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Cowboy Casanova, Page 36

Lorelei James

Page 36


  “Do you two talk at all when you’re working together?”

  “Sure. If something needs said. But neither one of us jaws on and on just to fill the silence. ” He let his arm dangle by hers. “What enlightening things did you learn about other McKays?”

  A panicked look crossed her face. “I’ll never keep the names straight. I asked your cousin…Keely? If they’d developed a smart phone app for the family tree. I was kidding but her husband seemed serious about it. ”

  He leaned closer. “To be honest, I’d buy one. Then I’d have a reference point for each new baby and that baby’s siblings. I think I called Colby’s second boy the wrong name for the better part of a year. ”

  Ainsley laughed softly.

  “God I love to hear you laugh. ”

  “Ben. ”

  “Ainsley. ”

  “Don’t look at me like that. ”

  “I can’t help it. I’ve been thinking about the first thing I’m gonna do to you after I peel off that sexy skirt. It makes your ass look amazing, by the way. ”

  Her gaze fell to his mouth and she licked her lips. “What idea is winning?”

  “It’s a tie right now between smacking your ass until you come, or fucking it until you come. ”

  “I can’t believe you said that. Here in your mother’s house, with all your relatives within earshot. ”

  His smile held no guilt whatsoever. “But I didn’t hear you sayin’ no. ”

  Ainsley cocked her head, acting coy. “Because I’m trying to decide which option holds more appeal for me, Bennett. Not that you’d give me a say. ”

  Without breaking eye contact, Ben reached for her hand and squeezed before releasing it. “I’ll give you a say, but there is a condition. ”

  “Which is?”

  “We leave right fucking now. ”

  Her hazel eyes heated to a molten gold. Those ripe lips curled into a smirk. “I am feeling tired, now that you mention it. ”

  It took ten minutes to say goodbye, and Ben knew he’d missed people. If it’d been up to him, they would’ve just left, but Ainsley was too polite for that.

  Once they were finally in his truck, he said, “Straight to my place?”

  “My car is still at the community center. I need to get it and I’ll follow you out. ”

  He kept hold of her hand, absentmindedly running his thumb over her knuckles. He’d thought the simple touch would soothe him, would lessen his overwhelming need to pull his truck over and fuck her blind. But it only made him more impatient. He shifted in his seat, trying to combat the pressure from his jeans on his already hard cock. Trying to combat the pressure inside himself he didn’t quite understand.

  He’d been with her last night. Pushing her limits. Mixing it up. Not holding back on his Dom side, but keeping their slap and tickle more focused on the tickle side, than the slap. Using the flogger on the front side of her body. Holding her on edge, waiting for the multi-point sting that never connected. She hadn’t acted frustrated, especially not when he’d set the flogger aside and fucked her, face-to-face. Taking his time, building up, pulling back, dragging out the pleasure for an hour before letting them both come. Afterward, Ainsley had been so exhausted, she’d crawled in his bed and had fallen asleep. And like some kind of lovesick sap, he’d crawled in bed beside her and watched her sleep, unable to stop from touching her even when she wasn’t aware he was doing it.

  He had no fucking idea what was wrong with him.

  He parked next to her car, noticing it wasn’t the only one left in the lot. He took her hand and helped her from the cab.

  She surprised him with a kiss. “Can I just say that I really love how you always open my door? And walk me to my car?”

  “It’s my pleasure. ”

  Her fingers toyed with the snaps on his shirt. “I can tell you’re antsy. My place is closer than yours. So since I have some say in tonight’s fun and games, can we play there? You could even keep your truck parked here, if you’re worried about someone seeing it parked in my drive. ”

  She was worried about his reputation? Right.

  But he was too horny to care.

  “Drive. ”

  Chapter Eighteen

  Wally and Charo usually greeted her at the door no matter what time she rolled in, complaining loudly, and sniffing her shoes. Not tonight.

  Ainsley flipped on the lamps in the living room. She shut the shades. She fought the need to tidy up—straighten the fleece blanket draped over the couch, gather the newspaper and mug on the coffee table. How could she be so nervous in her own house?

  “Ainsley. ”

  She looked at him, definitely in Dom mode now, nonchalantly leaning against the wall. With that look in his eye. The man knew how to smolder. “Yes?”

  “Come here. ”

  A mere twenty steps across the small space and she stood in front of him. More nervous than before.

  Bennett ran his knuckles down her cheek. Then he cupped her chin and traced the outline of her lips with his thumb. “Put your mouth on me. ”

  Ainsley didn’t move. Didn’t think. He’d tell her exactly what he wanted her to do. And that was exactly what she wanted. After being in charge all day, she’d gladly let Bennett take charge of her.

  His hand fell to his waist and he worked his belt buckle, his midnight-blue eyes remained locked on hers.

  She lowered to the carpet. She unzipped his jeans and yanked the denim until the jeans were around his ankles. He’d gone commando. His cock bounced against his belly.

  He threaded both his hands through her hair and brought her face to his groin. “Take all of me. ”

  Closing her eyes, she let Bennett guide her where he wanted. The wet tip of his cock brushed her lips. She opened her mouth wider, as the hard flesh slipped over her tongue. When the cockhead bumped into her soft palate, she fought the gag reflex until she took his entire length.

  He held her head in place and said, “Swallow. ”

  Her throat muscles constricted around the head and he groaned.

  “Again. ”

  Ainsley exhaled and swallowed twice in rapid succession.

  “Christ that’s good. Enough. ” Bennett slowly eased back. “Suck me hard. ”

  Her hands clamped onto his butt cheeks to bring his body closer. His balls bumped her chin. Then she started to suck.

  Bennett broke that tight suction each time as he pulled back until the rim of his cock scraped against her teeth. He permitted her to moisten her lips before he slid his shaft in, again lodging his cock in her throat. “Ah, fuck. I could watch you all night. You’re hot as fire on your knees with my dick filling your mouth. ”

  She looked up at him. Not feeling passive, but powerful.

  “So pretty. ” His fingers lovingly mapped every plane and angle of her face. “So obedient. Make me come, angel. ” He kept his hands on her cheeks as he pumped in and out of her mouth with short, fast jabs.

  Ainsley worked the tip, flicking her tongue beneath the head as she sucked in opposition to his thrusts.

  His hands tightened, his breath quickened and he made a guttural sound as he came in hot spurts.

  A haze of satisfaction coursed through her as she swallowed. She kept tonguing and sucking until he squeezed her jaw, forcing her to release him.

  Bennett slumped against the wall with a heavy sigh.

  She remained on her knees, running her fingertips up his naked flanks as she nuzzled his belly. Enjoying touching him.

  “Ainsley,” he said in that sex-roughened voice. He wrapped his hands around her biceps and brought her to her feet. His gaze was firmly fixed on her mouth. “I love seein’ your lips lookin’ so shiny and full after you blow me. It’s goddamn sexy. ” He leaned forward and brushed his mouth over hers. Twice. Then he murmured, “Get your vibrator. ”

  She hesitated long enough that he quirked the one eyebrow th
at said, Why you still here questioning me? and she hustled to her bedroom nightstand.

  Since Bennett hadn’t specified which vibrator, she chose the most basic silver bullet model. She returned to the living room to find he’d rearranged the furniture, placing a straight-backed kitchen chair across from one of the green parson’s chairs. He’d yanked up his jeans and kicked off his boots. His posture as he rested his backside into her couch might’ve been standoffish—arms folded over his chest—but the heat in his eyes nearly set her clothes on fire.

  “Underwear off. Pantyhose off. ” He grinned ferally. “But go ahead and put them high heels back on. ”

  After she strapped on the heels, he held his hand out for the vibrator and pointed to the kitchen chair.

  “You know what I’ve been thinkin’ about since I saw you up on that stage, looking so damn professional in that sexy-assed skirt?”

  Ainsley shook her head.

  “How much I wanna see your hand up that skirt getting yourself off. ” He studied her. “Have you ever done that? Been so horny that you had to take care of yourself in your office?”

  “No. ”

  “Don’t lie to me. ”

  “No. I haven’t done it. I swear. ”

  “Good. ” Bennett parked himself on the parson’s chair less than five feet from where she sat. “Think about it. You’re dressed so prim and proper, but your thoughts are so naughty. You’re so desperate to come you’ve locked your office door. No one can see you. No one knows what you’re doin’. Show me what you’d do. ”

  Her pulse skyrocketed. Bennett liked to play games. Her hands trembled as she inched her fingers down the silky fabric covering her legs. When she reached the hem, she tugged the skirt upward, not in a strip tease but trying to keep her thunder thighs from joggling. Once the material circled her hips, she glanced over at Bennett.

  “Touch yourself. ”

  She palmed her mound, separating her pussy lips with her middle finger. She swirled the tip around the opening, slid it back up and performed the same swirling motion around her clit. Then side to side. Following the slit back down, she pushed her finger inside her pussy.