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         Part #3 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 10

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Ah God, Aggie. Hurt me.

  Take the pain away. Hurt me.

  Watching his face, she struck him again and then kissed him deeply, her tongue mingling with his. He didn’t usually experience a blend of pain and pleasure. In the past, he did his best to keep the two separate. But even the night before, Aggie had given him what he needed and hadn’t judged him for it. Jace’s excitement mounted quickly. He wrapped his arms around her, tugging her against him and deepening her kiss.

  He groaned in her mouth when she struck him again. Fuck, he was hard. He wanted her. No, more than that. He needed her.

  Like he needed air.

  She turned her head, breaking their kiss, and spanked him again.

  “You like that?”

  He couldn’t form a coherent thought. “Huh?”

  “A touch of pleasure with your pain?”

  “Yeah. ”

  She slid down his body, settling on her knees at his feet. She licked the head of his cock. He shuddered, pleasure rippling through his flesh. She drew his cock into her warm mouth and sucked gently. When she struck his ass again, he cried out. She sucked him harder, rapidly bobbing her head to rub her plump lips over the sensitive rim. She paused frequently to swat him, before returning to pleasuring him with her mouth.

  The sweet pain blended with agonizing pleasure until he couldn’t take it anymore. He twisted his fingers into her thick, silky, black hair and held her head still. “Aggie,” he whispered. “Don’t. I can’t. Too much. ”

  She reached between his legs, cradling his nuts in one hand. She squeezed. His stomach roiled as the pain left him breathless. She loosened her hold, and while Jace breathed through the pain, she sucked him deep into the back of her mouth and worked her throat muscles and tongue around his cock. He forced his hands from her hair, knowing he’d pull and hurt her if he got too excited. And she was quickly getting him way too excited.

  He looked down at her, submissive at his feet, his cock down her throat.

  “Oh fuck. ” He gasped, his breath catching. He shifted his gaze to the mirror across the room. Her waist-length hair swayed against her back as she pulled back, sucked him deep, and pulled back again.

  Setting the paddle on the floor, she released his cock from her mouth. She reached into her tight leather bustier and retrieved a condom. After ripping the package open with her teeth, she unrolled it over his cock. It wasn’t one of those little ones he’d been forced to use the night before.

  He grinned down at her. “Thanks for considering my comfort this time. ”

  “Went out and bought some larger condoms just for you, big boy. ” She slapped his ass with her bare hand.

  He chuckled. “I think you should know the drummer of my band calls me little man. ”

  “Little man?” She eyed his cock appreciatively. “Hardly. What do you call him? Blind?”

  Jace didn’t want to talk about Eric. He wanted to put the condom to good use. He tugged his boots off and kicked his jeans aside. He glanced around. “There’s no bed in here. ”

  “No, but there’s a table. ”

  He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her across the room. After he removed her panties, she perched on the edge of the table. He squatted between her legs and suckled her clit until she was dripping wet. Her scent drove him crazy. He inhaled deeply through his nose while he lapped at her sweet nectar, his tongue dancing over her slick flesh. Her excited breaths, hitching in the back of her throat, alerted him to her impending orgasm. He stood and carefully inserted his cock into her body. Her back arched, and she shifted her hips off the table to drive him deeper, holding most of her weight with her arms. Her heat engulfed him. He groaned, bracing himself with his feet wide apart to hold her on his throbbing shaft. She shifted back onto the edge of the table, and he surged forward to fill her again.

  “Jace,” she whispered breathlessly.

  He thrust into her slowly and watched her reactions as he methodically increased his tempo. When he found her perfect rhythm, evident by her writhing and mewing, he maintained it relentlessly, drawing on the same consistent cadence that served his music.

  She reached behind her and grabbed a flail off the table. She struck him lightly across the chest. Each of the dozens of slender strands released delicious stings in his flesh. His breath caught. He drove into her harder. She met his thrusts with lashes—matching both his rhythm and his intensity. The harder he fucked her, the harder she struck him. He pounded into her harder and harder. He let the excitement carry him, losing all conscious control of his motion, giving his craving for pain full control over his attainment of pleasure. How did she know exactly what he needed? Quickly, his need for release built to the breaking point. His balls ached with heaviness.

  He forced his eyes open to look at her. Was she close to orgasm yet? Her entire body shook with each hard thrust, her beautiful tits jiggling each time their bodies came together. His chest was raw and red from the lashes of her perfect retaliation. Her mouth fell open with wonder as he watched. She was closer than he’d realized.

  “Look at me,” he demanded.

  She pried her eyes open, and their gazes locked. He slid one finger down her slit, rubbing her clit and sending her flying over the edge.

  “Jace!” she screamed.

  As her pussy clenched around his cock in orgasm, he let go. His body tensed, pumping his seed into her with spurt after glorious spurt, while her body shuddered uncontrollably. He held her gaze the entire time, knowing how emotionally vulnerable that made him, but with her, it seemed right.

  Spent, he collapsed against her trembling body. She wrapped her arms around him and rocked her hips back and forth, continuing to find pleasure in his cock.

  “Oh God, Jace,” she murmured. “I’ll never get enough of you. ”

  He’d never get enough of her either, which was a problem as far as he was concerned. He tangled his hands in her long silky hair, knowing she deserved far more pleasure than he’d given her. With her flailing him like that, he’d gotten too excited to treat her with proper care and attention. What he had in mind for her next would make up for that, he hoped.

  “Do you wanna go somewhere with me?” he asked, leaning over her to kiss her shoulder.

  “Yeah, okay,” she said. “Where are we going?”

  He rose up on his arms above her and stared down into her flushed face. She pouted when she saw the mess she’d made of his chest. Her gentle touch was intoxicating as she traced the crisscrossing welts on his skin, drawing memories of the pain to the forefront of his mind again. He caught her wrists, and she looked up at him.

  “The tour bus. I want to show you true bliss. ”

  “True bliss? Wasn’t that what I just experienced?”

  He chuckled. “Baby, that was just a warm-up. ”

  Chapter 8

  Aggie snuggled closer to Jace’s back, her hands pressed flat against his abdomen. She loved motorcycles. Especially low-pitched, rumbling Harleys. Foreplay on wheels.

  They drove down the Vegas strip. The summer evening air was stifling, yet the crowds were still thick on the sidewalks and the traffic heavy. The tourists would really come out to play after dark. Aggie had lived in Las Vegas her entire life, and the city’s ceaseless excitement still stirred her. Jace turned into the area behind Mandalay Bay at the southern end of Las Vegas Boulevard and stopped next to a set of three tour buses. Jace parked beside a silver and black bus and held her hand while she climbed from the bike.

  She removed her helmet, her long, thick hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back. She flipped it out of her face impatiently. “We need to drive into the desert and have an orgy on this bike. ”

  He removed his helmet, smiling to himself. “I think that can be arranged. ”

  “Now?” she asked breathlessly.

  “I have other plans for you now. Next time.

  Next time? She wasn’t big on planning the future, especially if it required relying upon a man, but she’d make concessions for Jace.

  He swung the bus door open and climbed the steep steps. Glancing down the corridor, he ushered her inside with a wave. The inside was nicer than she’d expected. A plush, leather sofa faced two captain’s chairs, a flat-screen TV, and a stereo system. Farther down the main corridor, a kitchenette stood opposite a small, square table and booths. Beyond the dining area, there were two stacked curtained compartments on each side. As Jace continued down the hallway, he swept each curtain aside to reveal four empty bunks.

  “I don’t think anyone’s here,” he said.

  The bathroom door stood partially open. No one in there either. He knocked on the door at the end of the hall. When there was no response, he opened the door to reveal a small bedroom. He switched on the light, and Aggie entered the room, glancing around. A comfortable-looking queen-sized bed filled over half the room. A closet, overflowing with clothes, bedding, and towels filled one wall. A long dresser stood next to the door, and a small window was situated on the wall opposite the closet. A hook in the ceiling caught her eye.

  “That’s for you,” Jace whispered into her ear.

  “For me?”

  “You’ll see. What do you want to drink?”

  His dichotomous personality always surprised her. He had a gentle, considerate side that so completely contrasted with the animal just beneath the surface. An angel and a devil. Strange thing was, she liked both—the side that warmed her heart with affection and the side that burned her body with lust. “Do you have any wine?”

  He grinned. “A woman after my own heart. I hope you like it sweet. ”

  “Is there any other kind?”

  “I have some port on the other bus. I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable. ” He kissed her cheek and left her to herself.

  Aggie removed her leather jacket, folding it carefully and setting it on the dresser. She contemplated removing her clothes and waiting for Jace naked, but decided she liked him to undress her. Slowly. Seductively. With great care and tenderness. In the silence, a faint hum came from the side table drawer. Her brow knitted with confusion, she went to investigate. Pulling the drawer open, she found it full of sex toys. Dildos of all sizes and thicknesses. Vibrators. Condoms. Flavored oils. Cock rings. Butt plugs. Was this why he’d brought her here? She found the humming vibrator and turned it off before dropping it back into the drawer.

  “You like that kind of thing?” Jace asked from behind her.

  She spun around. “Sorry to pry. One of the vibrators was humming. I followed the sound. ” She nodded toward the drawer. “Is all that stuff yours?”

  Jace shook his head. “It’s Brian’s. He likes toys. He doesn’t mind sharing though, if you want to borrow something. ”

  “Who’s Brian?” She accepted the glass of wine he held out to her.

  “Our lead guitarist. I take it you’re not a Sinners fan. Everyone knows Brian ‘Master’ Sinclair. He’s a rock god. Sed, our lead singer, is a notorious womanizer. Trey plays rhythm guitar and any person—male or female—who catches his attention. And then there’s Eric, who… is our drummer. I’m obscure by comparison. ”

  “You sure about that? You’re awfully cute. ”

  He flushed. “Sed’s the one all the girls scream for. He’s a beast. ”

  “Like you?” Aggie grinned, taking a sip of wine—perfectly chilled, full-bodied, and sweet. She’d never tasted anything more delicious. “Mmmm. ” She looked down into her glass. Thick, the wine clung to the inner surface of her glass. It reminded her of blood. She took another sip, holding the cool liquid in her mouth. Its flavor soured as it warmed on the surface of her tongue. She swallowed.

  “I’m a whole different type of beast. ”

  She glanced up at him. The coldness in his eyes sent a shiver down her spine. He downed his wine in two gulps and set his glass on the dresser. He went to the closet and pulled a hard-shell, black suitcase from its depths. He knelt in front of it on the floor.
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