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Olivia Cunning


  Ethan stood in the wings, his attention riveted to the man putting every ounce of his soul into the guitar strings beneath his fingertips. He’d never tire of watching Trey play live. He was, however, already tired of watching him lean up against Brian Sinclair’s back as they played one of their dueling solos. Ethan knew the intimate solos were part of their act. He knew seeing the two guitarists touch familiarly made the women go wild. He also knew that Trey had once been in love with Brian. What Ethan didn’t know was whether he’d ever completely take Brian’s place in Trey’s heart.

  Ethan didn’t take a breath until the solo ended and the two guitarists pushed off each other’s backs to separate to opposite sides of the stage.

  “Sometimes I wish I was Brian,” Reagan said with a pronounced sigh.

  Ethan knew that feeling all too well.

  “I love playing for Max,” she said. “For a rhythm guitarist, he does some intricate fret work. But there’s something about Brian’s sound that works itself under your skin, you know?”

  Brian had definitely worked his way under Ethan’s skin, but not in a good way. It wasn’t that Ethan didn’t like the guy; he actually understood why Trey had been hung up on him for so many years. But Brian had had Trey first—heart, body, and soul. And he still held part of Trey. He’d likely always have part of Trey. While Ethan had no problem sharing Trey with Reagan, sharing him with Brian Sinclair was another matter entirely.

  “And to have that kind of connection with another guitarist?” Reagan continued. “It’s magic.”

  “Maybe you and Trey should start your own band,” Ethan said, crossing his arms over his chest and drumming his fingertips against one tense biceps.

  Reagan laughed. “Like Trey would leave Sinners for me. Yeah, right.”

  “He might if you asked.”

  Reagan gnawed on her lip as she watched the man in question perform on stage. “I’d never ask it of him. He’s exactly where he belongs.”

  “And what about where you belong?”

  Reagan shrugged. “I’m doing okay with Exodus End for now.”

  But he knew she didn’t feel like she truly belonged with the group. In her mind, no matter how much the band showed her she’d been accepted into their fold, she was an outsider. She’d likely always see herself that way, even if they decided to keep her indefinitely.

  “What comes after Exodus End?” Ethan asked.

  She shrugged. “I’m assuming something less spectacular than what I have already, so I’m not in any rush to move on.”

  Perhaps not, but he was sure she wanted a band to call her own.

  “What’s next for you, Ethan?” she asked, brushing briefly against his arm. She insisted that they couldn’t publicly flaunt their relationship. Not when the public knew she was dating Trey. If they thought she was a cheater, she’d be raked across the coals, but if they ever found out that she was in a polyamorous relationship with two men, they’d destroy her. Ethan would never allow that happen. So as much as he longed to let the world know she was his, he gave her plenty of space when they were before prying eyes.

  “Wherever you are, that’s where I want to be,” he said.

  She glanced up and met his eyes, a dopey look of affection on her lovely face. He resisted the urge to kiss her. He’d save it for later.

  After the encore, Trey jogged offstage and traded his guitar for a small towel to wipe the sweat off his face. Ethan longed to push him up against the nearest wall and take everything he currently wanted from him, but that would be far worse than someone catching him with Reagan. So Ethan offered Trey a curt nod and shoved his balled fists into the pockets of his slacks. While Reagan brought out a protective, caring side of Ethan, Trey unleashed his inner beast. The combination was heady. Exciting. Erotic. And in Ethan’s mind, perfect. The only negative clouding his sunshine was the secrecy. Though if he was honest with himself, he wasn’t sure how he’d deal with the inevitable questions from his family. They were a conservative bunch. He didn’t doubt that they loved him and they adored Reagan—his mother already thought of her as a daughter. He had no idea how they’d react if they ever found out about Trey, so Ethan supposed keeping their secret was beneficial to him as well. It was just so damned hard to keep his hands to himself when he’d much rather be putting them on Trey and Reagan.

  “I’d better get into position,” Reagan said.

  Trey grinned at her. “That’s what she said.”

  She slapped at Trey playfully and kissed his cheek. Ethan’s stomach clenched—not with jealousy, but with longing. She paused long enough to offer Ethan a heated glance, but there was no kiss for him. He doubted she’d ever publicly show how she felt about him. Not as long as Trey was in the picture. And as far as Ethan was concerned, Trey would always be in the picture.

  Reagan joined her band on the floor beside the stage. After having her guitar hooked to the sound system, she disappeared beneath the stage in preparation of the band’s grand entrance.

  “Do you want to stay and watch Exodus End’s performance tonight?” Trey asked. It was an innocent enough question, but Ethan didn’t miss the undercurrent of or do you want to take me back to Reagan’s dressing room and fuck me?

  Typically an intermission fell between bands at concerts, but the current stage setup allowed Exodus End to go on immediately after Sinners. In fact, the unmistakable flurry of drumbeats produced by Exodus End’s legendary drummer, Steve Aimes, was already filling the stadium. The crowd cheered. Reagan would rise out of the stage any moment.

  Ethan leaned close to Trey’s ear and said, “The entire time you were onstage, all I could think about was stroking your exquisite cock while I fucked you from behind.”

  Trey’s sexy growl of appreciation grabbed Ethan by the balls and had him reconsidering his next words. But sneaking off with Trey to turn his fantasies into reality wouldn’t be fair to Reagan. He knew she didn’t like to be left out of their sexual encounters.

  “But then I decided I’d rather stuff your cock into Reagan’s hot pussy instead. So you’ll have to wait.”

  “It’s not nice to get my dick hard with your promises and then make me wait,” Trey whispered harshly over the building music.

  Ethan leaned away and lifted an eyebrow at him. “When did I ever claim to be nice?”

  Trey grinned, retrieved a red sucker from his pocket, unwrapped it, and stuck it into his luscious mouth. He did things to that cherry treat that Ethan very much wanted him to do to the head of his cock. Fuck, the man gave good head. And Ethan didn’t have to assume so based on the wicked things Trey did to his sucker. Ethan knew from experience.

  “I guess if I have to wait, you have to wait too,” Trey said. He swirled his tongue around his sweet before sucking it into his mouth.

  Ethan adjusted his fly, glad it was relatively dark in the wings, and turned his attention to Reagan, who was doing things to her guitar that he very much wanted her to be doing to his cock. Fuck. These two would be the death of him.


  As far as Reagan was concerned, there was only one experience better than being kissed awake by the man she loved, and that was being kissed awake by both of them. She didn’t even have to open her eyes to know that Ethan’s mouth was against hers, his good-morning greeting strong and demanding as he claimed the first kiss of the day. His powerful hand grasped her bare breast, thumb and forefinger tugging at her nipple until she moaned against his lips. Ethan always took what he wanted without apology, and she willingly gave him whatever he desired. Reagan also knew the mouth teasing her other lips—the ones between her splayed legs—belonged to Trey. His soft kisses were methodical, practiced, and oh so delightful. The rhythm between them reached far deeper than mere sexual compatibility—she felt
Trey in her soul. And that wonderful tongue piercing of his? She felt that against her clit. Trey always gave every piece of himself without hesitation, and she eagerly took whatever he offered. At that precise moment, he was giving her one hell of an orgasm.

  Ethan tore his mouth from Reagan’s as she cried out, her body quaking in bliss.

  “You never make her wait,” Ethan said.

  The repetitive flicking of the metal ball in Trey’s tongue ceased as he traced her throbbing clit with rhythmic circles and latched on with a gentle suction. Reagan grabbed for something to steady herself, taking hold of Ethan’s bulging biceps with one hand and a tangle of bedsheet with the other.

  “Is he wearing his piercing?” Ethan asked with a crooked grin.

  Reagan tried to shout yes, God, yes! but could only release a shaky moan.

  “Cheater,” Ethan said. “I guess I’m going to have get my cock pierced so she’ll crave something other than your tongue.”

  She wanted far more than Trey’s tongue at the moment. The emptiness inside her was driving her mad. “Oh please,” she gasped, too delirious to demand what she wanted. “Please.”

  Trey released his suction and kissed his way up her belly. His breath tickled her sweat-dampened flesh. “You keep promising,” he said to Ethan, “but I haven’t seen or felt evidence of a cock piercing yet.” He flicked the metal ball in his tongue against Reagan’s nipple, and she shuddered, releasing her hold on Ethan’s arm and the bedclothes so she could clutch at Trey’s silky hair. His mouth moved higher: against her throat, her jaw, and finally her lips. “Good morning, beautiful,” he murmured. “I called dibs on your first orgasm while you were asleep. I hope you don’t mind.”

  Mind? How could she possibly mind? She opened her eyes to stare into Trey’s sultry green-eyed gaze. The man always looked like he needed to be fucked. Who was she to deny him his needs? Gaze locked with hers, Trey smiled and shifted to rest his hips between her thighs. When he claimed her, her eyes drifted shut with bliss.

  “Look at me, baby,” he whispered. “I need to see you.”

  The man had changed so much in the few months they’d been together. She remembered when he’d fought to keep the sex between them impersonal, how he’d refused to meet her eyes when they’d come together. But now, so long as their position allowed it, he demanded that she stare into his eyes the entire time they were intertwined.

  Reagan’s hands moved from his hair to cup his face, the face so precious to her. One she wanted to see every morning, no matter where they happened to be. And her other love—Ethan—where had he disappeared to? Near her feet, the bed shifted beneath his weight. A pair of strong hands gripped her thighs and urged her legs to wrap around Trey’s slim hips. Reagan lifted her head to try to figure out what Ethan was doing, but she could only make out the top of his head briefly before he disappeared between Trey’s spread thighs.

  Trey jerked unexpectedly, his slow, churning thrusts drawing to a halt. His eyelids fluttered, and his mouth dropped open.

  “What is he doing?” Reagan whispered in Trey’s ear. When he didn’t do anything but release a passionate groan, she bit his earlobe. Ethan’s resounding smack on Trey’s ass reminded him to thrust. Whatever Ethan was doing to Trey suddenly had him grinding into Reagan as if he couldn’t get deep enough.

  “Jesus, E,” Trey panted. “You’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop that.”

  Never had Reagan wanted a ceiling mirror as much as she wanted one right then. She’d heard that Exodus End’s head of security, Butch, could get her bandmates anything they wanted in their hotel rooms. She wondered if she was enough of a fixture in the band to ask for favors from the guy, because she definitely needed that mirror.

  “Tell me what he’s doing,” Reagan urged. “I want some too.”

  “He can’t do this for you,” Trey said with a soft chuckle. “Unless your proverbial balls have materialized into reality.”

  Whatever Ethan was doing to Trey’s nuts must have felt fan-fucking-tastic. Trey couldn’t stop groaning, and the churning of his hips was grinding his pelvis into Reagan’s clit so perfectly that she didn’t care that he’d stopped thrusting again.

  “Did you forget how to move properly?” Ethan asked.

  Trey murmured something unintelligible against Reagan’s throat. She smiled and held him close as Ethan positioned himself over Trey’s back. Ethan’s eyes met Reagan’s, and they exchanged a look of understanding.

  “You stopped,” Trey complained. “Why did you stop?”

  “It seems you need a bit of guidance.”

  Trey lifted his head from Reagan’s shoulder, his eyelids fluttering as Ethan eased forward. Reagan was certain Ethan had claimed Trey’s ass, but neither man was moving.

  “Deeper,” Trey demanded.

  “If you want it deeper, take it,” Ethan said.

  Trey pulled out of Reagan several inches, groaning in bliss as the motion of his hips drove Ethan deeper into his ass. Ethan held still as Trey found a motion that allowed him to fuck and be fucked simultaneously. Every dozen strokes or so, Ethan would drive Trey deeper into Reagan with a powerful thrust before pulling completely out, making Trey whimper with excitement and angle his hips to ease Ethan’s possession. Trey was not shy about taking all the pleasure he deserved, but he was being uncharacteristically selfish and not paying any mind to Reagan’s enjoyment. Still, she was so turned on by his obvious delight that every stroke of his hips made her pussy clench with excitement. Wanting to increase his rapture, she tightened around his rigid cock each time he withdrew.

  “Now,” Ethan said, “imagine what this would feel like if my cock was pierced.”

  Trey shuddered violently and pulled out of Reagan, rising up on his knees between her thighs. Still thrusting into Trey’s ass, Ethan reached around Trey’s body and grabbed his cock in his fist, stroking until Trey found release with a strangled cry. Reagan couldn’t keep her hand from between her legs as she rubbed herself to orgasm while watching Trey’s cum spurt from between Ethan’s fingers and splatter over her belly, her thighs, her mound. Dear God, where was it all coming from? Ethan’s thrusting stilled when he buried his face against Trey’s shoulder and found release of his own. A few moment later, Ethan eased out of Trey’s body and carefully stretched him out beside Reagan.

  “You okay?” Ethan asked, leaning over to kiss Trey’s jaw. “Too rough? I got a little carried away.”

  “Perfect,” Trey said, his voice hoarse. He rubbed his face against Reagan’s arm. “Sorry. I kind of neglected you.”

  “Don’t apologize for being the sexiest man alive,” Reagan said with a soft snort.

  “Hey,” Ethan protested.

  “The sexiest guitarist alive,” she amended.

  “You’re the sexiest guitarist alive,” Trey said.

  “Let’s just say we’re all sexy and leave it at that.”

  Ethan chuckled and collapsed onto the bed beside Reagan. He tugged her close, one hand cupping her breast. “Next time I get first dibs on the pussy.”

  “We have all day,” Trey murmured drowsily. “I do love these days off between tour stops.”

  “I have a date with Toni this morning,” Reagan said, kicking herself for insisting she would take the woman shopping for some decent clothes in New Orleans. It had sounded like a good idea when she made the offer.

  “I guess you’ll have to settle for ass then, E,” Trey said, his hand searching blindly for a piece of Ethan. He ended up gripping his waist.

  “You call that settling?” Ethan chuckled. “That’s a mighty good piece of ass you’ve got there, Mr. Mills.”

  “You two aren’t going to spend all day screwing in my bed, are you?” Reagan asked. Perhaps if she made them feel guilty, they’d save it up for her later that night.

  “Just because you have other plans doesn’t mean we do,” Trey said. He kissed her shoulder and tugged her across the bed and away from Ethan. When he’d made sufficient room, he took her forcibly
vacated spot and curled into Ethan’s hard-muscled body.

  She crossed her arms over her chest. “Ethan gets all the cuddles too?”

  “Yep,” Trey said, snuggling closer.

  “Go have fun with Toni,” Ethan said. “I promise I’ll keep him out of trouble.”

  Reagan snorted on a laugh. “Yeah, right. You two should make yourselves useful and install a mirror on the ceiling while I’m gone. I would very much like to watch you lick Trey’s balls while he fucks me.”

  “Such a pervert,” Trey murmured. “And for the record, he was doing more sucking than licking.”

  Reagan forced herself into the shower. She probably needed to invest in a couple of cock cages and carry the keys with her at all times so she could keep those two from going at it without her. She wasn’t jealous of their relationship, not exactly. Well, maybe she was a little jealous. She liked that her two lovers got along so well and that their affection for each other grew by the hour. She was just starting to worry that they’d decide they weren’t really bisexual, that they were actually gay, and then they’d thank her for introducing them and bid her a fond farewell.

  “Don’t be ridiculous,” she said to herself as she washed the traces of Trey’s cum from her belly. She felt confident that both men loved her as much as she loved both of them. It was actually best if the two men had a solid relationship with each other, wasn’t it? Yeah, she was sure it was for the best.