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You die; I die - Love Poems - Part 10, Page 2

Nikhil Parekh




  Ghosts haunted even the most infinitesimal pore of my countenance; metamorphosing every bit of righteousness enshrouding my soul; into a carcass of gruesomely unforgivable nothingness,

  Wolves diabolically pounced upon me from every conceivable side; excoriating my sensitive flesh apart into a billion pieces; before eventually devouring me for nocturnal supper,

  Eagles menacingly descended straight for the whites of my impeccable eye; gorily blinding even the most inconspicuous trace of my vision; for every birth that I was born once again,

  Tigers indefatigably galloped after my penuriously diminutive form; sharing me as a sumptuously single bone of their hearty morning breakfast,

  Bulls brutally gored their horns into my intricate belly; hideously extricating even the most mercurial iota of food that I had consumed since the very first cry of my birth; squelching me into mists of meaningless dust,

  Earthquakes disastrously shattered even the most capricious trace of my existence; abhorrently annihilating my abode as well as the last bone down my; uncontrollably trembling spine,

  Dinosaurs ruthlessly massacred even the most fleeting shadows of my holistic survival; treacherously tantalizing the base of their satanic palms; by indiscriminately wringing and crunching my neck,

  Cyclones mercilessly swept me like a piece of frigidly unconsumed cake; whirling me to the highest point in the sky before horrifically smashing my nimble skull against the lecherously jagged rocks,

  Jackals dug their preposterously corrugated claws into my silken chin; making me freeze like cubicles of insipid ice; even in the most brilliantly scintillating of compassionate sunlight,

  Leeches intransigently clung to even the most obfuscated chunks of my flesh; parasitically suckling unfathomable oceans of macabre blood; even after I felt devoid of the last bit of my veritable pulp,

  Spiders indefatigably spun webs of ghoulish malice in the hollows of my mouth; proliferating countless more of their kind in my immaculately melodious throat;

  vengefully asphyxiating even the tiniest trace of my voice,

  Scorpions merrily stabbed their cornucopia of venom on the periphery of my poignantly princely lips; infiltrating into my vacant nostrils in countless numbers; as the cry of torturously ultimate death,

  Snakes viciously slithered on my bountiful scalp; unsparingly hissing the wails of salaciously derogatory hell; all over my limitlessly quavering body,

  Psychopaths knived my robust Adams apple from time to time; releasing the unsurpassable reservoir of their insanely maniacal energy; upon the eclectically

  innocuous elements of my visage,

  Politicians ignominiously manipulated with the fabric of my harmonious survival; venomously bombarding my unwitting island of celestial peace; with their dictatorially unruly power,

  Cockroaches played insidiously sinister games of hide and seek with my reflection; surreptitiously crawling with countless more their kind into the cavities of my eardrum; rendering me a bizarre insomniac for the remainder of my life,

  Dogs jumped hungrily upon even the most invisible of my meals; not only gobbling the same but savagely pulverizing the bones in my sagacious form; before sharing it with their compatriot pigs,

  Disease despicably strangulated every step that I euphorically advanced; cancerously plaguing each blissful aspect of my existence with unsurpassably deathly pain and malicious remorse,

  Betrayal was the only mate I encountered as each night unfurled into the Omnisciently golden day; with every entity on this planet kicking and lambasting me with whips of unrelenting disdain,

  And just a single caress of her divinely palms; just a single beat of her immortally passionate heart; just a single stare of her heavenly eyes; just a single tune of truth that magically drifted from her throat; was enough to not only make me irrefutably conquer all of the above; but metamorphosed me into the most pricelessly gifted molecule on the soil of her love .


  Infidelity was in every of her exotically fluttering eyelashes; as she unfurled the most titillating colors of vibrant life; each time that flirtatiously winked,

  Infidelity was in every crease of her royally voluptuous lips; as she invitingly smiled towards the skies; seductively pursing molten rain water as resplendent nightfall came by,

  Infidelity was in every follicle of her ravishingly tantalizing hair; as she exuberantly swished a trail of fantastically ingratiating mysticism; through even the most alien paths that she tread,

  Infidelity was in every globule of her eternally golden sweat; as she magically metamorphosed even the most lackadaisically monotonous cranny of organisms

  into the winds of insatiable ecstasy; with the exhilarating moisture on her nubile skin,

  Infidelity was in every blister of her iridescently twinkling feet; as they radiated with everlastingly unending rhapsody; under the blanket of the fabulously mesmerizing night,

  Infidelity was in every ingredient of her poignantly scarlet blood; as she magnificently enticed every religion; caste; creed and tribe alike; into the swirl of her euphorically dancing and aristocratic life,

  Infidelity was in every finger of her ravenously blissful palms; as she fomented untamed fires of ever-augmenting passion in even the most lugubrious of skins; with her beautifully bountiful caress,

  Infidelity was in every pore of her exotically heavenly belly; as she triggered all insane morbidity around her to blossom into a paradise of spell binding loveliness; with just a nimble jerk of her hips,

  Infidelity was in every reverberation of her gorgeous yawn; as she tossed and turned and relished like a pristinely embellished princess; in the aisles of everlasting laziness,

  Infidelity was in every bud of her delectably raunchy tongue; as she fervently slurped the elixir of compassionate vivaciousness; profusely coalescing each of her senses with the realms of ebullient desire,

  Infidelity was in every line of her orientally silken forehead; as she adorned it with differently unique shades of vermilion; at the crack of each dawn and timelessly exhilarating night,

  Infidelity was in every bit of satin robe that exquisitely draped her body; spell bindingly revealing the fructifying treasuries of mother nature; a timeless river of intoxication to surge forward in enigmatic life,

  Infidelity was in every contour of her ecstatically flirting shadow; teasing even the most torturously cold-blooded parasites; like a freshly embellished bride,

  Infidelity was in every emollient nerve of her gregariously bustling countenance; inevitably eluding the mists of fragrant desire to voraciously kiss her; from head to triumphant toe,

  Infidelity was in every arena of her fathomlessly tireless brain; as she unrelentingly fantasized about all panoramically endowing beauty on this planet; ardently embracing the arms of exotic vividness; for centuries unprecedented,

  Infidelity was in every hollow of her exultatingly heaving bosom; as she culminated into an unsurpassable gorge of embarrassing goose-bumps; everytime the wind

  drifted its direction solely towards her,

  Infidelity was in every tune that she stupendously emanated; as she unbelievably mesmerized even the most deadened molecule in the atmosphere; with her enthrallingly enlivening huskiness,

  Infidelity was in every strand of hair on her serenely enamoring flesh; standing more taller than the rock of Gibraltar and in poignant alacrity; when she victoriously emerged from the vibrantly tangy sea,

  But as a matter of fact; it was the same infidelity that had attracted me; that had sensuously enraptured me beyond the realms of pragmatic imagination; that had made me a slave of her timelessly enchanting redolence; that had made me romance with her magnetic sensuousness for an infinite more births yet to unveil; that had made me immortally love her more than I could have loved my life today .


  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t astoundingly conquer; catapul
t to the ultimate summits of victory since the very first cry of mesmerizing birth,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t alleviate all miserably dithering and traumatized humanity; with your spell bindingly Omniscient touch,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t remove even the most inconspicuous ingredient of dirt from the complexion of this enchanting planet; made it bereft of all manipulation in the tenure of your destined lifetime,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t ubiquitously rule like an unassailable king; unfathomably transcending above the realms of eternally gratifying prosperity for centuries immemorial,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t parade like the ultimate of gods every dawn; smilingly confronting even the most ghastliest of impediment that dared come your way,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t sing as melodiously as the voluptuous crested nightingale; majestically pacifying even the most truculently lambasted destitute; with the Omnipotent ardor in your rejuvenating voice,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t tower like an unsurpassably inimitable mountain; sequestering every innocent life alike; in the compassionate warmth of

  your magnanimously bestowing belly,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t fulminate into sparkling freshness every unfurling minute of the night and day; pathetically dribbled into painstakingly obnoxious perspiration instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t smell like the insurmountably unending garden of scarlet rose; becoming the eternally everlasting enchantment of every; bizarrely famished eye,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t gyrate every bone of your countenance to the beats of vivaciously resplendent nature; chose to solitarily fret in the corridors of your disconcerting study room instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t emulate every personality you met with incredulous dexterity; fomented hordes of orphaned children to break out into unstoppable

  laughter; with the unparalleled charisma in your personality,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t dress like an aristocratic prince each morning; lugubriously trespassed the squalidly empty streets enveloped in disdainfully tottered rags instead,

  Doesn’t matte if you didn’t philander in the most swankiest of mercedes; stupefying every entity you transgressed with the sanctimonious superfluous river of your extraordinarily overwhelming wealth,


  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t unequivocally reveal the inner most of your emotions; amiably blending your heart and soul with every fraternity of humanity; alike,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t descend barechested upon the indiscriminately cold-blooded battlefield; magnificently displayed your flamboyantly sizzling heroics to all nubile maidens watching fervently in vicinity,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t program every cranny of your brain to astronomical ingeniousness; evolve into a commendable festoon of versatile discovery as each

  instant unleashed into a wholesome minute,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t float like a tantalizingly raunchy seductress; alluring even the most asphyxiatingly alien in your gorgeously magnetic swirl,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t radiate shades of perennially robust crimson from your impeccable cheeks; blossoming into an entrenchment of celestial health; even as the most acrimoniously treacherous winds swept you like insipid matchsticks from your


  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t sink in duly revered obeisance at every idol of clay that you encountered in your way; supernaturally believing that every shape embossed in soil was the Omnipotently sacrosanct portrait of Almighty God,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t breathe untamed passion from your nostrils; igniting even the most drearily lackadaisical speck of the atmosphere; with the Herculean tenacity in your tireless stride,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t act according to the wishes of the conventionally sardonic society; paving a path of scintillating righteousness on your very own,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t enshroud every iota of your immaculate conscience with the infernos of unshakable truth; inadvertently erred umpteenth number of times in

  a single day; instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t function like  robotic machine all throughout your life; at times entirely yielding to even the most silliest of emotions that confronted you in your way,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t deliver aristocratic speeches everytime you spoke; irrefutably agglutinating the populace of this gigantic planet towards the ingratiating passion in your blessed aura,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t transit back into realms of innocuous childhood every now and again; shrugging penalizingly nonchalant monotony forever away from

  even the most remote of your shadows,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t erect palaces of perpetually shimmering gold and silver on every path that you tread; existed in a rudimentary hutment inhabited by gory crabs; the whole of your life instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t know the holistic mantra to wade away all diabolical evil; bountifully consecrate every leaf of this savagely anguished planet with the symbiotically heavenly tonic of humanity,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t march audaciously ahead; not even faltering the slightest; even as torturous hell rained indefatigably rained from the sky outside,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t artistically inundate every patch of the barren canvas with poignant traces of vibrantly unending imagery; inhale every draught of a wind as an embellished artist the every second of your life,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t shrewdly manipulate the pros and cons of everything on this Universe before attempting it; impulsively plunged into the valley of desire at the most subtle insinuation of your soul,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t keep studying till the very last moment of your life; proudly inundating the dormitories of your cupboard as well as the lap of your parents; with an insurmountable reservoir of degrees and gold medals,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t prolifically burgeon into a paradise of passionate sensitivity; euphorically absorbing and reacting to even the most parsimonious

  of vacillations in the atmosphere,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t tenaciously swim against the stormy waves of the undulating ocean; fetch the garland of pristine pearls from the rock bottom within

  a single wink of the eye and wholesomely blindfolded,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t incessantly shower the blessings of jubilant happiness upon all organisms on this gargantuan planet; deluge every perniciously bereaved heart with the elixir of vibrantly vivid life,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t synergistically interact with countless elements of the world outside; spent your life in the entrenchment of brazenly self-conceived fantasy; instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t sleep all ravishingly titillating night; incorrigibly preferred to doze under brilliant beams of sunlight and when the globe functioned to Herculean capacity outside; instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t walk barefoot towards the epitome of the scintillating mountain; when all your other counterparts preferred to reach the same in

  the royal aircraft; instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t salute the sky; the grave; the different religions on this bountiful planet; but chose to be the harbinger of fathomlessly fascinating mankind till the time you lived; instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t bathe under the artificially simmering taps; but profusely drenched every pore of your trembling body under the primordial waterfalls of glorious nature; instead,

  Doesn’t matter if you didn’t agree with the philosophies of any entity on this colossal planet; endlessly kept worshipping the cradle of unbreakable humanity; instead,

  But it does definitely matter if you didn’t uninhibitedly unveil the chords of your passionately thundering heart; it does definitely matter if you took birth alone and died alone on this planet; it does definitely matter if yo
u didn’t proliferate God’s

  chapter of sacred creation; it does definitely matter if you didn’t romance with the magical sensuousness of creation all your life; O! yes it does definitely matter if you didn’t fall into the valley of immortal love .


  The eternal compassion that radiated from her nubile persona was so overwhelmingly fantastic; that it made me wholesomely oblivious to even the most poignantly