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Shoulda Been a Cowboy, Page 29

Lorelei James

Page 29


  Oh God. Fire. Burning pain. Hot, deep thick burning in her rectum.

  She ripped her mouth free and cried out.

  “You okay?” Cam asked.

  “Uh-huh. But I need a second. ” Domini attempted to relax and enjoy being stuffed with two cocks.

  “We’re not goin’ anywhere. ” Cam nibbled her jaw, paying attention to the vulnerable skin beneath her chin that caused her to forget her own name.

  Brock’s fingers lightly traced each bump and hollow of her spinal cord. Waiting patiently for her to be ready, even when she felt tension vibrating from him. The male need for him to take what she’d offered.

  You wanted this experience; it’s not fair you’re being skittish now. They’re waiting on your signal.

  Domini began to move on Cam in a rocking motion. The grind of her clitoris on Cam’s pubic hair tightened her abdominal muscles and made everything more pleasurable, less painful, as she kicked up the pace.

  Brock didn’t start ramming into her until she focused on squeezing her anal muscles around his cock. “You’re very good at nonverbal signals, Domini,” he said and began to ride her relentlessly.

  Because Domini was fucking Cam and Brock was fucking her, she and Brock choreographed the movement. Brock shoved balls deep when Cam’s cock wasn’t buried fully inside her pussy. He pulled out completely, letting his cockhead rest against her spasming anus when Cam’s cock glided into her. When Brock first reentered her ass, he caused an acute spark of pain every time, but Domini went from holding her breath against it to anticipating it. Craving it.

  “Gotta have more,” Brock panted. “Domini, can you come like this?”

  “I’d like to. ”

  They all laughed.

  When Brock’s strokes lengthened, Domini let her head fall back in a soft moan.

  “Look at me,” Cam demanded.

  Domini knew if she saw the possession in Cam’s eyes it’d be over. She ignored his command, allowing Brock to take control.

  Spreading her ass cheeks in each hand, Brock hammered into her without stopping. His cock jerked hard against her anal passage. He shouted, “Oh fuck,” as he came. And came and rode her hard.

  When Brock finally stilled, he sighed and pressed a kiss in the middle of Domini’s back.

  “Goddammit Domini. Look at me. ”

  Sweating, panting, on the verge of meltdown, she opened her eyes.

  Cam’s eyes were wild as he pumped his hips. The tip of his cock seemed to zero in on her G-spot. “Come for me. Now. ” His rough voice unleashed the last string of restraint. She gasped as the climax ripped through her like a tidal wave. Her sex squeezed Cam’s cock, her anal muscles clamped around Brock’s dick. Her body pulsed from head to toe. She vaguely heard Cam’s hoarse shout before she faded away into a blissful, relaxed, post orgasmic state.

  Hands stroked and petted her as she floated back to earth.

  “Wow. That was…”

  No one else piped in. But some other wordless communication passed between the two men she was still sandwiched between.

  Brock managed to sneak a quick kiss on her shoulder before withdrawing. “I’m exhausted. Domini, you sure wear a man out, girl. I’m gonna hit the shower and then the hay. I have a long drive ahead of me tomorrow. Thank you for tonight. ”

  “I didn’t mean to keep you from resting,” Domini apologized.

  “You didn’t. ” Brock bussed her cheek. “I’d forego sleep for the rest of my life if it meant we could do this again. Damn, Domini. You are sexy and fun. ”

  “More fun than wrassling a bear?” she teased.

  His warm laughter tickled her ear. “Definitely. ”

  After Brock was gone, Domini tried to get up, but Cam pressed her down until she was prone across his body. “What’s the rush?”

  “I hate to say it but I have to go too. ”

  “Why? I thought you could spend the night. ”

  “I have to work early shift tomorrow. ”

  He sighed. “Doesn’t that just figure? Because I’m on the noon to ten shift tomorrow. ” His fingers idly traced her spine. “What’s your schedule the next day?”

  “Early shift again, but I promised Nadia I’d watch Anton after work. ”

  “Am I ever gonna have sex with you this week?”

  Domini smiled against his chest, elated he couldn’t get enough of her. “I sure hope so. ” After one last kiss to his amazingly hard pectoral, she rolled up. It was heartening to see him lounging naked, not trying at all to cover up his prosthesis as he watched her dress. But his gaze turned suspicious. “What?”

  “Nothing. I just like to look at your hot body, Cam. ”

  “You don’t hafta stop at lookin’, princess. You can touch any time you want to. ”

  She leaned over to peck him on the mouth. “Thank you for a great night. ”

  “So you had fun?”

  “Yes. ”

  Cam glanced over his shoulder when the shower kicked on. “Would you be up for doin’ it again?”

  “Honestly? No. ”

  He went still. “No? Why not if you had a good time?”

  “It’s…hard to explain. ”

  “Try. ”

  “Fine. It’s like eating rattlesnake. Fun to say you did it once but not something you’d want to repeat. ”

  Cam didn’t say another word. He appeared to be lost in serious thought.

  “Anyway. Good night. ”

  Domini had plenty to think about on the drive back to her apartment in Sundance.


  Although Cam wasn’t scheduled to work for a few hours, he popped up at the crack of dawn. Habit he supposed. But the truth was he didn’t sleep much after he’d crawled in bed alone.

  The hallway floor creaked and Cam braced himself to see his friend. Who’d fucked his girlfriend. He swallowed a snarl.

  The fact Brock looked a little haggard cheered Cam considerably.

  Petty, McKay.

  “Mornin’. There’s coffee,” Cam offered.

  “Thank God. ” Brock snatched a mug off the dish rack and poured.

  “You ready to head out?”

  “Just about. ” Brock rested his backside against the counter and studied Cam curiously. “How are you after last night?”

  Pissy. “Good. Why?”

  “Wondered if you still had the urge to beat me bloody. ”


  “Spray-painting your name on her couldn’t have stated it more obviously you consider her yours. Or maybe…it could’ve been your continual demands she focus only on you. ”

  Cam said nothing.

  “I ain’t gonna get into the dynamics of having three people involved in a sexual situation, but if you didn’t want me to touch her why in the hell did we even mess around last night?”

  “Domini wanted it. ” He shoved a hand through his hair. “Or I thought she wanted it. I’m not so sure I did the right thing by pushing her to try it. I know I can’t go through that again. No offense. ”

  “None taken. ” Brock sipped his coffee but his eyes never wavered from Cam’s. “Does Domini know you’re in love with her?”

  “No. ”

  “You are planning on telling her?”

  Cam shrugged.

  “Jesus, McKay, don’t be a fucktard about this. ”

  That got Cam’s back up. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

  “It means I never would’ve believed you’d allow a woman to get that close. I ain’t only talking physically. You didn’t bat an eye about letting her see every part of you. You didn’t bat an eye about letting me see how she reacted to that missing part of you. ”


  “So, the last time I saw you, I worried you’d never get over whatever stupid embarrassment you have about being an injured vet. ”

  “It’s not stupid, Brock. You have no fucking i
dea what it’s like to be—”

  “Yeah, yeah, we’ve beat that conversation to death. So fucking sue me; I worried about you okay? I worried you’d never have a decent relationship and then Domini walked in. I’ll admit when she first showed up I gave her a hard time. ”

  Cam fought the immediate surge of anger. “Why?”

  “Because she’s not like the women you used to date. She’s…reserved. ”

  “Which you took as to mean what? She’s stupid? She’s a doormat?” Even thinking those words in the same breath as her name had Cam seeing red.

  “Chill out. I thought maybe she was one of those freaky amputee fanatics. ”

  Cam scowled.

  “Hey, we both know those women are out there. ”

  “They’re few and far between in Wyoming. ”

  “Anyway, I changed my mind about Domini after I spent time talking to her—”

  “And let’s not forget how much more appealing she is after she’s been sucking your cock,” Cam retorted.

  Brock wagged his finger at Cam. “Don’t go there. The three-way was a mutual decision last night and has no bearing on this conversation. All’s I’m saying is Domini gets you, in ways most people don’t. I didn’t have to be part of a threesome to pick up on that. And you’d be a fucking idiot if you didn’t snatch her up right now. ”

  Cam’s shoulders slumped. “Which is all great, but we’ve been dating for like a week. I’m supposed to beat on my chest, drag her off by her hair and demand she marry me?”

  “You’d do all those things if you thought she’d say yes. ”

  “In a fucking heartbeat. ”

  Brock sighed.


  “Cam, man, I love you like a brother. Do me a favor. Be selfish. Just this one time. Don’t think about anybody but yourself and what you want. You don’t have to put a ring on her finger right now, but make sure you do something besides giving her a fucking hickey so she knows you consider her yours. ” Brock ditched his coffee cup and retreated to the bedroom to get his duffel bag.