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         Part #16 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James


  Afterward, they headed to the bar side. The piped-in music wasn’t great, but she didn’t care.

  “That was a happy sigh, sugar.”

  “I’m happy when I’m with you and you’re holding me close like this.”

  Carson put his mouth on her ear. “You think sweet talkin’ means you’re gonna get lucky tonight?”

  His deep voice sent a shiver of want straight to her core. “I’m hoping.”

  “I’ll warn ya. I like my women wild and I’ll expect kinky things.”

  She nuzzled the edge of his jaw. “I can be kinky.”

  “How well I know that. And what a lucky man I am for it.”

  “But…between the kids and all the day to day stuff of being a wife and mother… What if I’ve forgotten?”

  He leaned back to gaze into her eyes. “I’ll remind you.” Carolyn tried to duck her head, but he demanded, “Look at me.”

  She hadn’t seen that sexual fire burning in his eyes recently and it instantly made her wet, needy and achy.

  “How about if I just drag you home right now, haul you up to our bedroom and fuck you hard for an hour straight?”

  Her stomach swooped. “I suggest if we wait another hour, the boys will be in bed and there won’t be any parental duties to interfere.”

  He grinned that same wicked grin that’d charmed, infuriated and inflamed her the first time they’d danced together. “So for the next hour I can rub my body against yours and whisper all the dirty things I’m gonna do to you?”

  “And I can do the same.”

  “Hot damn.”

  They stayed on the dance floor the entire time. Teasing each other with words and subtle touching.

  By the time they left—they almost got it on in the front seat of his truck—Carson hinted he’d last longer if she gave him a hand job on the way home.

  After she finished jacking him off and licked him clean, he swore she hadn’t lost her kinky edge.

  The house was dark and quiet. Carolyn’s focus wasn’t on checking to see if the boys had followed her edict. Her sole focus was getting naked with her husband.

  As soon as he shut and locked the bedroom door, Carson was on her. Making short work of her clothes. The man hadn’t even taken his boots off and he had her spread on the end of the bed, his mouth buried in her pussy. That lethal tongue driving her up, up, up and over. And then doing it again.

  Carolyn had barely floated back down from that head rush when Carson’s hot, hard, body was on top of hers.

  His rough voice vibrated against her breast. “How kinky you feelin’ tonight, Mrs. McKay?”

  “You just made me come twice. I’m feelin’ pretty loose at the moment.”

  “Then sugar, I’m gonna tie you up a bit.” He pushed off her.

  “Where are you going?”

  The man’s eyes held a depraved gleam. “Grabbing some rope.”

  And he wasn’t joking when he returned from the closet, a length of rope dangling from his right hand.

  “How long has that been in there?”

  “A while. Been savin’ it for a special occasion. Face and shoulders on the bed, ass in the air.”

  Even when Carson was a sexually charged man, the times he went even more over the top in the bedroom made her hotter than ever.

  Carolyn rested the side of her face on the mattress, watching him eye her naked body. Birthing five kids should’ve made her self-conscious of her less-than-ideal physique, but the way her man ate her up with his hungry eyes gave her the sexual confidence to be in this position.

  “Damn, woman, you’re sexy. Arms behind you.”

  She crossed her wrists in the small of her back and the rope dragged against her side as he tied her. Then he moved in behind her, his work-roughened hands clamped on her butt cheeks.

  She held her breath, expecting him to plow into her. But he fed his shaft in slowly and stopped. She wiggled to get him to move. But he remained like that, buried deep. “What’s the holdup, cowboy?”

  “Told you I was gonna fuck you for an hour. This way first, then we’ll see how creative I can get.” Carson stroked in and out of her steadily. And as always, she lost herself in him, in them, her world boiling down to his hands, his cock, his mouth, reveling in the sexual intensity that was only ever for her. It was heady stuff that after almost fifteen years she still satisfied his sexual appetite.

  He reached around and lightly stroked her clit, purposely not giving her the speed or the pressure that’d get her off, just keeping her primed for what came next.

  He pulled out and lifted her up by her shoulders. His voice rumbled in her ear. “I wanna suck on you as I’m fuckin’ this hot pussy of mine.”

  She loved the way he treated her with such care, while at the same time turning her inside out with his insistent touches, raunchy words and blatant desire.

  Carson sat in the middle of the bed with his legs stretched out in front of him. “Straddle me on your knees.” As he helped her into position he latched onto her nipple; the rough scrape of his five o’clock shadow was a harsh contrast to how softly he suckled. He poised his cock at her entrance and held her hips, helping her lower down.

  Feeling his fingers at her wrists untying the rope, she sent him a quizzical look.

  “Enough kinky. I need your hands on me,” he said gruffly.

  Carolyn wrapped her legs around his waist. He couldn’t move inside her much, but that was his intent, teasing her and prolonging this connection. While he sucked on her nipples and her neck, his hips rocked forward and she ran her fingers through his silky black hair.

  She loved that he’d honed every muscle the hard way from ranch work. So strong in body, so strong in heart. Tough enough to go head to head with ornery bulls and mean mama cows, but gentle with their babies. She scraped her nails down his muscular back and squeezed his hard butt cheeks, then dragged her fingers up, curling her hands around his powerful arms.

  His kisses grew fevered, his movements hurried. He said, “Hang on,” and rolled down to the mattress so he was on top.

  Carson plowed into her with the force of a battering ram. His solid body crushed her, filled her, moved her, owned her, destroyed her. As many times and as many ways as they’d made love, this was her favorite: face to face, mouth to mouth, eye to eye, heart to heart.

  Hitting that detonation point happened simultaneously. She arched her neck; he panted against her as the stormed surged through them both. When that rush abated, he smiled against her throat.


  “Who needs kink when we’ve got this?”

  He kissed her and eased out of her, rolling to his back and tucking her against his side.

  Sated and sleepy, she rested her chin on his chest and played with his chest hair. “You always know.”

  “Always know what, sugar?”

  “Always know when I need a reminder that I’m more than just a harried ranch wife with five rambunctious and messy boys. You remind me that I’m…yours.”

  “Damn straight you’re mine, Carolyn McKay. You’ve been mine since the moment I saw you and you’ll be mine until my last breath.”

  It overwhelmed her sometimes, how much she loved this man. She tried not to sniffle when the tears fell. But Carson’s chest getting slick gave her away.

  He tugged her head back and murmured, “Beautiful woman with the beautiful heart,” and planted his mouth on hers, kissing her with the tenderness and possession he did so well.

  She sighed when he finally ended the kiss. “Sorry for leaking all over you.”

  “I don’t mind. It’s part of the deal with a pregnant wife.” He paused. “When’s the baby due?”

  “How’d you know?” Not fair that the man always figured it out before she had a chance to tell him.

  “You’ve been testy. And horny as hell.”

  “That means I’m pregnant?”

  “Two signs I’ve seen five times before. And Caro, you were cryin’ during a ba
by food commercial last night. That’s sort of a giveaway.” He stroked her arm. “You okay with it?”

  “I don’t know. I’m not…not okay with it. I just never thought I’d have six kids. Especially not after seeing how it affected my mother’s health. Then again, she didn’t have her first baby until she was thirty-three.”

  “It’s ironic that’s how old you’ll be when you have your last baby.”

  Carolyn lifted her head and looked at him. “We’re done after this?”

  “Ain’t your life’s work to pop out kids until you hit menopause, no matter what the pope says. I won’t take the risk that you’ll end up like your mother because I’m selfish; I want lots of years with you after the last kid leaves the nest. You’ve been lucky with every pregnancy, but that ain’t always how it goes, especially the older you get. After this one, we’re done. Don’t care which one of us gets snipped or clipped, but it’s gonna happen.”


  “So I want you takin’ it easy this go around. It’ll be over four years since you had Carter. You don’t take any chances; the boys are old enough to help you out a lot.”

  “I agree. As long as we’re on that subject, I want the boys to start having household chores in addition to ranch chores.”

  “I got no problem with that. Was that the issue earlier?”

  She hedged. “Teaching them life skills is my responsibility too.” She rubbed her face in his chest hair and breathed him in. “Speaking of, I need to check on them before I conk out.” She pressed a lingering kiss on his lips. “I love you. Even the days when I look around and see messes everywhere in this house, and boys who’d rather roll in manure than bathe in water, and endless chores for both of us…then I see you and I know I’m exactly where I want to be and I can’t imagine my life any other way.”

  His eyes softened. “Same goes, sugar. Now go check on them boys before I decide I need another helping of you before we hit the hay.”

  The boys had been on their best behavior during her pregnancy. A few minor incidents, including an escaped calf in the dining room during calving season, but they were trying to help out more.

  But she’d reached the stage of her pregnancy where nothing was clean enough. She’d been scouring the kitchen when the first contraction hit. As strong as it was, it wasn’t her first rodeo so she ignored it and finished scrubbing the refrigerator.

  She’d made progress wiping down all of the cupboards when another contraction squeezed her midsection.

  Okay. That one got her attention. As did the next two. But Carolyn was determined to cross every chore off her list today. Besides, the baby wasn’t due for two weeks and in five other pregnancies she’d never gone into labor early.

  She alphabetized her spices and breathed through the contractions that were coming closer together.

  Who knew this false labor stuff could feel like real labor?

  With a small squeegee in one hand and the spray hose from the sink in the other, she contemplated cleaning the window above the sink, versus how much it’d bug her if she just let it stay dirty, when angry footsteps came up behind her.

  “Carolyn, what in the hell do you think you’re doin’?”

  “Trying to figure out the best way to wash the windows. I realize climbing on the counter and standing in the sink isn’t an option. So I figured I could spray the glass with hot water and squeegee it fast.”

  “Huh-uh. Not happening. Step away from the cleaning supplies.”

  Carolyn whirled around, aiming the hose at him. “Back off. I have a list to complete. Don’t you have chores of your own to finish without trying to tell me how to do mine?”

  “Listen to yourself. And look around. The house sparkles from top to bottom. You’ve been nesting the past two weeks and, sugar, give it a rest.”

  Carter’s head popped up beside Carson’s hip. His blue eyes were enormous. “Who’s mama makin’ a nest for?”

  “The baby.”

  “The baby sleeps in a nest?” Carter asked with interest.

  Carolyn started to clarify the difference between nesting and a bird’s nest for her very literal child, because he’d asked how the baby got in her tummy and Carson muttered something lame about the birds and the bees and fertilized eggs. But she snapped her mouth shut when the next contraction doubled her over.

  As soon as it ended, Carson was in her face. “How long have you been havin’ contractions?”

  “Off and on.”

  “Off and on in the last hour?” he pressed.

  “Off and on all morning. But I think it’s false labor.”

  “Guess we’ll see, won’t we?” Carson picked up the phone and dialed. “Kimi? It’s time. We’re leavin’ in five minutes.” He paused. “Thanks. I’ll tell Cord to expect you here in an hour.” He hung up. “Get your bag.”

  “Carson, I’m not ready to have this baby so I haven’t even packed a bag.”

  “Good. Then we can leave right now.” He told Carter, “Go get your brothers. Quickly.” Then he put his hand on her belly and kissed her forehead. “Let’s hope I don’t have to deliver this kid in the cab of my truck.”

  “Oh pooh. Relax. I’m not close to popping this baby out yet.”

  An hour later…

  “Come on, sugar, you’re almost there.”

  “I know,” Carolyn snapped. “I’ve done this a few times, remember?”

  Carson curled his hands around her face. “Don’t snap at me, beautiful.”

  Her hair was sweat-soaked; her skin was hot and bloated, and she smelled like cleaning supplies. “Don’t look at me. Don’t call me beautiful.” She hissed. “Oh crap, this one’s gonna be bad.”

  “Look at me and breathe. That’s it. You’re doin’ good.”

  Afterward Carolyn slumped against the pillows. “Can I push? I need to push.”

  The nurse said, “I’m guessing about three more of those big contractions and you’ll be there.”

  “Oh…here we go again.” She stayed focused on her husband. When the next contraction came on the heels of the last one, medical personnel scrambled to get ready.

  Doctor Haskell, who’d delivered all their babies, ambled in, chomping on a piece of licorice. He suited up and scooted to the end of the bed. “You’ve done all the work, now I just gotta get out my catcher’s mitt.”

  The nurse repositioned the bed and Carson moved in to brace Carolyn’s shoulders.

  “All right, Carolyn, give that baby a big ol’ push.”

  She grunted and squeezed the bed’s railings as she bore down.

  “One more push and we’ll see if you cooked the stem on or the stem-less variety.”

  Carolyn lifted her upper half up and bore down with gritted teeth. Then she fell back against Carson with a huge sigh of relief.

  Then Doctor Haskell started laughing. “I’ll be damned. McKays, you have a daughter.”

  “What?” Carolyn scrambled upright. “A girl? Let me see.”

  “Doesn’t sound like you believe me.” The doctor laughed again. “You knew there was a fifty-fifty chance this would happen.”

  “Didn’t even cross my mind after birthing five boys, my sister having twin boys, and my sisters-in-law only having sons.”

  Carson stood and peeked over the edge, completely dumbfounded.

  “Michelle,” Doctor Haskell said sharply. “Get a chair for daddy, he’s about to pass out.”

  “I’m not some fuckin’ pussy who’s gonna faint…” But his face was ashen and he wobbled.

  Carolyn watched with concern as the nurse pushed him into a chair. “Head between your legs and breathe.”

  After a minute or so he slowly raised his head.

  “You okay?”

  “Hell no. Might take me a decade or two to get over the shock.”

  “Lord, I never even considered picking a girl’s name.”

  “At least you know it’ll start with a C like all the others,” he said dryly.

  “Just for that smart comme
nt, I’m not picking a C name,” she retorted.

  Doctor Haskell wandered over with a pink-wrapped bundle. “Your daughter is a healthy seven pounds, thirteen ounces. She’s twenty-three inches long and passed all her prelim tests. So we’ll give you a few minutes before we finish the medical stuff.” He placed the bundle in Carolyn’s arms. “Congratulations.”

  “Thank you.”

  Carolyn loosened the blanket. She pulled back the little pink and blue striped hat, revealing coal black hair. She murmured, “That’s nothing new. Bet the girl has blue eyes too. Stem-less variety or not, she’s still a McKay, through and through.”

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