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       Tempt Me, p.11

         Part #2 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning
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  so hard my balls would launch into outer space.”

  She laughed. “We don’t want your balls to end up in orbit.”

  “You’re right. That doesn’t sound pleasant.”

  “But I do want to see how hard I can make you come,” she said. “I could give performing a try. Next week in New Orleans?”

  “No pressure,” he said.

  “If I change my mind, I can back out, right?”

  “Of course,” he said, but he had some ideas on how to get her excited about the idea so she wouldn’t change her mind.

  Madison sat there for several minutes and he gave her the time to think it through. He didn’t want her to feel like she couldn’t tell him no. When he said no pressure, he meant it.

  “Okay, New Orleans next week. I’m in.” She sounded like she’d just agreed to a bank heist. She took a deep breath. “Tell me what to expect.”

  He withheld his victory dance and played it cool. “Not saying. I want you to be surprised.” He pressed his hands between her thighs and forced her legs apart. “But I know you’ll like it,” he whispered in her ear. “You’ll like strangers watching you beg for penetration. You’ll like when they watch you come.” He stroked her clit, and she thrashed in the water. “Their attention will make you so hot.”

  “I’ll be embarrassed,” she said.

  “Just remember, I’m the only one who will know it’s you.”

  “Everyone wears masks?” she asked.

  “Except for the director.” He smirked. “He wears a hood.”

  “What?” Her entire body trembled against him. “What do you mean? Who’s the director?”

  “You’ll find out next week. I’m not saying any more.”

  “Adam! Don’t tease me. Tell me what will happen.”

  But he had plans to tease her all week with hints and messages so that by the time they arrived at La Petite Mort, she’d be so excited by the idea of performing, she wouldn’t even question it.

  “Every man in the room will be jealous of me eating out this pussy,” he whispered into her ear. He cupped her mound and squeezed, his fingertips sliding between her swollen folds. “I’m going to hold you wide open so they can see my tongue licking your sweet cum. They’ll see how much I relish it, and will be salivating for a taste, but only I can have it. It’s mine.”

  She groaned. “How many will be watching?”

  “We won’t know until the time comes. It might be a few or as many as thirty. And they’ll all have their cocks in their hands by the time I’m finished with you.”

  She rocked her hips, rubbing her mound against his hand. “Oh God, just the thought is making me hot.”

  He stroked her swollen clit rhythmically beneath the water. He wasn’t quite ready to make love to her yet—he was really enjoying the water jets against his back—but he loved that she was getting all hot and bothered by making future plans. Mostly because it meant they had a future.

  He caressed her clit faster—faster—until her hips bucked and she rocked her mound against his hand as she came. The back of her head crashed against his shoulder as she cried out in ecstasy.

  “You’re going to give all of our spectators raging hard-ons when you come all sexy like that.” It certainly made his cock stiff. “Make lots of noise for me, Madison. Don’t hold it in. You have to let our audience know how much I please you.”

  “I’ll be loud,” she said breathlessly. “I’ll scream if you want me to.”

  Her body went limp, and he held her against his chest, nose buried in her fragrant hair. She relaxed and let him hold her. This was what he’d been craving all evening—calm, quiet closeness. He had no doubt that she’d soon have him worked into a frenzy again, but for now this was nice. Sometimes nice was exactly what he needed.

  They sat for a long while in silence. His eyelids were drooping lethargically when she asked, “Are there other kinds of sex clubs?”

  He chuckled. Yep, his sexually curious little monster would definitely have him pawing her like an animal in record time. “There are the ones that Kellen prefers.”

  She tilted her head to look at him over her shoulder. “What is Kellen into anyway?”

  “His nickname didn’t give it away?”

  “Cuff? Don’t you call him that because he wears those leather cuffs on his wrists?”

  “That’s exactly why we call him Cuff.”

  She looked completely perplexed—her forehead furrowed and lips pursed. As adventurous and sexy as the woman was, he loved these glimpses of her innocence. She was losing a bit of the quality as her eyes opened to experiences beyond the ordinary, but he doubted she’d ever completely lose her basic purity, and he didn’t want her to.

  “He loves to restrain a woman so she can’t resist all the dirty, kinky things he does to her body,” he whispered in her ear.

  Madison shuddered against him. “Oh! Does he spank them?”

  “If they ask nicely.”

  “I want you to do that to me,” she said.

  Adam visualized her with her arms restrained behind her back and her legs secured spread so that her scrumptious ass and sweet pussy were exposed to his delight. He could lick and suck on her for hours, and she wouldn’t be able to get away or tempt him into taking her quickly. He doubted he’d spank her at all. Even if she asked nicely. He nibbled gently on her ear, as if blood wasn’t surging into his cock at the thought of her bound and at his mercy. “If that’s what you want.”

  She nodded eagerly.

  “But not tonight. Tonight I get to be gentle with you.”

  “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stand it, Adam.”

  “Why not?”

  She took a deep breath. “Because . . . Because when you’re tender with me, I get so overwhelmed with emotion that I’m likely to burst into tears.”

  His heart twisted unpleasantly. He wasn’t sure how he’d react if she cried during sex. “Happy tears?”

  “Yes, happy tears.”

  “Then that’s okay. I’ll kiss them away. I love you.” Those three words were becoming easier to say, but he meant them a little more with each passing moment.

  Madison turned around to face him, kneeling between his thighs. She cradled his face in her hands and touched her nose to his, her eyes drifting closed. “Is this real?” she asked. “I’ve dreamed of you saying you love me so many times, I’m worried that I’m dreaming.”

  Normally if a woman had said something like that, he’d be reaching for his clothes and bolting for the door, but this was Madison. She wouldn’t hurt him. It was okay to love her. Okay to tell her.

  “If you’re dreaming, then I’m dreaming too,” he said. “I’ve never told anyone I love them.”

  Her eyes opened, and her pupils adjusted as she focused on him. “No one? Not even family?”

  “No one,” he said.

  She looped her wet arms around his neck and pressed her breasts into his chest. “Then I think you need to say it some more. Just so you get used to it. Think of it as therapy.”

  He chuckled. “I love you.”

  Her fingers burrowed into his hair. “Again,” she whispered.

  “I love you.” It felt good to let her know. He could say these things when they were alone together. He wouldn’t want others to recognize his weakness, but if only she knew, that was okay.


  “I love you. Your turn.”

  She stared intently into his eyes and said, “I love you.” She didn’t look away for several moments and then out of nowhere said, “I wonder what it feels like to have a pierced cock rubbing inside you.”

  “Woman,” he said, “you had better stop thinking about having sex with my band. First Kellen and now Owen?”

  “Oh, I wasn’t thinking of having sex with anyone but you.”

  Though his dick was hidden beneath the churning water, there was no doubt where she was directing her pointed look. His balls tried to crawl up into his pelvic cavity. “Absolutely not, Mad

  She stuck out her lower lip and blinked her beguiling blue eyes at him.

  “That look will get you diamonds, baby,” he said, “but not my cock pierced.”

  She laughed. “I guess I’ll just have to imagine what it feels like. And I bet it makes giving blow jobs a challenge.”

  He threw back his head and laughed. “You’ll have to ask one of Owen playthings. I’ve never blown him.”

  She grinned crookedly. “Have you ever done anything sexy with another guy?” she asked, rubbing her breasts against his chest. For fuck’s sake, was she getting turned on by thinking of him with another man?

  “No, I’m not into guys.”

  “Would you like to see me do something sexy with another girl?”

  Whoa. What in the hell had he awoken in this once sheltered woman? And why was he so glad to have corrupted her innocence? “Such as . . . ”

  “Kissing?” She had the same expression on her face that she wore when she questioned him in a counseling session—all serious and attentive.

  “Yeah, I’d like to see you kiss a girl.”

  “Playing with each other’s breasts?” She cupped her perky tits and rubbed her thumbs over her nipples. “Licking them?” Her tongue traced her upper lip, not in an intentionally seductive way, but as if she was imagining the best way to use it on another woman.

  Welcome back, raging hard-on. Where have you been for the past five minutes?

  “That would be sexy,” he said, his breath already hitching with excitement.

  She glanced up and caught his titty-roaming gaze. “Would you rather watch another woman eat me out or me eat her out?”

  Both scenarios played in his mind, and he found that an easy question to answer. “You eat her, so I can fuck you from behind while I watch.”

  Her hand slid from her breast and into the water. He couldn’t see what she was doing clearly, but he was pretty sure she was exploring the folds of her sex.

  “Does a woman’s cum taste like a man’s?” she asked.

  How the hell would he know? He’d never tasted his own, and he sure as hell had never tasted another dude’s.

  “I don’t think so.”

  “I want to taste it. A woman’s cum.” Her hand lifted out of the water, and she slipped two wet fingers into her mouth.

  Adam’s gut clenched, and his balls threatened to explode.

  “I can’t taste it,” she said, pouting. “I know my pussy is wet enough. I guess the water washed the cum off my fingers.”

  A flood sloshed across the bathroom floor. Adam hadn’t meant to tackle her backward into the tub. His intention had been to be gentle for the rest of the night, not to find the hot, slick sheath between her thighs and drive his throbbing cock into it over and over and over again. But damn it, if she kept tempting him, what the hell did she expect? She knew what it did to him when she acted all sweet and innocent, dirty and naughty at the same time.

  She clung to him as he plunged into her, moaning encouragement as she moved with him. When his urgency receded enough for him gather a thought, he paused and frowned down at her.

  Her eyes blinked open. “Is something wrong?”

  “You did that on purpose,” he accused.

  “Did what?”

  For once, he wasn’t buying her look of innocence.

  “Acted sexy so I’d jump you again. You knew I wanted to be gentle with you.”

  She grinned crookedly. “Was it sexy when I tasted my cum?”

  “Fuck, woman, you know it was.”

  “Are you expecting me to apologize for tempting you?”

  “You are manipulating me.”

  “And I so like the outcome,” she said, her grin widening. “Don't stop.”

  He didn't plan to stop, just calm his motions a bit. He moved his hips slowly, churning inside her. Her eyelids fluttered. He repeated the motion—deeper, wider—holding her tightly for leverage in the give of the water. Each time he withdrew, one water jet massaged his foot and another jet stirred a stream of water against his balls, encouraging him to move faster. He fought the urge, watching Madison's face as she relaxed and let him carry a languid rhythm.

  “That feels so good,” she whispered, staring up into his eyes. “Oh, Adam.”

  He kissed her soft lips, continuing his pattern of slow, deep, gyrating thrusts. Giving her time to focus on sensation. To feel how perfectly their bodies came together. To recognize his love for her, which must be apparent on his face and in every motion of his body. The enormity of his feelings swelled in his chest. He was starting to understand what she meant about the need to always rush, so there wasn't time for this profound connection to overwhelm the physical pleasure. She felt so perfect against him, around him. Looked so wet and sexy—her face flushed, breasts exposed, hair floating like a cloud of dark silk in the water. Her head tilted back a little more with each churning thrust. Her mouth opened a bit wider each time he withdrew.

  “Adam, I think . . . I think . . . I'm gonna come soon. Oh God, the slow build feels so good. Don’t stop. Almost.”

  She continued to encourage him with gasping words as he took her higher and higher. Her body began to tremble uncontrollably as her orgasm eluded her. At last, she caught it. “Oh!”

  When she squeezed her eyes shut in ecstasy, he said, “Don’t look away.”

  Body straining and lungs gasping for air, she forced her eyes open.

  “I love you, Madison,” he whispered. “Do you feel it?” He felt it—as if his buoyant soul was going to float out of his chest and into the heavens.

  “Y-yes.” When the first tear slipped from the corner of her eye, his thought he’d somehow hurt her. By the second drop, he realized those were the happy tears she’d been worried about spilling. Just as he promised, he kissed them away. When her orgasm subsided, she lifted her head from the tub—a torrent of water pouring from her long hair—and pressed kisses to his throat and shoulders. “You were right,” she said. “It’s just as good, maybe better, when it isn’t quick and rough.”

  “You’re not telling me anything new. I know what makes sex great,” he boasted. “You.” He couldn’t imagine how hard the guys would rip on him if they heard him say that. But here with her, he could be as repulsively sappy as he wanted to be. Here with her, appearances didn’t matter.

  “You’re right about that too,” she said, snuggling her face into the crook of his neck. “The partner makes all the difference.”

  Why in the hell had he waited so long to admit he had feelings for her? He’d wasted months that he could have been loving her and being openly loved in return. He kissed her with all the passion he could muster and then pulled out of her body before collapsing against the back of the tub again.

  Madison struggled to orient her body in a kneeling position between his legs.

  “You didn’t come, did you?” she asked.

  Apparently she couldn’t see how stiff he cock was beneath the surface of the water. “No. I can only do that so many times a night. I figured I better save something for later.”

  “Last time we spent the night together, you had seven orgasms.”

  He chuckled. “You counted?”

  She nodded. “And I had ten.” She shifted both hands out of the water and wiggled all ten fingers at him.

  “No wonder I always sleep for two days after I see you.”

  “And I can feel you deep inside for days.”

  “Do I make you sore?”

  She bit her lip and nodded. “I need that part. It makes me miss you less.” She took a shaky breath. “For a little while.”

  Her sad little frown about broke his heart. Damn.

  He grabbed her wrist and tugged. With a startled cry, she slipped on the bottom of the tub and collided sideways with his chest. Instead of righting herself, she melted against him, her head resting on his shoulder and her warm breath blowing gently against the wetness on his chest. Her hand moved to his erection, stroking his length absently. Her gent
le touch wouldn’t make him come, but it would definitely keep him hard.

  “Madison,” he said, enjoying the relative calm between them, but needing to share something he’d been hiding from her.

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