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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

  Produced by David Widger




  (Tom Sawyer's Comrade)

  By Mark Twain



  CHAPTER I. Civilizing Huck.--Miss Watson.--Tom Sawyer Waits.

  CHAPTER II. The Boys Escape Jim.--Torn Sawyer's Gang.--Deep-laid Plans.

  CHAPTER III. A Good Going-over.--Grace Triumphant.--"One of Tom Sawyers'sLies".

  CHAPTER IV. Huck and the Judge.--Superstition.

  CHAPTER V. Huck's Father.--The Fond Parent.--Reform.

  CHAPTER VI. He Went for Judge Thatcher.--Huck Decided to Leave.--PoliticalEconomy.--Thrashing Around.

  CHAPTER VII. Laying for Him.--Locked in the Cabin.--Sinking theBody.--Resting.

  CHAPTER VIII. Sleeping in the Woods.--Raising the Dead.--Exploring theIsland.--Finding Jim.--Jim's Escape.--Signs.--Balum.

  CHAPTER IX. The Cave.--The Floating House.

  CHAPTER X. The Find.--Old Hank Bunker.--In Disguise.

  CHAPTER XI. Huck and the Woman.--The Search.--Prevarication.--Going toGoshen.

  CHAPTER XII. Slow Navigation.--Borrowing Things.--Boarding the Wreck.--ThePlotters.--Hunting for the Boat.

  CHAPTER XIII. Escaping from the Wreck.--The Watchman.--Sinking.

  CHAPTER XIV. A General Good Time.--The Harem.--French.

  CHAPTER XV. Huck Loses the Raft.--In the Fog.--Huck Finds the Raft.--Trash.

  CHAPTER XVI. Expectation.--A White Lie.--Floating Currency.--Running byCairo.--Swimming Ashore.

  CHAPTER XVII. An Evening Call.--The Farm in Arkansaw.--InteriorDecorations.--Stephen Dowling Bots.--Poetical Effusions.

  CHAPTER XVIII. Col. Grangerford.--Aristocracy.--Feuds.--TheTestament.--Recovering the Raft.--The Wood--pile.--Pork and Cabbage.

  CHAPTER XIX. Tying Up Day--times.--An Astronomical Theory.--Running aTemperance Revival.--The Duke of Bridgewater.--The Troubles of Royalty.

  CHAPTER XX. Huck Explains.--Laying Out a Campaign.--Working theCamp--meeting.--A Pirate at the Camp--meeting.--The Duke as a Printer.

  CHAPTER XXI. Sword Exercise.--Hamlet's Soliloquy.--They Loafed AroundTown.--A Lazy Town.--Old Boggs.--Dead.

  CHAPTER XXII. Sherburn.--Attending the Circus.--Intoxication in theRing.--The Thrilling Tragedy.

  CHAPTER XXIII. Sold.--Royal Comparisons.--Jim Gets Home-sick.

  CHAPTER XXIV. Jim in Royal Robes.--They Take a Passenger.--GettingInformation.--Family Grief.

  CHAPTER XXV. Is It Them?--Singing the "Doxologer."--Awful Square--FuneralOrgies.--A Bad Investment .

  CHAPTER XXVI. A Pious King.--The King's Clergy.--She Asked HisPardon.--Hiding in the Room.--Huck Takes the Money.

  CHAPTER XXVII. The Funeral.--Satisfying Curiosity.--Suspicious ofHuck,--Quick Sales and Small.

  CHAPTER XXVIII. The Trip to England.--"The Brute!"--Mary Jane Decides toLeave.--Huck Parting with Mary Jane.--Mumps.--The Opposition Line.

  CHAPTER XXIX. Contested Relationship.--The King Explains the Loss.--AQuestion of Handwriting.--Digging up the Corpse.--Huck Escapes.

  CHAPTER XXX. The King Went for Him.--A Royal Row.--Powerful Mellow.

  CHAPTER XXXI. Ominous Plans.--News from Jim.--Old Recollections.--A SheepStory.--Valuable Information.

  CHAPTER XXXII. Still and Sunday--like.--Mistaken Identity.--Up a Stump.--Ina Dilemma.

  CHAPTER XXXIII. A Nigger Stealer.--Southern Hospitality.--A Pretty LongBlessing.--Tar and Feathers.

  CHAPTER XXXIV. The Hut by the Ash Hopper.--Outrageous.--Climbing theLightning Rod.--Troubled with Witches.

  CHAPTER XXXV. Escaping Properly.--Dark Schemes.--Discrimination inStealing.--A Deep Hole.

  CHAPTER XXXVI. The Lightning Rod.--His Level Best.--A Bequest toPosterity.--A High Figure.

  CHAPTER XXXVII. The Last Shirt.--Mooning Around.--Sailing Orders.--TheWitch Pie.

  CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Coat of Arms.--A Skilled Superintendent.--UnpleasantGlory.--A Tearful Subject.

  CHAPTER XXXIX. Rats.--Lively Bed--fellows.--The Straw Dummy.

  CHAPTER XL. Fishing.--The Vigilance Committee.--A Lively Run.--Jim Advisesa Doctor.

  CHAPTER XLI. The Doctor.--Uncle Silas.--Sister Hotchkiss.--Aunt Sally inTrouble.

  CHAPTER XLII. Tom Sawyer Wounded.--The Doctor's Story.--TomConfesses.--Aunt Polly Arrives.--Hand Out Them Letters ???.

  CHAPTER THE LAST. Out of Bondage.--Paying the Captive.--Yours Truly, HuckFinn.