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       Hang Tough, p.24

         Part #8 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James
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  forward and stopped right in front of her. He hooked his index finger beneath her chin and swept his thumb across her bottom lip. “It’d be best if they steered clear and let us hash this out in our own way.”

  Oh, that dangerous, sexy look in his eyes set her panties on fire.

  “Shoot, we’re starting the boarding process, so I gotta go. Be good the next three weeks. Both of you.”

  Click. She ended the call.

  “Not a chance,” he rasped as he took the phone from Jade and chucked it on the counter.

  “Not a chance . . . what?”

  “Not a chance in hell that I’m gonna be good. I plan on bein’ very, very bad. Starting right now.” Tobin put his mouth on her ear. “Take off your jeans and brace yourself against the counter.”

  Her head fell back and she whimpered when he started nibbling on her neck. Her nipples, her belly, her thighs had already gone hot and tight with anticipation.

  Tobin freed her hair and smoothed his hands over her head. “Jade. Darlin’. Jeans off. Now.”

  “I can’t think straight when you talk to me like that.”

  “I’ll get you started.” He popped the button on her jeans. Somehow those thick fingers got a hold of the zipper tab and pulled it down. Then he slid his hand down her abdomen, his fingers slipping beneath the denim and lace underwear, over her mound.

  She gasped when his middle finger pressed against her clit.

  “Fuck. You’re already wet.”

  “I’ve been wet since the grocery store.”

  He groaned. “Don’t tell me that.”

  She turned her head and let her tongue taste the skin below his strong jawline. “You’d rather I . . . ?”

  “Take your goddamned pants off so I can put my mouth on this pussy and test your wetness myself.”

  Her sex clenched and of course he felt it.

  “You like that.”

  Blushing, she angled forward trying to dislodge his hand as she worked her jeans down her legs.

  He backed off only when she needed to kick her jeans aside. Then he dropped to his knees.

  Jade’s belly rippled as she looked down at Tobin’s head. His hair seemed to be ten different colors of brown with russet, blond and burnished gold highlights that made it difficult to classify. When his mouth touched her belly button, her stomach rippled again.

  “I never would’ve pegged you as a lace thong type.” His rough-tipped fingers traced the band running from her hip bones to her lower back. “I figured you’d be either funky bikini bottoms or those sexy boy shorts.”


  “Nope.” Tobin wound the lacy band around and around his finger until it got uncomfortably tight on the right side of her hip and started to pull up between her legs. He tipped his head back and locked his gaze to hers. He said, “Are you?” and jerked hard so all she heard was riiiiiip, and then her thong dangled from his fingers.

  “God, Tobin. Are you trying to see if you can make me come without you even putting your mouth on me?”

  “You liked that too,” he murmured. “Take off your shirt so nothing blocks my view when I’m watching you come.”

  Her shirt hit the floor.

  Those big, callused hands skated up the outsides of her thighs. “Spread your legs and hold on to the counter.” As soon as he had her in the position he liked, he opened her sex up with his thumbs, exposing the sensitive inner tissues to his gaze, his soft, short exhalations and his tongue.

  Oh. That tongue.

  Just the very tip circled her clit, then he flattened it as he slid it down the contour of her mound until his searching mouth found the source of wetness and he started to lick her. Lap at her. Making greedy, hungry, growling noises. Then he stopped and she could see his shoulders heaving. He turned his head and planted a soft smooch on the inside of her left thigh with warm, sticky lips.

  Jade’s fingers tightened around the edge of the counter as she watched him, her heart thudding in her throat and chest. Her pulse throbbed differently between her legs, almost in anticipation for the next touch of his tongue or whisper of his breath.

  “Jade, baby, I can’t.”

  She swallowed hard. “You can’t what? Go down on me?”

  Tobin’s head snapped back and he looked at her. “What? Wait. You think I don’t want to . . . ?” His groan vibrated everywhere and she trembled. “I was gonna try and take this slow, but fuck, woman. This pussy tastes like fucking candy. I just want to lick you, suck on you and bite you until you give me more of that sweetness as you’re bucking against my mouth.”

  Reaching down, she gently pushed his hand away. Then she grabbed a fistful of his hair and used it to pull his head back. “Time for plan B. Follow me.”

  Jade heard him groan behind her and she put an extra swing in her hips as she pushed through the swinging doors and entered the living room. She sat in the middle of the couch next to the bag containing the condoms and lube.

  As soon as Tobin cleared the door, she scooted to the edge of the cushion, with her feet on the edge and her knees spread wide. She threw her arm above her head and said dramatically, “Have your wicked way with me, however you like. Somehow I shall endure your thorough tongue-lashing.”

  Then Tobin was on his knees in front of her. He trailed his fingers across her pussy from her clit to her opening and back up. “Jesus. You’re pretty here too.”

  Feeling . . . ornery and like they’d lost some momentum, Jade held three fingers up in front of Tobin’s face.

  “What’s that?”

  “The number of orgasms I need for you to gain admission to this ride.”

  His eyes gleamed. “You throwing out a challenge, tiger?”

  She reached out and traced his lips. “Only because I know I’ll be sore after you bend me over the couch and fuck me. So make me sore with this clever mouth first, slick.”

  “That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you swear.”

  “‘Fuck’ is not a swear word in this context. It’s an action word, and it’s really the only one that adequately describes what you’re going to do to me, isn’t it?”

  “Stop talkin’ and start moaning.”

  Tobin hadn’t been kidding that he couldn’t go slowly.

  Her first orgasm came in under two minutes. He dragged his mouth up and down her slit a few times, then he settled his flicking tongue and suctioning lips directly over her clit until she came unhinged, her body giving up a gush of wetness.

  Tobin’s mouth was sliding everywhere as he built her up for orgasm number two. Licking, sucking, a tease here and there, but mostly he feasted on her relentlessly. Right at the moment when her legs began to shake and all the blood seemed to flow hot and fast to her pussy, and that burst of tingles radiated out from behind her tailbone, he shoved two fingers into her opening.

  That shot her straight into orbit.

  Instead of the pulsing and throbbing being synchronized, the orgasm rolled over her in waves. The inner tightening of her muscles, the throb throb throb of her clit, back to his stroking fingers coaxing more of those long pulls and then his mouth squeezing out three slower throbs.

  When her legs still trembled in the aftermath, Tobin nuzzled that delicate area between her hip bones as he tenderly caressed her.

  Jade had squeezed her eyes shut both times he’d worked her into a frenzy. So when he showed her a gentler touch, she opened her eyes to find Tobin peering up at her. He was just . . . all man. From the brooding set to his lips to his rugged profile. She reached out to trace the hard line of his jaw.

  He trapped her arm against her knee and kissed the inside of her wrist. “You are so fucking sexy when you let go. I can’t even describe what a fucking rush it is that you give yourself over to me completely, knowing you come undone from what I do to you, knowing that it’s real because I can feel it. I can taste it.”

  “Tobin.” His honestly floored her.

  “So fair warning, baby, now that I know how it is between us
? I’m gonna want you more that I already did. I’m gonna want it all the fucking time.” He scraped his cheek up the inside of her wrist. “Does that scare you?”

  “Only if you don’t give me a choice. But that’s not you. Or else you would’ve used that second condom last night without a second thought.”

  He smiled. “Yeah, I showed remarkable restraint. Lucky for you I don’t have to do that right now.”

  “Very lucky for me. But I’ll warn you. I’ve never hit three oral Os in one night.”

  “I’ll remind you, babe, that it’s not night. And I could stay here all damn day with this sweet pussy in my face.”

  “That position isn’t strangling your poor cock?”

  “A little. Every time you come and make that sexy fucking moan, it’s raring to go to get you to make that noise again.” He licked up her slit. “And again.”

  The thought of all that power and passion unleashed on her . . . she couldn’t wait.

  Tobin slowed the pace. His kisses on her clit were fleeting, making her arch hard for more contact with his mouth. Which he denied her. He sucked her pussy lips. Wiggled his tongue all the way inside her. He didn’t take her to the edge and back off. Instead he drove her to that edge one lick at a time.

  Finally he ramped up the pace. He swept the stubble on his chin back and forth across her swollen clit. Sometimes that bristle was soft. Sometimes it wasn’t. But that quick sting quickly melted into pleasure.

  Then Jade had drifted back into that place where please please please became a mantra as her body inched closer and closer to that state of pulsating bliss.

  At some point Tobin had started swirling his wet thumb over the pucker of her ass, and that gave her an entirely new sensation to focus on. So she didn’t notice at first when the abrasion of his beard on her clit increased and stung more than tickled.

  But she started to squirm, and he used his free hand to keep her hips pinned against the couch. Then she held her breath with every prickly pass and became light-headed.

  Just when she thought she couldn’t take another sharp pain, Tobin opened his mouth over her clit and sucked softly, adding the random lash of his tongue.

  Jade came hard—harder than she’d ever come in her life. A kaleidoscope of shifting patterns and shapes danced behind her eyelids, twirling her around into a white vortex of nothingness, where the only constant was the roaring in her ears and the accelerated beat of her heart.

  When every inner and outer muscle and tendon and tissue stopped twitching, she opened her eyes.

  “So fuckin’ hot,” Tobin murmured against her belly. He snatched the bag from the drugstore and dumped out the box of condoms and the lube. After pushing to his feet, he kept his eyes on hers as he ditched his jeans and boxer briefs and rolled on a condom. One flick of the cap and he had the lube open.

  Was there anything sexier than a confident man stroking himself?

  Maybe a sexy, naked man gritting out, “Need to fuck you now. Get to the end of the couch and bend over before I lose my ever-lovin’ mind.”

  “Maybe you should lube me up first.”

  Tobin squirted a long thick line of lube down the seam of his first and second finger. Then he gently pushed those fingers inside her, swallowing her gasp at the cool temperature of the lube.

  He kissed her, pausing only to add more K-Y.

  “You taste like me,” she said softly.

  “I smell like you too. I might not wash my face for days.”

  She blushed. And wasn’t that just stupid. The man had his fingers inside her and she was uncomfortable with him telling her how much he liked the way she tasted and smelled.

  He eased his fingers out and pressed the tube into her hand. “Keep it close in case we need more.”

  She nodded and ducked her head, allowing her hair to cover her face.

  An awkward moment passed.

  Then Tobin’s rough palm skated up her arm. He brushed her hair over her shoulder. “Second thoughts?”

  “No.” She took one step back. And another. “Just wondering which couch. This one is too low.” She pointed. “That one is too high. So which one is just right?”

  Tobin lunged for her. “Oh, this one will do just fine.” He spun her around and put his hand in the middle of her back, until her chest rested on the cushions and her butt hung over the edge.

  Jade pushed up and looked over her shoulder at him. The look of lust he wore for her . . . pretty heady stuff.

  He widened her stance, and his hand shook as he smoothed his hand over her butt. “I wanna take a bite outta this ass.”

  “Maybe next time.”

  The head of his cock prodded her opening. “Lower your hips. There, that’s it.”

  She bit her lip as he pushed in.

  And in.

  And in.

  And in.

  “Christ. So tight. You okay?”

  “I don’t know yet.”

  His withdrawal had her handing him the lube.

  “More is better.”

  Whatever Tobin did made it better—much better.

  After a few slow deep strokes, he ground out, “Jade. I have to move.”

  And then he did.

  Chills erupted when she stole another peek over her shoulder. There was some serious power behind the way those lean, muscular hips could thrust and pump.

  His grip increased and he said, “Fuck. Fuck me.”

  Which Jade took to mean she should drive back onto him harder.

  “Yeah. Like that. Sexy little thing. You movin’ like that is makin’ my dick harder.”

  She smirked.

  “Ain’t gonna last. Too good.”

  Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam.

  Tobin threw his head back and roared.

  She watched the cords in his neck strain as his orgasm overtook him. The ropy muscles and thick veins in his forearms popped up like a topographical road map as he clutched her hips. His chest heaved as he tried to suck in air. Biceps, triceps, pectorals, all glistening and quivering. And she really wished she had a mirror to watch his glutes flexing.

  He exhaled and opened his eyes.

  “Worth the price of admission?”

  “Smart-ass.” He leaned over and peppered kisses up her spine. “Let’s crawl in bed for a few hours and figure out how else we’re gonna spend these three weeks together.”

  Chapter Nineteen

  It was weird napping during the day.

  It was really weird napping with a woman.

  A naked woman.

  A naked, snuggly woman.

  Tobin brushed the hair out of Jade’s face and ran his hand down the side of her body, stopping at the curve of her ass.

  She stirred against him and made a little moan.

  Fuck. He loved how vocal she was.

  Her soft lips teased his pectoral as she rubbed her nose and cheek across his chest. “For you being so hard here, you sure make a great pillow.”

  “Glad you think so. It’s yours anytime you want.”

  Jade shifted to look at him and smiled shyly. “Hi.”

  He grinned at her. “Hey, baby.”

  “I don’t suppose we can laze in bed all day.”

  “We can do whatever you want.”

  She ruffled his chest hair with her fingers.

  “Something on your mind?”

  “Two things actually.”

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