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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 11

  Author: Olivia Cunning There wasn’t much privacy in the living room area. Someone could enter the bus at any moment, but maybe that’s what she wanted. Fine with him.

  While Jessica cleaned up her mess, Sed yanked the blankets from his bunk and spread them over the sofa.

  “Are you sure you don’t want me to kick Eric out of the bedroom?” Sed asked.

  “I’m sure. ”

  She approached him slowly, looking deeply into his eyes. When she paused before him, he reached for her, but she placed a hand on his chest and shook her head at him. “No touching the dancer. ”


  She pushed his shorts down over his hips, drawing them down his legs as she squatted in front of him. He lifted one foot and then the other. She tossed his shorts aside, leaving him completely naked. She ran her hands up his thighs, hips, belly, and chest as she stood again. Craving her attention, his cock twitched.

  “Have a seat,” she said breathlessly.

  He sat on the sofa and reached to pull her down to join him.

  She took a step backward. “No touching the dancer. ”


  “Shh. ”

  He dropped his hands and watched her walk over to the stereo system. After some fumbling, she turned it on and a song from Sinners’ latest CD came from the speakers.

  “This is my favorite band. ” Jessica smiled at him over her shoulder. “The lead singer is gorgeous. Listen to that voice. Mmmmm. ” She rolled her eyes with undisguised delight.

  “I hear he’s hung like a horse. ”

  Jessica’s gaze dropped to his jutting cock and she licked her lips. “Horses are jealous. ”

  He laughed.

  His smile faded when her hips started to sway to the music.

  She ran her hands over the luscious curve of her ass and bent forward, her long strawberry blonde hair brushing the floor in front of her. She rocked her hips back and forth, and though she was still clothed, he couldn’t draw his attention from the sweet spot between her thighs. She stood, flipping her glorious hair over her back as she ground her hips and squatted down to the floor before standing again. She turned to face him, still gyrating her hips. Her hands moved to the fly of her pants.

  She unfastened the button and inched the zipper down, dancing for him seductively. Her hands ran up her sides, revealing the skin of her flat belly as she eased her shirt upward.

  “Take it off,” he murmured.

  “Take what off?”

  “I want to see your tits. ”

  She pushed her shirt higher, teasing him with the vision of the under curves of her full breasts. She turned around, revealing an expanse of her sexy lower back, and peeled her shirt off over her head. He loved the way her thick, wavy hair brushed over the skin of her back as she continued to sway her hips. He imagined his fingers tangled in those silky, flowing locks, pulling her head back so he could suck on her collarbone, her throat, her jaw, her ear, her…

  She tossed her shirt at him. It hit him in the chest and slid down to cover his lap. She turned to face him, her hands cupping her naked breasts. Her pink nipples protruded from between her fingers. He wanted to draw his tongue over them. Make them hard like he was hard. Draw shudders from her body. Deep sighs from her throat.

  She danced closer. He reached for her and she paused.

  “No touching the dancer. ”

  “This is torture, Jessica. ”

  She pouted. “I thought you’d like it. ”

  “I do like it. I like it too much. It’s driving me crazy. ”

  She smiled. “I’m not finished yet. ”

  She pulled her shirt from his lap. When the fabric brushed over his most sensitive flesh, he drew a sharp breath through his teeth. She stood on the sofa, one foot on either side of his hips and squatted in front of him so his face was between her breasts. He turned his head and tugged her nipple into his mouth, sucking it rapidly to a hardened point. She gasped and jerked away.

  “No touching the—”

  “You didn’t say anything about sucking on the dancer,” he murmured, and tugged her nipple back into his mouth. She cupped his face and shifted his mouth to her other breast.

  “Why can’t you behave?” she whispered, shuddering as his tongue flicked over her pebbled flesh.

  He leaned back and looked up at her. “Do you want me to behave?”

  She chuckled. “Not really. ”

  She pulled away and turned to face the other direction, rubbing her ass and the rough fabric of her jeans over his engorged cock. He grabbed her hips, but she slapped his hands away and moved off the couch again.

  While she danced in front of him, she stroked her nipples in hypnotic circles, making them even more erect.

  Sed gripped the blanket to keep himself from jumping her. God, he wanted her. Desperately. Had never wanted anything more.

  She slid one hand down her belly and into the open fly of her pants. Her hand disappeared into her jeans and her head fell back in ecstasy. She stroked herself for a moment, pushed her hand deeper, groaned and then pulled her hand from her pants. She slid her slick fingers into her mouth.

  Sed grabbed his dick. He couldn’t take much more of this.

  Jessica pushed her pants down her hips, revealing the narrow strip of pubic hair that directed his attention to the juncture of her thighs. She turned, facing the opposite wall, and bent forward as she slid her jeans down her legs.

  He groaned as she revealed the secrets between her thighs. She kicked her jeans aside and parted the swollen flesh between her thighs.

  “I’m wet for you, Sed. Can you see it?”

  “Yeah, I see it. I want to taste it. ”

  A finger disappeared inside her velvety flesh. She plunged it into her body once, twice, and then pulled it free. His entire body jerked.

  She moved toward him and slid her finger to his mouth. A hint of her taste teased his tongue.

  “How’s that?” She watched him with her lips parted as he sucked at her finger.

  “Not nearly enough. ”

  She climbed onto the couch with him again, and put a foot on the back of the sofa near his shoulder. The scent of her excitement drove him crazy. He had to thrust into her. Had to. He would die if he didn’t possess her soon.

  Jessica gyrated her hips in his face, and he grabbed her ass, holding her so he could lap at her juices hungrily. Her hips stilled. Panting, she held onto his head, her fingertips digging into his scalp. Her thighs began to tremble.

  He smiled and leaned back. “Are you finished dancing?”

  She glanced down at him. “Uh, sorry. No, not yet. Do you want to wear a condom?”

  She was giving him an option? “Are you still on the pill?”

  “Yeah. Have you been safe?”

  “Always. You?”

  “Yes. ”

  “Then, no, I don’t want to wear one. ”

  She grinned. “Good. ”

  She trusted him? She had every reason to—he’d never lie about something that important—but did her trust mean that she… Even though she said that she hated him, maybe she still…cared about him. Oh God, please, let that be what her trust meant.

  Sed released his hold on Jessica and she struggled to regain her balance. She turned her back on him again, returning to her lap dance, but this time, instead of her rough jeans, her slick, warm slit rubbed against his dick. She reached between her thighs and directed the head of his cock inside her.

  Just the head.

  “Ahh,” he gasped, fighting the urge to thrust up into her. She wasn’t done teasing him yet, and he was very much enjoying her attempts to drive him entirely insane. It had been so long since he’d had any sexual contact without a condom, he forgot how good a woman felt without one. And it was Jessica’s warm flesh teasing him. Jessica.

  She continued to rub up against him, sometimes he dipped a scant inch
inside her moist heat, sometimes she squeezed his punished shaft between the cheeks of her ass, but she never took him deep inside. Never gave him what he craved.

  The CD ended with a click. She climbed from his lap and turned to face him. Straddling his hips, she leaned close, her breath tickling his ear. Her hair brushed his chest and his flesh quivered in delight.

  “I want you inside me,” she whispered into his ear. “Deep, deep inside me. ”

  “Yes,” he gasped.

  “Do you want me, Sed?”

  “God, yes. ”

  “Only me? No one else?”

  “Yes, only you. ” Did anyone else exist?

  She grabbed his chin roughly and stared into his eyes. “I still hate you. ”

  His chest constricted. Hope withered. “I know,” he panted, pressure building behind his eyes as he fought his stupid emotions.

  “And knowing that, you still want me?”

  He nodded. God help him. “Yes, I still want you. ”

  She smiled coldly and he wondered where his sweet, tender Jessica had gone. “Then fill me, Sed. Take what you want. ”

  He groaned in torment. He grabbed his dick and rubbed at her clit with his free hand as he guided himself into her little piece of heaven. Oh, she was wet. Slick. Hot. His head fell back against the back of the sofa as she sank down, taking him deep at last. Submerging him within her.

  “Jessica,” he gasped. “Ah God, you feel so good. ”

  “Touch the dancer as much as you want now. ”

  He squeezed her breasts and then lowered both hands to hold her ass as she rode him with an increasing tempo.

  “Best pole dance I’ve ever had,” he whispered.

  She looked down at him. “That was a lap dance, silly. ”

  “Feels like you’re dancing up and down my pole to me. ”

  She laughed. “It’s a two-fer. ”

  He trailed his fingers up her spine lightly and she shuddered. “You’re so beautiful. ” I love you with everything that I am. But he couldn’t tell her that. She hated him. Hated him, but still fucked him like no one else could. This would be enough.

  For now.

  Maybe someday she’d let him touch her heart again. He ran two fingers down her breastbone. In here. Her heart thudded against his fingertips, reminding him that she was here. In the flesh. This wasn’t a dream. His woman. His heart. Was back. He’d never let her go again.

  She squeezed him within her body and his breath caught. Thoughts scattered.

  She lowered her head and kissed him deeply as she continued to rise and fall. As her excitement built, she began to vocalize her pleasure into his mouth. A spasm gripped her body as an orgasm caught her. She pulled her mouth from his and cried out, her head tilting back in ecstasy.

  Faster now as she sought a second release. Still multi-orgasmic. Still perfect. Still the only woman who could satisfy him.

  He watched her, loving how she knew exactly how to get off on him. He could just lean back and enjoy it. Let her take him to heights he never experienced with any other woman. Sed shifted his hips slightly so her clit ground against his pubic bone with each downward thrust.

  “Yeah, Sed,” she whispered, gyrating her hips as she rode him now, grinding herself against him.

  She moved faster. Faster. Her body convulsed, and she shuddered against him. “Sed, oh God. Sed!”

  She paused for several seconds to catch her breath and then started rising and falling over him again. He let his head fall against the back of the sofa and closed his eyes, trying to think of something other than her perfect pussy massaging him in warm, velvety bliss. He couldn’t think at all though. Could only feel. Hear. Smell. He gasped each time their bodies came together, every molecule of his body aware of her. Immersed in her.

  She tightened her vaginal muscles around him again. She knew exactly how to bring him quickly to his peak. But he didn’t want it to end. Not yet. Not yet, Jessica. Make it last.

  She squeezed him tighter.

  He groaned. Okay, yes, now. “Jess. Jess? I can’t hold back if you do that. ”

  She kissed his neck, her nose brushing against his ear. “Come with me, baby. I’m getting close again. Look at me. You’ll know when. ”
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