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         Part #2 of The Enforcers series by Maya Banks
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  “Well then. I certainly don’t want to be an embarrassment to Drake. Can I rely on Maddox and the others accompanying us shopping tomorrow to give me an honest opinion on a dress and shoes?”

  “Leave them to me,” Silas said. “But, Evangeline, I better not hear of you giving them any problems with whatever they feel you should buy or buying you what they think you need. You get me?”

  She sighed. “Yeah, I get you. Now, can we eat before everything gets cold?”

  Silas sent her a look that said he well knew she was ducking the issue, and there was warning in his eyes. She wasn’t stupid. Yes, Silas had been very sweet and kind to her, but she had no doubt that were she to disobey him or piss him off in some way, she’d find herself across his knee with his hand on her ass in a split second.


  An hour after Silas left from their takeout date, Evangeline stood in the master bathroom, trying to decide between greeting Drake in a sexy negligee or forgoing clothing altogether and waiting for him in the living room naked.

  In the few nights since her return to his apartment, the daily ritual of her waiting for Drake to arrive home for the day had fallen by the wayside, and Drake had said nothing to her about it. He had, in fact, been exceedingly careful about everything when it came to her. Almost as if he feared that saying or doing the least wrong thing would result in him losing her.

  Well, enough of that. The only way to fully put that horrible night behind them was for things to return to normal as soon as possible and remain that way. If she could give him the knowledge that she wasn’t going anywhere and that the only way he would lose her was if he chose to end their relationship, she would do anything in her power to give him that assurance.

  Starting tonight.

  She modeled the lacy scrap of silk that called itself nightwear and then decided not to bother. She wanted Drake’s eyes on her as soon as he walked off the elevator. Not on what she was wearing.

  She wanted to please him, but most of all she wanted her Drake back. Strong, arrogant, completely dominating. And forceful.

  She shivered just thinking about his touch, the strike of leather against her skin. His mouth on hers. On her breasts, between her legs.

  Eyes closing as she further immersed herself in her fantasy, she let the negligee fall to the floor at her feet and stepped away, toeing the material to the side and out of the walkway. Then she brushed her hair until it sparkled and flowed down her back.

  Knowing she only had a few more minutes until Drake arrived, she hurried out to the living room and knelt on the fur rug so that she faced the elevator and would be the very first thing he saw when he stepped off.

  Anticipation licked over her skin and flames ignited in her veins. Her pulse accelerated and her breaths puffed erratically over her lips. Then her breath caught in her chest when the elevator doors began sliding open. Her gaze lifted hungrily, seeking him out. She searched his expression for any hint of disapproval or sign that she had made a mistake by choosing to greet him this way.

  When she saw the savage fire ignite in his eyes the moment his gaze came to rest on her, the breath that had been trapped in her chest finally escaped. She sagged in relief even as exhilaration hurtled over her.

  • • •

  Drake had waited impatiently for the elevator to arrive on the top floor. Though he had left work far earlier than was usual for him, it still felt like an eternity since he’d left Evangeline in bed that morning.

  It was becoming increasingly more difficult to leave the soft warmth of her body each day. He awoke each morning with her wrapped possessively around him, her head nestled in the curve of his arm and her hair spread out all over his chest.

  When the elevator doors opened, all the breath left his body in one forceful exhalation that left him off balance.


  She was waiting for him. Naked, the soft glow of the living room lights making her shine like an angel. She was kneeling on the carpet in a position of subservience, her head slightly bowed, but her gaze met his boldly, desire clearly illuminated in her beautiful eyes.

  When he saw the faintest flicker of uncertainty shadow her gaze, it instantly propelled him into motion. Over his dead body would she feel fear or uncertainty over offering him such a precious gift.

  He strode to where she knelt and then slid to his knees in front of her, both of his hands reaching out to cup her face. He drew her forward and crushed her lips to his.

  “Now this is every man’s dream to come home to,” he murmured, still devouring her lips.

  She looked shyly up at him when he released her mouth. “I hoped you didn’t mind. I just . . . I just wanted . . .” She broke off and looked downward with obvious discomfort.

  He nudged her chin upward with his fingers until their gazes met once more.

  “What did you want, Angel?” he asked gently.

  “I want you,” she said earnestly. “I want for things to be the way they were before . . .”

  She flushed and once more averted her gaze.

  “You have to know I’d give you anything in the world you want, Angel.”

  “I just want you,” she whispered. “Like before. Your dominance.”

  Her words shattered the tenuous hold on his control. Control he hadn’t even realized he’d been exerting since her return. But now he acknowledged it had been there. Fear of pushing her too hard, too far, too fast. Of losing her. And yet here she was, on her knees, sweetly pleading for the one thing he wanted most to give her.

  With an agonized groan, he swept her into his arms, leaving his briefcase on the floor. He carried her into the bedroom and carefully laid her on the bed. For several long seconds, he merely stood over her, staring down at her beautiful body. At the warm welcome in her eyes.

  He was home.

  The thought humbled him in a way he’d never been humbled before. None of the places he’d lived had ever felt like home. Until now. Because of his angel. It didn’t matter where they lived. As long as she was there each day when he got home, it would always feel like a real home.

  “What are you thinking?” she asked softly.

  “How lucky I am,” he said honestly. “How beautiful you are. How much I want to make love to you right now.”

  Slowly, she rose to her knees on the mattress in front of him.

  “Then take me, Drake. Make me yours. Tonight I want to be everything you want and need. Only for you. All for you.”

  His chest tightened with an unidentified emotion. For a moment, he was bereft of words as he stared at what belonged to him.

  “What is it you most want tonight, Drake?” she whispered close to his ear.

  Her lips brushed against his neck, just below his ear, and then she nuzzled down his jawline until she reached his lips.

  He dove his fingers into her thick mass of hair and anchored her against him so that every breath he breathed in was her.

  “Make love to me,” he murmured. “Tonight I am yours to do with as you wish. As you command.”

  “Then undress for me,” she said in a soft voice.

  Captivated by the seductive enchantress before him, he readily complied, pulling off his suit coat and then yanking his shirt from his pants. In a matter of seconds, his shoes and socks went sailing across the floor followed by the remainder of his clothing and underwear.

  Her gaze was fastened on his straining erection and he damn near came on the spot when she licked her lips in anticipation.

  “I’m all yours, Angel. Tell me. Now that you’ve got me, what are you going to do with your man?”

  “Speaking isn’t exactly high on my agenda,” she said huskily. “I had more in mind to show you.”

  He groaned in tortured satisfaction when her tongue flicked out to swipe at the moisture already beading the head of his penis. She licked teasingly around the head, pausing at the sensitive underside to stroke with her tongue until he was straining forward, trying to push farther into her mouth.

bsp; She sucked him deep, eagerly complying with his silent demand for more. Her cheeks puffed and then hollowed as she exerted more pressure and took him to the back of her throat. He let out a guttural-sounding protest when she allowed him to slide free of her mouth, but then she reached for him, pulling him to the bed.

  He reclined and she followed him down, throwing her leg over him to straddle his hips. His cock was positioned at the V of her legs and lay against the soft skin of her belly. He rested his hands on either side of her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh as he urged her to ride him.

  Like a goddess, she rose, hovering over him while she tucked the head of his erection to her opening. They both gasped when her pulsing wetness contracted around the tip and began sucking him in even deeper.

  She closed her eyes and clutched at his shoulders for support and then she eased down, pulling him deeply inside her welcoming warmth.

  Her body blanketed him, coming down on top of him so that he felt every inch of her silken skin. Her hair teased his skin and he delved his fingers into the fine strands, pulling her head down to meet his kiss.

  Their tongues met and dueled, clashing and rolling, licking, sucking until they were breathing the same air. All he could taste, could feel was her. Never had he experienced anything sweeter than an angel’s touch.

  She broke away and then threw her head back as she began to undulate wildly over him. His eyes feasted on her, the bob of her breasts just in front of him, her hair flowing wildly around her shoulders, and he felt how tight she was around him as she rode up and down.

  “Look at me, Angel,” he said sharply.

  Her eyes flew open and she met his gaze.

  “Look at me when you come. See me. Only me.”

  Even as he said the words, he took over, gripping her hips and arching up and into her, thrusting even deeper. She planted her hands on his chest, fingers splayed out as she braced herself on him for support.

  “Let go,” he growled. “Let me have it all. Give it to me.”

  She contracted violently around him as her entire body shuddered atop his. She let out a cry and then as she no longer had the strength to hold herself up, she collapsed on top of him as he emptied himself into her body.

  She snuggled as close to him as she could, melting into his arms. He curled his arms around her, gathering her against his chest as he buried his face in her hair.

  “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you, Evangeline, but I’m never letting you go,” he murmured.

  She rested there a long moment, their bodies still intimately joined before she stirred and lifted her head so their gazes met.

  “I made dinner for you,” she said shyly. “Would you like it in bed or do you want to eat in the kitchen?”

  His heart did a funny little flutter in his chest and for a moment he couldn’t form a response.

  “It’s early yet. Let’s get dressed and eat in the kitchen. Afterward, we can watch a movie on the couch.”

  “That sounds nice,” she said with a smile.

  He patted her affectionately on the ass and then rolled, holding her with him until they were on their sides facing one another.

  “Take a shower with me and then I’ll help you put supper on the table.”

  “Hmm, that’s such a hard decision,” she teased. “You spoil me so much, Drake.”

  His expression went serious and he stroked the hair from her cheek with his fingers. “Not nearly enough, Angel. Not nearly enough.”


  Evangeline sat across the island from Drake, watching as he enjoyed the dinner she’d prepared. Her cheeks had warmed to the point of discomfort when he’d praised her efforts effusively after sampling each of the courses.

  When she’d tried to be dismissive by explaining it was a simple meal of baked chicken with herbed rice, scalloped potatoes and vegetables, he’d scolded her and told her there was nothing simple about her cooking such a wonderful dinner for him.

  At times like this, Evangeline allowed herself to venture into dangerous territory and fantasize about cooking dinner for Drake every night. Of him coming home to the smells of a home-cooked meal and of her trying out new recipes on him.

  Telling herself to live for the moment and not allow herself to be hurt by assuming she had a tomorrow was fruitless. There was little point in chastising herself for her dreams because she lived them, lived in them, every single day. If the day came that Drake no longer wanted her, then all she would have left of him were the memories that she made while still with him, and she was determined to make the most of them.

  “Silas said that Maddox was taking me shopping tomorrow,” Evangeline said lightly. “He mentioned a function you intended to take me to and that I should pick out something appropriate for the event. But he didn’t know which event you had decided on, so he wasn’t sure what exactly would be appropriate for me to wear.”

  Drake’s eyes flickered a moment and then he grew pensive. Then he reached for the briefcase he’d discarded earlier when he arrived home. He drew out three cards, all addressed to him, and laid them out on the bar so Evangeline could look at them.

  “I’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities,” he said with indifference. “I thought I’d let you select which one you’d prefer to attend.”

  Evangeline reached for the ornately scripted invitations and carefully read each.

  “I’ll wear a black tux, no matter which you choose, so feel free to select anything you feel would go well with what I’m wearing.”

  Evangeline outlined the one that announced it was a kickoff to the holiday season at Carnegie Hall with her finger.

  “I love the holidays,” she said wistfully. “What exactly is this one for?”

  Drake took the invitation from her and then handed it back.

  “It’s a fund-raiser for the NYPD. Proceeds will go to an organization for widows and children of police officers killed in the line of duty and also to a separate organization to benefit officers wounded in the line of duty and their families as well while they are recovering and aren’t back on active duty yet.”

  She looked up at him in surprise. “Are you a contributor to these two charities?”

  Her heart leapt in her throat because he was presenting her with the perfect opportunity to ask him questions she’d been wanting to ask but had been holding off. Now that the chance had landed right in her lap, she was nervous and worried over what his response would be.

  He nodded indifferently. “I contribute to a number of local causes. I have an entire staff who oversee what charities I donate to. They ensure that the charities are on the up-and-up and that the funds are distributed in accordance to what is advertised.”

  “Do you often go to these functions or do you usually just write a check?” she asked.

  Drake looked uncomfortable for a brief moment. “I rarely attend them. I let my staff handle all requests for donations and I have an organization set up where the money comes from.”

  “But I assume everyone knows you own that organization?” Evangeline persisted. “Otherwise how would they know to invite you personally instead of sending an invitation to the organization?”

  She had each invitation turned up so that Drake’s name and address were visible.

  He nodded.

  “So why are you—we—going to one now if it’s not something you usually like to do?”

  “I want the world to see you on my arm,” he said, his voice gruff with possession. “It’s only fair to warn you in advance, Angel. All eyes will be on you and me. One, I rarely make an appearance at these events, and two, I never appear with a woman on my arm. I imagine you will make quite the stir.”

  Her eyes widened and her pulse accelerated.

  “I don’t want you to concern yourself over the matter,” he soothed. “My men will attend with us and will encircle us at all times. No one will get through them to you. No one will speak to you unless you invite them to.”

  It was the perfect op
portunity. The question was on the tip of her tongue and yet she bit her lip, not wanting to ruin such a perfect, intimate evening. One in which Drake had just said that he wanted to show his claim on her to the world. Something he said he’d never done with another woman.

  Was she really going to ruin something this perfect?

  “Angel, what’s bothering you?” Drake asked, his gaze resting intently on her features.

  She closed her eyes briefly and then licked her lips. “Is what you do so very dangerous?” she whispered. “Security was extremely tight before . . . I mean when we first met. And then now, after that . . . night . . .” She swallowed, and before losing her nerve completely she pushed ahead. “You said you did and said all those horrible things that night to protect me. Because you said it would put me in danger for anyone to know what I meant to you or that I meant anything at all. But then you changed your mind and said you wanted everyone to know about me. That it would be the best way to keep me safe. That if everyone knew how important I was to you, no one would dare try to hurt me. And yet you’ve tripled security. I can’t leave the apartment without an entire contingent of men. What is it that you do, Drake? I know you own a club and that you own an entire building in Manhattan that you selectively lease out to other businesses. You own this building, don’t you?” she asked hesitantly.

  He gave a clipped nod.

  “Surely that wouldn’t account for the need for the amount of security you employ. What else do you do exactly?” she asked nervously.

  His gaze was full of warning when he looked at her. “Don’t ask questions you aren’t prepared to hear the answer to, Angel. You don’t need to worry about what I do or who I do business with. It will never affect you. Never touch you. All you need to focus on is pleasing me and in return I’ll spoil you and lay the world at your feet.”

  She opened her mouth to respond, but he reached across the island and laid his hand atop hers and squeezed it, lacing his fingers securely through hers.

  “Let it go, Angel. For me, let it go. Can you do that for me?”

  He looked almost . . . vulnerable. There was a plea in his eyes that connected deep.

  “Yeah, Drake. I can do that for you,” she murmured.

  And in that moment, she realized exactly what the decision she’d just made meant. She should feel guilty. This wasn’t the person she’d been taught to become or the person she’d ever thought she would be, and yet she felt nothing but relief when she saw the warmth and approval in Drake’s eyes. His own relief over her not pushing him for answers he was uncomfortable giving her.

  And then he got up and came around to where she sat across from him and pulled her into his arms. His lips melted over hers in the sweetest of kisses.

  “So am I taking my angel to Carnegie Hall?” he asked as he pressed his lips to her brow.

  She smiled. “I’d like that, Drake. And it’s for a very worthy cause.”

  He smiled back and then lifted her into his arms and carried her toward the bedroom.

  “In that case, I’ll make a substantial donation in your name in addition to the one my organization makes. You’ll be in great demand, Angel. You’ll have everyone vying for your attention.”

  She snorted indelicately as Drake dropped her onto the bed with a small bounce.

  “More like your money,” she said. “I won’t have anything to do with it.”

  He covered her lips with his, kissing her long and sweet. “That’s where you’re wrong, Angel. No one can possibly be in your presence more than a few seconds without falling in love. You already have every one of my men twisted around your little finger.”

  “And if there’s only one man I want twisted around my little finger?” she asked breathlessly.

  His eyes gleamed as he undressed her with gentle, loving hands. “It’s probably a safe bet to say he’s already firmly wrapped around every part of you he can get his hands on.”

  And then he made long, sweet love to her. Over and over into the first shades of dawn, he brought her to the heavens and she knew without a doubt that no matter what else happened from this day forward, she’d made the right decision in not pushing Drake for answers as to his business practices.

  Maybe that sealed her fate and perhaps it would doom her to go down with him, but she couldn’t find it within herself to regret a single moment of her time with Drake.

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