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       Mistress Christmas, p.6

         Part #1 of Wild West Boys series by Lorelei James
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Page 6

  Author: Lorelei James

  “Wonder what?” His eyes flared pure male interest.

  “What it’d feel like to experience passion like that again, sans clothing of any sort. ” There. She’d said it.

  “That was your first taste of passion?”

  Holly shook her head. “But it’s been awhile…a long while since I’ve experienced anything remotely close. In the last few days I’ve realized I’m still not living the life I envisioned. ”

  “If you could change that vision, what would you do first?”

  Here’s your golden opportunity, Holls. Grab the bull by the horns and demand the cowboy take you for a ride.

  “Remember when we toasted and you asked me about Christmas wishes?”

  He nodded.

  “I was too nervous to be honest about what I wanted. ”

  “So be honest now. What is your fondest Christmas wish?”

  “One night of sexual decadence. ”

  Both his eyebrows lifted.

  “With you. ”

  Nick’s jaw tightened. “Are you f**king with me?”

  “If that means I’m propositioning you, then yes. ” Rather than retreat from his suspicious eyes, Holly leaned closer. “Aren’t you curious to see how delicious it’d be to get off when we’re n**ed together?”

  “Like you wouldn’t believe. But I’ve gotta ask why the sudden change of heart? How can you be sure I’m not a serial killer?”

  “Because you would’ve followed me home from the club and snatched me on a deserted road, not bullied me into having coffee with you in public. ”

  “True. So how do I make your wish come true, Mistress Christmas?”

  “Don’t call me that. ” Holly wrinkled her nose. “That’s not who I am. ”

  “Who are you?”

  “A woman who’s interested in you. So the question is, are you interested in me?”

  Instead of answering, Nick placed her hand over his heart to show her how fast it beat.

  The heat in his eyes, in his hand, in his body stoked the fire inside her hotter than she ever dreamed.

  “Your chest is so hard,” she whispered.

  “And it ain’t even the hardest part of me right now. ”

  Holly smiled at his comment. “One night? No strings, no promises, no regrets?”

  “Deal. With one little catch. ”

  “Which is?”

  “If it’s up to me to fulfill all your sexual wishes, then I get to be one hundred percent in charge of providing that pleasure. You have to trust me and do what I tell you. ”

  “Within reason. No pain games. ”

  “I’m not into pain. I’m into seeing your body light up like a Christmas tree from all the orgasms I’m gonna wring from you. ” Nick kissed the tip of each finger. “Since you picked the restaurant, I get to pick the hotel. ” He paused, as if expecting her to argue.

  She didn’t.

  “Marriott Suites on Lexington. Thirty minutes. I’ll leave a key at the front desk under my name. ” Nick slid out of the booth and threw a five-dollar bill on the table. “Don’t keep me waiting, darlin’. ”

  “That’s just around the corner. I don’t need thirty minutes. ”

  “I do, since I’ll be picking up condoms and stuff on the way. ”

  “What kind of stuff?” she said suspiciously.

  Nick grinned. “Bet you were the type who peeked at your presents before Christmas morning, too. ”

  She squirmed. Busted.

  “You’ll have to wait and see. ” He bent down until they were nose to nose. “Here’s the God honest truth. I thought you were something special in that skintight leather-and-lace get up, mysterious and sexy. I gotta admit I prefer you natural like this, your hair loose around your face, wide-eyed, your breath ragged as you’re waiting for me to kiss you. ”

  Do it.

  “I’m gonna demand to feel your soft lips all over my body, Holly. Can you handle that?”

  Her pulse thumped like mad. She managed a little nod.

  “Good. ” Nick brushed his mouth over hers until her lips parted. Then he blew her mind with a kiss so sweetly, so shockingly seductive she feared she’d come undone right there in the booth.

  When he finally backed off, his voice was thick with desire. “Not nearly enough, but it’ll hold me for the next twenty-eight minutes and fourteen seconds. ”

  Chapter Four

  As Nick purchased condoms and other accoutrements he needed, he wasn’t thinking like Detective West, one of metro Denver’s finest. Nick was purely thinking like a man about to get very, very lucky.

  Yet, if in the course of having his wicked way with Holly he discovered information pertaining to Rudy’s situation, so be it, he’d use it. But his gut told him Holly was exactly who she said she was: a woman out for a little sexual adventure.

  Although, part of him had a hard time believing Holly couldn’t have a date every night of the week if she chose. Especially since she spent nights surrounded by eager men.

  Then again, Nick could see why hotsy-totsy Mistress Christmas intimidated most guys. They probably assumed she had so many offers they didn’t bother to make one.

  Luckily, he didn’t have the same problem.

  Nick plunked down the extra cash for an executive suite —with a whirlpool hot tub, complimentary champagne, and a California king-sized bed. The room even boasted a fully decorated Christmas tree.

  Damn. Maybe Holly wouldn’t want a reminder of her job.

  Nothing he could do about it now. He kicked off his boots and wondered if it’d be crass to put the condoms and stuff on the nightstand by the bed.

  No, it’d be crass if you spread them out all over the room where you hoped to take her—the mattress, by the chair, the back of the couch, on the counter in the bathroom, or the lip of the hot tub.

  Yeah, that’d freak her out. He left the unopened box on the nightstand.

  Nick checked the time on his cell phone again. Thirty-two minutes had passed since they’d parted ways at IHOP. She claimed she didn’t need that much time. What if she’d changed her mind?

  A rap sounded on the door, followed by the soft click of the lock disengaging. A shaft of light cut through the darkened room across the gray carpet.

  Holly shut the door behind her and took a couple steps into the room and froze.

  He froze.

  They stared at each other over the five feet separating them.

  “I was afraid you’d changed your mind,” he said softly.

  “I almost did. ” Her eyes searched his face. “I’m out of my element. I had no earthly idea when I propositioned you what I’m supposed to do once I’m actually standing here. ”

  “Take off your clothes. ”

  She blinked. “Seriously? Now? Just like that?”

  “Yep. ”

  “But—” She paused. “That’s what you want, Nick? A striptease?”

  “No. ” His hungry gaze swept her head to toe. “I’d rather tear your clothes off myself and f**k you hard and fast against the door, so I can take you slow and easy the second time on the bed. The third time is a toss-up between screwing you in the hot tub or bending you over the chair. But a striptease never crossed my mind. ”

  She swallowed hard but she never looked away.

  “Fair is fair, Holly. Now you tell me how you want it. ”

  “Like that. Up against the door. My fantasy is you’re so crazed to have me you can’t wait another second. ”

  “Not a fantasy, a reality. ” Nick’s hands were in her hair and his mouth smashed hers before she took her next breath.

  God, she tasted good. Sweet and hot. As he kissed her he herded her toward the door. He reached for the purse straps dangling from her fingertips. Change jangled and a thud echoed as he carelessly threw her purse by the desk.

  Holly moaned.

  Nick unbutto
ned her coat and slid it off her shoulders, tossing it aside. His fingers traced the center of her body down to the bottom of her sweater. “Lift up,” he urged.

  She raised her arms and the woolen tunic crackled with static as he jerked it over her head. Her long-sleeved T-shirt followed.

  He smoothed her flyaway hair and whispered, “There’s some serious electricity between us, isn’t there, darlin’?”

  “Yes, it makes my skin tingle. ”

  “And I haven’t gotten started yet. ” The velvety swell of her br**sts spilling over her plain white bra beckoned for a thorough taste. He nibbled the column of her throat until his chin nestled in her cleavage.

  Her soft plea, “More, don’t stop,” amplified his level of lust. His fingers fumbled for the snap on her jeans and he eased the zipper down.

  Somehow Holly managed to unbutton his shirt and her cool palms stroked his bare chest.

  Nick skimmed his hands up her h*ps and spine. One quick tug on the hook of her bra and the cups fell away, revealing every marvelous inch of her breasts. “God, you’re perfect,” he said before sucking the pale peach nipple deeply into his mouth.

  “Oh, that’s good. ”

  “Mmm,” was his response as he suckled and nipped, using his teeth on the tip and lapping away the sting. Nick lavished attention on those delicious globes until she whimpered. As he kissed his way back up to her delectable mouth, his fingers slid down. His middle finger breached the panty barrier, following the sweet cleft down past her pu**y lips, and found the heat and wetness of her arousal.

  A throaty moan rumbled from her mouth.

  “You’re ready for me,” he growled. “Kick off your shoes. Then take off your pants. Fast. ” Nick stepped back and peeled off his socks. He watched as Holly shimmied out of the denim.

  She hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and paused.

  “Unless you want me to rip them off, those too. ”

  Holly honestly looked as if she’d prefer that action, which caused him to make another primitive growl. Her underwear vanished.

  Nick reached in his back pocket for his wallet and removed the lone condom. He tossed his wallet somewhere in the vicinity of the desk and stripped his jeans off. After ripping open the wrapper with his teeth, he rolled the latex down the length of his shaft.
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