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Seduced, Page 13

Melody Anne

  “I want you inside of me now, Ian. Right now!” Little did Rachel know to whom she had issued that command.

  Who was he to argue? Adriane offered a pained smile as he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed protection, slipping it on before moving over her body and positioning himself just outside of her heat.

  He wanted to plunge in, but he loved making her wild, loved the thrust of her h*ps upward as she demanded completion. Yes, he was in agony, but the fire igniting in her eyes made the pleasure so much better.


  “Yes, now,” he said as he surged forward and drove his full length inside her glorious body.

  “Oh, Ian, what you do to me,” she cried as her h*ps lifted off the bed and her nails scraped down his back.

  “I can’t get enough of you,” he groaned, thrusting deep inside, over and over, pressure building in his loins.

  “You make my head. . . . spin,” she said, almost unthinkingly, as her orgasm drew near. He felt her silken folds tighten on him, felt her body stiffen as she readied to fall over the edge.

  “Now, Rachel. Come right now,” he demanded as he loved her hard and fast, his h*ps in sweet collision against her smooth, soft skin.

  She exploded around him, screaming in her passion; her eyes closed and her head fell back, her body stiff as she shook beneath him.

  “Yes, baby,” he groaned as he followed her into the abyss of pleasure. He also shook, trembling with the strength of his release.

  When the final tremors faded, Adriane barely had the strength to free her of his weight. Quickly pulling off the latex protection, he tossed it aside before taking her into his arms, and sighing with pleasure as her head lay cradled against his neck.

  He stroked her hair as his brain whirled in circles and his heart felt…lost? This was their last night.

  “It’s OK, Ian. ”

  “What is?” he asked. Could she read his mind?

  “Tonight is our last night. I’ve seen the turmoil in you all day. We both knew this was for a week. You really need to quit worrying that I am planning on taking it further than that,” she said with a laugh as she rubbed her fingers against his chest.

  Exhaustion filled him, but unbelievably, he felt himself growing hard again. But he forced himself to repress those baser urges; he needed to speak to her.

  “What if I don’t want tonight to be our last night?” Adriane was a little surprised by his words, but not enough to take them back.

  “We aren’t going there,” she said.

  “Why not?” He was thoroughly insulted that she wasn’t jumping at the opportunity to see more of him. He couldn’t remember that ever happening before.

  “Because we know nothing about each other — and before you interrupt, I like it that way. I do know that we are both heading in different directions, moving forward with our lives, and I won’t change my plans over a weeklong affair that would burn out within a month if we decided to lengthen it. Just hold me tonight, and let me remember this week always,” she said, almost pleadingly.

  Adriane didn’t like her idea of a compromise, but he said nothing as he listened to her breathing. Soon, she was asleep within the safety of his arms.

  Extracting himself from her sweet grip, he rose and did something he’d never done before. Finding her purse, he called his assistant and had him copy her information.

  It was just in case, he told himself, not looking at any of it. It was a matter of honor. He himself would invade her privacy only if absolutely compelled.

  The next morning they returned to the hotel, and when he came out of the shower, he found Rachel gone. Confusion filled him when he looked around and didn’t find anything of hers. It was almost as if she’d never been there, as if this was all nothing more than a dream.

  A very, very good dream — but only a dream, nonetheless.

  When the shock wore off, fury overtook him. How could she have just walked away so easily?

  The two of them had been careful, but he always kept an eye on the women he was with sexually. If something were to happen, he wanted to be the first to know about it.

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  Making himself calm down, he paged his assistant to the room. Amedeo was there within a minute.

  “Amedeo, make sure two men are aware of Rachel’s whereabouts for the next three months,” he demanded.

  His assistant didn’t blink and didn’t ask questions; he just followed orders.

  After Adriane had given more orders for packing the things in his hotel room, he mentally prepared himself for what was to come. He tried to push Rachel and his impromptu visit to Florida to the back of his mind, but for once, it wasn’t easy. He took a final look around the room that he had spent so much time in for the last week, and then just shook his head before he firmly closed the door behind him.

  Adriane made his way to his jet, focused on what was ahead of him. It was time to return home and fulfill his duty.

  Chapter Twenty-One


  Ari was feeling quite smug as she left the restaurant.

  Yes, she would be aching all night, but at least she’d been strong. At least she’d been able to get the upper hand and walk away from Rafe’s invasion of her space with her head held high and a smile on her lips.

  If the dismally dull doctor had stirred her in any way at all, she might have called him up to see whether his emergency was finished. Of course, in reality, he most likely hadn’t had an emergency. He’d probably arrived at the hospital only to find it had been a false alarm. Yep, Rafe and that page…

  She was vaguely curious to find out whether Dr. Foot in Mouth would call her. She knew she wouldn’t take the call, as she wasn’t so desperate for attention that she would endure that man for even another thirty seconds, but it had been the first date she’d been on in months.

  It didn’t please her that she had found much more pleasure sitting with Rafe for an hour than she’d found with any of the men she’d attempted to date. None of them stirred her; none of them piqued her interest. She was afraid that she was ruined for any other man after having Rafe in her life.

  As she approached the curb to hail a cab, she felt a hand on her arm. Alarm zipped through her until she realized that it was Rafe, then excitement rose unwanted in her stomach. She should have known that getting away from Rafe wouldn’t be that easy. Turning to give him a snarky comment to cover up the pleasure she felt, she never got the chance — she was suddenly being pulled forward. A squeak escaped her tight throat as she was thrust into the backseat of a limo.

  Getting her voice back quickly, she turned to him in a rage. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” she demanded as the vehicle pulled away from the curb and she punched Rafe in the arm.

  “You know that I always escort my date home,” he replied, not even flinching from her hit.

  “This wasn’t a date — at least not with you, Rafe!” she said between her teeth as she glared at him. She retracted her hand; she had hurt it far more than she had him by her punch.

  “I had a good time, bought you dinner, and watched the sexy sway of your beautiful derrière as you walked from the table. It was a date,” he said with a satisfied smile.

  “I guess you haven’t changed, have you Rafe? You still must get your way,” she snapped as she leaned back in irritation, both from his words and the perverse pleasure they brought her.

  “I’ve changed, Ari. I have just discovered in the last week that you have, as well. I’m not going anywhere, so a little…persuasion is needed. ”

  “Persuasion? This is downright force, Rafe. ”

  “No, Ari. You would know if it were force,” he said as he slid closer.

  She moved away, squeezing against the door on the opposite side of the car.

  Rafe followed.

  “I have papers to grade,” she said as his leg brushed against hers.

  Please don’t betray me now, she begged her body.

  “It’s Thursday night, Ari. You don’t have class again until Monday. I think the papers can wait. ”

  “You aren’t the one who gets to decide that. ”

  “Of course not, but I thought you would like to see more of the journal. ”

  He was dangling the carrot before her, and she really wanted to take a bite.

  “I don’t think I should. Your behavior has been reprehensible,” she said.

  “It’s your choice, of course. ” He knew how badly she wanted to lose herself in that journal again. He knew it was his ace in the hole, so to speak.

  “Can you keep your hands to yourself?” she asked.

  “Nope. That was a one-time deal. ”

  Oooh, the man was a rogue. He’d given her a taste and now all bets were off.

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  “Fine. Then, I want to go to the library to read it. That’s a nice and safe place where it won’t get hurt. ”

  Rafe looked at her with a new light in his eyes that had her worried.

  “Do you really think that you would be safe just because we’d be at a library, Ari? With a connection like ours, it doesn’t matter where we are. ”

  “I can control myself, Rafe. I will admit that I still feel some attraction toward you, but that doesn’t mean I want to jump your bones. I can control myself, and I would expect a man of your age to be able to do so as well,” she said primly.

  Rafe laughed as he looked into her eyes. “Did you just call me old, Ari? I’m barely over thirty. I don’t think I have a foot in the grave quite yet. ”

  “Well, you act like a teenager, so you may be safe. I would think a respectable businessman would act with more…decorum,” she said, taking a moment to think of the right word.

  “I don’t care what anyone thinks. I want you, and I refuse to hide that fact. You’re a stunning woman who makes my head spin and my body hard. I will give you the moon and stars if you just let me. ”

  She wanted to snort at his language, but he was serious. She could see it in his expression. And yet she was afraid. He’d hurt her in ways she didn’t know a person could be hurt. If she surrendered to him again, he would take her soul, and she might never get it back.

  Wasn’t it all about the chase with Rafe? Once he had her, wouldn’t he lose interest and want to move on to his next conquest? She was sure that she was the only woman ever to have walked away. Offering him her heart hadn’t been enough for him — he’d wanted only her body — her submission. Well, that wasn’t good enough for her. It wasn’t then, and it certainly wasn’t now.

  “We aren’t going to agree on this, Rafe. I’ve moved on, and you need to accept that. I would, however, like to see more of the journal,” she said, hating that he had something she wanted so badly.

  He sat back, not looking the least bit affected by her words. Was he hearing only what he wanted to hear?

  “I will meet you at the public library tomorrow. ”

  She was so surprised, she didn’t realize at first that her mouth was hanging open. Rafe didn’t compromise — not often, anyway — so his agreeing to meet her with his treasured item in public left her reeling.

  That was obviously the good news; what was the bad news? She knew the other shoe had yet to drop, but she couldn’t figure out the negative to the situation.

  “Good. I’m glad you are giving in a little,” she said slowly.

  The car stopped and she reached for the door.

  “Here’s something to think about while you’re lying alone…naked…in bed,” he whispered. His arms snaked around her and she found herself crushed against his chest.

  Before she had a chance to utter a protest, Rafe’s head descended and his mouth captured hers. She remained stiff in his arms for all of two seconds before her traitorous body began pressing into his, unable to get close enough.

  Ari tried to stiffen against him again, but it was of no use. As his tongue slid across the seam of her lips, her stomach turned to liquid, and fire ignited on a traveling journey through her veins. Though she fought her attraction to Rafe, her body knew it was where it wanted to be.

  He’d placed his mark on her, and her body hadn’t forgotten.

  Her ni**les tightened, poking against his chest, as her core heated and she felt her thin panties become wet with her desire. Rafe’s hands slid along her back; he coaxed her mouth open, then devoured its sweetness with the hunger of a starving man.

  Giving in to what she’d wanted for so long, Ari’s hands slowly lifted, her arms wrapping around his solid shoulders as he pulled against her, molding her body to his. Her tongue followed the retreat of his as they twisted and tangled against each other.

  “Mmm. ” Ari’s body ached at the low murmur from deep within Rafe’s chest.

  Knowing she was making this powerful man tremble was like throwing gasoline on the fire already consuming her. She ground her h*ps against him, seeking relief from her sensitive pink pearl against his stiff erection, forgetting about all the reasons that she shouldn’t be doing this.

  He was controlling, took what he wanted when he wanted it, was uncompromising, unforgiving.

  But was he these things?

  She couldn’t think. It had been so long…she could focus only on feeling.

  When his hands gripped the soft flesh of her backside and tugged her against his stiff manhood, which was obviously trying to break free from his clothing, the last thought of willpower dissipated.

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  She could remember the sight, feel, smell and taste of him as if they’d just made love yesterday. She hungered to take his arousal between her teeth, taste his pleasure on her tongue. She just…hungered.

  When she was ready for him to lay her back on the seat of the limo and take her right there, he pulled back, his eyes nearly black with lust as he looked at her.

  “Invite me in, Ari…please?” he asked.

  Her brain couldn’t process what he was saying. Invite him in? Where? She could barely even remember her first name, let alone where they were.

  She gazed at him in confusion as she tried to clear the cobwebs from her brain.

  “Let me pleasure you,” he said as his hands drifted up her back, then around her sides, where his thumbs rubbed across the edges of her br**sts, not quite touching her sensitive peaks.

  There was a reason she needed to tell him no, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out what it was.

  “I see you want to finish this, Ari. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t let your pride leave us both hurting,” he said, his lips drifting along her neck, his hot breath deliciously inviting.

  A horn sounded outside of the car, and it was just enough of a distraction to begin pulling her from her haze.

  No. She couldn’t do this. Without a doubt, she’d regret it in the morning. Yes, her night would be passionate and her body fulfilled, but then her heart would begin breaking again, and she’d have to start the healing process all over.

  Getting over a man like Rafe once had nearly destroyed her. She wouldn’t live through that kind of heartache twice.

  Rafe sighed when he saw the determination begin to shine in her eyes, but to her complete surprise, he released her, then moved around her to open her door so she could exit on the sidewalk.

  Stepping from the vehicle, he reached inside and took her hand, helping her out.

  “I should just kiss you senseless and let your body decide,” he said as they reached the top of her steps.

  She almost wished he would. Almost.

  “Goodnight, Rafe. ” She inserted the key in her door.

  As the door swung open, Rafe gripped her arm, turning her. Her eyes wide, Ari waited for his next move.

  “Sweet dreams, Ari,” he said. He leaned down and brushed his lips chastely across hers. Then he pulle
d back, placed his hand on her lower back and nudged her inside the door.

  The door shut behind her. Ari went on autopilot as she locked it, then leaned against the solid wood and listened to Rafe’s retreating footsteps.

  It took everything inside of her not to yank the door back open and call out to him.

  Her game had backfired on her in a big way. He might be hurting, but she had a feeling that she was the one in much worse shape. She ached all over, and she knew the fire wasn’t going out any time in the near future.

  Walking almost in a trance, Ari moved to her bathroom and drew a scalding hot bath. She’d simply try to burn the ache out. After an hour, she knew nothing was going to help. She certainly wasn’t going to attempt an ice bath. Leave that to the men.

  Damn Rafe! He affected her whether he was dominating her or seducing her. She couldn’t seem to win either way.

  Chapter Twenty-Two


  Lia woke up as sunlight began streaming in through the thin line of the waterfall, lighting up their tent.

  After their lovemaking last night in the rain, Shane had lifted her in his arms, carried her inside, and gently set her down while he got their tent ready for bed. There, they’d made love again, slowly and long into the night.

  It felt like coming home.

  “Don’t try to pull away again. ”

  Lia turned her head to look into Shane’s worried eyes. He was drawing her na**d body close to his as he kissed her neck.

  “I’m not going to. ”

  She could try to fight this all she wanted, but she was right where she wanted to be, so what would be the point?

  She was in love with Shane. She always had been and always would be. Being without him took away a piece of her.

  Fear that he would walk away tore at her, but Lia was tired of living in fear. She was ready to let it all go and just relax in his arms. Who knew what would happen when they got off this island? But for now, they had each other, and that was all that mattered.

  “I’m not going anywhere,” she said as she snuggled closer.

  Surprisingly, her desire was tamped down. She was content just to lie there with him, feel the stroke of his hand on her flesh as she basked in the warmth filling her heart.

  “Good. I was afraid you would retreat once you woke up. I need you, Lia, more than I can possibly ever describe. ”