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         Part #1 of Colters Legacy series by Maya Banks
Page 19


  Ethan continued his sensual assault between her legs, until her entire body was bathed in sweat. She arched into him, so close to coming again.

  Then his head came away. Ryan’s hands fell to the couch. Her body heaved with exertion. She started to protest, but Adam was there, pulling her up.

  “On your knees,” he directed, helping her into position. “There. Put your hands on the back of the couch. Let your feet dangle off the edge of the cushions. ”

  She positioned herself according to Adam’s instructions, kneeling so that her head faced the back of the couch. Her hands slid over the edge as she looked away from the men.

  Adam walked around until he faced her. His cock was inches from her mouth. She moved toward it, wanting to taste him, wanting him to slide it to the back of her throat.

  His soothed his hands through her hair, caressing her face, running the tips of his fingers around her lips.

  Behind her, she felt hands move over her buttocks, dipping into her pussy, spreading her legs. She burned with need.

  Adam gathered her hair in one hand, collecting it in a makeshift ponytail at the back of her head. With the other hand, he guided his cock into her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored the taste and feel of him sliding along her tongue.

  “Yesss,” Adam hissed out. “You feel so good, baby. Just like that. Take it deep. ”

  As Adam began to work his cock in and out of her mouth, Ethan slid into her pussy. She made soft sounds of appreciation as the two men worked in unison. They were exquisitely gentle. She gave up complete control to them, allowing them to set the pace. She merely felt. Enjoyed the thrill of their seduction.

  Adam let his hand fall, allowing her hair to cascade over her shoulders. Then he withdrew from her mouth, and she whimpered in protest.

  Ryan walked around to replace Adam. Adam disappeared from her view as Ryan sank into her mouth. Ethan caressed her hips, holding her as he slowly thrust within her. Then he too withdrew, and cool air blew over her exposed pussy.

  Then she felt Adam’s hands close around her waist. They skimmed the surface of her skin and settled possessively on her buttocks. He massaged then spread her ass cheeks and settled his lubricated cock at her anal opening.

  The broad head of his penis penetrated the tight muscle and sank inward with a soft pop. Inch by inch, he pressed forward until his taut abdomen rested against her behind.

  She licked and nibbled, swirled her tongue around Ryan’s cock as he sank his fingers into her hair. She was buffeted between the two men, their cocks deeply within her body.

  Her hands curled tightly around the edge of the couch, her fingers bloodless from the pressure. Suddenly Ryan withdrew. Her head came up in surprise as Adam grasped her by the waist and picked her up, his dick still seated within her ass.

  “Easy, baby,” he murmured. “I won’t hurt you. ”

  He turned until she was faced away from the couch and then he slowly eased himself down until he sat on the couch, her on top of him.

  He leaned back, spreading her legs. The fullness in her rear was all consuming. Hot. The pinch of pain was heady. She rode a fine line between the most unbearable pleasure she’d ever experience and the bite of erotic pain.

  Ryan stepped between her widespread legs and fisted his cock with one hand. She finally understood the position Adam had put her in.

  She relaxed her body against Adam’s chest, letting her head fall back until her cheek rested against his.

  Ryan bent and pressed the head of his dick to her pussy, exerting pressure until he slid into her tightness. The fullness was more than she’d ever experienced. Ryan leaned into her until she was sandwiched tightly between him and Adam. Then Ryan began to thrust.

  They fit together like a dream. Adam cradled her body with his, absorbing the motion of Ryan’s thrusts along with Holly.

  “You’re so beautiful, so giving,” Adam whispered against her ear. “You were made for us. ”

  She reached back and curled her arms around Adam’s neck, stretching between the two men. She closed her eyes as Ryan’s mouth found her nipple.

  She tuned into the multitude of sensations wracking her body. Currents of fire arced through her like a bolt of lightning.

  “Come for me,” Ryan said. “I want to watch you. ”

  Cradled between the two men, their bodies worshipping hers, Ryan’s husky words washing over her like fine wine. She let go. Allowed herself to free fall into the dark abyss that rushed up to claim her.

  She felt tugged in forty different directions as her body jumped and spasmed. She closed her eyes to black out the splashes of color so bright in her vision.

  It was if someone cut a tightly pulled rubber band. Her body melted into Adam’s. She heard soothing words against her ear, but couldn’t make sense of them.

  Hands stroked up and down her slick body as Ryan pulled gently away. Adam rotated her underneath him, her belly flat to the sofa. He pushed forward, thrusting slowly into her. Once, twice and then she felt his release flood into her. Then he eased from her.

  “My turn,” Ethan said above her as he scooped her into his arms.

  She sagged limply against him, wondering what else they could possibly do that could top this.

  Ethan walked into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. Something warm and slick splashed onto her back. Then gentle hands began to massage her tired muscles.

  She moaned in pure satisfaction. So she was wrong. It could get better.

  Chapter Eighteen

  Holly wiped the palms of her hands on her jeans as they stood in the reception area of the lawyer’s office. So much was riding on what the guys’ friend would tell them.

  Logically, she knew there was nothing Mason could do to prevent the divorce. Make things difficult? Yes. But he could not simply prevent it from happening. She hoped her threat was enough to persuade him not to contest.

  Her money was another issue, but her parents had put it in trust, and unless she gave the money to Mason, he had no claim on it. But it didn’t mean he wouldn’t try.

  She closed her eyes and shuddered. Would she ever be free of her horrible mistakes?

  Warm, comforting hands squeezed her shoulders. Ethan. Already she could recognize his touch. Distinguish it from Adam’s or Ryan’s.

  “You’re worrying too much, doll. We’ll take care of this. I promise. ”

  She turned around and smiled weakly. “I want it to be over with. ”

  “I know. And it will be. ”

  A tall, well-dressed man appeared in the waiting room. He crossed to where Adam stood and extended his hand.

  “Adam, it’s damn good to see you again. ”

  “Cal,” Adam returned.

  Cal turned to shake hands with Ethan and Ryan then settled his gaze on Holly.

  “You must be Holly. ” He smiled warmly at her, and she relaxed some.

  She extended her hand and shook Cal’s. “Thank you for seeing us. ”

  “My pleasure. ” He turned and extended a hand toward the hallway. “If you’ll all come this way to my office, we can get started. ”

  Adam reached for Holly, and she went willingly into his embrace. His hand squeezed her waist comfortingly as they followed Cal into a large, expensively furnished office.

  Cal gestured for them to sit down then settled behind his mahogany desk. “Adam has filled me in on most of the details. ” He looked up at Holly. “May I call you Holly? Somehow I don’t think you’d like to be called Mrs. Bardwell. ”

  “No, please, call me Holly,” she said huskily.

  He smiled. “Okay, Holly. ” He opened a folder and pulled out a sheaf of papers. He slid them along the polished surface of the desk in her direction.

  “I’ll have you look over and sign these so I can get the ball rolling. Your case is pretty straightforward. If there aren’t any complications or objections, you’re divorce can be final in as little as ninety days. Ob
viously if problems arise, it will go longer. ”

  Holly stared down at the papers in front of her. It sounded so simple. Ninety days. She could be free in three months.

  “What if…what if he doesn’t agree?” she whispered. “I mean what if he won’t sign the papers?”

  She looked up at Cal, trying to keep the fear from her expression. She wanted to appear calm and confident, but inside she was a wreck.

  “Then we kill him,” Ryan muttered.

  Cal chuckled. “As much as I like Ryan’s idea, we’ll leave it in the hands of the legal system. Once your husband is served, he can do one of three things. He can sign the papers, he can ignore them or he can hire a lawyer and show up in court to contest. ”

  He leaned forward and put a hand over Holly’s. “No matter what he does, though, he can’t prevent you from divorcing him. All he can do is delay the inevitable. Remember that. ”

  Holly blew out her breath. “Thank you. ” It was all she could manage without betraying how badly she was shaking. She felt like standing up and yelling. Finally she was taking a proactive stance in deciding the course of her life. And it felt damn good.

  She glanced sideways at Adam, Ethan and Ryan, unable to keep the small smile from tugging at her lips. Then she looked back at Cal. “Is that all? I don’t have to do anything else?”

  “No,” Cal said.

  She paused for a moment and took in several steadying breaths. “Will I…will I have to face him in court?”

  “No. ”

  The answer came from at least three different sources and she turned in all directions.

  Cal chuckled. “No. If he opts to go to court that is his prerogative, but you aren’t asking him for anything. There’s nothing to dispute, so I doubt he’ll want to appear, and if so, I will appear on your behalf as your counsel. ”

  She smiled, felt her entire face relax. The more she tried to contain her joy, the wider she felt her face split. Adam slipped a hand up and down her back then rested his palm on her shoulder and squeezed.

  Cal looked intently at her. “This will end soon, Holly. You have my assurances. ”

  A tear slipped down her cheek. She wiped it away impatiently, not at all sure why she was crying. She was thrilled. She was relieved.

  “Thank you,” she said again.

  Adam stood beside her and reached across the desk to shake Cal’s hand. “We appreciate everything, Cal. ”

  Cal also stood. “I’m glad to do whatever I can. You know that. I’ll be in touch. ”

  Holly followed the men out of the office. Ryan hung back in the hallway and immediately pulled her into his arms. She hugged him back, feeling just as relieved as he seemed to be.

  “Want to find a salon now?” Adam asked as they stepped out into the cold air.

  She bobbed her head enthusiastically. They walked over to the Land Rover and Holly slid into the front seat. She let out a long whoosh of air and briefly closed her eyes.

  “Feel better?” Ethan asked from the back.

  She opened her eyes and swiveled her head to look at him. “You don’t even know,” she said softly.

  “I know I feel better,” Ryan muttered. “The sooner she no longer bears that bastard’s last name, the better. ”

  Holly wrinkled her brow. She hadn’t considered the issue of last name. Once she was divorced, would she resort to her maiden name? She didn’t see how she could take Colter since it wasn’t exactly legal to marry more than one man. But at the same time, she wanted to belong to them, didn’t want to be viewed as merely a lover or a girlfriend.

  “What are you thinking about, baby?” Adam murmured as he started the engine.

  She paused not wanting to admit exactly what had crossed her mind. It seemed presumptuous at best. She hated the insecurity that crept in despite her best efforts to keep it at bay.

  She opened her mouth to respond, but couldn’t make the words come out. “Nothing,” she said with a slight stammer.

  Adam braked and shoved it into park halfway out of the parking place. “What are you afraid of? What is it you won’t say? You have to know you can tell us anything. ”

  She swallowed. “It’s ridiculous. ”

  Adam cupped her chin, rubbing his thumb gently over her jaw. “I hate that you worry so much around us. Now tell me. ”

  “The whole name thing,” she mumbled. “I just wondered. ”

  “Wondered what?” Ethan asked leaning forward in his seat.

  “I kind of liked the idea of being a Colter,” she said, her cheeks flaming. “But I know it isn’t possible. ”

  “What?” Ryan demanded. He grasped the back of her headrest and pulled himself forward until he met her gaze. “Why isn’t it possible?”

  Ethan and Adam also wore questioning expressions.

  “I can’t exactly marry all of you. Legally. That is if you’d even want marriage. Oh hell, I’m making a mess of this,” she muttered, closing her eyes.

  “Baby, do you doubt how much we want you?”

  She hesitated for the briefest of moments then finally shook her head.

  “As soon as possible you will have our name,” Adam continued. “Call me old-fashioned, but you belong to us. We want you to be a Colter. ”

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