Cowboy casanova, p.8
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       Cowboy Casanova, p.8

         Part #12 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
Page 8


  When he tried to rest his forehead on her shoulder, she twisted free. “I’m all right. ”

  Trying to regain her mental balance, she sidestepped him and took in the private room.

  The bland space didn’t look like it belonged in a sex club. Well, besides the gigantic bed. And the swing-like contraption in the corner. And the shackles hanging from the ceiling. Maybe her initial impression had been too hasty.

  Air blew down from the vents reminding her of her skimpy attire. Why hadn’t Bennett enclosed her in his arms?

  Because you didn’t ask him to. Or tell him to. You’re in charge, remember? He follows your lead.

  Which begged the question, what now? Now that she’d so easily, so quickly, so wantonly fallen apart in his arms? Begging him to touch her clit, for crying out loud.

  A true Domme wouldn’t react with embarrassment. A real Domme would probably…reward him for bringing her to orgasm.

  Visualizing herself as that ball-busting woman allowed her to face him with a sultry smile. Her appreciative gaze rolled over his body. “Thank you, Bennett. I guess I needed that more than even I knew. ”

  “It was my pleasure, Ma’am. ”

  “Know what my other pleasure would be? Seeing you completely naked. Strip. ”

  The muscle in his jaw flexed and he made no move to obey.


  “No. I just… No problem at all. ” His leather vest came off first. Followed by his western shirt. He grumbled something as he toed off his boots, but she was too busy gawking at his near nakedness to pay much heed.

  Heaven help her, the man had one of those chests. Broad, muscular, masculine perfection with just the right amount of chest hair. Ainsley’s eyes followed that trail of dark hair down his torso to the top of his jeans. She watched as he unhooked his belt. Watched as he popped the button loose. Watched as he slid the zipper down. Held her breath as those Wranglers fell to the carpet. Holy mother of all saints the man had the largest dick she’d ever seen outside of porn. She finally chanced a look at his face.

  Bennett managed a tight-lipped smile. “Like what you see?”

  “I’m sort of half-scared by it, if you wanna know the truth. ”

  “I haven’t gotten many complaints. ”

  “I don’t imagine you have. ” She sauntered forward. Her eyes snared his. Then her fist closed around his girth and she squeezed.

  He hissed.

  Ainsley stroked the hard, heated flesh. “Tell me what you like. ” He sucked in another sharp breath when her thumb swept beneath the cockhead.

  “I like that. But…”

  Her hand didn’t stop moving, her eyes never wavered when she asked, “But what?”

  “But I’d rather fuck you. I’d rather watch you get off again. ”

  Something about his response seemed rehearsed. Something about the too-bright look in his eyes told her that he wasn’t used to being manhandled. Which made sense, if his reason to switch to submissive was to feel pain. His submissive role tonight wouldn’t be the same as other times.

  She rolled to the tips of her boots and pressed her lips to his. “As delighted as I am by your selfless sentiment, Bennett, it’s not your decision, is it?”

  A tiny flare of anger replaced the pleasure in his eyes. “No. ”

  “No what?”

  “No, Ma’am. ”

  “Good answer. ” Ainsley angled her head to feel his downy chest hair brush her cheek. She nuzzled his pectoral, breathing in his warm, earthy scent. He groaned when her questing mouth found his nipple. She licked the disk, dampening the hair around the hidden tip, using her teeth to tease the tiny nub as she increased the stroking motion of her hand.

  “God. Dammit. ”

  She upped the tempo, switching to shorter, harder strokes.

  “Ah fuck. ”

  “Stop swearing at me. ”

  “Sorry it just feels so… Shit, it feels so fuckin’ good. ”

  She smiled against his chest. “Tell me how close you are. ”

  “Embarrassingly close. ”

  “Why are you embarrassed?”

  “Because my stamina is usually… Christ, do that again. ”

  “This?” Her middle finger slipped between his damp balls on the down-stroke. “Or this?” Her thumb traced the wet edge of his cockhead above the sweet spot on the upstroke.

  “Both. God! Dammit. ”

  She sucked hard on his nipple as she jacked him. “Tell me what you want, Bennett. ”

  “Don’t stop. Faster. Yes. Just…like that. ” He humped her hand and swore a blue streak as he came in hot, short bursts.

  Ainsley watched his cock as he erupted, feeling a heady sense of triumph. Triumph and power. And heat. Getting him off had turned her on again.

  Then Bennett’s hand curled around her jaw, forcing her head back. His eyes were still pleasure-clouded when he murmured, “Thanks. ”

  She playfully squeezed his softening cock one more time just to see that warning look flicker in his eyes. “Stay put. I’ll be right back. ”

  After washing her hands, she wet a washcloth with warm water, intending to clean him up. But she handed it to him instead. It seemed too intimate, touching him in the aftermath.

  But she did watch. She’d never known seeing a man handle himself could be so sexy.

  He tossed the rag aside. “Did it turn you on, getting me off?”

  Was it that obvious?

  “Let me take care of you. Let me get you off again. This time with my mouth. ”

  Her pussy throbbed a happy yes. It’d been a long time since she’d seen any tongue action. A really long time. But she also knew Mr. Charming and Persuasive Bennett would push for more if she gave in without restrictions. “You are such a silver-tongued devil. ”

  “Is that a yes? You want me to prove how well this devil can use his tongue?”

  “Of course it’s a yes…just as soon as you put your clothes back on. ”

  That stopped him short. “What? Why?” His mouth remained pursed, intending to argue.

  “Is that a problem?”

  “Not at all. ”

  “Not at all…what?”

  “Not at all, Ma’am. ”

  Yeah, she was totally loving this power thing.

  She sat in the armchair, watching him get dressed. Such a pity to cover up that magnificent body.

  His smooth movements belied the annoyance in his eyes. His boots barely made a sound as he crossed the room. Her heart thumped when he dropped to his knees.

  They stared at one another for a very long minute.

  “Take off your panties. ”

  In one fast, and hopefully sexy move, Ainsley whisked off the g-string.

  Then Bennett circled his fingers around her ankles just above her shoes. His hands glided up her shins, over her knees and up the inside of her thighs. He tapped the outside of her hips. “Scoot down so I can reach all of you. ”

  That’s when she panicked, the reality of her wet sex up close and personal in Bennett’s face, as well as her fat white thighs, rounded belly and big butt. Shoot. Maybe she should insist he shut the lights off.

  “You want a play-by-play?”

  Bennett’s voice startled her. “A what?”

  “Do you want me to talk about how badly I want to bury my face in your pussy? Of how perfect and sweet it tastes? How fuckin’ hot it is that you’re so wet?”

  Instead of purring, Oh yeah, you can keep up that sweet dirty talk all night, she let her confusion show. “Why would I want that?”

  “Just a guess, because you haven’t given me any instructions about what you do want. ”

  Another rookie mistake. She gave him a haughty, “What I want is to come. Think you can handle that?”

  He made a primitive noise and lowered his head to kiss the rise of her pubic bone. The cheeky man looked up at her when his
tongue danced across her clit.

  At the second swipe of his clever tongue she abandoned the idea she had any control in this situation at all.

  He slid his tongue down the seam of her sex. Circling the opening and plunging inside. Licking. Sucking. A wiggling maneuver that made her gasp.

  Her body twitched against the barrage of sensations. His rough-tipped fingers spreading her open. His short hair teasing the swell of her belly. His wickedly wonderful tongue was a constant reminder of how much she loved oral sex.

  Not that she’d ever experienced oral sex like this.

  The man teased and tormented. He built her to the detonation point, and backed down, just because he could.

  And then he sent her soaring.

  Her clit pulsed against his sucking mouth. She let her head fall back and shamelessly reveled in every glorious throb. Once the storm inside her calmed, she tried to scoot back up to conceal her lower half, but Bennett wouldn’t allow it.

  “Don’t close yourself off from me. Every part of you deserves to be worshipped. ” He kissed her knees. “I want to worship your body with mine tonight. All night. ”

  That comment sounded far too practiced. She placed her hands on his face to stop his marauding mouth. “Hold on there, slick. I don’t know if that’s in the cards. ”

  Bennett truly appeared confused. “Why not?”

  “Because I’m in charge, remember?”

  “Right. Sorry, Ma’am. ”

  The man didn’t look the teeniest bit repentant.

  Ainsley stood and discreetly put on her g-string. “While I’m considering our options, I could use a stiff drink. ”

  “Let’s head back to the main room so we can talk. ”

  She trembled when his warm, insistent lips followed the slope of her shoulder as he helped her put on her robe.

  His huskily whispered, “I like the way you tremble in my arms,” only caused her to tremble harder.

  They’d exited the room and reached the end of the hallway, when the owner shouted, “Bennett! There’s a malfunction with the pulley system in room nine. I need your help. ”

  Bennett sighed. “I’ll meet you as soon as I’m done, okay?”