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       Four Play, p.7

           Maya Banks

  Brody leaned farther over her now, and her hands were trapped between their bodies. She turned her hands as much as she could, wanting to touch him. Feel the hardness of his chest and the muscles ripple underneath her fingertips.

  How long she had known this man, admired his body, but she’d never touched. Not intimately. Until now.

  Tate stilled against her, allowing the last of his release to leak into her mouth. Then he pulled away, his cock smearing fluid on her cheek. He leaned down until she could see his eyes so close to hers, and he pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

  Just as when Chase had touched her a short time ago, she was buoyed by Tate’s reassurance. Even amid the full-on assault they’d launched, this reminder of their regard for her was something she needed.

  As he moved away, she lifted her head so she could see Brody. The fierceness in his eyes, the wild spark that smoldered back at her sent a wave of satisfaction through her. There was no doubt she was enjoying the deepest, darkest parts of her fantasy come to life, but here was proof that she wasn’t the only one.

  Their gazes connected, and she was powerless to look away. His body rocked against her, and still he didn’t drop his gaze. His jaw clenched and his lips tightened and she felt him, so hard and powerful tunneling into her body.

  Finally, as if the strain were too much to bear, he closed his eyes, threw back his head. An agonized sound escaped those tightly held lips, and then he dropped his head and slowly lowered himself to her body.

  He lay there, his chest heaving, her bound hands trapped tightly between them. His heartbeat thumped against her breasts, and his back rose with the sharp breaths he drew in.

  She closed her eyes as exhaustion settled over her. She was sore—deliciously so. Her jaw ached, her hands were numb, and she wasn’t sure she could even feel her legs. She let her head fall back and lay there, Brody sprawled on top of her, as they both attempted to recover from the night’s events.


  Zoe stood in the shower, eyes closed and head turned up into the spray as hot water cascaded over her body. It had taken her more than a few moments to collect herself and drag herself off the bed and into the bathroom after Chase had given her the terse order to “clean up.”

  He and the others had left the bedroom, and her mind was still too fuzzed to imagine what they were planning next.

  She was ridiculously loose and limber, so much so that it took all her concentration to stand and wash the tender parts of her body. Each brush of the washcloth brought back memories of how they’d touched her.

  Her clit still tingled. It was swollen and excruciatingly sensitive. Her breasts were heavy, and her nipples seemed to be in a permanently erect state.

  Even amid her fatigue, anticipation whispered a seductive promise. There was more. She wanted more. She wanted to be pushed to her limits and beyond.

  She stepped from the shower, wrapped in a towel, and she quickly combed through her wet hair. After looking through the drawers, she found an old hair dryer that to her surprise worked.

  A few minutes later, clean, hair dried, she walked nervously into the bedroom, still clutching the towel around her breasts.

  Chase had been clear. Take a shower and then meet them in the living room. And she wasn’t to wear a single thing.

  God, it was one thing to have had power taken from her, to have had her clothing stripped from her body by others, but it was quite another to walk of her own accord—naked—into the living room where Chase and her best friends waited. Best friends that had just fucked her six ways to Sunday.

  She sat on the edge of the bed and attempted to collect her scattered wits. Okay, she was being ridiculous. After all, she’d dragged both Brody and Tate to a strip club where they saw her take it off in front of the entire fire crew. Walking out naked in front of them was nothing. Right?

  Only this time they were going to lay claim to her. She didn’t have Chase to hide behind. For all she knew Chase would be content to watch from the sidelines while his friends got down and dirty with her.

  Ohhh but that image made her shiver with excitement. She liked having sex while Chase watched. Loved the sensation of his eyes burning over her body, watching in satisfaction as another man took what was his.

  They’d acted on a lot of their fantasies in the past, but this was a new chapter in their relationship. It displayed a boldness she loved. Never had they gone beyond the confines of their personal intimacy. And as she sat here examining her feelings on the subject, all she could think was that she was exhilarated.

  Taking a deep breath, she rose and let the towel fall to the floor.

  She hesitated at the entrance to the living room, her gaze seeking the occupants before she took another step forward. The guys were sprawled on the couches watching television. It looked very much like days off at their own house. Only she wasn’t normally about to walk in naked and tempt them to do their worst.

  Tate looked up and saw her first. He froze and stared unabashedly up and down her body, his eyes lingering first at her pussy and then her breasts. Then he simply crooked his finger in a clear come-here motion.

  Brody and Chase turned when she took a step forward. She had the instant urge to cover up everything her hands and arms would cover up, but given that they’d just spent the last hour touching all those places, her urge was pretty damn silly.

  She’d always been proud of her body, and she damn sure hadn’t minded flaunting it in the strip club. No reason to become a shrinking violet now. If Chase had any inkling of the ridiculous thoughts floating through her head, he’d laugh his fool head off at the absurdity.

  When she reached Tate, she was surprised by his directness. Maybe her fantasy brought out the latent caveman in all of them. He was by far the most easygoing of the group, and she had trouble picturing him as this blunt, forceful man who’d ravaged her body.

  He loosened his fly with one hand and reached up with his other to jerk her down to her knees. She landed between his knees and braced her hands on either side of them. His hand left her long enough to pull his jeans down around his hips, and she stared at his cock lying at an angle over his thigh.

  He was by no means fully erect, but he wasn’t flaccid either. This was the first chance she’d had to really study the beauty of his body, the size of his cock and his muscled thighs. She imagined stroking every inch of his flesh, cupping him and guiding him to her mouth. Would he want her to seduce him, or did he prefer the control?

  She had her answer when he fisted his cock, stroked up and down as it lengthened and grew more rigid. He cupped his other hand behind her neck and pulled her roughly toward him.

  As her mouth closed over the tip, she inhaled his scent and savored it. Forgotten for the moment was the fact that Chase and Brody watched. She was caught up in her fascination with Tate. Lovable, loyal Tate. Who would have ever thought she’d have him in her mouth, his strong hand cupped around her neck so that she was powerless to do anything but obey his silent commands.

  She was more focused now. She’d had time to adjust to the idea of being fucked by three different men. Now she wanted to enjoy the sensation instead of just having it thrust on her. So she took her time, lavishing attention on Tate’s cock, working with her hands and her mouth as she sucked him to full erection.

  She heard a noise behind her, but she paid no attention until firm hands grasped her ass and a cock nudged at her pussy. She tried to turn, but Tate grasped her jaw and held her firmly in place.

  The question of who was quickly answered when Brody pushed into her from behind. He had her in one hard thrust, his cock wedged so tight she couldn’t move. She felt deliciously pinned between two gorgeous cocks. If she could purr, she most assuredly would at this point.

  She pushed back against Brody, wanting all he could give. He in turn thrust into her, pushing her against Tate’s cock so that it lodged at the back of her throat.

  When Brody pulled out, she made a sound of disappointment
that was quickly quelled when he ran a finger over the seam of her ass. She caught her breath. Was he going to fuck her ass?

  He was big. Bigger than Chase. Chase had fucked her ass plenty of times, but she’d never taken anything bigger than Chase, and Chase had a difficult enough time getting in.

  She twitched when the cool slide of liquid spilled down the cleft of her ass. Brody caught it with his fingers and smeared over her opening, up and down and then pushing inside.

  Her body fought even his finger, but he persisted, pushing against her until finally she surrendered and took the tip.

  “That’s it, Zoe,” Brody murmured. “Let me in. I’m going to fuck that ass and fuck it hard. It will be a hell of a lot easier if you’re ready for me.”

  The implication was that he’d fuck her whether she was prepared or not. A decadent thrill washed over her at the thought of Brody forcing his way into her resisting body. Oh yeah. Nice. It obviously didn’t pay to be too accommodating. She’d stop that nonsense right now.

  She clamped down and pulled away, causing his finger to slide out of her ass. He let out a growl of reprimand, and she smiled around Tate’s dick. When he tried to ease his finger back in, she clamped down once more and flinched away.

  “Zoe, goddamn it.”

  Then, as if realizing her game, he gripped both hips and held her in place. He slid his cock up and down the cleft of her ass, spreading the lubricant, but then he stopped at her tight little hole and pushed. Hard.

  Her mouth flew open around Tate’s cock and she gasped, loud and rushed.

  “I told you what would happen,” Brody said, but he didn’t sound very sorry at all.

  Then he shoved again, forcing his way into her resisting ass. Oh God, he was big and it hurt and she loved every second. She wiggled and squirmed, trying everything she could to unseat him. He issued a sharp slap to her ass cheek before gripping her hips again to hold her down.

  “Stop fighting or I swear I’ll push you down to the floor and I’ll give you an ass-fucking you won’t forget.”

  If he’d said it to make her stop, he obviously didn’t realize just how dark her fantasies ran. Or maybe he did and he was offering her a choice in how far to go. Whatever the case, she went wild, bucking and fighting the incredible pressure pushing against her ass.

  A hand curled into her hair, yanked her away from Tate’s cock, and then shoved her hard to the floor. Her cheek pressed against the carpet and her ass hung high in the air. Brody was still mounted over her, his cock half shoved into her ass, and now he held her head down while he pried her legs farther open with the other.

  “Hold her down,” he ordered roughly.

  She wasn’t sure who the order was for. Didn’t care. Another hand dove into her hair and held the back of her neck down while Brody’s hand left her. He palmed both cheeks, spread her wide, and then rammed into her.

  She cried out as he sank the remaining way. Her ass throbbed. Her nerve endings screamed in protest. Intense pleasure mixed with pain tied her insides into a tight knot.

  He began fucking her with forceful, long strokes. His cock powered through her tight resistance with ease now that he’d fully breached her body. His hard abdomen pressed into her ass with each thrust. She’d never felt so opened, so absolutely helpless in her life.

  She lay there, motionless while he took his pleasure. It was humbling. She couldn’t move, could barely do more than take what he dished out. This was what she’d fantasized about. The moment of complete powerlessness. The moment when she realized there was nothing she could do to prevent him from taking her in any manner he wanted.

  He owned her. He took her. He punished her.

  He slowed now, withdrawing carefully, dragging his cock over her stretched opening until he nearly popped free. Then he sank deep again, pushing against her natural resistance, showing her she had no power to keep him out.

  In and out, slow, so very slow. He withdrew then fed his cock back, inch by inch, until his balls pressed against her pussy.

  For several minutes, he sawed back and forth, methodical, making sure she knew and accepted his dominance. Only when she went completely and utterly limp beneath him and closed her eyes, did he pull out. His lesson was obviously over.

  Or maybe it was just beginning.

  He slid his finger into the still-wide opening and laughed softly as her ass clutched at the tip.

  “You like having me in your ass, don’t you, Zoe?”

  She didn’t answer. She doubted he required it. It was pretty damn obvious she liked it.

  He helped her up from the floor, and she struggled to get her jelly legs underneath her. He guided her toward the couch, where Tate had already taken position. He sat down on the far end right against the arm. But he’d scooted to the very edge, then leaned back so he was nearly flat on the cushions. Only his head rested on the back cushion, tilted forward so he could see her.

  “Come straddle me, Zoe. Come for a ride. I want you on top of me.”

  Her ass still aching from Brody’s treatment, she moved toward Tate and came to a stop between his knees.

  He patted his lap. “Hop up.”

  She straddled his body. Tate slid one hand through her damp heat while he grasped his cock with his other hand and positioned himself at her entrance.

  “Slide down, babe. Take me all the way.”

  She took him, inch by delicious inch. He was long and hard, but her persistence paid off and she didn’t have the difficulty taking him as she’d done with Brody.

  She rose up and then let herself fall down his cock until her ass smacked against his thighs.

  “Oh yeah, just like that,” Tate ground out. “Now lean forward, baby.”

  He tugged at her arms, pulling until her breasts dangled over his chest and her ass lifted just off Tate’s body. When Brody stepped between Tate’s spread legs, Zoe realized what they were doing and why Brody had had a warm-up session with her ass.

  They were going to take her at the same time.

  “Be real still, sweetheart,” Tate warned. “It’s going to be tighter than even before when he gets inside you. Just stay here with me and take it.”

  She laughed. “Do I have a choice?”

  Tate arched a brow. “Given that I currently have you on my cock and have no intention of letting you get up, then no, you don’t have a choice. Just lie here against me and take it.”

  “Won’t be so bad,” Brody said in an amused tone. “It’ll only hurt when I try to get back in. And if you fight me.”

  She snorted. “You guys are all heart.”

  Brody spread her buttocks, then lodged his cock against the opening that had shrunk to normal size again. Which meant he was going to have to reopen her all over again. She nearly groaned even as she trembled in anticipation.

  “Kiss me, Zoe,” Tate whispered. “Kiss me now while he fucks your ass. You can scream all you want.”

  She leaned as far as she could, as far as Brody’s grip would allow. Tate met her the rest of the way and pressed his lips to hers. Their tongues tangled just as Brody pressed against her anus. As soon as there was any give, he thrust forcefully, splitting the seam on either side to accommodate his cock.

  Tate swallowed her desperate cry, held her shoulders to keep her from writhing uncontrollably.

  “Shhh,” Tate whispered into her mouth. “We’ll both be in soon and then it’ll feel good, Zoe.”

  The sensation of having both men inside her ass and pussy at the same time just wasn’t describable. She felt stuffed at both ends, like neither could possibly fit, and yet they’d made it happen. The thin layer of tissue between her vagina and anus did little to cushion the two cocks. They rubbed back and forth over that thin skin with delicious results.

  Never had she felt so full. Never had anything felt so erotic. Naughty. Deliciously bad girl.

  Brody provided most of the force, since she was astride Tate and his movements were limited. But Brody thrust back and forth with exuberance that m
oved Zoe up and down Tate’s cock.

  She’d been so absorbed with Brody and Tate’s attentions that she’d blocked Chase’s presence from the room. But now he pushed back into the picture. He shoved his hand into her hair as he stood to the side of the three on the couch.

  With him standing and Zoe sitting on Tate’s lap, her mouth was at the perfect level for Chase’s cock. A fact Chase planned to take full advantage of.

  He cupped her jaw, fisted his cock, and then guided it toward her mouth. She opened, and he was inside her deep and hard, just like the other two men in her ass and pussy.

  The three men began fucking her in unison, their bodies buffeting hers. They came together, a series of gasps, soft cries and groans escaping into the air.

  Flesh met flesh. Wet, sucking sounds filled the room. The slap of thighs meeting ass spurred the others on to find their fulfillment.

  It was erotic not just in sight. Nor was it just the intense
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