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       Mistress Christmas, p.9

         Part #1 of Wild West Boys series by Lorelei James
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Page 9

  Author: Lorelei James

  Nick stared at the liquid fizzing in his glass. “Or you end up spending it alone, wondering if everyone is having terrific family bonding time and you’re some kind of pathetic loser because no one wants to spend Christmas with you. ”

  “Exactly. ”

  Their eyes met in perfect understanding and it floored him. Holly was the first person he’d run across who didn’t wax poetic about the joys and wonders of the holiday season. The first person who’d understood his ambivalence.

  “I take it you’ll be alone this year?”

  “Yes. You?”

  “The same. ” He lifted his glass. “So what is your favorite holiday?”

  “The Fourth of July,” Holly said without pause.

  “Really? Why?”

  She shrugged. “The weather is hot. The beer is cold. Kids get just as excited seeing a fireworks display as they do seeing Santa Claus. It lasts one day and there’s usually a fair around. ”

  “You like country fairs?”

  “I’d never really been to one until I moved here. What’s not to like? There’s always tons of yummy bad-for-you food. Dizzying carnival rides. Pie eating and greased pig contests. Admiring the quilters’ displays, watching the tractor pull and the demolition derby. ”

  “Darlin’, I’d love to take you home to our county fair. It’s all that plus a rodeo. You’d have a blast. ”

  Holly sipped the champagne and studied him in a highly unnerving manner. “You wouldn’t be embarrassed to take someone like me back home to Wyoming?”

  “What do you mean someone like you?” Then it occurred to him he’d been so comfortable with her that he’d completely forgotten Holly earned her living taking off her clothes. Not that he gave a crap what other folks said. “Hell no I wouldn’t have a lick of embarrassment taking you home to meet the folks and neither should you. What you do for a job ain’t all you are, Holly. I’d be damn proud to have you on my arm at the community rodeo dance. ”

  “Pity I don’t dance. ”

  His glass stopped halfway to his mouth. “Run that by me again?”

  She froze. “Umm. I meant, I don’t couples dance. I’ve never been very good at it. ”

  Nick offered a wolfish grin. “Well, it’s your lucky night, ’cause I’m about the best two-stepper this side of Cheyenne. ”

  “I imagine you are, but I’m hopeless. ”

  “Never know unless you try. ” He pointed at her glass. “Drink up and the lesson will begin. ”


  “No arguing. This is my fantasy. ” He snatched the remote and changed the station.

  Holly stood. “Your fantasy is teaching an uncoordinated acc—” Her mouth snapped shut. “Can’t your fantasy be something simple and male like me giving you a blowjob in the hot tub?”

  “Definitely a possibility for later. Right now my fantasy is two-steppin’ n**ed with a beautiful woman. ” Nick held her gaze as he untied the belt on her robe. The lapels hung open, exposing her from chest to knees. He slipped his fingers beneath the nubby fabric to reach her smooth, warm skin and he gently pushed the robe off her shoulders. It landed on the carpet with a muffled thud. “Your turn. ”

  Holly pressed her mouth to the hollow of his throat and made quick work of the knot keeping his robe together. The fabric slithered down his back and pooled on the floor.

  Nick led her to the center of the room and clasped her left hand in his right, bringing her flush against him. He centered his left hand in the small of her back. “Comfy?”

  “No. I feel stupid. ”

  “Wrong. You feel great. ” Nick kissed her, amazed by the way her mouth floated over his in sweet surrender. Now if he could get her body to move like that, she’d be a two-steppin’ sensation in no time. He’d love to take her to the western bars in the metro area. As they swayed together, he kissed her, lost in her.

  When the song changed to a peppier beat, she balked and broke the kiss. “Wait. ”

  “You’re doin’ fine. Easy as falling off a log. Step, step, shuffle back. Step, step, shuffle back. Step, step, shuffle back. ”

  Holly dipped her head to stare at her feet and he nudged her chin back up.

  “Eyes on mine. Feel the rhythm in the way your partner moves you, not in your feet. Every partner is different. ”

  “How many partners are you preparing me for?”

  Only me. Rather than answer, Nick pulled Holly closer as he took bigger, faster steps.

  She eased forward the same as he did and she stomped on his foot. “Sorry. Good thing I wasn’t wearing shoes. ”

  “No biggie. ” He circled the room twice and the song ended.

  Holly let go of his hands. Or tried to but Nick held tight.

  “What’s wrong?”

  “Aren’t we done?”

  “We’re just getting started. ”

  Her laugh didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I don’t think so. ” She jerked free of his hold. “While I appreciate you taking pity on me for my lack of grace, we both know the chances of us ever dancing together after tonight are slim. ”

  “Is that right?”

  “Yep. ” She crossed her arms over her n**ed chest and notched that stubborn chin higher. “I didn’t come here for dancing lessons. I don’t want to spend the little time we have together cutting a rug like Bobby and Sissy. I’d rather be getting rug burns all over my body from you showing me what you really fantasize about. ”

  Stung, Nick retorted, “Remember you said that when your knees are on fire. ” He lunged for her, spinning her so her delectable ass was nestled against his fully erect cock. He braced one arm across her shoulders and the other hand held both her wrists in front of her body. He ground his c**k into her soft flesh, feeling victorious when she gasped.

  “Just dancing with you has that effect on me. ”

  “Nick, I didn’t mean—”

  “—to hurt my feelings? You did. Since you spurned my dance advances I’ve a mind to let you make it up to me. Luckily I’ve conjured up plenty of other fantasies starring little ol’ you. And since you insisted on putting me in charge, we’re gonna start out with one I like to call ‘the cowboy’s Christmas captive’ or ‘trussed up like a holiday turkey’. And no, you don’t get to argue, ’cause, darlin’, you’re gonna be gagged. ”

  Nick’s grip around her wrists was like iron. Yet when she wiggled, he loosened it slightly, letting Holly know he didn’t intend to hurt her, just play with her a little rougher than she was used to.

  The thought of being bound for Nick’s pleasure, at Nick’s mercy, only able to voice her needs in nonverbal noises, made her absolutely dripping wet.

  “You like that idea, doncha?”

  When she didn’t respond he put his mouth on her ear and demanded, “Answer the question while you still can. ”

  Hot breath, hot man and his hot words caused a shiver and she hissed, “Yes. ”

  Warm lips followed the arc of her throat down to her shoulder. “Good. I don’t trust you not to run, so we’re both gonna walk over to where I’ve stashed my supplies. Once I’ve got you how I want you then the real fun will begin. ”

  Nick marched her to the nightstand and rummaged in the drawer. The sound of him rattling the condom box notched her excitement higher, made her pulse pound faster. Then they shuffled forward, stopping at the back of the couch.

  He turned her around. Three bandanas dangled from his fingertips. His eyes never left hers as his hands worked at waist level.

  Holly gaped at the twisted configuration. “Holy crap. You did that without looking?”

  “Yep. Did I mention I’m wicked good with anything that can be tied together?”

  “Umm. No. You didn’t. ”

  He allowed a quick grin. “My mistake. Hold out your arms. ”

  Concentration filled Nick’s eyes as he looped the bandanas around her wrists, leaving about a
n eight-inch gap. Two quick tugs and a smug look appeared.

  “Next comes the gag. But first…” Nick cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. Inhaled her, really. A tongue-thrusting tease that left her dizzy. Aching. Silly man could’ve just skipped the restraints and held her captive with the power of his mouth.

  Then he touched her. Tracing the curve of her neck. The line of her collarbones, the slope of her shoulder down her back, his thumbs digging into the arc of her spine. The caresses were so sweet and loving that the rapid, sharp slaps on her ass shocked her, causing her to jerk back.

  “What the heck?” barely slipped out before Nick had the other bandana stretched in her mouth. He spun her. A quick pinch and it was secured at the back of her head.

  Nick wrapped his arms around her, once again putting his lips dangerously close to her ear. “You’re mine now to do with as I please. Let’s see whatcha look like with this beautiful body stretched out for my pleasure. ”

  Holly chomped the fabric as Nick maneuvered her into a ninety-degree angle. Her body shook, partially from strutting around buck-ass nekkid, but mostly from the thrill of Nick’s mysterious bondage game.

  “I left you enough leeway in those restraints so that you can grip the back of the couch. ”

  Her reply became a muffled moan when his palms slapped the inside of her thighs. “Mmm-mmm would you check out all this sweet Holly juice? Thick and creamy. Makes a man mighty thirsty. ” Nick pressed his face next to hers. “Know the sexiest spot on a woman’s body? Besides this sweep of skin where her neck meets her shoulder?” His rough fingertips danced over the area he’d described.

  Gooseflesh spread across Holly’s skin.

  “The dimples above her ass. Those two sweet little indentations just beg for a man’s undivided attention. ” He stood and his thumbs caressed her lower back. “This spot right here. ”

  Her body twitched hard.
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