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         Part #2 of The Enforcers series by Maya Banks
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  just have to agree to disagree, my angel. I am well aware of who is the fortunate one. But you are right. I will never let anyone take things too far with you and hurt you. But at the same time, if at any time, for any reason, you want Manuel to stop, then you say the words. You got me?”

  “Yes,” she whispered.

  Drake turned back to Manuel. “She is yours,” he said, gesturing toward where Evangeline knelt.

  Manuel stood for a moment, staring, his hungry gaze roving possessively over Evangeline’s nude body. She shivered in response, her nipples puckering into taut buds. Her vagina clenched and her clit throbbed, pulsing. She was excited. More excited than she’d been the first time Drake had invited Manuel over because now she knew the pleasures that awaited her. The first time, she’d been nervous and unsure, apprehensive and worried that Drake would be angry if she responded to another man. But he’d reveled in watching her response to a man he’d handpicked for her and when she’d seen that, recognized it, she’d relaxed and let go, immersing herself in the wickedly decadent ecstasy Manuel—and Drake—had given her.

  And judging by the gleam in Manuel’s eyes, that had only been the tip of the iceberg. She had a feeling that the first night had been a test of sorts, one that she’d passed, and that tonight there would be no holding back.

  She couldn’t wait.

  Manuel unzipped his slacks and pulled out his huge erection, pumping it to further rigidity with his hand. Then he closed the distance between them until his cock bobbed deliciously before her lips.

  “Suck my dick, Evangeline,” he said, using coarse language that excited her. “I hope you’re prepared because I’m going to deep-throat you. I’m going to fuck your throat until all you can taste, feel and smell is me. But first, I’m going to ask Drake to restrain you because I want you completely at my mercy so I can exert my will on you and there’ll be nothing you can do about it except take what I give you.”

  She moaned softly, her body twitching and tingling as her desire heightened. Unconsciously, she arched forward, thrusting her breasts outward, her nipples so hard that it bordered on pain.

  As Manuel stood there, slowly sliding his hand up and down his length, teasing her with what was to come, Drake roughly pulled her arms behind her and tied her wrists tightly together. Then to her shock, Drake thrust his hands into her hair, yanking her head back and then palming the sides with his hands, holding her firmly in place as Manuel planted his feet on either side of her thighs so that he was straddling her while she was in a kneeling position.

  “Open,” Manuel commanded tersely.

  She obeyed instantly and he slowly slid the underside of his erection over her tongue, rubbing back and forth with a grunt of satisfaction.

  “Hold her,” he directed Drake in a rough voice.

  It was all the warning she got before he plunged hard all the way to the back of her throat. Her gasp was cut off by his enormous girth, as was her breath. It took all her discipline not to choke and fight the invasion, but she forced herself to relax and lean into Drake’s grasp, trusting him to take care of her.

  Manuel paused and glanced down with a tender smile that told her that her nearly imperceptible move hadn’t gone unnoticed. He sighed.

  “This is one I would steal from you, my friend,” he said to Drake. “Never before have I been tempted to take another man’s woman, but I would take her away and never suffer an ounce of remorse. She is a priceless treasure.”

  “You’re welcome to try,” Drake said in an icy tone. “I would kill the man who ever tried to take her from me.”

  “As you should,” Manuel said approvingly. “As would I.” The last was said ruefully and he dropped his hand to caress Evangeline’s cheek in a gentle, intimate manner as he thrust more slowly, gaining more depth with every stroke. “You have what every man like us dreams of. I hope to hell you know that and safeguard her appropriately.”

  Manuel’s cock slid from her mouth, the head resting on her lips as he stared down at her, lust and something altogether different glittering in his eyes. Sadness?

  Temporarily forgetting herself, and, well, she was impulsive by nature, she couldn’t halt the question before it formed.

  “Did you lose someone important to you, Manuel?” she asked in a soft, gentle tone. “Do you not have a woman to see to your needs?”

  As soon as she asked, she flushed with mortification, every part of her body and expression displaying her dismay.

  She stared at him utterly stricken. “I’m so sorry,” she said, horrified. “Please forgive me, Manuel.” She turned to Drake in panic. “Forgive me, Drake. I overstepped. I shouldn’t have said—asked—anything. It isn’t my place to question you. It is my duty to see to your needs and to heed your orders, to be what you need. Not to pry into your personal affairs. Please forgive me,” she repeated, her distress radiating like a beacon.

  “Evangeline, look at me,” Manuel said in a tender but firm voice. Said gently but an order nonetheless.

  She looked up at him in dread, sorrow over failing him but most of all failing Drake crushing her chest.

  “Don’t look like that, my sweet, loving Evangeline,” he said with a tender smile. “How could I possibly find fault with a woman who shines with such beauty and compassion. You have a giving heart, one that captures every single person around you. Yes, I lost someone and no, I don’t have a permanent woman. I haven’t wanted one. Not since . . .”

  He trailed off, his expression somber.

  “No one has spoken to the heart of me in a long time. Not until you. It is why I teased Drake by telling him that if he weren’t such a good friend I’d spirit you away and suffer no guilt or remorse whatsoever. But your heart lies with him. Any fool can see that. You’d never be happy with any other man.”

  “No,” she whispered. “Only Drake.”

  Drake’s hands tightened in her hair, his body trembling against her back. He stroked his fingers through the long strands and then bent to kiss the top of her head.

  Evangeline looked intently up at Manuel, never once breaking from his gaze. “I know your heart lies with another as does mine, but I would like it very much if I could be the woman to give you at least one night of peace. And pleasure. Take me, Manuel. It’s all right to pretend. Do to me as you will. Do with me as you will. I won’t break. I can take anything you give me. I want it and you need it. Let me give you solace tonight.”

  “I would never seek to break you, little one,” Manuel said, affection and respect softening his gaze. “I want to give you pleasure, and for a moment I want to touch the sun again.”

  He slid his cock to the back of her throat as Drake held her head firmly in place, though it wasn’t necessary. Even though this night was for her, at Drake’s instigation, she sensed Manuel’s desperate need of comfort. And she ached to chase the shadows from the big man’s eyes.

  Dutifully, she remained in place as Manuel stopped, lodged at full depth, and he remained there, head thrown back, harsh lines of pleasure carved into his sensual features.

  “What would you say if we both took you, possessed you, over and over this night?” Manuel asked in a sexy, passion-laced voice. “Drake and I.”

  She shivered delicately, closing her eyes at the sudden, nearly violent wash of desire and edgy need that splintered through her body.

  Manuel chuckled. “I’d say we have our answer, Drake.”

  “Indeed we do,” Drake murmured, kissing her neck as his fingers tangled more deeply into her hair. “My angel can take a lot and I want to give her the world. Tonight is merely the icing on the cake.”

  She moaned softly, absorbing his loving words like an addict in desperate need of a fix.

  Manuel withdrew and Evangeline turned ever so slightly so she could stare up at Drake. She knew she was disobeying. That she was to answer to Manuel. That her focus was to be on Manuel. But she simply couldn’t deny the words hovering on her lips.

  “Don’t you know, Drake? You are my wo
rld,” she said softly.

  The fire in his eyes blazed into an inferno and he bent to crush his lips to hers, devouring her mouth, uncaring that another man’s cock had just been inside it. Somehow that made it even more sexy and her clit pulsed, her nipples becoming more rigid.

  “You have the spanking stool still?” Manuel asked Drake.

  Drake gave a clipped nod and then walked away from Evangeline, and she felt the loss of his warmth keenly. Manuel cupped her chin, directing her gaze to him.

  “I had thought to flog you tonight,” he murmured. “To mark your beautiful skin. To take you beyond the limits of your control. To push you to your breaking point. But I find I haven’t the stomach to do it. There are many more uses for a spanking stool, as you’ll soon discover.”

  The gleam in his eyes promised her untold pleasure and chill bumps erupted over her flesh, dancing in waves over her body.

  Drake returned a moment later, pushing an apparatus that resembled in some ways a saddle turned sideways on what looked like a sawhorse. But it was plush, not at all like the wooden, splintered sawhorses her father had used in his shop before he’d been injured. This was obviously an apparatus made for comfort. And kink.

  The saddle indention meant to cradle a person’s stomach was leather, thick and soft. There were metal hoops at the bottoms of the front and back legs of the apparatus, and she puzzled over what they could be used for.

  Manuel was extremely solicitous of her as he helped her to her feet and unfastened the bonds around her wrists. He held her a moment until he was certain she was steady, but his arm remained around her, stroking, caressing, only heightening her pleasure. For men as rough and dominant as Manuel and Drake, they were exceedingly gentle with her, treating her like spun glass that would break if handled too harshly. It puzzled her because these were men who took unapologetically, who didn’t ask. They simply possessed.

  He cupped one full breast with one palm, rubbing his thumb over her nipple until she was nearly gasping at the exquisite sensation. But then he slid his other hand down her abdomen, lower, and plunged his fingers into her sensitive folds, stroking and petting her feminine flesh.

  He circled her clit, rolling it between his fingers, careful not to exert too much pressure and hurt her. Then he slid his middle finger downward and plunged inside her opening, caressing the walls of her vagina.

  She went up on tiptoe, her face a wreath of tortured pleasure. She was already so close to orgasm and he’d barely touched her! He slid deeper, pressing carefully against her G-spot, and she nearly came right then. Her legs trembled, her knees shook and buckled and if he hadn’t caught her, she would have collapsed.

  “Easy, little one,” he said. “We have the entire night ahead of us. No need to rush, is there?”

  He pulled both hands away and she groaned in dismay. He laughed softly and then guided her toward the spanking stool Drake had positioned in the middle of the living room. Where on earth did he keep this anyway? She’d never seen it. What else did he have hidden in his vast apartment that she didn’t know about?

  Drake’s eyes were smoldering as his gaze raked over her naked body and Manuel’s hands resting possessively on it. Approval, lust and desire were reflected in those dark orbs and it gave her a heady thrill. She felt confident. Sexy. Desirable even.

  Her eyes met his and she smiled a mysterious sultry smile that promised the world, and it was a message he didn’t miss.

  He nodded to Manuel and then she found herself positioned belly down over the luxurious leather cutout of the bench. Manuel spread her legs while Drake took her arms and spread them. They tied her ankles and wrists to the mysterious loops she’d wondered about. Now she realized their purpose and her pulse accelerated with excitement because she was utterly helpless to take whatever they chose to do to her.

  She couldn’t wait.

  Manuel rubbed lightly over her ass, petting and caressing, spreading the cheeks, allowing cooler air to blow over the now-exposed intimate areas.

  “I want that pussy first,” he purred. “Then I’m going to fuck that sweet ass. And while I’m fucking you—and, Evangeline? I’m going to fuck you hard—you’re going to suck Drake’s dick. You don’t get to come until you get us both off. If you disobey my command, I’ll forget all about my decision not to mark your beautiful skin and I’ll make it so you can’t sit for a week.”

  She sagged, her muscles turning to jelly. She closed her eyes at the provocative image and swallowed hard. She didn’t want mercy. She wanted it all. Hard. Rough. She wanted the edgy pain that transformed to the most exquisite pleasure.

  She stirred restlessly, soft sighs escaping her lips, impatient for them to begin.

  A hand delved into her hair and at first she wasn’t sure if it was Drake’s or Manuel’s but no, it was Manuel, pulling almost painfully so that she faced an enormous, very erect penis jutting toward her lips.


  She moaned softly and licked her lips in anticipation.

  Drake’s answering groan drowned hers out. “You’re killing me, Angel.”

  “Open,” Manuel ordered, his voice cracking like a whip.

  All signs of the gentle, tender lover had disappeared, leaving in its place a fierce, dominant male, bristling with authority.

  Obediently she parted her lips and Drake surged inside, filling her with his familiar taste. She licked, swirling her tongue around the head, along the length as he pushed deeper. Her cheeks puffed out to accommodate him and the hand in her hair tightened.

  “That’s it,” Manuel rumbled. “Take it. Swallow him whole. Just as you’re about to do me.”

  Again, there was no warning, no preamble or workup. He entered her in one brutal thrust and she emitted a cry around Drake’s girth. God, it hurt. The delicious, decadent kind that no woman alive minded. She was impossibly stretched, not yet fully prepared for his entry, which made it all the more tight.

  He withdrew and slammed back into her, causing her to whimper.

  “Does it hurt, little one?” Manuel asked silkily.


  Laughter rumbled from his chest, vibrating him against her ass as he stood pressed against her, wedged as far as he could go inside her.

  “This is only the beginning,” Manuel whispered close to her shoulder. “I’m going to hurt you a lot more, but I guarantee you’ll love every minute.”

  Oh yes. She would. There was no doubt there. Pain mixed with the forbidden was a heady, euphoric sensation unlike anything she’d experienced in her life. Never would she have imagined enjoying the fine line between too much and not enough.

  When he hammered into her again, she tensed, every muscle in her body coiling as her orgasm rushed her, threatening to explode before she even realized it.

  Manuel ripped himself from her aching body and Drake plunged to the depths of her throat. Manuel brought his hand down over her ass in a sharp, stinging blow that yanked her from the hazy euphoria surrounding her.

  “Do not come,” he said harshly. “Or you’ll be getting a hell of a lot more than my hand.”

  Desperately she sucked air in through her nose, battling to get breath around Drake’s cock, which hadn’t so much as budged. She began to struggle but Manuel rendered another stinging blow to her other cheek.

  “Take it. You are not in control here. You are ours to do with as we want. Anything we want, Evangeline. Do you understand that?”

  She nodded, or at least she tried. She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax. Forced herself to come down from her impending release, though her body tingled as though it had received an electric shock.

  Then Drake began to fuck her mouth in long, ruthless strokes, using her mouth as he would her pussy. Deep, hard, Manuel’s hand twisting in her hair and yanking back so she was powerless to escape Drake’s punishing thrusts.

  Then Manuel rubbed cool gel to the seam of her ass, pressing his thumb inward to lubricate the opening.

  “Not too much,” Manuel sa
id, a smile in his voice. “I want you to feel it when I take that ass.”

  As if she wouldn’t.

  And as before, he gave her no time to prepare or adjust. He was on her, still holding tightly to her hair and spreading her with his other hand before jabbing into the tight, tender opening.

  Her eyes flew open, wide with shock, knowing he’d barely gained entrance and yet it felt as though he’d shoved a baseball bat up her ass. Oh God. She’d never survive this.

  “Take me,” he said harshly. “All of me, Evangeline. Take me now.”

  He surged forward, ruthlessly opening her in one brutal thrust, lodging himself so deeply that his hips flattened the globes of her ass.

  She was utterly filled. Drake in her mouth, her throat, and Manuel deep inside her ass. Trapped between two dominant, alpha males.


  Remembering Manuel’s directive that she didn’t get to come until she’d gotten both men off, she went to work on Drake, lavishing him with her tongue, tightening the suction of her mouth until his hands gripped her head, holding her tightly as he fucked her in long, hard thrusts.

  “That’s a good girl,” Manuel purred. “Your woman wants to come, Drake.”

  “Yes, she does indeed. And she’s been a very, very good girl, so I say we give her what she wants,” Drake said in a husky, silky tone that sent shivers cascading over her back.

  Without further words, the men set a relentless pace, one that had Evangeline gasping for breath, her senses reeling, the entire room blurring around her. Her orgasm bloomed, unfurling like the softest petals of a rose in summer, but she staved it off, focusing all her attention on giving Drake as much pleasure as he would soon give her.

  Manuel swelled impossibly larger, his thrusts hard, frenzied, his hips slapping loudly against her behind. His hands gripped her hips, holding her so tightly she knew she’d wear the marks for days. And then with a shout, he ripped himself out of her, causing her to whimper at the sudden loss of the overwhelming fullness.

  Drake also yanked from her mouth and then she felt the hot splatter of semen from two directions spurting onto her lower and upper back. It was the most sinfully naughty sensation she’d ever experienced. Who would have thought that she, who’d until recently had no sexual experience at all, would be having a decadent ménage à trois with two of the hottest men she’d ever met in her life?

  And one of them belonged to her.

  Her breath caught in her throat when she felt the blunt tip of . . . something . . . nudge her vaginal opening and then Manuel’s fingers gently caressing and stroking her throbbing clitoris. Her eyes went wide with shock when the object slid inside her, thick and hard, and she realized it must be a vibrator or dildo or whatever the sexual toy was called.

  “How do you want it, Evangeline? Soft and slow or fast and rough?” Manuel asked, stilling his motions.

  It was hard to form a coherent thought much less put it into words.

  “Soft and slow with your hand. Hard and rough with the . . .” she choked, unsure of what he was using exactly.

  Manuel chuckled. “Dildo, Evangeline. You have a dildo stuffed into your sweet pussy. And your wish is my command.”

  He began stroking her softly and slowly as she’d requested but then he began thrusting fast and hard with the dildo, making her cry out as her body strained against the bonds securing her.

  Drake knelt in front of her, his hands tangling in her hair, tilting her chin up to meet his kiss. His tongue swept in, tasting and ravaging her mouth. He swallowed her cries, inhaled her breaths and gave her his own. And when she came, she came screaming into his mouth, the sound muffled by his tongue and lips.

  She was jittering and shaking like a live electrical wire when Manuel carefully pulled the dildo from her still-spasming vagina. The walls clutched greedily at it, not wanting to let go of the delicious sensation of being stuffed so full. But it was nothing compared to the real thing and she wanted Manuel’s and Drake’s cocks. Deep inside her. Coming inside her. Branding her, possessing her, owning her.

  With Drake still kissing her and stroking his hands through her hair and caressing her face with gentle fingers, Manuel loosened the ropes and freed her. She sagged over the bench, too boneless to move. Lucky for her, she didn’t have to.

  Drake swept her into his arms and sat on the couch holding her on his lap while Manuel appeared with a drink, pressing it to Evangeline’s lips.

  “Drink,” Manuel said gently. “You must be thirsty. We must take care of our lady tonight. Can’t have her wearing out on us.”

  She smiled, peeking at him from underneath her lashes. “No chance of that happening.”

  She drank thirstily and Drake watched in fascination, in awe that the act of her drinking was sexy as fuck. Everything about her just did it for him. He knew he was in some deep shit, but for the first time in his life, he didn’t give one damn.

  Sometimes a man didn’t mind being well and truly captured and trussed like a Thanksgiving turkey. What man had a woman like his angel? She sensed Manuel’s desperation and his loneliness and she responded just as he would have expected her to. With compassion and such sweetness that one could get a toothache from it. The very best kind.

  The night was young and he had in no way exhausted his own need of Evangeline. Some might say he was one fucked-up man to not only allow but to actively seek out another man to command and fuck his woman. He gave a mental shrug. He’d long since stopped making excuses or trying to come up with explanations for the dark needs and desires that drove him. Some things just were, and this was one of them.

  His allowing another man to touch his woman, under his close watch, in no way diminished his fierce possessiveness when it came to Evangeline. If anything it made him more so because he knew how very lucky he was to find a woman who understood him. One who willingly gave in to his sexual kinks. Hell, reveled in them just as much as he did.

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