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       Shoulda Been a Cowboy, p.8

         Part #7 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
Page 8


  “I won’t make you beg for it—” he licked the cords straining in her neck, “—this time. Next time I’d like to string you along and see how long it takes before you unravel. ”

  His words rushed her to the next level of need. “Cam—”

  “I’ll take care of you. Arch back. ”

  His rhythmic fingers, his sucking kisses, his confidence in seeing to her pleasure, unlocked a place inside her she’d never trusted another man to access. She closed her eyes and let go.

  When the first searing ripple started, she tightened her thighs, her interior muscles, her butt cheeks and cried out as the strength of the orgasm sideswiped her.

  “Look at me. ”

  Obeying Cam’s gruff command, she stared into his fiery eyes while her pussy pulsed around his skillful fingers and saw her satisfaction and lust reflected on his face.

  “That’s it, princess. Give it all to me. ”

  After the last throb faded, Domini wanted to bury her face in the side of his neck. Lick the salt from his skin, familiarizing her senses with his taste, drown in his scent. Memorize every intimate detail about him.

  But Cam had other plans. He fumbled for the handcuff key. A soft snick sounded and her arms were freed. The cuffs plopped on the couch cushion and he urged, “Put your hands on my shoulders. ”

  Domini wished Cam had ditched his shirt, allowing her a chance to explore the sculpted muscles of his chest. But when he widened her knees and pressed his cock into her cleft, she forgot about everything except the sensation of the hard length of his shaft grinding against her clit. She countered his rocking motion, sliding down as he thrust up, increasing the friction.

  Cam plunged two fingers into her pussy from behind, stroking with unerring accuracy the hot spot inside her vaginal walls that sent heated shivers of need spreading outward.

  Panting, mindless, she lost herself to the moment. The smooth, fast glide of his velvety cock against her swollen sex. His greedy mouth sucking on her throat.

  They rocked in tandem. In opposition. He nipped, licked and rubbed on her neck like a gigantic cat. A hungry cat if the scrape of his teeth from her earlobe to her nipples was any indication.

  But Domini liked that he hungered for her. She liked his unintelligible mutters that sent tingles racing across her bare skin. She liked everything about being with this man.

  Her belly tightened in warning. Gripping his closely shorn scalp, Domini tipped Cam’s head back and smashed her mouth to his, kissing him crazily as her second orgasm hit.

  He swallowed her cries and his rhythm never faltered as he rode out the storm with her.

  Just as she was about to rip her mouth free, a shiver worked through Cam like he’d been zapped with an electric current. Hot liquid spurted on her belly as he came with a drawn-out groan. His hips bumped up three more times, slowed, and stopped.

  He nestled his forehead in the curve of her neck and breathed hard. She breathed hard.

  Her whole body shook with the glow of two fantastic orgasms. Would Cam run if she told him he was exactly the type of lover she’d been searching for?

  Probably. Especially since he’d played it cool for months after that steamy kiss.

  Yet, another part of her wondered if he’d run if she didn’t say anything. If she didn’t reassure him that she didn’t want this to be a onetime thing.

  Take a chance. Tell him the truth.

  Domini hitched her shoulders back. Her smile died and her hopes fell when she noticed Cam’s face read pure panic.

  In fact, he stayed frozen, not even looking at her face.

  She ignored the urge to flee. Instead she slowly swung her left knee over his lap and rolled to her feet. Keeping her back to him, she tried to figure out what she’d done wrong.

  Why do you always assume you’re to blame?

  When Domini faced Cam, she noticed he’d already yanked his pants up and was hastily stuffing the handcuffs in the leather pouch.

  Maybe Cam was just distracted and he’d murmur something sweet and normal when he wasn’t so flustered.

  But it seemed to be a long wait.

  Almost nervously, Cam rubbed the top of his head and glanced at his watch. “Wow. I didn’t realize it was so late. ”

  Lame excuse, Cam.

  Domini retreated to her bedroom for a robe, allowing Cam time to get his head in order. He stood by the door when she returned. If he’d worn a hat, he’d be wringing it in his hands.

  “I better get home and see if Keely has destroyed my house. ”

  “I understand. ” Liar. “Drive safe. ”

  “Thanks. Remember to lock up after me. ”

  “The second you leave, the door will be shut, locked, and I won’t reopen it for you, Deputy. Not even if you beg. ”

  Cam frowned at her rare sarcasm but didn’t comment. “Good. I’ll see you. ” And he was gone.

  After Domini slammed the door and flipped the locks, she listened as he lumbered down the stairs. She pressed her head to the cool wood frame until she heard him land safely at the bottom. Stairs gave him fits with his prosthesis, not that he’d ever admit it.

  Maybe he’s the type of man who won’t ever admit anything, especially his feelings.

  The outer door shut. She listened. Sure enough. Cam tested the outside doorknob to make sure the door locked behind him.

  Why was he so concerned about her safety if he didn’t care?

  Because Cam McKay is a cop. He cares about everyone’s safety.

  The truth of that statement didn’t sit well with her.

  Domini trudged into the bathroom and didn’t like the confusion and bleakness staring back at her from the mirror.

  Her hair was a tangled mess. Her lips were swollen from giving Cam a blowjob and his harsh, deliciously wicked kisses. Marks from his razor stubble scored her chest. He’d even sucked a big purple hickey above her collarbone. Under other circumstances, with Cam standing behind her, kissing his passionate marks, she might’ve laughed. Or begged for more. But now? She just looked used.

  Used. Right. Cam didn’t even want to have sex with her. He got off and he got gone.


  You’re defective. He knows it. He doesn’t want to get tangled up with you because it can’t go anywhere. So if he comes back for more, retain the upper hand. Keep it casual.

  Come back. Right. Cam had left so fast he’d probably scorched her carpet.

  Better burn marks there than on your heart.

  True. She clicked off the light and crawled in bed.

  Domini hadn’t scheduled herself to work in the diner the next day. But after spending part of the morning at the park with her friend Nadia’s son, Anton, while Nadia ran some mysterious errands, she knew she’d go stir-crazy sitting in her apartment, obsessing over Cam’s retreat.

  Cooking appeased her. She waited until the lunch rush ended and snuck into Dewey’s kitchen.

  “Just can’t stay away, can you?”

  She smiled sheepishly at Beatrice, her second-in-command.

  Beatrice set her elbows on the steel prep counter. “Please tell me you’re whipping up goodies full of chocolate and sugar. ”

  “Yes, ma’am. ”

  “Goody! Lucky me. ”

  “No, I’m lucky to have you and that sweet tooth as my secret taste tester. ”

  “Almost as good as having a secret admirer. ” Beatrice winked, casting a look over her shoulder. “Lemme know when you need me to lick the spoon. ”

  Creaming butter and powdered sugar together released a familiar sugary scent, way better than any expensive aromatherapy. Domini sifted the dry ingredients into the industrial mixer. She poured in white chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips and hand stirred the thick mixture, keeping the consistency between cake batter and cookie dough.

  She dumped the mix into a rectangular cake pan and set it on the middl
e rack of the smallest oven. She grabbed a saucepan, determined to nail down a souped-up version of mole sauce she’d been messing with for months.

  After the timer dinged, she deposited the brownies on a wire rack to cool. She’d finished the sauce but wasn’t sure if she’d gotten the proportions equal. She yelled, “Bea, could you please come here?”

  Beatrice peered around the corner. “You bellowed?”

  “Yes. ” Domini waved a spoon coated with dark sauce. “Taste. ”

  “At your service. ” Beatrice popped the spoon in her mouth. She swallowed and licked her lips. Then her face became fire-engine red. She sputtered, “Too much chili powder!” and raced for the sink to gulp from the stream of water.

  Domini sighed. “Sorry. I always screw this up. ”

  “I know the feeling,” came from behind her.

  She whirled around.


  And didn’t he just look good enough to eat? Talk about hotness and sweetness perfectly proportioned. He wore faded jeans and a black tank top that showed off his beefy biceps, triceps and bulging pectorals. His hands were jammed in his back pockets and he watched her with a guarded expression.

  “What do you want?”

  “Domini!” Bea gasped. “What on earth is wrong with you?”

  Yeah, snapping was so unlike her, but she couldn’t quell the surly feeling.

  Beatrice wiped her mouth on her apron. “She’s always testy when things don’t turn out the way she’d hoped. ”

  “Kinda sounds like the way my night went last night,” he said softly, never taking his eyes from Domini’s.

  Her heart beat as fast as a mixer on high speed.

  “Beatrice, could you give us a couple of minutes?” Cam asked.

  “Sure. I’ll just be out front icing down my tongue. ” She flounced off.

  When Cam remained quiet, Domini said, “Why are you here?”

  “I’ve been waiting in the dining room for you for over an hour,” Cam said. “You ignoring me?”

  “Hard to do when I didn’t know you were here. ”

  Cam edged closer. “I wouldn’t blame you if you were avoiding me after the shitty way I acted last night. ” His gaze dipped to the collar of her shirt. “I’m here to apologize. ”
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