Overheard, p.8
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       Overheard, p.8

         Part #2 of Unspoken series by Maya Banks
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  hers as his hands stroked up and down her back.

  “I hope you don’t regret the weekend,” he said huskily. “You’re one special woman. Luke is a lucky man.”

  She hugged him again. “He’s asked me to marry him.”

  Wes pulled away from her and grinned. “And you said?”

  “Yes, of course.”

  “Well, hot damn. Congratulations. To both of you.”

  He put his hand out to Luke then pulled him into a bear hug. “I’m gonna get on out of here and leave you two to sort things out.”

  He ruffled Gracie’s hair. “Love you, girl.”

  She smiled. “Love you, too, Wes. And I don’t regret this weekend.”

  Fire blazed in his eyes. “I’m glad.”

  He turned and walked back out to the garage, leaving Luke and Gracie standing there.

  Luke pulled her into his arms and rested his cheek on top of her head. “Did you mean it? You’ll marry me?”

  She smiled into his chest. “Just as soon as I can drag you to the altar.”

  He loosened his hold on her and stuck his hand into his pocket. “I didn’t get you flowers for Valentine’s Day, but I hope this will make up for it.”

  He pulled a small ring box from his pants and held it out to her.

  She couldn’t breathe.

  She opened it with shaky hands and saw a diamond ring nestled against black velvet.

  “Oh, Luke, it’s beautiful!”

  He tugged the ring from its perch and slid it onto her finger. “I love you, Gracie.”

  She admired her ring for a moment then she looked into his eyes. Brilliant blue eyes that burned with love. Love for her.

  “I love you, too,” she whispered.

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