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         Part #3 of Breathless series by Maya Banks

  Ash frowned. “Not sure I like the idea of her picking up some stranger in a club.”

  “I think he’s okay,” Josie said slowly. “He seems really intense. But in a good way, you know? Like you.”

  Ash shook his head. “If he’s like me, then I know I don’t want my baby sister having a one-night stand with him.”

  Josie frowned again. “I don’t think it’ll be a one-night stand, Ash. He looked so . . . serious. Like he wanted to eat her up. He made me all shivery.”

  Ash scowled at that. “He made you shivery? What the fuck?”

  She giggled. “S’okay. You know I only want you. But he’s hot. And he thinks Brittany is hot. I’m happy for her.”

  Ash sighed. “I’ll be the judge of whether we’re happy for her or not. I’ll have to do some checking on this guy. See if he’s on the level.”

  But then what could Ash say about being on the level? It made him a flaming hypocrite. He’d done some not-so-great things. He didn’t regret them, but they were there. He just wasn’t sure whether he wanted his sister involved with a man steeped in gray. He knew his intentions were good. But Kai Wellington?

  But enough of Brittany and Kai. He’d get a call later as Kai had promised or Ash would send someone out to check on Brittany. And then tomorrow he’d do some looking into Kai Wellington’s background and see if he had any skeletons that would make him unsuitable for Brittany.

  Right now he had a really drunk, really cute, sexy-as-hell woman he was dying to get home and out of that dress.

  “Have to say, baby. That dress and those shoes are you.”

  She sent him another dazzling smile, teeth flashing, a dimple forming in her cheek. “You like?”

  “Oh hell yeah I like,” he growled. “I’ll like them a lot better when I get you home and out of them.”

  Her nose bunched up and she frowned. “But not the shoes, Ash. Mia and Bethany said they always get fucked with the shoes on. We can’t mess the system up. It’s the girls’ night out creed.”

  He laughed. “Oh yeah, baby. The shoes definitely stay on.”

  When they pulled up to his apartment building, he got out and then reached in to help Josie out. After he was sure she had her legs underneath her and wouldn’t take a header, he guided her toward the door, his arm securely around her.

  On the elevator ride up, she put a hasty hand to her stomach and turned green as the elevator rose.

  He pulled her into his arms. “Deep breaths, baby. Can’t have you getting sick on me now.”

  “I’m fine,” she said faintly. “The elevator just made me a little queasy.”

  The doors opened into his apartment and he helped her out, immediately heading toward the bedroom. His cell phone rang, and he glanced down to see an unfamiliar number. Knowing it could be Wellington calling about Brittany, he kept hold of Josie with one hand and answered with the other.

  “Ash McIntyre,” he said

  “This is Kai Wellington. Brittany is home and safe. You don’t have to worry, Mr. McIntyre. Your sister is in good hands.”

  “Thanks,” Ash murmured. “Appreciate the call.”

  They rang off and Ash made a mental note to make sure all was well with his sister the next day. Then he turned his attention to Josie, easing her onto the edge of the bed.

  “Okay, darling, we’re home and you’re in charge of the girls’ night out seduction. What do you want your man to do?”

  Her eyes glowed, almost neon in the faint light of the bedside lamp. Her lips parted and he almost let out a groan. God, but the woman was going to drive him insane.

  “First you have to tear off my dress. Then you have to fuck me long and hard.”

  She looked so hopeful that he chuckled. “Anything you want, baby. Don’t ever let it be said I disappointed my girl.”

  She smiled, letting out a blissful sigh. “I like that.”

  “What do you like, baby?”

  “When you say ‘my girl.’ It sounds so sweet and sexy.”

  “You are my girl,” he said, letting his voice go deep and low.

  She held up her arms. “Then tear off your girl’s dress and fuck her until she passes out.”

  He laughed but moved in, pulling her to her feet. “That I can do, love.”

  She sighed again, teetered unsteadily before regaining her balance. “I love all the things you call me. They’re so nice.”

  He grinned, turning her around to unzip the dress. He let it fall to her feet and then helped her disentangle her shoes from the material. He sucked in his breath when his gaze traveled back up her body.

  “Holy hell,” he murmured. “Where did you get the lingerie?”

  “I’ve had it,” she said smugly. “Michael never saw it so don’t worry. You’re the only man who’s seen me in it. I was saving it for a special occasion. I’d say this qualifies.”

  “Oh yeah. It definitely qualifies.”

  She turned, leaning into him, her eyes big, and she whispered as though she were imparting a huge secret. “It has a slit in the bottoms. You don’t even have to take them off to fuck me.”

  His body shook and he cupped her chin, leaning down to fuse his mouth to hers. She tasted of tequila and something fruity. Her tongue, hot and wild, met his in a clash. He sucked it deep, wanting to devour her whole.

  She whimpered against his mouth. She kissed him lustily, her body writhing against his in need. Already he could sense that she was precariously close to her release. It wouldn’t take much at all to tilt her over.

  But he didn’t want it done so soon. If she came now, she might very well pass out in a sated alcohol-coma. He’d looked forward to this for too long to have it all over in five minutes.

  “Going to fuck you hard, baby,” he said, purposely inflecting an edge of steel into his voice. She shivered against him just as he knew she would. “Your mouth, your pussy and your ass. Going to have them all before it’s over with.”


  His name came out in a needy wail that had him grinning. Oh yeah, she was hot and worked up. Her entire body was flushed with heat. She was rubbing her body against his like a cat in heat.

  “Get on your knees,” he ordered brusquely.

  He held onto her as she slid down his body and perched on her knees. He grabbed a pillow and tucked it underneath her before he finally let go of her. He stood a moment making certain she wouldn’t pitch over and then he stepped back, unzipping his fly.

  His cock surged into his hand, protesting the fact that his hand was wrapped around it and not her mouth. He pushed his free hand into her hair, pulling her roughly forward as he pressed his dick to her lips.

  She opened around him with a breathy sigh that sent tingles racing down his spine. His balls drew up tight, aching as his erection slid over her hot tongue. She closed her mouth around him, sucking him deep. He let out a harsh groan, thrusting all the way to the back of her throat.

  “Fucking beautiful,” he rasped out.

  The wet sucking sounds she made were loud and erotic in his ears. Each time he pulled back, he met resistance as she attempted to suck him back. Her cheeks hollowed with each pull and then puffed out when he thrust forward again.

  He loved the sight of his cock sliding through her lips and then retreating, wet with her saliva. She made a smacking sound that damn near had him coming on the spot. For several long moments, he enjoyed the feel of her tongue sliding over the underside of his cock. Then she circled the tip, teasing the sensitive head when he pulled out.

  No way he was going to last if this kept up. Reluctant to leave the sweetness of her mouth, he withdrew and pulled her to her feet. Her eyes were glazed, a mixture of the alcohol and intense desire. They glowed, warm and bright, full of the sweet he associated with her.

  He laid her back on the bed, pulling at her bra, wanting to feast on her breasts. He leaned over her, between her splayed thighs and ran his tongue over the swell before capturing her nipple and sucking it strongly between his teeth. Then h
e nibbled a path up to her neck, devouring the supple flesh before tugging at her earlobe, nipping with just enough bite to make her cry out. He licked the shell, sliding his tongue over the contours of her ear before dropping down again to suck at the lobe.

  “A-ash,” she wailed, drawing his name into two syllables. “You’re killing me.”

  He chuckled. “That’s the idea, baby. Want you so worked up and crazy that you take me in your ass without any effort.”

  She shivered uncontrollably, her body arching helplessly into his.

  “I’m already there,” she panted. “I reached the crazy point about two minutes ago.”


  He took his time, licking and devouring her nipples until they were red and straining into rigid peaks. Then he let his mouth roam lower, kissing the softness of her belly, and then lower still, nuzzling through the slit in her panties and into her velvety, plush folds. He licked over her clit, making sure he didn’t spend too much time there or she’d come. He sucked and kissed his way lower until his tongue found her entrance, sliding inside just like his dick would soon do.

  “Never get enough of you,” he said hoarsely. “You taste so sweet. Addicting.”

  He continued his sensual assault on her most intimate flesh, until she was shamelessly begging him to end it. She was bucking upward, her motions frantic and needy. He grasped her hips, holding her in place as he continued fucking her with his tongue.

  “Ash! I’m going to come!”

  He drew away, leaving her dangling on the edge. He stood there a long moment, his breaths coming just as harshly as hers. Then he positioned himself between her legs, pulling her ankles up so he could grasp the heels of her shoes.

  Her eyes widened, excitement bursting in the aquamarine depths. He pushed her legs even farther up until they were doubled against her body, her knees spread wide. He didn’t wait. Didn’t prolong the agony. Making sure the slit in her panties was parted, he pushed hard and deep on the first thrust, instantly filling her to the hilt.

  She let out a cry. Her pussy swallowed him up in a heated rush that had him baring his teeth as he fought to maintain control. He knew he couldn’t do this long so he thrust rapidly, working them both into a frenzy. Deep. Hard. Just as he’d soon do in her ass.

  When he felt her quiver more urgently around him, he went still, buried balls-deep inside her. He sucked in steadying breaths, closing his eyes as he got it together. Then he withdrew, still holding on to her heels with both hands.

  He let one go, hastily tearing away the silky panties he’d just fucked her in. He wanted her ass, and as sexy as the lingerie was, there was only one slit that gave him access to her pussy. He slid his hand underneath her now bare ass, pushing upward so her ass was presented. Her eyes widened when she realized he meant to take her this way. Usually when he fucked her ass, she was on her hands and knees. But this way, she was a lot more vulnerable. Completely open to him, her legs hiked high in the air, her ass curved upward just ready for him to dive in.

  He guided his cock to her ass, taking only a moment to reach for the lubricant.

  “I’m not using much this time, baby. Just enough to get inside you. I want you to feel it. Feel me pushing inside.”

  Her breath hiccupped over her lips. She licked them in anticipation and he damn near lost it on the spot. His jaw clenched, he hastily applied lubricant to his straining erection and then tossed the tube aside as he positioned himself. The minute he lodged the head against her opening, he removed his hand and wrapped it around her heel so both hands were holding her shoes, spreading her wide for his invasion.

  He pushed in, not hesitating. She opened for him, her eyes growing even wider as she stretched to accommodate him.

  “That’s it, baby,” he said in an approving tone. “Let me in. I’m going to fuck you hard until we both come. I want you to use your hand because I’m going to be holding your shoes the entire time I’m fucking you. But don’t come until I tell you, okay?”

  “’Kay,” she said in a dreamy voice.

  She slipped one hand between her thighs and over her clit, emitting a moan when she stroked.

  Using that moment of inattention, when she was focused on her own pleasure, he surged forward, opening her in one ruthless thrust. She bucked upward, her cry splintering the air.

  He was balls-deep, pressed against her, straining to get deeper still.

  “Oh hell,” he groaned. “Not going to last long, baby. You need to get there because I’m going to go hard and I’m not stopping until I come.”

  “I’m there,” she said breathlessly. “Don’t stop, Ash. I’m so close.”

  Needing no further encouragement, he began to thrust hard into her. His thighs slapped against her ass, jiggling her entire body. She closed her eyes and arched her neck upward as he began the race to completion.

  She came first, her sharp cry washing over him, urging him on to his own orgasm. He began coming, jet after jet of his semen shooting deep inside her body, easing his way. Her fingers worked furiously over her clit as he rammed harder and deeper. Then she let her hand fall away, her chest heaving, eyes wild and unfocused.

  He lunged into her one last time and held himself deep as he finished emptying himself into her body. Then he lowered himself onto her, carefully letting her heels go and allowing her legs to fall limply onto the bed.

  They were both struggling to catch their breath, to suck in enough air into their burning lungs. He closed his eyes, gathering her tightly against him, holding her close so he felt the beat of her heart.

  It had never been like this. Never before. Only with Josie. His heart was so full, it felt near to bursting. So much he wanted to say. That he wanted to tell her.

  Her fingers stroked through his hair, caressing gently before they fell away, her body going lax beneath him. He picked up his head, staring down at her, a broad smile curving his lips upward.

  She was out cold.

  Chuckling, he gently extricated himself from her body and then he went into the bathroom, returning with a warm cloth to clean her up. After ensuring she was clean and comfortable, he pulled her heels off, then rid himself of the rest of his clothing before picking her up and positioning her on the bed. He crawled in beside her, reaching to turn off the lamp.

  The room was doused in darkness and he pulled her close, into the shelter of his body. He stroked her body, enjoying the feel of her warm and sated next to him.

  Yeah, girls’ night out definitely needed to be a regular event. There wasn’t anything better than having a gorgeous, very drunk, cute-as-hell woman come home to him wanting nothing more than to be fucked in killer heels.

  He made a mental note to go and buy her a dozen pairs of sexy, sparkly heels. And while he was at it, he’d definitely be buying more of the naughty lingerie, complete with access slits.

  chapter twenty-seven

  “Is Brittany coming?” Mia asked when Josie slid into the booth next to Bethany.

  “She texted right when I was leaving the apartment and said she’d meet us here,” Josie replied. “I’d think she’d be here any minute.”

  “Did she say anything about her night?” Bethany asked.

  Josie grimaced and shook her head. “Nothing. She said she’d fill us in when she got here.”

  “At least she’s off today and didn’t have to deal with a hangover at work,” Mia said. “Those shots kicked my ass! Gabe was sweet and babied me before he left for work, but I went back to bed and stayed there until it was time to meet up for lunch.”

  Bethany snickered. “Yeah, Jace was sweet too. Amazing the gratitude they show for drunk sex.”

  Josie laughed. “Ash brought me coffee and what he called a hangover cure. I don’t even know what it was. Several pills. But it did the trick. After a shower, I actually felt human again.”

  “Oh look, there’s Brittany now,” Bethany said, raising her hand to wave.

  Brittany navigated the busy restaurant and then slid into the booth
next to Mia.

  “Hey, gang,” she said brightly.

  “Now there is the face of a girl who got some,” Mia said dryly.

  Brittany blushed bright red, but her eyes were glowing.

  “Spill!” Josie demanded. “We’re dying to hear all about Kai Wellington.”

  Brittany laughed. “Oh my gosh, you guys. He is amazing. I don’t even have words. He has this dark, mysterious thing going on with him. He doesn’t say a whole lot, but when he talks, you just listen, you know?”

  “Get to the good part,” Mia said impatiently. “What’s he like in bed?”

  Everyone burst into laughter.

  “Uhm, well, we didn’t have sex last night,” Brittany hedged. “He brought me to my apartment, tucked me into bed. I don’t remember anything after that. But this morning, I woke up and he was in bed next to me. He’d stripped down to his boxers, and let me just say, that man is built! I was drooling all over my pillowcase, for God’s sake.”

  Josie chuckled at Brittany’s animated description.

  “He was sooo sweet too! He made me breakfast in bed then he took me into the bathroom to shower.”

  “He took you into the bathroom?” Bethany asked. “As in got in the shower with you?”

  Brittany blushed. “Yeah. It was sweet. But also hot. I mean all that gorgeous naked male flesh. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

  “So what happened then?” Mia said.

  “After the shower, we went back to bed, and then we had sex.”

  Brittany wore a smug, satisfied smile. Yeah, the sex must have been really good judging by her expression.

  “And?” Bethany demanded. “Come on, don’t leave us hanging! He just looked like he’d be a beast in bed. So dark and brooding. A lot like Jace!”

  “Okay stop,” Mia said with a shudder. “We can talk about hotness all we want, but can we please leave Jace out of it?”

  Josie pulled a face. “You’re no fun, Mia. Can’t you forget he’s your brother just for a little while?”

  Mia shook her head adamantly.

  Brittany laughed and then leaned back in the booth, sighing a dreamy sigh that told Josie she was in deep already. But then who was she to judge? It hadn’t taken any longer for Ash to completely reel her in. She’d been a goner the minute he’d dragged her out of her apartment. If she was completely honest, she’d admit that she’d been a goner that very first day in the park. It had just taken her longer to realize that.

  “It was awesome,” Brittany said. “And yes, total beast in bed. So demanding and possessive.” She shivered, chill bumps breaking out over her skin. Then her expression dimmed and her lips twisted into a grimace. “Nothing at all like my first husband. Ugh. Not even in the same universe!”

  “Forget him,” Josie ordered. “He’s in the past. Move on. Now tell us more.”

  The others burst into laughter again. They were drawing attention from the other tables, but Josie didn’t care. Normally she’d be appalled over being the focus in a public setting, but she already loved these girls and she was having fun.

  “I orgasmed three times,” Brittany said in a loud whisper. “Three times! That’s three more times than I ever came with my husband.”

  “Yay!” Bethany said, a broad smile on her face. “So what now? Was it a one-night thing? Did he get your number? Is he going to call?”

  “One question at a time, Bethany,” Mia scolded. “She can’t keep up! But yes, Brittany, tell us everything.”

  Brittany smiled and Josie saw just how beautiful she was. Her eyes shone and the shadows that had haunted them were gone. She seemed more sure of herself. She seemed . . . happy.

  “Oh, he got my number. Made me program all his numbers into my cell. Wanted to know what I was doing today. Where I was going and with whom. Then he told me that this was not a one-night stand and that I better get it out of my head now if that’s what I was thinking.”

  “Wow,” Mia whispered. “That sounds intense!”

  “He didn’t even ask if I wanted to see him again,” Brittany continued, a goofy grin plastered on her face. “He told me he’d be at my apartment this evening to take me to dinner and that I was staying over in his hotel.”

  Josie frowned. “So he doesn’t have an apartment here?”

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