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       Four Play, p.11

           Maya Banks

  The bartender slid the amaretto sour across the counter, and she picked it up to sip at the tart drink.

  He watched her drink, watched her swallow. His gaze never left her, and her internal body temp had just skyrocketed.

  “Do you like to dance?”

  She set her drink down. “I do. With the right partner.”

  He moved in, cupped her jaw, then slid his fingers down the column of her neck and over her shoulder.

  “I don’t think you’ll find me . . . lacking.”

  “No,” she whispered. “I don’t suppose I will.”

  Her drink forgotten, she allowed Dillon to guide her toward the dance floor. His hand burned the skin of her waist, and when they reached the center, his palm slid over the bare skin of her belly as he turned her to face him.

  She had no knowledge of what played—fast or slow. The only thing she was aware of was strong arms enfolding her, pulling her against a hard body, and a warm spicy scent that filled her nose.

  His hands drifted downward to cup her ass. He paused a moment and stared down at her as if gauging her reaction. She liked his directness. He’d seen something he liked, and like her, he was going after it.

  His fingers spread wide, possessive, and he pulled her into his groin so she could feel the hard bulge straining at his fly.

  “See what you do to me?” he whispered into her ear.

  “What are you going to do about it?”

  “What are you proposing?”

  She looped her arms around his thickly corded neck and cocked her head back to stare into his eyes. She’d definitely been right. Dark with just a few flecks of gold and green. He was exotically handsome. His face held a hint of wild, and it excited the hell out of her.

  “One night, no strings. You show me that magnificent body of yours and everything you know about pleasing a woman.”

  His nostrils flared and his arms tightened at her waist. “I’m liking your idea.”

  She leaned in close so he’d be sure to hear what she said next. “There is one condition.”

  He arched a brow questioningly.

  She nodded toward the bar where Chase lounged on a bar stool, his back to the bar. He was nursing a beer and watching Zoe and Dillon with hooded eyes.

  “See that guy?”

  Dillon nodded. “What about him?”

  “I came with him. He’s my boyfriend. He gets to watch.”

  Dillon paused, then turned his gaze back on Zoe. “And he’s okay with this. You and me, I mean. He’s just going to be okay with me taking his girl home to fuck?”

  She shook her head and allowed her hands to wander down his chest, enjoying the dips and lines. It was all she could do not to lean in and kiss him. A man who looked this good had to taste divine.

  “We go to my hotel. Separately. Chase will be there to make sure I’m . . . safe. He wants to watch. What happens between us is up to you. No interference unless you cross the line.”

  Dillon glanced back at Chase and then turned her into his arms as they moved across the dance floor. He backed her to the far wall, trapping her between the surface and his chest.

  “So you and I fuck. He watches. Tomorrow morning we go our separate ways. No strings.”

  She nodded. “If that’s acceptable to you.”

  His grin was slow and so damned sexy. “Sugar, I don’t know a man alive who wouldn’t think he’d just been handed the keys to the kingdom. Where are you staying?”

  Her excitement growing, she leaned up on tiptoe and let her lips brush over his ear. She whispered the name of the hotel and her room number.

  “Meet me there in an hour,” she said as she drew away.

  She started to move around him to return to Chase, but he caught her arm and pulled her back between him and the wall.

  “Not so fast. I want a little appetizer to tide me over.”

  Before she could respond, he lowered his head and crushed his lips to hers. He placed both hands on her belly then pushed upward to the underswells of her breasts.

  She tasted beer on his tongue and lips. It mixed with the fruity sweetness of the sour she’d drunk. He delved deeper, his mouth moving possessively over hers. He rubbed his thumbs over her nipples, and she tensed as intense pleasure radiated through her belly.

  Not willing to let him get away with winding her up, she lowered her hands to his groin and cupped him intimately. She let her fingers wander over the growing bulge and heard him swear against her lips.

  She smiled and pulled away. “See you in an hour?”

  His eyes blazed with desire, and harsh breaths spilled from his mouth. He looked like he wanted to devour her whole. She was more than willing to let him. He could eat her piece by piece just as long as he had that sinful mouth on her body.

  “Bet on it.”

  She cupped his cock in her palm one last time before finally pulling away to walk back toward Chase. Her eyes found Chase, but he was looking beyond her to Dillon. She turned to look over her shoulder to see Dillon’s gaze locked with Chase. There seemed to be some weird male communication going on. Maybe Dillon was making sure it was okay with Chase or maybe he was saying he simply didn’t care.

  When she returned to Chase, he pulled her into his arms and found her lips in a fierce, possessive kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kiss with equal fierceness.

  “You okay?” Chase asked when he finally pulled away.

  She smiled as she dragged deep breaths into her lungs. “I was scared to death at first, but he’s an okay guy. Not an asshole at all.”

  “And he turns you on.”

  She nodded. “Yeah, he does.”

  Chase thumbed her swollen bottom lip. “It turns me on to see you turned on. Watching the two of you all but go at it against the wall over there was incredibly hot. I wasn’t the only one who thought so, judging by the number of guys checking it out.”

  She grinned. “Maybe you should ask them over to watch.”

  “You’re turning into quite the exhibitionist,” he murmured. “I think I like it.”

  “I told him to meet us at the hotel in an hour.”

  Chase tossed a few bills onto the bar and then stood, circling her waist with his arm.

  “Then let’s get out of here.”


  When Chase and Zoe entered their hotel suite, as soon as the door closed behind them, Chase pulled Zoe into his arms. Their lips met in a heated rush that had them both gasping for air.

  When his mouth worked down her jaw, she tensed and put her hands on his chest.

  “Don’t you touch my neck, Chase. If you so much as breathe on it, I’ll go off like a rocket.”

  He pulled away and grinned. “You all hot and bothered tonight, baby?”

  Her eyes narrowed. “You know damn well I am. The bar scene was hot. Knowing you were watching while I picked up another guy was a lot more exciting than I would have ever imagined.”

  He kissed her lightly on the lips and then pulled her toward the bedroom. There was a pricey-looking boutique bag on the bed that she saw as soon as they entered. She glanced in Chase’s direction, but he just smiled, then picked up the bag and held it out to her.

  She glanced in to see a mound of silky material. White and lacy. Her fingers delved into the softness and she pulled out a gorgeous, sexy-as-sin set of lingerie.

  “Oh, it’s beautiful,” she breathed as she held up the top.

  It was sheer with spaghetti straps and the waist was high so that a strip of her belly would be bared. The bottoms, wow. The bottom was a tiny triangle with thin little strings to hold it around her waist. It might cover the V of her legs. If she held really still and didn’t do much walking.

  Suddenly suspicious of the timing, she glanced over at Chase and arched her eyebrow.

  “You planned this, didn’t you? I mean you planned to scope a guy in the bar. I wondered what this impromptu trip was about. Not that I’m complaining, but I figured it had to be more t
han some wild hair.”

  He smiled. “I might have had hopes as to how the evening would end.”

  Holding the lingerie in one hand, she rubbed her other hand up her arm in a nervous gesture. “I’ve got a thousand butterflies running wild in my stomach.”

  “In a good way?”

  “Yeah,” she said. “A very good way.”

  He leaned in to kiss her. It was light and reassuring. “Why don’t you get undressed. I’m going to get comfortable on the couch and get ready to watch the show.”

  Chase sauntered over to the sofa and reclined, putting both arms along the top. His eyes narrowed to slits when she began undressing. Since he was consigned to watching, she decided there was no harm in a little teasing. Since she had to get into that lingerie some way . . .

  Watching from underneath her lashes, she slowly peeled away her jeans. She turned so her ass was pushed into the air in Chase’s direction while she stepped from the legs. She took her sweet time rising, and she rotated again so he had a prime view of her breasts as she pulled her shirt over her head.

  “You are such a damn tease,” he said hoarsely.

  Satisfaction tightened her cheek at the frank appraisal in his eyes. With a saucy wiggle, she hooked her thumbs in the band of her panties and inched them down her legs until she let the material fall gently to the floor between her feet.

  Inspired by his accusation of teasing, she sashayed across the floor in just her bra until she was standing directly in front of Chase. With wide, innocent eyes, she said, “I could use some help with my bra.”

  Not giving him time to respond, she slowly turned, then backed the one step between his legs and lowered herself to perch on the edge of the couch, her ass cradled in his groin.

  Clumsily, his fingers glanced over the clasp of her bra. It took him three attempts before he had the hooks free. She let the straps fall down her shoulders and she rose, holding the cups to her breasts before she walked back toward the bed.

  Then she turned, looked him in the eye and let the bra fall to the floor.

  The flare of pure male satisfaction in her eyes fired every one of her cylinders.

  She reached for the silky scraps of the lingerie and sighed in contentment as the satin fell over her skin. More than the way it felt, she loved the way she looked. Ultra-feminine. Sexy and desirable. It was all there to see, reflected in Chase’s burning gaze.

  She was debating whether to crawl onto the bed and relax or continue teasing Chase when a sharp knock at the door sounded. Her heart leapt into her throat, and she whirled around in the direction of the bedroom entrance.

  With a quick glance back at Chase, she steadied her nerves and then went to let Dillon in. A check of the peephole confirmed his presence in the hallway. He stood idly, hands shoved into his pockets as he stood back away from the door. He was moving forward to knock again when she gripped the handle and opened it.

  Now she wished she’d worn a robe, or a T-shirt, or something to cover the lingerie. By greeting him at the door in the scant getup, she’d set the tone—and the speed at which things would get kicked off.

  Dillon’s gaze smoldered. Raw appreciation glittered in his eyes as he seemingly took in every inch of her body.

  “Going to invite me in?” he drawled.

  She released her knuckle-white grip on the door frame and stepped back to allow him entrance.

  Dillon looked around as he stepped inside. “Where’s the boyfriend?”

  “In the bedroom,” she said.

  “Well, before we go in there, you need to tell me the lines.”

  She looked at him in confusion.

  “As in the lines I’m not supposed to cross.”

  “Oh. Well, there aren’t many. As long as you don’t hurt me or do something freaky.”

  Dillon hooked his thumbs in his belt loops and rocked back on his heels. “Define freaky.”

  Her cheeks bloomed with heat, and she self-consciously looked away. “Um, well, maybe the question should be what are the lines you won’t cross?”

  “I don’t hurt women,” he said bluntly. “Not even if they want me to. I’m not into bisexual games with the boyfriend. Thought we should get that out of the way.”

  Zoe nearly choked and struggled to keep laughter from spilling out. “Neither is Chase. He just likes to watch.”

  Dillon nodded. “I understand. Watching can be hot.”

  “What else?” she asked, curious now about this man and his personal boundaries.

  “Not into scat or pissing.”

  “Oh God, me neither,” she blurted out.

  He smiled. “Good. Looks like we’re on the same page. Anything you don’t want me to do while we’re talking boundaries?”

  “No,” she said softly.

  “So anything else goes. You sure about that.”

  “If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you to stop.”

  He nodded approvingly. “That was next on my list.”

  “Okay, well, looks like we’re all set.”

  “Yeah, it does. Now come here.”

  She started forward, drawn to the command in his sexy voice.

  He tipped her chin up and lowered his mouth to hers. He was surprisingly gentle, his lips melting over hers. Their tongues met, danced, and retreated, their tastes mingling.

  She gasped in surprise when he swept her into his arms and carried her into the bedroom. From the corner of her eye, she saw Chase focus his attention on her and Dillon as soon as they cleared the door. Dillon, however, solidly ignored Chase’s presence. She was grateful for that. She didn’t want it to be awkward.

  Dillon tumbled her onto the bed and began to undress. He discarded his clothing in a no-nonsense fashion that had nothing to do with teasing. But the very act of him stripping out of those jeans made her heart pump in anticipation. She couldn’t wait to see him naked. She wanted to see how far his tattoos went over his body.

  He was a boxers guy, which really didn’t surprise her. He looked like he was into comfort with minimal fuss. When she saw the size of his erection straining against those boxers, she understood why he needed as much room as possible.

  He stripped out of his T-shirt, and she stared unabashedly at the colorful tattoo that splashed over the right shoulder. He had tats on either arm but the one on his right was one big pattern that stretched the length of his arm onto his chest.

  “Turn around,” she murmured.

  He complied, turning slowly until his back was to her. As she’d expected, the tattoo covered most of the right side of his back as well. It was an intricate design, one that told a story. It fascinated her. There was a battle. Dragons, mythical beings, an assortment of “interesting” characters. Daggers, swords. He’d turned his body into a battlefield.

  “You done?” he asked as he turned back around.

  She smiled and nodded. “I love the tattoo.”

  “Glad you approve. It turns a lot of women off.”

  “Not me,” she murmured.

  He reached for his boxers and shoved them down his legs. His cock jutted outward, long and thick. Her fingers itched to touch him, caress his length. He was very nicely proportioned.

  He moved forward until he stood against the bed. Her gaze roved eagerly over his body, examining every muscle. His thighs were monstrous. His waist was narrow and he had a six-pack to die for.

  And that cock.

  Deciding there was no reason at all she shouldn’t touch him
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