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         Part #2 of Unspoken series by Maya Banks
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  there, she ran her hands up and down the sides of her jeans, trying to work up the courage to do as he’d told her.

  Her body tingled from head to toe. Her pussy hummed, warm vibrations swirling between her legs. The anticipation was nearly sending her over the edge.

  Knowing she was only stalling, she undid her jeans and peeled them down her legs. She pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it aside. She hesitated for a slight moment before removing her underwear and bra.

  Feeling vulnerable standing in the middle of the room—naked—she moved to the bed and crawled onto the warm comforter. She turned over onto her back and waited for Luke.

  She heard him moments later and looked over to see him standing in the door.

  “You look magnificent.”

  She smiled and watched as he moved closer to the bed. He sat down on the edge and reached his hand out to smooth over the skin of her belly.

  His fingers worked their way up until he fiddled with her nipple rings. Fine little goose bumps broke out over her flesh as he tweaked and plucked at her nipples.

  “Are you ready for this, Gracie?”

  “Yes,” she whispered.

  “Get up,” he directed.

  She climbed off the bed and stood beside him. He circled an arm around her waist and pulled her down to his lap. At first she didn’t understand how he was positioning her, but he turned her so she lay across his lap, belly down. Oh God. She knew what this was about.

  His hand glided over her back and to the curve of her ass. Then without warning, his palm smacked down, sending a current of fire through her body.

  He petted her and soothed the area before slapping the other cheek with his open hand.

  She twisted restlessly against him, needing something, not quite sure what. The blows stung, but directly on the heels of the impact came such delicious pleasure. She was at a loss as to how to describe it, how to react to the erotic spanking. He was giving her exactly what she’d said she fantasized about.

  Three, four more times his hand met with the plump flesh of her behind. She moaned softly and squirmed even more.

  Then as suddenly as he’d pulled her down, he stood up, picking her up with him.

  “Stand right here and don’t move,” he said as he positioned her by the bed.

  In a few seconds he returned with a piece of rope. She trembled as he pulled her hands behind her back and began coiling the rope around her wrists. When he finished, he pushed her gently toward the bed.

  “Lay face down on the bed, feet on the floor.”

  She bent over the bed, placing her cheek against the mattress, and planted her feet on the floor. Her ass was vulnerable and exposed in this position, and it made her even wetter.

  She heard him walk away then return. Smooth wood made contact with her ass with a crack that made her jump. She closed her eyes and tensed, waiting for the next blow.

  Another followed close behind and then another. Her ass was on fire, the tingling nearly painful in its intensity. She needed release, needed to come, but she was helpless to his demands.

  “I want to fuck you so bad, right here, right now,” Luke said behind her. “Your ass is so red, so sensitive.”

  She moaned again as the paddle came down across her butt. “Please,” she whispered.

  She heard the sound of a zipper and knew he had undone his jeans. Then she heard the crinkle of a wrapper and before she could process anything further, his hands gripped her thighs, spreading her, and in one motion he plunged into her pussy.

  She cried out at the almost unbearable fullness. He hadn’t taken off his jeans, merely unzipped them enough to get his cock free. She could feel the scratch of denim against the tender skin of her ass. She wasn’t going to last long.

  He began pumping in and out of her, and she was trapped beneath him, unable to move, only able to accommodate his thrusts. She strained against her bonds, needing to be free but delighting in the sensation of being bound, subject to his mercy.

  Her orgasm built and spread, preparing to explode. With each thrust, the pressure in her belly grew until she bucked against him, desperate for release.

  He wrapped his big hands around her waist and pulled her back to meet each thrust. He leaned into her, pressing her further into the bed, his weight pushing his cock even deeper.

  “Luke!” she cried out.

  Just as she felt him pick up his pace, her orgasm burst upon her with the speed of an explosion. She tried to scream but no sound came out. She had a mouthful of the bedspread, her teeth dug in with the agony of her release.

  Every muscle in her body tensed painfully as Luke rocked her body against the bed. He strained against her, holding himself deep as his hips spasmed.

  “God, Gracie,” he gasped out as he shuddered again.

  She went limp underneath him, and he collapsed against her back, his ragged breathing close to her ear. He felt good, his big body covering hers, his cock still wedged deep into her pussy. When he finally moved, she made a sound of protest.

  He stepped away for a moment then returned and began untying her hands. When she was free, he climbed onto the bed and pulled her up into his arms.

  She cuddled into his chest and rubbed her cheek against his shirt.

  “No fair, you’re still dressed.”

  He laughed. “I won’t be for long. That was incredible, Gracie. Thank God I brought so many condoms. I think we’re going to need every last one of them.”

  He wrapped his arms tighter around her and held her close as they rested.

  “It was perfect,” she whispered. And it had been. It was as if he’d reached into her mind and plucked out every exacting detail of what she wanted from a man.

  He bent to kiss her. “I’m glad. But we’re only getting started.”

  Chapter Nine

  Gracie lay cuddled in Luke’s arms for a long moment. Finally, he pulled away from her and stood beside the bed. He began shedding his clothing, and Gracie stared with unabashed admiration.

  His body was beautiful. There was no other way to describe it. Tight, well muscled, the dips and contours were meant for exploring. She couldn’t wait.

  As he pulled his jeans off, his semi-erect cock flashed in her view. She ached to reach out and touch it. She wanted to fondle it and stroke it, watch it spring to life under her attention.

  He was built for a woman’s pleasure. There wasn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t want a cock this size and wouldn’t die of pleasure in the process.

  “Do you like what you see?” Luke asked as he stood before her.

  She licked her lips. “I want to taste you,” she said.

  Luke groaned. “Damn, Gracie, you make me crazy.”

  He got back onto the bed and settled over her body. He lowered his mouth to hers, nipping and sucking at her bottom lip. His lips traveled down the line of her jaw to her neck and then around to her chest.

  “I’ve been dying to taste your nipples,” he said hoarsely as he closed his mouth around one.

  She arched into him, moaning at the sweet pleasure that streaked from her breasts to her abdomen.

  He caught the ring between his teeth and tugged gently. He swirled his tongue around the stiff peak before capturing it between his teeth and nibbling delicately at it.

  She worked her hands into his hair and held tightly to him as he sucked at her nipples. He feasted on the sensitive buds, licking, sucking, and biting.

  Finally he kissed his way to her belly. He ran his tongue around her navel, leaving a wet trail as he moved lower.

  He tugged her legs apart as he moved his body down the bed. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation. He gently parted the slick folds with his fingers then bent his head to lick her clitoris.

  Her body jerked in reaction, and she sighed in absolute pleasure. His fingers worked lower, sliding into her opening as he nibbled and licked at the quivering bud.

  She closed her eyes and surrendered herself completely to what he gave her. Already she
could feel her nerve endings tightening, the familiar rise to something wonderful.

  He spread her legs wider and moved off the bed long enough to slip on another condom. Then he slid up her body, settling between her legs.

  He played with her nipple rings as his cock nudged at her pussy entrance. He bent and nipped sharply at the quivering peak just as he thrust into her.

  As his hips bucked forward, he gathered her in his arms, holding her tightly as he slid into her. His lips moved hotly over her neck and to her mouth, capturing her in a breathless kiss.

  He moved powerfully between her legs, stroking to her deepest regions. He felt so big. He stretched her, the friction caused by each thrust making her mindless. She grabbed at his shoulders, sinking her nails deep.

  His hands slid down her body until he grasped her buttocks. He squeezed and kneaded as he cupped her against his body. He spread her wider, diving impossibly deep into her. Then he trailed one hand between them, finding her clit and pinching it between his fingers.

  She bolted upward, straining against him as he stroked the quivering flesh. He thrust again and again until she panted beneath him.

  Her orgasm built to impossible heights and still she hung there, creeping ever closer but not tumbling over the edge. She clamped her teeth together and squeezed her eyes shut as the pressure became nearly unbearable.

  He began rocking into her, faster, his thrusts harder. He set an impossible pace and demanded her body keep up.

  “Oh God, oh God,” she chanted as she felt her body began to splinter apart.

  She let out a long wail as he slammed into her again. Around her the room blurred and she felt a thousand strings break in her pussy.

  He moved frantically against her, his orgasm racing over him as she found her own. Sweat dripped from his forehead as he arched into her one last time.

  She went limp a second before he collapsed over her. It took all her energy but she wrapped her arms around him and held him close as he fought to catch his breath.

  “Are you all right?” he rasped in her ear.

  “Mmmm hmmm.” It was all she could manage.

  He rolled to the side and discarded the condom before rolling back over to pull her against him.

  “Rest, sweetheart. I’ll get up and fix us something to eat in a little while.”

  She curled into him, feeling ridiculously content. He stroked her hair as her eyes fluttered and closed.

  Gracie awoke to find Luke standing over the bed. He bent and smoothed her hair away with his hands then kissed her.

  “Time to eat,” he murmured.

  She stretched and slid out of bed. Luke caught her against him and stroked his hands over her naked skin.

  “You better get dressed or I’ll never eat,” he said.

  She grinned and reached for her shirt.

  As she followed him into the kitchen, she sniffed appreciatively. Then she saw what he’d cooked.

  “Oh my God, you made barbeque chicken!”

  He smiled and gestured for her to sit down.

  She took her seat, and Luke took the chair across the table from her. She dug in with her fork, uttering a contented sigh when the chicken hit her tongue.

  “Are you okay with things so far?” he asked.

  She paused, setting her fork down on her plate. “Yeah, and you?”

  “I just had the best sex of my life. I’d say that qualifies as okay,” he said dryly.

  Familiar heat flooded her cheeks.

  “If you don’t stop looking at me like that, you’re not going to be able to finish eating,” he warned.

  She ducked her head but smiled at the desire in his voice.

  When they finished eating, Gracie started toward the sink to put her plate up, but Luke intercepted her.

  “You go wait for me in the bedroom. I want you on your knees on the rug. Naked. Hands behind your back.”

  She swallowed nervously even as a thrill shot down her spine. She nodded and handed the plate to Luke. Her legs shook as she walked toward the bedroom.

  She only paused a moment before shedding her shirt. Then she walked over to the plush rug that covered the floor in front of the bed and sank to her knees.

  Rising up slightly, she put her hands behind her so they were clasped in the small of her back. Streaks of need pulsated and radiated from her pussy into her abdomen as she imagined what Luke would do when he came in.

  She didn’t have to wait long. He strode into the room, naked. He stopped when he saw her, his eyes darkening with approval and lust. His cock sprang to attention, and Gracie enjoyed a moment of triumph that she affected him so.

  “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” he asked.

  He stopped in front of her and reached out to thrust his hand into her hair. He palmed the back of her head, cradling it as he directed his cock at her mouth.

  “Take me deep,” he commanded.

  She opened her mouth, and he thrust to the back of her throat. He rocked his hips back and forth as she swallowed and sucked at him. He gripped her head, holding her tightly against him.

  He pumped into her mouth for several seconds before finally easing from her lips. He reached down and pulled her up to stand in front of him.

  He fiddled with her nipple rings, pulling them until her nipples stretched in front of her. “I love these,” he said. “They’re sexy. Like you.”

  She twisted, jittery and needy as he plucked at her nipples. She was hot and restless, ready to see what he had in store for her next.

  His fingers trailed down her body, over her belly and lower to her pussy. He dipped a finger between her legs, sliding into her wetness. Her knees shook and threatened to buckle.

  “Get on the bed,” he ordered. “Belly down, legs apart.”

  She did as he directed, crawling onto the mattress and lying down until her cheek met with the comforter. She spread her legs and stretched her arms above her head.

  He crawled between her legs, pressing his chest against her back. He nudged her thighs farther apart with his knee then positioned his cock at her pussy opening.

  He surged forward, pressing her further into the bed. His body covered her and his hips dug into her ass as he plunged deeper.

  He reached above her, holding her wrists with his hands. She was unable to move as he thrust between her legs. Finally he let her arms go and dropped his hands down to her ass. He squeezed and massaged, pushing upward to gain better access to her pussy.

  Then he began thrusting in earnest, increasing his pace until the force pushed her up the bed. He bent down and nipped sharply at her neck until goose bumps dotted her back.

  The throbbing between her legs bloomed and spread outward, radiating to every sensitive region of her body. She loved this dominant side of him, loved that he never once stopped to ask her what she wanted or if what he was doing was okay.

  She panted as he rocked against her. She was so close and yet she couldn’t get there. Her orgasm built and built until it was painful in its intensity.

  He grasped her hips with both hands, pushed up so her body angled to give him better entry, and he plunged home. She let out a wail as her orgasm cracked and burst around her. It hurt, it pulsed, it was the most exquisite form of torture she’d ever endured.

  And it went on and on.

  He collapsed forward, coming to rest at the deepest point in her pussy. His chest pressed into her back, and his body melded to hers. A perfect fit.

  She arched her ass into his pelvis, not wanting him to leave her just yet. They both heaved as they tried to catch their breath. Finally, he rolled off her, and she immediately felt cold without him covering her.

  She mewled softly in protest, and he gathered her in his arms, once again wrapping his body around hers. He kissed her softly.

  “Go to sleep, Gracie. I’ll be here. I’m not letting you go.”

  Chapter Ten

  Gracie woke to the sun shining in the bedroom window. The space beside her was empty, and she sm
elled bacon cooking. She smiled. Luke must be in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

  She stretched and climbed lazily out of bed. Luke’s flannel shirt lay in a heap on the floor, and she reached for it. She slipped it on, leaving it unbuttoned down the front. His scent surrounded her, and she wrapped the shirt tighter around her.

  She padded barefoot out of the bedroom toward the kitchen, a wicked smile on her face. She’d tease him with a few glimpses of those nipple rings he loved so much. By the time breakfast was done, he’d be a walking hard-on.

  She rounded the corner, letting her shirt gape a bit wider and let out a squeak of surprise. She yanked her shirt closed and stared at Wes who was standing in the kitchen leaning against the countertop.

  She started to back up but Wes closed the distance between them.

  “I-I didn’t know you were here,” she sputtered.

  She gripped her shirt even tighter, sure her face was as red as a stoplight. To her surprise, Luke stood by the stove, his expression one of interest as he watched her.

  Wes stopped in front of her and reached down for her hand. He tugged her forward into the kitchen.

  “Come on now, Gracie,” he drawled. “You’ve seen me naked. Time for me to return the favor.”

  She shivered slightly under his intense stare. “Is this a practical joke or something?”

  Wes ran his hand up the lapel of her shirt, nudging it slightly aside until her breasts peeked around the edge.

  “No joke. We’ve been friends a long time, Gracie. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I don’t think you are. I think you’re as turned on as I am right now.”

  She cocked her head in confusion and shot Luke a panicked look.

  “Quit dicking with her,” Luke said.

  “You want a threesome,” Wes said. “Luke and I want to give you one.”

  Her mouth rounded to an O and her eyes widened. Wes’ fingers brushed across her nipples, flicking lightly at the rings.

  She looked back over at Luke again to see him staring intently at her.

  “If you don’t want this, just say so,” Luke said quietly. “We don’t want to do anything to make you uncomfortable.”

  “Wow,” she whispered. “I mean, I don’t know what else to say. You’re okay with this?” she asked Luke.

  He smiled. “Who do you think invited Wes?”

  “Holy shit.” She shook her head, unsure of whether or not she was dreaming. A threesome. Not with strangers. With two men she trusted implicitly. Two men who cared for her and would make it good. Not much to think about there.

  “What do you say, Gracie?” Wes murmured.

  She nodded. “Okay.”

  Wes nudged her chin up with his knuckle, and she looked into his warm brown eyes.

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