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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 12

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  He lifted his head and opened his eyes. The added stimulation of watching her face drove him closer to the edge. It really was Jessica. He wasn’t imagining her. She was here. And he was inside her. Inside her. Inside.

  She stared into his eyes as she continued to ride him.

  She bit her lip, her breath hitching. Her fingers, resting on his shoulders, curled painfully into his flesh. Her head tilted back as she moved faster. Faster. Squeezing him inside. Grinding against him. Squeezing.

  Ah God, he couldn’t hold on any longer. The urgency had built beyond his limit.

  Hurry, Jessica, hurry.

  Her cries grew louder and higher pitched as she worked them both to release. Squeezing him inside, squeezing, relaxing. Squeezing, squeezing.

  He had to come. Can’t… Can’t hold back. Jess. Jess.

  She stopped moving as her hips buckled. “Now, Sed. Now. ”

  He lifted his hips from the sofa, driving into her, and let go. Exploded. Deep spasms gripped the base of his cock. His seed spurted into her body. And she took it. Took his cum. Inside her. Ah God, he was inside her. Part of her.

  His Jessica. His.

  They shuddered and strained against each other. Gasping. Crying out. Whimpering. When their bodies stopped quaking, she collapsed against his chest.

  Jessica wrapped her arms around his neck and snuggled against him, still shuddering sporadically. His arms circled her back as he drew her nearer.

  A smattering of applause erupted in the dining area. “That was beautiful, guys. Really,” Eric said.

  Sed grabbed the edges of the blanket beneath him and wrapped them around Jessica’s back. He glared at Eric, who sat at the dining table eating what was left of Trey’s cherry pie with his fingers. “Get the fuck out of here. ”

  Jessica’s entire body shook uncontrollably against him. Concerned, Sed leaned back to look at her face and found her laughing.

  “He’s right. That was beautiful. You are one hell of a good lay, Mister Lionheart. ”

  She kissed him and lifted her hips to separate their bodies. Sed grunted in protest. He loved being buried in her warmth and would have stayed there forever if she’d allow it. She settled sideways on his lap and leaned against his chest, letting him hold her. She didn’t rush away like the last time. Let him hold her. Let him. He kissed her temple and snuggled her close. How had he lived a single day without her? She was as essential to his life as air.

  “So I guess this means you two are back together,” Eric said.

  “Yeah,” Sed murmured, not caring that his dimples were showing as he grinned.

  “No,” Jessica corrected.

  He glanced down at her. “No?”

  “Just sex, Sed. ”

  His arms tightened around her. “Yeah, that’s what I meant. Just sex. ”

  He’d take anything she was willing to give. His heart would just have to get used to that sinking ache inside until he could win her back.

  Chapter 12

  Jessica listened to Sed’s heartbeat beneath her ear. She didn’t think he was feeling much for her. She couldn’t hurt him yet and that was okay. He’d eventually get tired of her using him like a piece of meat.

  And what a delectable slab of prime rib he was.

  God, she’d forgotten how perfectly their bodies responded to each other. She hoped it took a while to exact her revenge, because she was very much enjoying this little game.

  “You want to go somewhere?” he asked.

  A shiver raced down her spine at the sound of his deep voice. She looked up at him. “Like now? It’s late. ”

  “Isn’t Las Vegas the city that never sleeps?”

  “I think that’s New York. ”

  “Right. This is Sin City. ” He grinned wickedly and combed his fingers through her hair as his gaze caressed her face. “I thought you might like to take a walk down the strip with me. ” His eyebrows lifted suggestively.

  Her breath caught. “Sightseeing?”

  “Maybe a little. ” His gaze locked with hers and he grinned that sexy grin that made her body throb. “When our eyes are open. ”

  Her heart raced out of control. She hadn’t toured a city with Sed in over two years. The possibilities for public encounters in Las Vegas were endless. “I have a skirt in my car. ”

  She squirmed off his lap, scooped her clothes off the floor, and headed for the small bathroom near the back of the bus.

  Eric wolf-whistled as she darted past him in the nude. She stuck her tongue out at him before shutting herself in the bathroom. She cleaned up in the sink and hurriedly dressed in her jeans and T-shirt.

  There was a knock at the door. “I’m coming in,” Sed called.

  Sed squeezed into the tiny bathroom and turned on the sink tap. She backed into the nook between the toilet and the shower. The man completely dominated the small room. He completely dominated everything. Jessica knew he couldn’t help it, but it still irked her. Since he’d become famous, his influence spread beyond his personal sphere, which made him more infuriating. She felt like a washed out shadow whenever she was near him. Except when she was fucking him. Only then did she feel his equal.

  “You’re glowering at me. ” He was looking at her reflection in the mirror as he washed traces of their joining from his body.

  “No, I’m not. ”

  “Yeah, you are. What did I do wrong now?”

  “Nothing you can help. ” She moved to stand behind him and ran her hands up the contoured muscles of his belly and chest. “You’ve been working out. ”

  “Just some free weights and lots of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups. ”

  “All those ups are really paying off. Sexier than ever. ”

  She rested her cheek against his back and inhaled the unique scent of his skin. Like everything else about this man, it never failed to turn her on.

  “Maybe we should go sightseeing tomorrow,” he said, covering her hand with his. “We should get a hotel room for the night. There’s no privacy here. I want to be alone with you. ”

  “How about we tour a few places, get a room when we get tired, and then continue our tour tomorrow?”

  He looked at her over his shoulder and smiled. “You always were brilliant. ”

  She kissed his shoulder and moved around him to exit the bathroom. “I’ll be back soon. ”

  Jessica left the bus and hurried to the parking garage where she’d left her car. From her trunk, she grabbed a suitcase of clothes and the bag that contained her cosmetics and personal necessities, and then hurried back.

  Sinners’ fans had cleared out, and with them, the security guards. No problems getting around the barrier this time.

  She found Sed leaning against the bus. His wide-brimmed hat was tilted low over his brow, his pretty blue eyes hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. He wore black leather pants, a white T-shirt, and a long leather duster.

  “It’s pretty warm out here for a coat,” Jessica said, an eyebrow lifted at him.

  “I’m willing to suffer for style. ”

  She laughed. He reached for her suitcase, but she sidestepped him before he could take it from her. “I’ve got it. ”

  He sighed and followed her onto the bus empty-handed.

  Eric wasn’t the only band member on the bus now. Trey rested on the sofa, watching TV with his sultry emerald-green eyes more closed than opened. He glanced up when Jessica walked past.

  “Jessica?” he said incredulously.

  “Hey, Trey. How have you been?”

  “I’ve been better,” he said quietly. “Head is killing me. ”

  “Do you need me to take you to the hospital?” Sed asked. “That dickhead bouncer really whacked you a good one. ”

  “I’m all right,” Trey insisted. “I just need quiet. The other bus is too noisy. I feel a little better already. ”

ica bent to kiss Trey’s cheek. “You sure, sweetie? We can take you to the E. R. ” She ran a finger down his lightly freckled nose.

  “I’m good. I just need to rest. Quietly. ”

  “Eric will keep an eye on him,” Sed said.

  “Eric? You’re kidding, right?” Jessica said.

  “Well, Brian’s not here and Jace keeps taking off, so who else is there?”

  “Dare? He is his brother. ”

  “Guys, I said I was fine. Just shut up, get the fuck out of here and leave me alone. ”

  Jessica and Sed looked down at Trey. “He’s fine,” they said in unison.

  “I’ll go change clothes now. ” Jessica carried the suitcase to the back bedroom and knocked on the door. A moment later, Eric opened it.

  He wore nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs and a smile. She tried to keep her eyes from drifting down to where the sexy V of his hipbones disappeared into his underwear, but failed.

  “Yes, you can join us. ” He pulled Jessica into the room by the arm. The girl on the bed covered herself with the heavy red comforter, but not before Jessica saw the huge vibrator she was plunging into her body. Eric still liked to watch, apparently.

  “I need to change clothes,” Jessica said.

  Eric nodded in agreement, settling both long-fingered hands on his hips, drawing her attention again to where it did not belong. This man was all cord and muscle. And in those low slung boxer briefs, one hundred percent distraction.

  “Without you in attendance. ” Jessica nodded toward the door.

  “Hey, I was here first. ”

  “The only thing you should be watching right now is Trey. I’m worried about him. ”

  Eric’s teasing expression turned serious. “What’s wrong with Trey?”

  “Brian said Trey was dizzy on stage tonight. And now, he’s lying around with a headache. I think he’s hurt pretty badly. Sed and I tried to talk him into going to the hospital, but he insists he’s okay. ”

  Eric grabbed his pants off the floor and hopped into them. “I’ll take care of him. ”

  He left the bedroom.

  The girl on the bed growled in frustration. “What does a girl have to do to get laid around here?” She dropped the industrial-sized vibrator on the floor, climbed from the bed and searched for her clothes.

  Jessica tossed her ancient hard-shell suitcase on the bed and popped it open. “It’s not usually this crazy around here. ”

  “Hey, aren’t you that bitch who yanked Margo’s hair for sucking Sed?”

  Jessica riffled through her suitcase until she found the flowing skirt and form-fitting top she sought. A little wrinkly, but it would do. “You might as well spread the word. Sed’s mine for the next two months. I won’t put up with any of you slutty groupies touching him. ”

  The young woman slid into her lilac-colored thong and matching tiny bra. “I think that’s his decision, not yours. ”

  “He likes it when I’m possessive. Run along now. ” Jessica removed her T-shirt and contemplated if she should wear a bra. The twisted styling of her top’s bodice had plenty of support and it had a single tie around the neck. Her straps would show and she had no idea where she’d packed her strapless bra. Deciding against any undergarments, she slipped the green form-fitting top over her head.

  The other girl had finished dressing and left the room, slamming the door soundly behind her. Jessica shrugged and changed into her bold-patterned, loose skirt. She topped off the outfit with three-inch strappy sandals, several bangles, and an anklet. She was putting on her make-up when Sed entered the room.

  “What’s taking you so long?”

  “Almost ready. ” She applied tinted lip-gloss with her little finger.

  “Always worth the wait. Damn, you look hot. ”

  She grinned at him. “You’re the one who looks hot. Are you sure you want to wear that coat?”

  He winked at her. “I’m sure. ”

  She fluffed her hair with her hands and checked her reflection in the mirror before approaching him in the doorway. “Let’s go. ”
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