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         Part #2 of Breathless series by Maya Banks

  “Like before,” she said in a low voice. “Like we just did.”

  “Ah,” Ash said. “One fucked your mouth while one fucked your pussy.”

  She nodded.

  “Ever had anal sex then?”

  “Ash,” Jace growled a warning. “For fuck’s sake. Lay off. You’re embarrassing her.”

  Ash shrugged. “Not much to be embarrassed about. We’re sitting here butt naked and we just fucked her.”

  That was true enough.

  “Yes, I’ve had anal sex,” she said.

  “Did you like it?” Ash asked.

  “Not really, no,” she admitted.

  “Then we won’t do it,” Jace said firmly.

  His jaw was tight and his gaze was fixed on Ash as if daring him to pursue the matter.

  She cleared her throat nervously. “I’d like to try. I mean, the guy I was with wasn’t exactly . . . good. You know, nothing like you two.”

  Ash chuckled.

  “Don’t, baby,” Jace said in a quiet tone. “You don’t have to do anything because you think it’s what we want.”

  “You’d make it good,” she whispered.

  “Hell yeah,” Ash said, his lips twisting as if she’d insulted him. “Not going to hurt you, sweetheart. We’ll take it nice and slow and if you don’t like it, we’ll stop. It’s hot as hell, though.”

  Yeah, she could absolutely see that much. What woman wouldn’t want men like Ash and Jace initiating her in a situation like this?

  “You hungry?” Jace asked. “You didn’t eat much. Want to eat something else before we go again?”

  He pushed back a strand of her hair, tucking it behind her ear as he spoke. She glanced up at him, taking in his beautiful chocolate brown eyes.

  “I could eat something,” she murmured. And it was true. She was suddenly famished and the idea of finishing her leftover burger appealed.

  “I’ll order up more room service,” Ash said, moving to the phone on the nightstand.

  “You don’t have to do that,” she protested. “I left half my burger.”

  “We’ll get you something fresh and hot,” Jace said, leaning down to kiss the corner of her mouth.

  “You want another burger or something else?” Ash asked, holding the phone to his ear.

  “Any kind of sandwich,” she said, not wanting to be picky. “And hot chocolate, if it’s not too much trouble.”

  Ash smiled. “No trouble at all.”

  chapter five

  Jace watched Bethany as she sat cross-legged on the bed eating the club sandwich they’d ordered from room service. She seemed to savor every single bite, eating with a reverence he didn’t often see. She didn’t hurry, but there was an urgency to her movements he couldn’t quite figure out.

  And she sipped at the hot chocolate, her face going dreamy with every sip. He wished they’d gotten more than one cup.

  They hadn’t wanted her to get dressed—Jace wanted her here in his bed, right where he could see her, feel her and touch her when he wanted. Ash had dressed when he’d gone to meet the room service attendant.

  It would be so easy to tell Ash to leave so Jace could enjoy the rest of the night alone with Bethany. He liked the idea of it being just the two of them, here and naked, enjoying each other and sliding into making love as often as they wanted.

  “That was really good,” she said when she drained the last of the hot chocolate. “Thank you.”

  “Welcome,” Jace said in a low voice.

  Ash cleared away the plates, taking the dishes back into the living room. When he returned, he immediately stripped out of his clothing, and Bethany sucked in her breath at the air of expectancy that had invaded with Ash’s return.

  Jace watched her closely, looking for any sign that she was hesitant about what was going to happen next. If she looked even the least bit reluctant, he was going to pull the plug on the whole damn thing, and he didn’t care if it pissed Ash off or not. This whole evening was ten kinds of fucked up. He didn’t want his best friend here, sharing his woman.

  His woman.

  Jace had already laid claim and yet he was about to let Ash fuck her. Again. Twisted didn’t even begin to describe this.

  “Up on your knees and use your mouth on Jace, sweetheart. Don’t want to rush into this. I’ll take it slow and easy, get you worked up so we don’t hurt you.”

  Her eyes widened and Jace’s senses went on alert. The hell he was going to let Ash run this show. They’d do this Jace’s way, even if it wasn’t what he wanted to begin with.

  Jace shook his head, stopping Ash as he headed for the bed.

  Then he simply turned to Bethany, kissing her sweet mouth, stroking his tongue inside. She tasted of the chocolate she’d just drank. Warm and delicious. Her breaths escaped in little gasps, bursting into his mouth. He wanted more. So much more.

  “Going to work you up,” he said echoing Ash’s statement. “But going to do it my way. Want you hot and wet. And the way I’m going to make sure that happens is to lick you until you’re about ready to come.”

  She shivered delicately, her entire body quivering with his words. She was so damn responsive and he liked to think she was that way just with him. He hadn’t imagined her being focused more on him. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but he was not wrong about this. Ash was there, yeah, but the connection between Jace and Bethany had been intense. No mistake there.

  “Lie down and spread your legs for me,” Jace said, inserting an edge of command in his voice. She’d responded well to his authoritative voice earlier, and she did the same this time, her eyes darkening, her face going soft with submissiveness.

  Forgetting about Ash—Jace didn’t even know where he was at the moment—he traveled down Bethany’s body, kissing and sucking at her neck, then her breasts, tracing a lazy trail down her flat belly to the soft curls between her thighs.

  He inhaled, savoring her musky scent of arousal. She was already wet and glistening as he parted her plush folds. Pink and perfect, tiny and as delicately rendered as the rest of her. It was like opening petals to a flower and finding dew inside. He blew gently over her clit and watched as it puckered and strained upward.

  Then he swiped his tongue over the taut bud, enjoying the instant jerk of her body. He lapped gently, taking care not to be too rough with her most sensitive parts. He explored every inch of her velvety heat, sliding downward to circle her opening with his tongue and then nuzzling it with his lips.

  She twitched uncontrollably beneath him, arching upward to seek more of his mouth. He glanced up, wanting to know it was him she was responding to and was satisfied to see that Ash was only now taking position at her breasts. Ash hadn’t touched her yet. Her reaction belonged solely to Jace.

  He returned his attention to her pussy, sliding his tongue inside her, fucking her with rapid, short strokes. She went wet on his tongue, the sweet rush filling his mouth. He could do this all night. He loved the taste of her. Loved the feel of her on his tongue. Soft. Silky. Like nothing he’d ever imagined.

  He knew she was inching toward release. Her body grew more taut and her breathing sped up. He glanced up again to see Ash’s mouth close around one erect nipple and for a moment he watched. He may not like Ash being with this woman, but the sight of his friend sucking Bethany’s nipples was erotic as hell. It was a rush that never got old, watching another man pleasure the woman Jace was fucking.

  “Do you like what he’s doing, Bethany?” Jace asked, his tone husky and gruff with desire. No, he didn’t want Ash here, but for the moment he could lose himself in the sheer eroticism of watching her react to having two men make love to her. “Do our mouths feel good on you, baby?”

  “Y-yes,” she hissed out. “It feels so good, Jace. Nothing has ever felt better.”

  Satisfaction gripped him. She may have had threesomes—kinky sex—whatever the hell she’d been into before, but those men had never given her the kind of pleasure he would. He’d make damn sure of that.

bsp; He rubbed his thumb over her clit and then placed an openmouthed kiss to her entrance, shoving his tongue roughly inside, giving her a little more edge. He wanted her close. He wanted her senseless before they took her at the same time. Hurting her was not on the agenda. He liked pain. Ash liked pain. Liked inflicting pain. With the right woman. Not that Bethany wasn’t that woman. There was a whole lot Jace ached to do with her and to her. But not tonight. Tonight was all about simple pleasure. Not the kind that accompanied the sharp, heady pain when inflicted in just the right manner.

  There’d be plenty of time for that later. And there was definitely going to be a later. This wasn’t a one-night thing for him. He’d have Bethany back in his bed. Tomorrow night, in fact. But it would be with him and him alone. No Ash. No one else. Just him and Bethany, exploring the many, many ways he wanted to fuck her.

  He sucked one last time at her clit and then rose up on his knees, his hands holding her knees to steady her shaking.

  “Here’s how we’re going to do this, baby. Ash is going to play with your ass a little while. Ease you into this. You’re going to use your mouth on me while he plays. He’ll get inside you, make sure you can take him that way. Once we’re certain you’re with us, then you’ll get on top of me and I’ll get inside your pussy. Then Ash will get inside your ass. You still up for this?”

  Ash drew away so Jace could see her face. Her eyes were glazed with passion. Hazy, a little drugged, but burning with need.

  She licked her lips and then nodded.

  “The words, baby. I want the words. I have to be sure you’re with me on this.”

  “Yes,” she murmured in a husky voice. “I’m with you.”

  “Thank fuck,” Ash muttered. “Can’t wait to get inside that sweet ass. I’ll be gentle, Bethany. You’re going to enjoy it this time.”

  Her mouth wobbled into a crooked, drunk grin. “I already know I will.”

  Jace crawled up the bed and then helped Bethany to her knees. “Get between my legs, baby. Ass in the air for Ash.”

  She positioned herself between his legs, and he stared down at her dark head so close to his dick. He was about to come all over her face and she hadn’t even wrapped her luscious mouth around him yet. It was going to take every ounce of his control to make this last until he got inside her.

  Ash went into the bathroom and returned with lubricant before crawling up behind her ass. Jace’s gaze met Ash’s over Bethany’s body and he sent his friend a silent warning. Ash rolled his eyes and heaved a sigh before he began squeezing out the gel onto his fingers.

  The moment Ash’s fingers touched Bethany, she went still. Her head lifted so she was looking at Jace and he could see the fire burning in her eyes. Her fingers curled around his dick and it immediately jumped, growing even harder at her touch.

  “Suck it,” he murmured. “Slow and deep.”

  The moment her mouth closed around the head, her tongue sliding like rough velvet over the sensitive underside, he closed his eyes and reached down to thrust his hands in her hair.

  Then she went still again, her mouth tightening briefly around him. He glanced up to see Ash positioning himself, guiding his cock between her ass cheeks.

  “Is it too much, baby? If you need him to stop, tell me.”

  She shook her head, her tongue licking over his dick. She closed her eyes and took him deeper, lavishing sweet affection all the way to his balls. Fuck, but she had a wickedly talented mouth.

  Then she gasped. Her head came up in alarm, her eyes flashing wide. A look at Ash told him that he was inside her. Jace palmed her face, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. “Look at me, baby. Focus on me and breathe deep. That’s it. Don’t fight it. Let it happen. He’ll go slow. Let yourself feel how good it is and then think of what it’ll feel like when we’re both inside you.”

  Her eyes darkened and she inhaled deeply. Then they closed and she let out a sigh. Ash didn’t look any different, his head thrown back, his hands palming her ass as he pushed forward those last remaining inches.

  “God,” she choked out. “You’re both so big!”

  Ash chuckled. “Glad we please you, sweetheart.”

  Ash’s movements were slow and gentle, two things he typically was not. But Jace appreciated that Ash had dialed it down a notch with Bethany. Ash might have looked the more easygoing of the two, but when it came to sex, Ash liked it hard, rough and to be in total command. They always chose women who didn’t mind that, because neither man was easy. And yet tonight, Jace found himself going against his every instinct. He wanted to be gentle and caring, ease Bethany into the experience. And he’d demanded that Ash do the same.

  With any other woman, Ash would already be balls deep in her ass and fucking her down and dirty.

  “How you feeling?” Jace asked Bethany. “Think you’re ready to take me and him at the same time?”

  Her eyes flew open and she swallowed around his cock, driving him damn near insane.

  “Jesus, baby, you keep milking my dick like that, I’ll never make it long enough to get inside you again.”

  She smiled and sucked his cock, allowing it to slide nearly from her mouth. Then she swirled her tongue around, teasing the head.

  “I’m ready,” she said in a breathy, excited voice. “I want you both.”

  Ash immediately withdrew, impatience flaring in his eyes. He wanted back inside her every bit as much as Jace wanted to get inside her.

  “Come here,” Jace commanded, reaching for her.

  She crawled up his body, straddling his hips. He reached down to grasp his dick, fisting the base as she rose up on her knees to let him position himself.

  “Take it nice and slow, baby. Don’t want to hurt you.”

  She planted her hands on his belly, her touch like fire on his skin. Then she slowly came down over him and he watched every expression flash across her face and into her eyes as she slid down, enveloping him in her silken heat.

  Her eyes became half-lidded, the blue becoming smoky as she gradually worked her way down. She paused a moment, her gaze becoming wider as she worked to take the last two inches of him.

  She glanced down, checking the progress herself and then, as if determined to take him the rest of the way, she looked back up, her determination glinting fiercely. She leaned forward, adjusting the angle, and then he was home with one firm push.

  He was bathed in her fire, liquid pleasure surrounding him, soaking him, pulling and clutching at him like a greedy mouth.

  He moved his hand and then grasped her hips, his fingers curling into her plump backside. Then, unable to remain still, he lifted his hands, gliding along her sides until he reached her breasts. He cupped and caressed, plucking at the nipples until they were puckered and rigidly erect.

  “Is it too much?” he asked hoarsely.

  “Fuck, hope not,” Ash said in an equally hoarse voice.

  Jace’s gaze drifted over Bethany’s shoulder to see Ash on his knees, his features strained. Ash’s eyes glittered with heat and lust and then he reached forward, planting his hand in the middle of Bethany’s back. Bethany flinched, reacting to Ash’s touch. Jace’s response was immediate. He pulled her closer to him, not wanting Ash’s hands on her. Which was laughable, considering Ash would put a much more intimate part of himself firmly inside Bethany’s body in a matter of seconds.

  Still, Jace met Ash’s gaze, silently warning him to take care. He didn’t care if it pissed his friend off. Bethany was too important. She wasn’t one of their typical flings or a one-night stand. He planned for her to be around a hell of a lot longer and she’d damn sure be in his bed. The last thing he wanted was for them to scare her off and have her swear off any further contact with Jace.

  “Need you to relax for me, love,” Ash said, his hands finding Bethany’s back again. His palms skated over her shoulders, squeezing in a reassuring manner.

  “I’ll be easy and take it as slow as you need me to. Going to be a hell of a lot tighter with Jace already insi
de you. Your body won’t want me in there.”

  Bethany held her breath, evident in how still her body went and the fact that her chest wasn’t moving. There was no fear in her gaze, but Jace could see uncertainty, as if she doubted whether Ash would be able to push in as he had before.

  Jace rubbed his hands up and down her body, over her breasts, soothing and petting, trying to relax her further. He nodded to Ash and then pulled Bethany further toward him so the angle would be better for Ash’s penetration.

  Ash rubbed lubricant over the condom stretched around his cock and then he gently fingered Bethany, applying the gel inside and out, stretching her with his fingers.

  “Okay, love, I’m coming in. Push back against me if you can and don’t fight it. Don’t want it to hurt more than it has to. And once I’m in, it’ll feel good. I promise.”

  Her eyes widened and she let out a small whimper when Ash began to press in. Jace could immediately feel an increase in pressure as Ash sought entrance. He groaned as Bethany’s pussy clamped around his cock. Bethany’s lips thinned and she closed her eyes, strain evident in her forehead.

  “You okay?” Jace whispered.

  Her eyes opened and she breathed out, “Yes. Fine. Don’t stop.”

  “Hell no,” Ash said. “Not stopping now. Take a deep breath, sweetheart. Going to push in all at once. I’m almost there. Better to get it done with.”

  Even before she could suck in a breath, Jace felt the jolt of her body opening for Ash’s invasion. Felt the exquisite tightness of her pussy contracting around him. The pressure was unbelievable, her pussy suddenly the tightest fist. He didn’t know how the hell he was going to move, but he figured he’d let Ash do most of the thrusting.

  “Christ, she’s tight,” Ash breathed out. “I knew this ass would be sweet, but this is unbelievable.” Ash came to a stop, fully embedded. He leaned over her back, nuzzling against her neck, giving her time to adjust to the sensation of having two cocks buried in her at once.

  “What do I do?” Bethany whispered. “I mean, what am I supposed to do? I feel like I can’t even move, that if I do, I’ll come apart.”

  Jace cupped her cheek and rubbed his thumb in a soothing manner over her cheekbone. “You don’t have to do a single thing, baby. We’ll do all the work. I just want you to relax and enjoy the ride.”

  “Okay,” she breathed. “I can do that.”

  Ash eased back, causing her pussy to ripple over Jace’s cock. He clenched his jaw, inhaling through his nose as he fought off his release. Then Ash pushed forward, gentle and slow. Bethany moaned and leaned farther into Jace, her breasts nearly touching his chest.

  Jace dropped his hands to her waist, curled his fingers underneath her ass and lifted slightly, arching up as he lifted. Soon, he and Ash found a rhythm they were well used to and they took turns, thrusting and retreating.

  “Never imagined this,” she said in a strained voice. “It was never this good before.”

  Ash chuckled. “Told you, sweetheart. You’ve been fucking the wrong men.”

  She stiffened momentarily and Jace wanted to kick Ash’s ass for bringing up what was evidently a tender subject for her. But then, what woman wanted to be reminded of the other men she’d slept with while she was fucking someone else? For that matter, the very last thing Jace wanted was to be reminded of the other men who’d possessed Bethany first.

  Jace lifted his head and took her mouth, kissing her deeply, mimicking his dick planting itself deep in her pussy. He curled his hand around her nape, tangling in her hair as he anchored her against his mouth, deepening his possession. He wanted to be as deep inside her in as many ways possible. Mouth, tongue, dick. He wanted inside her and not just physically.

  Her mouth moved up and down over his as Ash put more force into his thrusts. She gasped every time Ash bottomed out, the soft sigh escaping into Jace’s mouth. He swallowed them up, sucking in the air she breathed.

  His balls ached, his dick was engorged and rigid, ready to dive deep and explode. He fought it, wanting her with him, wanting to ensure she received pleasure before he took his.

  Ash’s hands slid around between her and Jace, cupping and molding her breasts. He tweaked at the nipples and her kiss became more urgent against Jace’s mouth. She wiggled and bucked, as much as she was able, stuffed full of two huge dicks. Jace knew she was close because she’d gone unbelievably wet, enabling him to thrust more easily.

  “It hurts,” she moaned. “But God, it feels so good.”

  “Hell yes, it does,” Ash agreed.

  Jace refused to leave her mouth long enough to say anything. He reclaimed it the minute she went silent and arched upward, planting himself to the balls.

  “Jace,” she whispered, his name swallowed up.

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