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           Maya Banks

  She couldn’t get air fast enough. Her lungs were squeezed, and she huffed spasmodically as she tried to catch up. Then he ripped himself from her pussy and rolled off her, landing with a thump to the side.

  Immediately, the other man took his place. This was the one who’d come in her mouth. There was no finesse to his movements. She wondered if watching her being fucked so brutally had sent him beyond control.

  One moment he bumped against her and then he was inside her, thrusting and humping in quick jerky motions. Her breath escaped in a long hiss when he found his depth. Though not as big as the previous man, he was long and she was taking all she could. To the hilt. He thrust like he wanted her to take more, but it just wasn’t possible.

  Then he pulled from her. Her womb clenched and her pussy tightened. She wanted him back. Wanted the delicious friction by his frenzied thrusts.

  Rough hands pulled at her and turned her onto her knees. Her forehead bumped against the floor, and she turned so her cheek rested against the carpet. Her knees dug painfully into the floorboard as the van rocked over a series of bumps. Her ass jutted upward, and already possessive hands were claiming it, spreading her.

  He ran his fingers over the opening to her pussy and then his cock stabbed deep. The van slowed abruptly, sending the man behind her painfully forward. She yelped as he lodged deep inside her and then gasped as he continued riding her with fierce, hard pumps.

  Her skin prickled. Felt alive, like a thousand ants were crawling just below the surface. Her blood chugged sluggishly through her veins, and her pulse beat wildly at her temples.

  Never before had she entered such a state of absolute euphoria. It was like being on a drug high. The air was dense around her, and she processed things in slow motion.

  Her senses were shattered. All she could process was the intense pleasure that mingled with the pain of his rough assault. It was a pain she liked—liked very much—and she wasn’t sure what to do about that knowledge.

  He was relentless in his taking of her. The sheer savagery shocked and aroused her in equal measures. She felt restless. Like a wild thing captured and fighting extinction.

  Over and over, he took her, owning her. He pounded against her ass until she lost awareness of everything but the feel of his cock punishing her.

  A dreamy smile took over her lips. She closed her eyes against the soft blindfold and let go of the tension boiling inside her. She went limp, her surrender complete.

  This time her orgasm wasn’t sharp. Wasn’t a painful build-up to a tumultuous explosion. It began soft. A warm glow that slowly spread through her groin. Her pussy clenched around the cock battering her and then she dissolved, no longer able to fight the inevitable.

  She vaguely registered him pulling out of her, heard his harsh rasp of breath, then felt his fist bump against her ass. He jerked at his cock and hot semen splattered across her ass and onto her back. She arched up, wanting more.

  Fresh air spilled into the back of the van. They’d stopped and she hadn’t even realized it.

  “Nice,” Chase drawled. “I wish you could see yourself, baby. All tied up, ass in the air and covered with cum.”

  Then he gripped her ankles and yanked her backward. She slid along the floor until her legs hung over the back of the van.

  “I’ve got to have you again. Right here, right now,” Chase growled.

  She heard the rasp of his zipper, and then he thrust into her. No warning. No workup. There with the doors of the van open, God only knew where, where anyone could see, he fucked her fast and hard.

  The van shook with the force of his thrusts. His hand tangled in her hair, and he pulled her head back as he continued to pin her against the van.

  It was fast and furious. Almost over before it started. He rammed into her and held himself deep, then arched forward until his body was molded tight to hers. He continued to push, straining deeper, rising up and arching over her.

  He trembled as his release pulsed from his cock and into her body. Then he pulled out abruptly in a warm rush. His hand tightened in her hair, and he pulled her sharply up. Her feet hit the ground outside and he forced her to her knees.

  His cock hit her cheek as his other hand went to cup her chin.

  “Open,” he ordered. “I want you to lick every bit of the cum off my dick, Zoe.”

  He wasn’t precise as he shoved into her mouth. He smeared the sticky remnants of both their bodies over her chin and lips before finally sliding over her tongue and deep to her throat.

  Dutifully, she licked and sucked until he seemed satisfied. He cocked her head back as he withdrew, and she could feel the weight of three stares. Did they like what they saw? Was this as huge a turn-on for them as it was for her?

  How indelicate she must look, half dressed, disheveled, semen coating the insides of her thighs and smeared over her lips and face.

  “We’re not finished, baby. Not by a long shot,” Chase told her.

  Excitement fluttered through her stomach. What else did they have planned? And where were they?

  He hoisted her up and into his arms, then walked several steps away from the van. A door creaked open, and a slightly musty smell flared in her nostrils as they walked inside a building. Or a house. At this point, she had no clue.

  His footsteps echoed across a wooden floor, and then she was unceremoniously dumped onto a bed. The springs creaked under her weight and bounced a little as she righted herself.

  And then he ripped off her blindfold. For a moment, the light blinded her. She blinked, and gradually the room came into focus.

  Hunting camp. He’d taken her to the hunting camp he shared with Brody and Tate. And then her eyes locked onto the two men standing by Chase just a few feet from the bed. Brody and Tate.

  Hunger and lust glittered in their eyes. These weren’t the usually easygoing expressions of her best friends. There was no indulgence or affection in their eyes. These were the looks of two very hungry males. Her nipples tightened, and a throb began low in her groin.

  She’d just been worked over in the back of a van by her boyfriend and her two best friends. One had face-fucked her and come down her throat. The other had come all over her ass. God, it was hot.

  She licked her lips. The taste of his semen was still in her mouth. Which one had fucked her mouth? Her gaze shot to Chase, an automatic gesture to see what his reaction was to all of this.

  His features were drawn into a harsh line. He was incredibly aroused, and though he’d just fucked her hot and heavy, he was hard again and straining at the fly of his jeans.

  They were all aroused.

  Her mouth went dry as she remembered Chase’s words just a few moments ago. They weren’t finished. She hoped to hell they weren’t. She hoped they were just getting started.


  Zoe spared a quick glance down her body and blushed. It seemed ridiculous to expend any time feeling self-conscious after what had just happened, but she was extremely vulnerable in her position.

  Her hands were still tied behind her back, and she was indelicately sprawled on the bed, leaned back at an angle, legs spread and her scrub top gathered around her belly.

  The vulnerable part intensely excited her. She was nervous, more than a little scared, but adrenaline buzzed through her veins like a hacksaw.

  She had plenty of excitement in her job as an ER nurse. Adrenaline was nothing new to her. She faced challenges every single day. But this. This was new. It was different.

  It was on the tip of her tongue to ask them what they were waiting for, but that ruined the part of her fantasy where she was in no way in control. So she waited and squirmed under their heated gazes.

  Chase made the first move. She watched from underneath her lashes and huffed in a quick breath at the look in his eyes. Gone for now was her gentle, affectionate lover. In his place was a man who wasn’t afraid to take things too far.

  He reached behind her to tug at the binding around her wrists. As soon as her hand
s fell free, he pulled her scrub top over her head and tossed it across the room. Before she could react, or think to cover her breasts, Chase pulled her arms to the front and began winding the cloth strip in a figure eight around her wrists.

  She stared down as the bond tightened. The image did more than she’d have dreamed. Her wrists pushed closer together with each pass he made until they were locked and her palms were flush.

  He tied a firm knot and then another, checked the strength of the tie, and then lifted one hand to brush across her cheek.

  The gesture was such a contradiction to the force and power they’d exerted so far that she reacted far more than she would have in other circumstances.

  His palm skimmed gently across her jaw until his fingers nudged at the hollow beneath her ear. She closed her eyes and nuzzled into his hand, enjoying the sudden tenderness he displayed. And maybe it reassured her. She hadn’t realized she needed it, but more than excitement pumped rapidly through her body. She was nervous and a little afraid.

  “Look at me, Zoe.”

  The command was quiet but firm, and she complied immediately, her gaze lifting to his, to the darkness of his eyes. There was danger lurking in their depths. An adrenaline-inducing mixture of mastery and of answering arousal.

  “This is the only time I’ll say it. I don’t want to ruin your fantasy with the intrusion of reality. This is for you. All of it’s for you. If at any time you don’t want what we’re offering, if you want us to stop for any reason, just say so. We’ll push. We’re more than willing to push you as far as you want to go, but you get to say when, okay?”

  She swallowed and nodded, and then he leaned in and kissed her. His tongue swiped gently over her lips and delved inside, tasting her, offering reassurance for what was to come.

  She loved him for this. For being secure enough in their relationship to give her something she’d only fantasized about and for taking such care in the execution.

  When he drew away, she unconsciously drifted forward, seeking him even as he left. He took several steps back and finally settled into an armchair a few feet from the bed. Her gaze drifted to Brody and Tate, who’d stood silently as Chase talked to her, and then back to Chase.

  It was then she understood. Her heart leapt to life and beat so fast her cheeks tightened, and the room grew fuzzy around her. He would watch, at least for now, while Brody and Tate fucked her.

  She licked her lips and turned once more in the direction of Brody and Tate only to find they’d moved. Her breath caught and held when she saw Tate purposefully unbuttoning his fly. The rasp of the zipper sounded loud in the silence, and it sent a shiver straight up her spine until the tiny hairs at her nape stood on end.

  Brody put his hand on her shoulder. His fingers curled into her skin, firm and commanding. Without a word he turned her, then put both hands on her shoulders and guided her down onto the mattress. Her head hit the edge of the bed with a soft bounce.

  Above her, he shrugged out of his shirt. Muscles rippled across broad shoulders. A flame tattoo snaked up his arm and over his shoulder. It extended down the left side of his back. She’d seen it many times, admired it—and him. Of the three guys, he was the most muscular. He spent a lot of time in the gym and in the garage of their house lifting weights.

  Then his hands lowered, and he pulled at his pants. His cock jutted forward, so close to her face. He was the one who’d fucked her after Chase. The one who had been hard for her to take. His length and girth mesmerized her. He was all male, beautiful. She lifted her bound wrists, wanting to reach back and touch him.

  His fingers closed around her hands and pushed roughly so they once again rested on her belly. Then he slid a palm underneath her neck and pulled until her head leaned over the side of the bed.

  He fisted his cock then aimed at her mouth.

  “Open for me, Zoe.”

  The shock of hearing him speak for the first time momentarily threw her off balance. Yes, she knew she was being fucked by her best friends, but it hadn’t seemed real. Until he spoke.

  She trembled even as her lips slowly parted to accept him.

  Chase leaned back in his chair and watched as Brody thrust into Zoe’s mouth. The angle of her head was perfect. Brody didn’t have to bend or maneuver her. He just stood against the bed and fucked her. Only he was sliding deep into her throat and not her pussy.

  Tate took the other side and got onto the bed between Zoe’s spread thighs. He stared down at her body like a man about to sit down at a feast. He ran his hands up Zoe’s slim body until he cupped her breasts. He toyed with her nipples until they hardened and stood upright in pouty points.

  Chase had to shift in his chair. The position was becoming rapidly uncomfortable. The sight before him was more erotic than even he’d imagined. Hearing her soft sighs of pleasure mixed with the wet, sucking sounds she made as Brody relentlessly fucked her mouth was about to send him crawling out of his skin.

  Mesmerized, he watched as Tate leaned over her, put his hand down to guide his cock to her pussy, and then rammed his hips forward. Zoe bowed up under the force of his assault, her back coming off the bed. Her breasts thrust outward, and the silhouette of her perfect body made him want to go over and put his mouth around her nipples while his friends went at her from both ends.

  Later. Later, he promised himself. He’d incorporate his part of the fantasy where he fucked her mouth while one of them fucked her from behind. He’d come down her throat while her body shook and swayed from the force of Brody or Tate’s thrusts.

  Hell, maybe they could both take her at the same time. One could fuck her ass while the other took her pussy. And he’d have her mouth.

  His groin tightened painfully. The bulge in his jeans was becoming unbearable, but he felt a little weird about pulling his dick out when he wasn’t an active participant.

  Brody pulled away, then motioned for Tate. Tate backed off the bed, leaving Zoe deflated. She sagged downward, and Chase could see her chest heaving as she sucked in her breaths. The two men switched positions. Tate tore off his condom and Brody rolled one on.

  Tate cupped the side of Zoe’s face and then leaned in, no finesse, no warning. His cock slid inside, and Chase could see her throat work to accommodate him. Holy fuck but it was hot to see her stretched out like that.

  Brody got onto the bed and hauled her legs over his arms. He doubled back her knees and then thrust into her. Zoe gave a strangled cry from around Tate’s cock. For a moment, his friends seemed unsure. Tate withdrew, giving her a chance to breathe while Brody shot Chase a quick look.

  Chase merely nodded for them to continue. It was what Zoe wanted, and she could call a halt at any time. And the truth was, Chase was enthralled with the spectacle before him.

  Still, Brody gentled his movements. He leaned over Zoe and began moving slower, his big body covering hers as Tate continued to fuck her mouth.

  The slim beautiful woman lying bound on the bed as two much larger men made use of her body evoked powerful lust within Chase. He was riveted to the undulating bodies, and he didn’t miss the enjoyment his friends took from the experience.

  Tate touched the side of her face in a tender gesture that belied the strength of his thrusts. His face was drawn in intense pleasure, but there was also satisfaction, as if he were finally obtaining the one thing he’d wanted most.

  Brody’s hands skimmed up and down Zoe’s sides and then to her breasts, where he thumbed her nipples. Then he leaned down and took one of them in his mouth. The same thing Chase ached to do. Zoe had fantastic breasts. They were a source of endless fascination to him, and it was one of the two spots on her body guaranteed to drive her wild.

  Predictably she arched up, and her entire body went rigid as Brody sucked strongly at one and then the other.

  Chase grinned. He’d give her five seconds tops before she orgasmed.

  Zoe’s entire body tightened as soon as Brody’s lips surrounded her nipple. She gasped and convulsed, then arched up, strain
ing for more. Her legs shook, her thighs spasmed, and her orgasm caught fire in her womb.

  “Whoa,” Brody murmured as he pulled away from one breast. “I’m guessing you like that.”

  An inarticulate sound tore from her throat even as Tate plunged forward, cutting her off.

  For one horrible moment, she thought Brody wasn’t going to touch her breasts again and she’d be left teetering on the edge of explosion.

  Then he powered his hips forward, sending his huge cock into her depths just as he sucked her other nipple between his teeth and nipped.

  It set off a chain reaction so fierce that she lost awareness of anything other than the intense fire blowing over her. She bucked wildly. The action tightened her mouth around Tate’s cock, and she sucked hard as Brody stoked the fires even higher.

  “Oh Jesus,” Tate groaned.

  Tate gripped her face between his hands, held her firmly in place, and began fucking her hard and fast. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t process. She couldn’t think. All she could do was lie there and allow them to do as they wanted.

  Tate began coming, the hot spurts exploding into her mouth and hitting the back of her throat. His thumbs dug into the side of her face, and she heard the hiss of pleasure tear from his lips.

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