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Shoulda been a cowboy, p.31
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       Shoulda Been a Cowboy, p.31

         Part #7 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
Page 31


  She let her head fall back and withheld a moan when Cam slid his middle finger to her clit and started the rapid flicking that caused her whole body to vibrate like a tuning fork.

  “More?” he murmured.

  “Yes. ”

  Between his blistering kiss and the attention to her clit, Domini’s speedy climax bowled her over. She whimpered through each pulse, grateful Cam’s mouth muffled her cries.

  When she opened her eyes, Cam was staring at her. Very possessively.

  “I can look at you from here on out and know no man has touched you but me. ”

  That statement was true in so many ways.

  “I want your hands on me, Domini. Now. ”

  She unhooked his belt buckle and lowered the zipper. The weight of his gun and cuffs on his pants dropped them to his hips. His cock jerked against her fingers as she slipped her hand beneath his briefs and circled his hard shaft.

  He hissed. “Stroke me hard. Don’t squeeze too tight but pull harder and faster than you think you should. ” He put his hand on top of hers. “Like this. ”

  Oh wow. That was more forceful than she dared try. But with Cam’s guidance she created an unbroken rhythm that brought forth his deep groans and gave her that heady sense of power again.

  He buried his lips in her hair and his choppy breathing drifted over her ear. His hips started pumping faster, “Yes. Don’t stop. I’m right…there. Jesus. ” He cupped his hand around the tip as she kept stroking until warm, thick liquid coated both their hands.

  Domini squeezed one last time and he grunted.

  Cam’s lips sought hers. His kiss wasn’t sweet, but flirty. Teasing. He smiled against her mouth. “I didn’t show up here hoping that’d happen, but I won’t complain it did. ”

  “Me either. ” She reached for the box of tissues and cleaned both their hands while she continued the playful kisses.

  He stepped back and righted his clothing. “I want to see you tonight. I’m giving you fair warning that you’re mine. All mine. ”

  “Got big plans for us?”

  “Yep. ” Cam flashed a devilish grin. “But first, turn around and close your eyes. ”

  Her heart skipped a beat when he brushed her hair from the nape of her neck. Cool metal caressed her collarbone. Automatically her hand rose to touch it.

  “Cam? What is this?” She looked down at the delicate silver links that formed a chain necklace.

  “A gift. ”

  “You didn’t have to—”

  His strong, warm hand closed over hers. “I wanted to give you something that’s a symbol. A reminder. ”


  “Me,” he whispered silkily. “Will you wear it for me, Domini?”

  Was this necklace a tangible symbol of his…ownership? And why in the heck didn’t that very idea bother her? Why was she absurdly touched?

  Domini squeezed his fingers. “Yes, I’ll wear it for you, Cam. ”

  She felt him grin against her cheek. “Good. I’ll pick you up after my shift ends tonight. Be ready. ”

  Chapter Fourteen

  Three hours left on his shift. What a long boring night. Thank God he could spice up his dull thoughts by replaying last night’s events.

  Talk about a blazing encounter. He’d taken Domini to his favorite spot, an overlook where the view of the high plains stretched for miles. The stars were bright, the air was cool and her body had been red-hot. Being in the great outdoors had stirred the beast in him. He’d answered the call of the wild and shown her a truly dominant male.

  Cam had made her strip then spread her out on a blanket in the back of his truck. While feasting on her juicy pussy, he’d introduced her to one of his favorite toys—a beaded butt plug. After she came with a sexy shriek that echoed across the plateau, he fucked her so hard the truck bounced. After he roared his release, he heated them both up again with the rough kisses and insistent caresses she craved. Then Cam removed the plug, pushed her over a fallen log and reamed her ass, riding her without mercy, keeping her head down, keeping his hand around her throat, around the necklace that was proof of his possession.

  She’d loved every second of her total surrender to him. He’d made sure of it.

  “Deputy McKay, please respond. ”

  Snapped out of his lewd thoughts, he responded, “This is Deputy McKay, dispatch, go ahead. ”

  “Multiple vehicle accident on Highway 74A. Officer on scene is reporting multiple fatalities. We’ve called in all available units, as well as first responders from Search and Rescue from Weston County. They’ve confirmed they’re en route. ”

  “What happened?”

  “A temperature inversion at the bottom of Shep’s Canyon caused heavy fog. Due to slick road conditions, a semi misjudged the curve and jackknifed, blocking both lanes. Approaching vehicles didn’t see the accident until they were right upon it. Sayzers is reporting at least four vehicles are involved at this point, two confirmed DOA, so use extreme caution when approaching scene. ”

  “What am I looking for?”

  “Mile marker forty-one. ”

  “Has the fog lifted?”

  “Affirmative. ”

  “My ETA at mile marker forty-one is approximately six minutes. ”

  “Roger that. And…Deputy, please be aware that if another law enforcement choice were available, we wouldn’t be sending you to deal with this…situation. ”

  Cam’s knuckles went white on the steering wheel. Son of a bitch. That was dispatch’s way of warning he knew the victims.

  Fuck. He tried to rein in his fear as his mind checked names off the list of possibilities. His parents were home. Ditto for Colby, Cord, and their families. Carter and his brood were in Canyon River. Keely was in Cheyenne. Colt and Indy were at an A. A. meeting in Sundance and wouldn’t have reason to be on the back road going into Moorcroft.

  His stomach twisted into a mass of knots. Kade traveled this road every day. As did his wife, Skylar. He swallowed hard against the bile rising in his throat.

  Didn’t mean it was them. It could be anyone.

  That thought didn’t alleviate his fears.

  He looked up just as mile marker forty passed by. Less than a mile now.

  There was no way to mentally prepare himself, but there was no way to blank it out either. The darkness of the isolated location morphed into an eerie otherworld as red, blue and amber strobe lights flashed. He slowed.

  Pieces of twisted metal, chunks of plastic taillights littered the road. His gaze landed on the semi. One white mega-cab pickup was embedded in the side of the semi-trailer. His gaze tracked the headlights spilling across the road from an unnatural angle. Another car was upside down on the shoulder, the front end crushed into the front seat. The roof was caved in and glass from the broken windshield covered the roadway. Two workers were attempting to remove the driver’s side door and they weren’t hurrying.

  His belly lurched. Chances were slim whoever was in that car had survived.

  Orange cones and flashers lined the perimeter, although no one manned the area. Leaving his flashers on, he donned his reflective vest and forced himself out of the patrol car.

  Cam’s feet were dragging—for once not because he had an artificial leg. He’d seen car accidents in his time as a deputy. Hell, he’d witnessed some damn gruesome car bombings in his years in the army, but none of the incidents involved someone he knew.

  Fred, the part-time EMT, motioned him over. “Deputy, are we taking the victims to the hospital?”

  The guy didn’t mean to the hospital for treatment; he meant to the hospital since it also housed the county morgue. Cam cleared his throat. “Yes. ”

  “I’m supposed to tell you to track down Sheriff Shortbull right away. ”

  “Where is he?”

  “He’s on the other side of the semi, dealing with the accidents over there. ”

A two-lane highway meant wreckage on both sides. His eyes flicked over the body on the stretcher, covered with a sheet.

  As Cam debated the fastest, safest way to proceed to the other side, Sheriff Shortbull appeared around the front end of the semi. The normally gregarious man was dragging his feet too.

  “McKay. ”

  “Sheriff. ”


  Shortbull rubbed his top lip with the back of his hand. “Did Jolene tell you—”

  “No. She didn’t tell me anything besides to prepare myself. ”

  “There ain’t any easy way to say this. ”

  “Then just say it flat out. ” Just don’t say Kade. Or Skylar. Or Buck. Or anyone else in my family. Please. Don’t say it.

  “One of the confirmed victims on the other side is Luke. ”

  Cam’s chest constricted. “Luke? As in my cousin Luke McKay? You’re sure?”

  “Yes. Dammit, Cam, I’m so sorry. ”

  Jesus. What the hell was Luke doing out here? That thought vanished and Cam’s head snapped up. “Was his wife Jessie with him?”

  “No. He was alone. ”

  “Ah fuck. Ah Jesus. Ah Christ. I can’t believe…” Tears smarted. Cam couldn’t think beyond dead dead dead. This tragic shit happened to other people, not to his family. Not this many goddamn times. First Dag. Now Luke? Fucking senseless accidents. Jesus. He spun away, clenching his hands into fists, shoving the anguish into the corner inside himself where darkness and misery dwelled.

  “Under normal circumstances, I’d notify next of kin. But in this case…are you up to doing it?”

  It never occurred to Cam to say no. It was his duty as an officer and a family member. “Yeah. It ain’t gonna be easier on Jessie or my cousins or my uncle and aunt if the bad news comes from me. ”

  “I wish to fucking God you didn’t have to do it at all,” Shortbull said wearily. “But I’ll be making plenty of late night visits to other families. ”

  A couple of shouts sounded, breaking the surreal silence.

  “Does that mean the other victims have been ID’d?”
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