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       Cowboy Casanova, p.37

         Part #12 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
Page 37


  “Did it make you hot when my cock was in your mouth?”

  “Yes. ”

  “Fuck yourself. Use two fingers. ”

  Ainsley spread her knees wider and pressed both fingers deep. She moved them in and out, trying not to be embarrassed by the wet sucking noises her body made. She ground her clit into the hard flesh at the base of her thumb.

  “That’s it, baby, come on. Take it. I can tell you’re almost there. ”

  She arched back, removing her hand so her middle finger could flick her clit. So close. So close… Right…there. She gasped, enjoying that sweet, sweet throb of orgasm. In that moment her thoughts were purely selfish. She didn’t think of Bennett at all.

  As the last pulse faded, warm lips landed on hers. Impatient fingers fumbled with the buttons on her sweater. She wanted to sink into the kiss, but Bennett murmured, “Off. All of it. ”

  Ainsley stood and draped the sweater over the back of the chair. She unbuttoned her skirt and it slithered down her legs to the floor. Bennett’s hands were on the bottom of her lace shell. He pulled it over her head, tossing it aside and attacked the hooks on her bra. Then she was stark naked except for her shoes. And Bennett’s hungry eyes ate up every inch.

  He led her to the bathroom and flipped on all the lights. “Up on your knees. On the counter. Facing the mirror. ”

  She actually blurted, “But why?” before the two hard smacks stung her backside.

  “Now. ”

  Not only did her face heat, but her whole body burned as she scrambled onto the low countertop. She did not want to see all her body flaws in what felt like stadium lighting. Her head fell forward of its own accord and her hair obscured her face.

  Bennett grabbed a handful of hair and jerked her back up. “Look at yourself. ”

  “I-I don’t want to. ”

  “Not a request. ” She watched his big hands in the mirror. His roughness to her softness. Those hard-skinned hands roved over her body. Holding her breasts, teasing her nipples, following the wide shape of her hips to her thighs. “You’re gorgeous, angel. So bold, yet so compliant. There isn’t anything sexier to me. No question you’re all woman. And how lucky that you’re all mine. ”

  A different type of heat, a melting sensation, filled her chest. Bennett knew her so well. Knew when her confidence needed bolstering. Knew when to force her to stop thinking and just feel. Just obey.

  He put her vibrator in her hand. “Get yourself off with this. See how beautiful you are when you let go. ”

  One good thing about this scene—the vibrator would get her off quickly. Ainsley braced her left palm against the wall and turned the silver bullet on high.

  As she placed the vibrator tip above her clit, Bennett’s hands cupped her breasts. His fingers toyed with her nipples. Then his mouth connected with the curve of her waist.

  Oh. That felt fantastic. The string of openmouthed kisses down to her lower back. The sharp bite of his teeth and the sweet, soothing kisses he pressed over the skin he’d nipped.

  When goose bumps danced across her body, he chuckled and tweaked her nipples hard.

  She gasped. Then she realized she was supposed to be using the vibrator and set it directly on her clit.

  “Huh-uh. Not yet. Fuck yourself with it. I wanna see it disappearing into that tight pussy. ”

  She rested the length against her slit before she inserted the buzzing object, allowing her head to fall back as she lost herself in pleasure.

  A hard whack on her ass returned her focus to the mirror.

  He bestowed such delicious agony on her back with that wicked mouth of his. She watched in the mirror as she shoved the vibrator into her hole, realizing what a turn on it was to see her swollen, glistening sex swallowing it.

  “Come for me, angel. Show me again. ”

  She pulled the bullet out and held the tip directly on her clit. The sights, sounds and vibrations were overwhelming. She moaned when the blood-plumped tissues pulsed and moaned louder when Bennett pinched her nipples.

  “Watch,” he demanded.

  And she did. She didn’t hate the reflection of herself; she reveled in it. She was unapologetically wanton, a sensual woman riding the wave of ecstasy brought about by her lover’s command.

  “That’s it, beautiful. See yourself as I see you. ”

  Those sweet words had more impact than back-to-back orgasms.

  Bennett kissed a path up her left side, pausing to nuzzle the bottom of her breast. “Give me the vibrator. ”

  Ainsley held out it. Keeping their gazes locked in the mirror, he sucked the bullet into his mouth. Then he licked it clean with long strokes of his tongue, making happy growls before releasing it.

  Okay. That was hot. Talk about stirring her juices again.

  Bennett helped her down from the counter, making sure she was steady on her high-heeled shoes before letting go of her. He whipped off his shirt. Shucked his jeans. Rolled on a condom.

  His eyes were wild with lust. All that masculine impatience was for her. She raised her chin and smirked.

  “Ooh. Girl is getting cocky. I’d take that as a personal challenge if my cock wasn’t about to burst. Bend over. Hands on the floor. Spread your legs wide. ”

  That commanding Dom voice did it for her in a bad way. Once again her blood raced fast. As soon as her fingertips touched the cold tile, Bennett was behind her, canting her hips to his liking. His fingers pulled her pussy open and he plunged his cock inside to the root.

  Her wet sex closed around his shaft in an intimate kiss.

  He rammed into her, his pelvis pistoning faster with each deep stroke. Taking her how he wanted. Full throttle. No holding back, just hard, quick fucking that left her breathless in its ferocity.

  He went beyond coherent speech. Grunts, groans and ragged breathing were his communication. And Ainsley understood him perfectly.

  His pace slowed and his fingertips dug for purchase on her ass cheeks. She felt his cock lengthen, felt the violent pulsation against her channel. He came in a drawn-out, full-body shudder that she felt down to the tips of her toes.

  Bennett drooped over her, his hand braced against the bathroom door. “Goddamn, woman,” he rasped in her ear. “You…I…” He laughed. “Hell, I can’t think straight. Hang on. ” He pushed up and withdrew. He curled his fingers over her shoulders and slowly brought her upright. “Stay there. ”

  From the corner of her eye she saw him ditch the condom. Then he spun her around and kissed her. Not gently. Not playfully. His kisses were ravenous.

  He opened the door without missing a beat. He herded her backward into her bedroom and didn’t break the seal of their mouths until the backs of her calves hit the mattress. Then he gently sat her down and dropped to his knees. “Now I know why these are called fuck-me shoes. When I saw them today all I could think about was fucking you. ”

  “And now I see that they were worth the money. ”

  “Definitely. ” He unhooked the buckle and slipped off the right shoe, taking a moment to massage her arch. Then he did the same with the left shoe.

  She couldn’t hold back the moan of delight when he massaged her left foot. She flopped back on her puffy quilt with a sigh. “A great event, two orgasms, fab sex and a foot massage? I could die happy right now. ”

  He chuckled and kissed her cheek, settling next to her, letting his calves dangle off the bed beside hers.

  In that moment she knew Ben was back. She reached for his hand. “Are you staying with me tonight? Or do you need to get back to your truck?”

  “Not yet. I wouldn’t mind getting under the covers, though. ”

  After they slipped between the sheets, Ben ended up spooned behind her, tucking her against his body, almost completely immobilizing her.

  “Thanks for inviting me to your folks’ party. ”

  “You’re welcome. You deserved to be there. You f
it right in. ”

  “Which is odd, given I’m never around my family, and rarely around so many kids. ”

  “The McKays were out in full force today. ”

  “You were…scarce. ”

  His rough-tipped fingers trailed up and down her arm. “That’s the way it goes. I’m considered one of the quiet ones, a man of few words, and usually none of importance, so no one pays much attention to me. ”

  “But that gives you the opportunity to pay attention to them. ” She paused. “Is that why you’re so in tune with…people? Because you’ve spent a lifetime observing?”

  “Probably. And without goin’ all psychobabble, I’ve been the middle boy. Even now that Gavin is around I’m still in the middle. Quinn…well, Dad thinks the sun rises and sets with Quinn. And Chase is the superstar golden child. Kinda hard to stand out. So I’ve always figured it’s better to blend. ”

  Ainsley tried to roll over to look into his eyes, but he held her in place. “Blend? Hate to break it to you, but you don’t blend. You are…” Maybe he wouldn’t appreciate her insight so she held back.

  “I’m what?”

  “Forceful. You’re easily the most forceful man in the room. In any room. Whether at the club or amidst your relatives. ”

  “Oh yeah?”

  “Yeah. We kept our distance today. But I knew where you were at all times. Your body was the moon, I was the tide and you had a pull on me. Which I had to resist, you jerk. ” She lightly elbowed him in the gut.

  Ben chuckled.

  “I will say you were sporting a pretty serious back off aura today. I didn’t see many of your relatives approach you besides Chase. And the two younger guys, but they didn’t stick around long. ”

  “That’d be Tell and Dalton. There’s a family dynamic that’d take me the rest of the damn night and part of tomorrow to explain. ” He traced the backs of her knuckles. “I guess I wasn’t aware I had that vibe today. ”

  “I’m glad to hear it’s just today and not every day. ” She fell silent again.

  “I hate when you do that, angel. ’Cause I know them wheels are churning. Tell me what’s on your mind. ”