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           Maya Banks

  wander down her body until they came to a stop on the curve of her hip.

  She was curled like a kitten next to him, her body lying at a slight angle with her feet resting on the pillow next to his head. She enjoyed his sensual caresses as she sucked him to rigid erectness.

  A part of her wanted to prolong his blowjob as long as possible. She loved watching the myriad of expressions blow over his face as she made love to him with her mouth. But the other part of her couldn’t wait to throw her leg over him and let him slide deep into her pussy.

  He grew larger, filling her mouth with each downward slide. He swelled until it was difficult for her to stretch her lips around him.

  Determined to give him as much pleasure as he’d given her earlier, she pushed him to the very back of her throat, keeping him lodged there as she swallowed around the tip.

  His fingers tangled roughly in her hair, his movements becoming more frantic and less practiced.

  Finally he pulled her away. He panted harshly, and his eyes gleamed with satisfaction.

  “If you don’t stop, I’m going to come before I ever get you on top of me.”

  She smiled, then reached over him for one of the condoms in the nightstand. “Can’t have that.”

  She tore open the wrapper and then rolled the condom over his cock, stretching the latex around his broad width. Satisfied with the result, she hiked one leg over him and held him in place with her hand as she positioned herself above him.

  With infinite care, she lowered herself, closing her eyes when the head breached her opening. She stretched to accommodate him. It was nearly painful but so intensely pleasurable that she huffed in short breaths to control her erratic pulse.

  When he was halfway in, she realized she was going to have to work at getting him fully lodged. She let go and braced herself on his chest, enjoying the roll of muscles underneath her fingertips.

  “Help me,” she whispered.

  His hands gripped her hips, holding her in place, and then he thrust upward. Her natural reaction was to arch up and away from him, but he held her in place and thrust again.

  Her fingers dug into his flesh and she leaned forward, allowing him easier access. He curled his fingers into her ass and spread her wider. Then he thrust hard and deep.

  She sank down onto him, felt his balls roll underneath her ass. She had him. All the way, and now she didn’t want to let any part of him go.

  His hands left her ass and he reached up to pluck lightly at her nipples. They stiffened and reacted, puckering into hard little knobs that throbbed in time with the throb between her legs.

  “You’re all the way there. Now ride me.”

  His guttural command spurred her to action. She rocked forward and then back. Hard. The sensation of him sliding through her pussy made her go cross-eyed. She hugged him tight and each time she moved, his cock dragged across tissues that sucked at him.

  “Faster. Harder.”

  She obeyed and began to ride him. Her arousal eased his passage and with each downward slide, she took him to the balls.

  “Can you come this way?” he murmured. “Do I need to do anything?”

  “Mmmm,” she moaned. “Touch me. My breasts. I’ll come, just touch my breasts.”

  He cupped the mounds and brushed his thumb across the stiff points. “Like this?”

  “Just like that.”

  “I’m not going to last long. Tell me what you need.”

  She closed her eyes, dangerously close to preceding him. Then she smiled. “Don’t worry about me. Just come. As long as you keep touching my breasts, I’ll be there. Probably before you.”

  He chuckled and then captured her nipples between his fingers, tweaking and pinching lightly.

  She rose up and down, slamming down onto his cock, her breath squeezing torturously each time he came to rest deep within her.

  He tensed and suddenly his fingers became more forceful at her breasts. She reached down and slid a finger over her clit, then threw back her head as pleasure exploded through her body.

  His shout sounded in her ears, but the world was one big fuzz ball around her. She was lost in her orgasm, in the incredible, mind-blowing sensation of her fingers at her clit, his fingers twisting and pulling at her nipples.

  She went unbelievably slick around him so that he slid easily through her pussy now. He bowed up off the bed until her knees left the mattress. And then she fell forward, collapsing against his broad chest.

  For a few seconds he continued arching gently into her until finally he stopped and they both lay there, ragged breaths tearing from their chests.

  “That . . . was amazing,” he croaked out.

  She remained silent, eyes closed as she rested against his chest. He made a very nice bed.

  He lifted a strand of her hair and idly played, letting it twist between his fingers as she came to her senses.

  “Do something for me, Zoe.”

  She lifted her head to look at him.

  He nodded in Chase’s direction. “This whole setup was so he could watch. Now I want to watch while you go suck him off.”

  She eased off Dillon and let his cock slide from her pussy. When her feet hit the floor, her knees shook and she nearly sagged. She awkwardly made her way to where Chase sat. Glancing back at Dillon, she saw that he’d rolled to his side where he could easily see her and Chase. Then she looked at Chase to gauge his reaction to Dillon’s request.

  The bulge at his jeans told her he was anything but put off by the idea. She knelt in front of him, placed one hand over his groin, and leaned up to kiss him.

  She took him hard, running her tongue over his lips in a demand to let her inside. Hot. Completely carnal, she ravaged his mouth, putting every bit of her desire into that simple caress.

  He pushed impatiently against her hand, his erection hot and pulsing through the rough denim.

  Rocking back, she hastily unbuttoned his fly and then carefully unzipped until she could reach in and pull out his cock.

  Before she had it fully in hand, he was pushing at her head, guiding her down. Neither of them were smooth. He couldn’t wait to get into her mouth, and she couldn’t wait to get him there.

  Her mouth closed hot over the head, and she swallowed him whole, taking as much of him as she could manage in one suck. It was hard to say who did the most work. She worked her hand over the base, pulling him up to meet the downward rush of her lips. He bucked upward, both his hands tangling in her hair as he held her tightly.

  Already she could taste the sips of pre-cum that seeped from the slit. She allowed it to slide over her tongue and gave a sound of appreciation she knew would drive him straight over the edge.

  “Ah shit, Zoe.”

  Those words signaled his surrender. He wasn’t going to last. He was too aroused from watching Dillon fuck her. She smiled around his cock and took him deeper, sucking and swallowing. She wanted him deep when he came. Wanted him to come all over the back of her throat. She wanted to taste every drop of his release.

  When she felt the betraying quiver work through his hips, she took him all the way and held him there as he began spurting into her mouth. She swallowed and took more, gently working her mouth over his trembling cock. She continued to suck carefully as he jerked one last time against her.

  His hands gentled in her hair, and he began stroking lightly, his hands working lovingly over her head and then down to her jaw.

  Finally she let him slide from her mouth, and she turned her face up so she could look at him. He wore the expression of a completely sated male. Lazy eyes drifted down her body, sparking with satisfaction when they lighted on her mouth where the remnants of his cum lingered on her lips.

  She swiped her tongue over her mouth, removing the last, and then she reached up to push her hair from her face.

  “Come here,” he said huskily.

  She crawled onto his lap and into his waiting arms. He hugged her to him and kissed the top of her head.

you tired, baby?”

  She nodded wordlessly and snuggled a little deeper into his embrace.

  “Let me pull my jeans up and I’ll hold you while you get some rest, okay?”

  She pushed lethargically away from him, sliding to the side while he arched his hips to pull his jeans back up. Her gaze caught Dillon’s, and he smiled lazily in her direction.

  When Chase was done, he reached for her again, and she went willingly into his arms. He felt warm. Strong. Like everything she’d ever wanted in a man. She nuzzled against his neck and pressed a kiss right over his pulse.

  “I love you,” she whispered.

  She was sure he smiled. Could tell by the way he went limp against her and the satisfied roll that went through his body.

  “I love you too, baby.”

  Chase was awakened by the rustle of clothing. He pried open his eyes and stared over Zoe’s head to see Dillon dressing by the bed.

  Dillon looked over and when he saw Chase was awake, he said, “Hey man, I’m going to get on out of here so you and Zoe can have the bed.”

  Chase looked down to see Zoe still solidly asleep against him, her soft breathing whispering over his chest. Gathering her carefully in his arms, he eased to the edge of the couch and then stood and carried her to the bed. After he settled her in the covers, he turned back to Dillon and extended his hand.

  “Thanks for coming. No way I was going to let Zoe bring a complete stranger back to the hotel, and this was the only way I knew to make the fantasy work.”

  Dillon grinned and reached out to shake Chase’s hand. “Hell, no sweat. I knew your girl was hot. I’ve seen her picture enough times, but damn, I had no idea she’d be that awesome in bed.”

  “We still on for next week?”

  Dillon raised one eyebrow. “What do you think? I’ll be there. It sounds fucking hot. I have to say, you’re a lucky man to have a woman who is so uninhibited in bed. Are you sure you’re okay with all this?”

  Chase smiled. “Yeah. We’re both cool with it.”

  “And you don’t think she’s going to wonder when I show up again?”

  “Judging by her reaction in bed to you, I don’t think she’ll have any complaints. She knows I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, and the fact that I set up the bar scene will be a relief. I don’t want her to have any lingering recriminations if she starts thinking about the fact she picked up a stranger in a bar and then fucked his brains out.”

  Dillon nodded. “Okay, then I’ll see you next week.”

  Chase watched as his friend left the hotel room and then turned back to Zoe. He smiled as he watched her sleep. He pulled off his clothes and then crawled into bed next to her. She sleepily murmured his name and then snuggled into his arms.

  He wanted to turn her over and slide into her body while she was still warm and sated. He wanted to fuck her while those sleepy eyes came alive with answering desire. But she was tired, and there was always the next morning.

  For now he was content to hold her close to him and revel in the fact that she belonged to him.


  Zoe shivered as she got into her SUV. The weather had turned chilly as a cool front had moved through, dumping copious amounts of rain the entire day. The result had been yet another pileup of MVA victims in the ER and her clocking out late. Again.

  She cranked the engine and turned on the heat, then pulled out of the parking garage of the hospital. It was at least a thirty-minute drive home on a good day. Add in the rain and diminished visibility and she was looking at forty-five. Which meant she’d pull into the house at three A.M. If she was lucky.

  At least the traffic wasn’t bad in Beaumont at this hour of the morning, and she did get down the interstate quickly to her turnoff.

  She sighed morosely as she turned the wipers up. Chase wasn’t home even though it was his scheduled day off. He’d switched with another crew member so he could take off for their trip to Houston. She’d give a lot to be able to crawl into bed with him tonight. Weather was perfect for a night of cuddling.

  She’d turned onto the back-road shortcut to Cypress and had gone about a mile when her SUV lurched and began to slow. Everything turned off: her headlights, her dashboard, even the heater.

  Panicked, she pulled over to the shoulder and coasted to a stop. What the ever-loving hell? She stared openmouthed at the steering wheel and then reached for the key to crank the ignition again.

  Nothing. Not a click, no sound, absolutely nothing. The truck was deader than a doornail.

  Her wipers were stuck in the upright position and rain continued to slash down over the windshield. And damn, but it was dark!

  She tried the ignition again and cursed when she got the same result.

  She curled her fingers around the steering wheel and slapped her forehead down on the backs of her hands. Great. Just great. Still several miles from home. Whether she walked to or from, there was nothing on this stretch of highway but woods.

  Chase was at the firehouse, and she really hated to call him. He’d come get her no doubt, but if they’d had a hard day—and they no doubt had with all the rain and accidents—she hated to wake him up at almost three in the morning. Plus his crew would be short for the time it took him to get her and get back to work.

  Brody and Tate were at home—asleep—but hopefully the phone would wake one of them up.

  She punched in the number to the house and put the phone to her ear. It rang. And rang.

  “Come on, come on,” she murmured.

  After the fifth ring, voice mail picked up, and she jammed her thumb over the end button in frustration. Then she hit redial and let it ring again.

  Having no luck, she punched in Brody’s cell number. It rang several times, and then finally his sleepy voice came over the line. Her stomach folded in relief.


  There was question in his voice. Obviously he’d been too asleep to check to see who was calling.

  “B-Brody, it’s me, Zoe.”

  Damn but that came out all quivery. Her hands shook, and it wasn’t just from the cold.

  “Zoe? What’s wrong?” he asked sharply.

  “I broke down on Old Bridge Road, just before the first bridge.”

  “Are you all right?”

  “I’m fine. I managed to pull over.”

  “Stay put. Tate and I’ll be there as soon as we can.”

  She let her hand fall to her lap and ended the call. Thank God. She was fast getting in touch with her inner wimp here.

  She glanced anxiously around, but it was hard to see through the fogged windows. The instructor of the self-defense course Zoe had taken at the hospital a year back had said a lone woman should never remain inside a disabled vehicle. It had made perfect sense at the time, but when faced with the reality of getting out in the rain and hiding behind a tree until help arrived, she wasn’t sure which was scarier.

  But remembering the examples the instructor had given—including a few grisly murders—was enough to have Zoe throwing open her door and stepping into the cold rain.

  She shivered when water slid down her neck, wetting her back. Making sure to collect her purse and her cell phone, she walked around the front of the SUV and crossed the ditch into the woods. There was a nice, sturdy pine tree that would hopefully also provide a little cover. She just hoped Brody hurried.

  Ten minutes later, she was huddled against the tree, shivering, with her hair plastered wetly over her head. She looked—and probably smelled—like a drowned cat. She hopped up and down in an attempt to infuse warmth into her numb legs, but the result was just jiggling more water down her neck.

  Finally she heard a vehicle approach and then saw the beam of headlights coming from the opposite direction. Only the memory of that grisly murder kept her from dashing out of the woods.

  The vehicle pulled over in front of her truck so that its
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