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           Maya Banks

  into that.

  He almost groaned. He was obviously a deviant, and he was probably going to hell for this.

  Both Brody and Tate were staring at him expectantly, and he realized he hadn’t said anything in response to their questions. Hell.

  “This is Zoe’s fantasy,” he began lamely. “I’m okay with it.” And when his two friends continued to stare at him like he’d been set on fire, he finally added, “All right, so I think it’s pretty fucking hot. Sue me. The idea of watching someone else fuck Zoe does it for me.”

  “You’re serious about this,” Tate said. “You’d actually set something like this up? You’d arrange for us to kidnap Zoe and fuck her brains out? Bondage and the whole nine yards? Forgive the skepticism here, but I wonder if you’ve thought this through at all.”

  Chase’s lip curled. “Look if you’re not in, just say so. I’ll find someone else.” Okay maybe not, but damn he felt all defensive now.

  Brody stiffened and straightened to his full height. “Oh hell no,” he said softly. “I’m not about to allow you to round up some goddamn strangers to go abduct Zoe and . . . and ...” He shook his head and didn’t finish the statement. “That’s just crazy,” he finally added.

  “Oh, for fuck’s sake. You know me better than that,” Chase said irritably. “I’m not about to do anything to hurt her. We talked quite a bit about this. I’d never do anything that I wasn’t positive she wanted.”

  Tate held up his hands. “I get that. I don’t think that’s what either of us were insinuating. We know you’re crazy about her.”

  “I shouldn’t have brought it up,” Chase said. “Let’s just forget it. I don’t want any weirdness.”

  Brody started to say something, but they were interrupted by loud footsteps and voices coming toward the kitchen. They all clammed up just as the other firemen came in and headed for the table.

  “Where the hell is the food?” Mike demanded. “We left you guys in here a half hour ago to start on lunch.”

  “Cool your jets, Sanders. We’re working on it,” Tate said as he went back to his task.

  The subject was effectively dropped as they finished the lunch prep, but Chase could feel Tate and Brody looking at him every once in a while. He hoped to hell he hadn’t screwed up by bringing up the thing with Zoe. The last thing he wanted was awkwardness between them, and he didn’t want Tate and Brody thinking any differently about Zoe just because Chase had wanted to give her her fantasy.

  It had seemed like a good enough idea when he’d seen the way his friends looked at Zoe in the strip club. Now, however, he wasn’t so sure.


  “Hey, thought I’d find you out here,” Tate said as he closed the door behind him.

  Chase stood outside the back door of the firehouse, a place he often went for some fresh air. He’d just gotten out of the shower after an early-evening accident call, and he’d retreated for a few minutes alone so he could try to grab Zoe at work. Or not. He put his cell phone away as Tate came out and looked up at his friend.

  “What’s up?” Chase asked. Tate didn’t usually come out when Chase was back here. It was an unspoken agreement among all of the fire crew that the backyard was for privacy.

  Tate shoved his hands into his pockets and leaned against the brick wall. “Zoe,” he said after a moment.

  Chase’s lips twisted, and he started to tell Tate to just forget about it, but Tate continued on.

  “How much of this is Zoe’s fantasy and how much is yours? Don’t take it the wrong way, man. I just want to know how on board Zoe is with something like that.”

  “Well hell,” Chase muttered. “She’s the one who brought it up. But I mean it was pillow talk stuff. We were in the middle of sex, and we were both saying some erotic stuff.”

  “But do you think she was really serious, or was she talking about stuff that turned her on in theory?”

  “You’re asking me to dissect the mind of a woman and get into her psyche?”

  The two men stared at one another for a long moment before both burst into laughter. They were still laughing when Brody came out of the house. He stared suspiciously at them as he ambled over.

  “What the fuck are you two laughing about?”

  “The female mind,” Chase replied.

  Brody physically shuddered.

  The three stood around for a bit longer, chatting about the call they’d taken earlier. Then Tate cleared his throat and glanced back at Chase.

  “So? About Zoe? How serious were you, man?”

  Chase sighed. “I wouldn’t have brought up something like that if I weren’t sure about it. I get the impression you two don’t think I gave it any thought at all. But I also understand if it’s not something you’re comfortable with. I know Zoe means a lot to both of you.”

  Brody nodded. “Yeah, she does.”

  “I’d be a lying son of a bitch if I said I’d turn down the opportunity to be with her,” Tate said. “She’s . . . Well, let’s just say I’d be willing to do a whole lot to make her happy.”

  Brody toed his shoe in the dirt and remained silent. Chase was content to wait. He kept his mouth shut and let Brody stew. Tate seemed aware of Brody’s mulling as well, because silence fell once again among the three.

  Then Brody sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Look, you both know I’d do anything for Zoe, but I’m not looking at this as something just for her. It’d be a hell of a lot simpler if it were. I won’t lie. The whole damn scenario is pretty hot. I mean, Jesus. I just don’t want anything to change between the four of us, and this has the potential . . . If something went wrong, it could really fuck up something I value a whole hell of a lot.”

  Chase nodded. “I get it. I understand completely. I probably shouldn’t have asked you guys. I was looking for a way to fulfill her fantasy, and you two are the only ones I trust with something like this. And, I’ll admit, it was something that appealed to me too.”

  Brody held up a hand. “I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to do it, just that it’s not something I’d go into lightly. I want to. I doubt you know how much I’d love to have sex with her.”

  “I’d do it,” Tate said quietly. “As long as the three of us agreed that nothing changes for us. I know we can’t, to a degree, control how Zoe feels, but we can make a pact not to act like buttheads.”

  “You’re worried I’m going become a jealous asshole,” Chase said.

  Brody nodded. “Yeah, something like that. She’s your girl. We all live together. You have to admit, things could get . . . awkward if we let it.”

  “Yeah, I hear you.”

  “When did we become such fucking girls?” Tate grumbled.

  Chase grinned. “That’s a good question. I’m not the one talking about my feelings.” He jerked his thumb in Brody’s direction. “Apparently B is getting in touch with his inner woman over here.”

  “Fuck you,” Brody growled. But he grinned as he said it.

  Chase cast a casual glance in their direction. “So . . . y’all up for it or what?”

  “I’m in,” Tate said.

  Brody took a deep breath and then nodded. “Yeah, I’m in.”

  Zoe pulled into the driveway and frowned when she saw that the house was completely dark. She’d been looking forward to seeing Chase tonight and kicking off two whole shared days off. It didn’t happen very often that their schedules aligned, and she wanted to make the most of every second.

  She parked in the garage, then reached for her cell as she got out. She was punching in Chase’s number when an arm curled around her waist and a hand closed over her mouth.

  Her pulse exploded, and she drew in a breath to scream when Chase murmured next to her ear.

  “It’s me, baby. Don’t be afraid. Relax and enjoy your fantasy.”

  For a moment she couldn’t even process her thoughts. Ridiculous excitement surged and pumped through her veins. Her stomach fluttered nervously. Her cheeks heated, and goose bumps raced ac
ross her skin.

  Chase went silent. His hand stayed clamped over her mouth. Material slid over her eyes, and the world went even darker around her.

  More hands joined Chase’s. She was picked up, her arms bent behind her and then secured with soft binding. A vehicle roared up in the drive, and she heard doors open and slam shut. Then open again.

  Chase tossed her inside. Not a seat. Back of a van? One of those utility jobs. Holy crap, where did he score a van?

  She lay there, her pulse pounding in her ears. Rough hands pulled at her scrubs until cool air blew over her ass. Her pants were only down around her knees when a cock prodded and pushed at her pussy. Fingers separated her flesh, lifted her thigh just enough for access and then the cock drove deep and hard.

  She flexed her fingers, but her bonds held tight. On her side, her legs curled toward her chest, she was deliciously helpless to move.

  Strong, blunt fingertips dug into her hair and pushed at her head, angling it back. A thick cock pushed at her lips. At her gasp of surprise it surged forward, lodging deep in her throat.

  She knew it was Chase in her pussy, but who was in her mouth? The sheer decadence of not knowing, of being fucked so crudely had already put her close to the edge. A warm buzz settled in her ears and hummed over her body.

  If there was any doubt that the real thing wouldn’t excite her as much as the fantasy, it was gone now.

  Her orgasm worked hard and fast, spinning low in her abdomen and tightening every one of her muscles. She panted around the cock shoving back and forth over her tongue.

  Chase fucked her hard and without mercy. There was an urgency to his movements that he’d lacked in the past. He was big and hard, and her swollen tissues clasped him tightly, reluctant to let go when he withdrew.

  Her body rocked as he thrust into her again. The man at her head began gently. Almost tentative. But then his hands curled into her hair and held her head in place as he began to fuck her mouth harder and deeper.

  His taste wasn’t unpleasant in the least. Wholly masculine. Strong. Who had Chase chosen to partner with in her fantasy?

  She relaxed and gave herself over to the experience. This was hers, and Chase was giving her what she’d given him.

  Chase’s hips smacked against her ass. His movements were frantic. It was quick, down and dirty. With a gasp around the cock invading her mouth she tensed, trying with everything to hold off her impending release.

  It was too much. Pleasure bloomed deep. She pictured what it must look like, her on the floor of the van with two men working her over, controlling her, taking her, over and over. She immersed herself in that image and surrendered to the rising swell.

  She cried out, the sound muffled by the thick cock in her mouth. The man fucking her face paused as she shuddered and quivered with the force of her orgasm. Chase pounded into her and gave a shout of his own just as he came deep inside her.

  He came to rest against her ass, his hips twitching as he emptied himself inside her. His hands skimmed across her flesh and then he issued an order in a low, guttural voice.

  “Suck him off, Zoe. Make him come.”

  The man at her face began to move again. Slow at first, gradually faster. Then harder. She relaxed her jaw and took him deep, sucking with each thrust.

  A low hiss escaped. Fingers tightened painfully into her scalp. The wet sounds of her lips smacking around his cock filled the air.

  He made fists in her hair and pulled her to meet his forward motion. Her lips stretched around the base and his hair tickled her nose.

  There was so much strength in his hands. In his movements. It overwhelmed her and excited her until she twisted restlessly underneath his assault.

  Hot fluid shot to the back of her throat. His release coated her tongue, filled her mouth until she swallowed reflexively. More spurted and the spicy taste burst over her tongue. He continued to thrust until finally he gave a huge shudder and the last drops shook from the tip of his erection.

  For a long moment he remained in her mouth, his fingers still tangled in her hair. And then slowly he withdrew.

  She sucked in mouthfuls of air and lay there, her heart thudding painfully against her chest as she tried to gather her shattered senses. It was an experience like she’d never had before. She couldn’t have imagined the reality no matter how many times she might have closed her eyes and fantasized.

  It was . . . incredible.

  The van slowed, and she heard the crunch of gravel beneath her. Then it came to a halt and the engine shut off.

  A shiver worked over her when the back door opened. There was a third man. She hadn’t thought of it before, but obviously someone had driven them. And now they were stopped.

  The van shook, and she felt the presence of the third man close. She inhaled, searching for some clue to his identity. She heard the slam of doors and the van started up again. It lurched forward and she rocked onto her other side, the side of her face pressing against the rough carpet of the floor.

  They’d switched on her.

  Her pulse thudded erratically. They were taking turns. Chase was gone. She knew he was driving now. She couldn’t smell him. Couldn’t sense his presence in the back anymore. She was alone with two strangers, one of whom had already fucked her mouth and come down her throat.

  Fear and uncertainty snaked down her spine. It excited her, this nervousness. She wasn’t afraid in the sense that she thought Chase would place her in a situation where she’d be harmed. Her fear was born of the unknown.

  Hands gripped her knees and rolled her to her back. It was an awkward position, given that her hands were still bound behind her back. She shifted and arched up, and as soon as she did, her thighs were spread wide.

  Her newest mystery man wasted no time. His movements were urgent, like he couldn’t wait to get inside her. The tip of his cock brushed over her entrance, and she sucked in her breath, at first in shock, and then she let it out in excitement.

  He was big.

  He pushed, and she felt the smooth, clean feel of latex sliding easily through her tissues. The remnants of Chase’s orgasm eased the second man’s way, and a decadent thrill tightened her nerve endings at the sheer naughtiness of Chase’s semen acting as a lubricant.

  He curled his hands around the tops of her thighs and yanked her hard to meet his thrust. She gasped at the sensation of him stuffing that huge cock inside her pussy. Her body resisted, hugging tight and pushing back. She panted and blinked against the blackness caused by the blindfold.

  He withdrew an inch, but before she had time to register the relief over the lessening pressure, he rammed forward, his thumbs digging into the back of her thighs.

  Her knees buckled under his weight and bent back toward her chest. His hips pumped against her ass. Forceful. There was an edge of pain mixed with the heady excitement coursing through her veins. His hands left her legs, cupped underneath her ass, and held her up so his angle was sharper.

  Part of her was in denial that this was happening. She’d fantasized a scenario where she was captured, fucked, and completely dominated. Those thoughts had fueled more than one explosive orgasm. She’d enjoyed whispering those naughty thoughts to Chase while his cock was deep inside her.

  She’d imagined so many down and dirty scenarios. She’d imagined lying helpless under strange men while Chase watched. She’d imagined situations where he willingly gave her to other men and forced her to pleasure them.

  But for it to happen?

  There weren’t words to describe it.

  Her fingers sought purchase against the floorboard. They curled into the worn carpet as he moved farther up her body until his shoulders met the backs of her knees. He rose over her, pushing harder, deeper, his hips slapping loudly against her flesh.

  She was a receptacle for his pleasure. She couldn’t move, couldn’t protest, even if she wanted to. She lay there, sucking in each breath as her body sucked his cock deeper.

  He tensed against her, made a groaning
sound, and then he began pummeling her. Her body jiggled and bounced, driven into the floor until she was sure she’d have carpet burn on her back.

  Faster. More desperate. He went wild, his body thumping against her until she was sure she could take no more.

  Her orgasm flared wild and out of control. A quick flash. On her before she even realized she was working up to one. He shuddered and then went still, his hips pressed flush against her.

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