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Seduced, Page 29

Melody Anne

  “Excuse me?” Rafe said, his eyebrows drawn in.

  “Let me explain…” Ari told him all she knew about how Rachel and Ian had met, and then how Rachel had found out she was pregnant.

  “He still can’t get away with this,” Rafe said.

  “I know. You need to go after her, Rafe,” Ari told him.

  “What about our wedding?” Rafe asked. He wrapped Ari in a hug.

  “I can’t have a wedding without Rachel here. It wouldn’t be right,” Ari sighed as she rubbed along his back.

  “I love you, Arianna Harlow. I will make you my bride,” Rafe vowed.

  “And I love you, Rafe. But for now, you do whatever it takes to save Rachel. I’ll face the crowd. You realize they’re all going to think I’m a jilted bride?” she said with a smile.

  “Ah, baby, they all know that I’m so in love with you, that could never happen,” he assured her.

  Ari knew it, too. She wasn’t worried. She reluctantly withdrew from his arms and left the room. Informing all their friends and family in attendance at their wedding that the ceremony was postponed wasn’t exactly her idea of fun.

  As the huge double doors were opened for her, she found it quite amusing to be walking down the aisle on her own with no music. She should have them play a break-up song and really worry the crowd.

  She stopped and gave Rafe’s parents a brief rundown of what was going on, then stepped up to the stage to face the crowd while the two of them rushed from the room to find Rafe.

  As she turned to look out among the audience, she saw a few sympathetic looks from people thinking that Rafe had gotten cold feet. She also saw a few hopeful looks from some of the women. Too bad, ladies! He was still taken.

  “I’m sorry, but the wedding has been postponed. There’s been an emergency in the family,” she said simply before stepping down and exiting.

  When she entered the room, Rafe was pacing, already on the phone. His mother was holding the note, her face grew pale as she read the words.

  To Rachel’s family,

  I have taken Rachel to see my personal physician. After he clears her for travel, we will leave for Corythia, where I will be able to care for her and my child. Though Rachel is hesitant about the upcoming nuptials, I will notify you of my plans for the wedding when they are final. You are welcome to join us, but I must inform you that I will not change my mind on this matter. She carries the heir to the throne of Corythia, and she will be my wife. Rachel will be well taken care of as the royal consort.

  King Adriano of Corythia


  Rafe should be married right now, slipping a piece of cake in Ari’s mouth before he took her lips with his own. He should be holding her in his arms on the dance floor, then taking her off on a honeymoon, where they’d make love all night.

  He shouldn’t be waiting to talk to the king of Corythia.

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  Finally, Adriane came on the line, and Rafe didn’t waste any words.

  “Do you honestly think I’m going to just stand by while you kidnap my sister and take her off to a foreign country!” Rafe shouted.

  The king didn’t hesitate in giving his response. “She’s carrying the royal heir. We will be married at once,” he replied before adding. “It wasn’t exactly kidnapping, Rafe. She was just…reluctant to come. ”

  “You’ve crossed a line, Adriane. I won’t stand for this. ”

  “You don’t have a choice, Rafe. Your sister is no longer a child, but carries my child within her womb. She is now mine to take care of. I left you the note out of courtesy, but there won’t be any changing of my mind. We will wed,” Adriane said firmly.

  “Over my dead body. I’ll be there before night falls tomorrow. ”

  “Good luck getting past my guards, Rafe. We’ve been friends up to this point and I don’t want that to end, but you won’t stand in the way of my being with my child. ”

  “And you won’t kidnap my sister and get away with it. Hand her over and we can walk away from this,” Rafe warned.

  “That I cannot do. I hope that you will come to your senses. ”

  “No, Adriane, you are the one who had better reconsider. ”

  Rafe hung up the phone before dialing his pilot. “Fuel up the jet; we’re heading to Corythia immediately. ”

  The End