitement. It’s making it hard to concentrate.”

  She eased her legs open and was rewarded with a groan of approval and a tongue flicked over her swollen clit.

  “That isn’t fair,” he said. “You know what your scent does to me.”

  She grinned and spread her legs wider. She lifted her head and caught sight of his half-finished drawing. She’d expected perhaps a stick-figure cat, but the image was amazingly detailed, three-dimensional and realistic.

  “Oh, Adam, how do you do that?”

  “Well, I just sort of tighten my tongue and then flick it up and down, then—”

  She laughed. “No, I don’t mean how you lick my clit. How do you draw so realistically? It’s amazing.”

  He shrugged. “Don’t know. It’s just something I’ve always done for fun. I mostly draw naked women. And for some reason . . . animals.”

  “You’re fantastic. Finish it.” She nodded toward her lower belly. “Please.”

  He grinned at her, obviously pleased by her compliment. “Okay.”

  “Now I really want to visit your place to see your artwork.”

  “I carry some of it with me at all times.”

  “Really? Is it in your suitcase?”

  He shook his head. “On my skin.”

  “You designed your tattoos?”

  She giggled as he drew on a particularly ticklish spot on her pubis.

  “I designed the dragon on my back, but not my sleeve; a real artist drew that.” The tattoos that covered his right arm from shoulder to wrist were abstract, where Adam’s drawings were realistic. She still remembered how breathless s
he’d become the first time she’d seen the tattoo that covered most of his back. She couldn’t believe he had drawn it. She would have bet her left kidney that a professional artist had designed it. The man was definitely multi-talented. “You drew your dragon?”

  He nodded. “I also drew some of the band’s tattoos. Especially Gabe’s. The phoenix on his back, the cougar on one side of his chest and the wolf on the other. I designed the shark on Kellen’s calf and the stallion on his shoulder, the snake on Owen’s . . . uh, hip region, and Shade’s . . . ” Adam scowled.

  “What’s the matter?”

  “Nothing. He just pisses me off, is all.”

  She lifted a hand to stroke his hair, which was still damp from their bath. “You need to talk to him, sweetheart. Try to sort things out.”

  His scowl deepened. She hated to see him in turmoil, wanted him to smile more. “So I’m guessing that you designed the turtle Shade has inked on ass.”

  Adam’s features softened, and he chuckled. “Shade doesn’t have a turtle on his ass.”

  “Are you sure? I think I heard that somewhere. Well then, did you draw the butterfly on his lower back?”

  He laughed. “Nope.”

  “Hmm. Maybe the hummingbirds on his chest. Or the little piglet on his belly?”

  “He must have some new tattoos I haven’t seen.”

  “They’re all adorable,” Madison said, glad she’d made him laugh. “What did you draw for him?”

  Adam sighed. “A lion. It’s on his chest, over his heart.” Adam licked his thumb and rubbed it over her belly to correct a mistake he’d made with his pen. “He probably wants to have it removed.”

  “I doubt that. I’m sure it’s special to him.”

  And he was scowling again. Maybe it was best to leave the real world outside. She’d hate to upset him now and ruin their limited time together. “Almost finished?” she asked. “I have a powerful need to suck your cock while you use that tongue on my pretty pussy.”

  His grin returned. “Oh yeah?”

  She nodded.

  He tossed the pen aside. “All finished.”

  She rose up on her elbows and admired the fuzzy kitten on her lower belly. It seemed to stare up at her with an impish grin. “Maybe I do need a tattoo,” she said. “Then your artwork would become a permanent part of me.”

  “We need to experiment with more designs first. Then I can draw on you as often as I like and never run out of canvas.” He looked up at her. “But I am going to take a picture of this before I make you sweat it off.” He leaned off the bed and found his cellphone among the clothes he’d discarded after his trip to the vending machines. He lifted it high and aimed the lens at his drawing.

  She knew there was no way for him to get a picture without including her exposed private area just beneath it.

  “Wait,” she said, “let me cover . . . ”

  Before she could position her hands, he snapped a picture. Her face flamed. She tried to grab his phone, but he held it above his head and looked up at the picture he’d taken. “Now that’s art,” he said.

  Her face felt as if it would burst into flame. “Please, delete it.”

  He smiled down at her. “Are you blushing, Madi?”

  “It’s embarrassing. Someone might see it.”

  “Do you really think I’d let anyone look at it besides me? I won’t.”

  She relaxed slightly.

  “But you’d better get used to people looking at your body if you still want to go to that sex club next week.”

  “But they won’t be able to see my face.”

  He chuckled. “Can’t see your face in this shot either.”

  She supposed that was true. “Can I see it?”

  He showed her the picture, which was erotic in that her shaved pubis was visible just beneath his drawing, but the photo was also tasteful. Artistic. Looking it at made her pussy throb.

  “That’s kind of hot,” she said breathlessly.

  “Kind of? It’s on fire, baby. God, it makes me hard.”

  He shifted onto his side, and she zeroed in on the evidence of his desire for her. His cock was hard, and she really did have a powerful need to suck it. She rolled onto her side upside down beside him and directed him into her mouth, sucking hard and bobbing her head rapidly because she wanted to taste his cum. The sooner, the better. He grabbed her hips and shifted her closer so he could suckle her clit and flick his tongue over it as hard and fast as she was giving it to him.

  She shattered almost instantly, the ripples of pleasure causing her to buck against his face.

  He pulled out of her mouth and leaned off the bed to retrieve a condom and a tube of lube.

  Her ass tightened with anticipation. God, yes! But . . .

  “I wanted you to come in my mouth,” she said.

  “I will, but not just yet.”

  He yanked the oversized black T-shirt off over her head and pressed her onto her back. Lifting her legs straight up, he rested her heels on his shoulders and slipped a pillow under her hips. He handed her the condom. “Open it,” he said. “Hurry.” He twisted the cap off the tube with his teeth and applied lube to her twitching ass with his hand. When his slick finger slid inside her, she shuddered. “Hurry,” he pleaded.

  Her fingers were trembling so hard, she couldn’t get the damned package open.

  “Can’t wait.” He filled her pussy with one deep thrust. Kneeling between her thighs, he held her legs open and wide, churning his hips as he thrust. He was watching himself fill her, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth. She wished she could see what he was looking at, what had him broken out in an instant sweat, what had him shuddering and making sexy murmurs of pleasure in the back of his throat.

  “I wish there was a mirror over the bed,” she said.

  He paused. “I’ll have one installed at my place. You need to see how sexy your pussy looks with my cock working it.”

  She groaned, loving when he said such things to her. She tried to imagine what something that felt so good looked like from his perspective.

  “Wait. I know . . . ”

  He reached for his cellphone and before she could freak-the-fuck-out, he snapped a picture. He handed her the phone, and she gawked at the sight of her red and swollen pussy stuffed with his thick shaft. Dear God.

  “Gorgeous, isn’t it?” he asked, meeting her eyes for a moment before returning his gaze to where his cock was plunging into her.

  “Is . . . Is this what they’ll be watching at the sex club next week?”

  “That and more. I definitely want them to witness you getting it from behind. Not many performers do live anal sex.”

  Her core clenched. “Will we be able to see others doing it?” She took another look at the picture on the screen and groaned.

  “If that’s your kink.” He grinned crookedly and winked at her. “You’d better get that condom open if you want me back here.” He slipped a finger into her well-lubed ass.

  She dropped the phone and fumbled with the condom wrapper. Finally, she was able to open the little package. She tried to hand the condom to him, but he was still gripping her legs, still staring at where their bodies were connected.

  “Adam,” she whispered. “Take it.”

  “Okay, just give me another minute.”

  His motions became more vigorous, his breathing more ragged. Just when she thought he was going to let go, he pulled out, gulping desperately for air, his body twitching, his eyes squeezed tightly shut.

  “Oh God,” he said. “I could look at that for a lifetime.”

  She was perfectly okay with that. “I love you,” she said.

  He opened one eye and grinned. “Love you too. Where’s that condom?”

  She’d accidentally dropped it while she’d been watching him get
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