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       Hang Tough, p.22

         Part #8 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James
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  Crazy woman. He grinned and shed his pants.

  Jade’s eyes zeroed in on his dick. Her mouth dropped open and the condom fell out. “Tobin. Is that what women mean when they say, ‘He’s hung like a horse’?”

  Jesus. He blushed. Then he felt stupid for it and crawled across the mattress above her. “I haven’t had any complaints. But how about we go to plan C?” He rolled onto his back and brought her on top of him, body to body with his cock pressed between them. He curled one hand around the back of her head and squeezed her ass with the other as he kissed her.

  Jade’s stiff posture relaxed as he fed her slow, drugging kisses. She lowered her knees to the mattress, creating space between them so she could get to his cock.

  He silently breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t shy. But if she kept stroking him like that, they’d have a repeat of the hallway incident. Trailing his lips to her ear, he rasped, “Put the condom on me.”

  She pushed upright, ripped the package open and rolled the latex down. She checked out the wrapper and mouthed “Magnum” before tossing it aside. Flattening her palms by his head, she smiled shyly. “Got any ridin’ tips, cowboy? Because I’ve never done it this way.”

  Sweet baby Jesus she was killing him. “Do what feels good. And I’m very good at takin’ direction, so don’t hesitate to tell me exactly what you need.”

  “Same goes.” Jade scooted back and took him in, inch by inch.

  Tobin kept his hands on her hips, letting his thumbs track across her hip bones as that wet heat enveloped him. He gritted his teeth when she stopped a couple of times and pulled back, because she was really fucking tight. And, well, he wasn’t small.

  The look of concentration on her face? Seriously beyond adorable. When she’d finally worked him all the way in, she did a fist pump and slumped across his chest with a sigh.

  “You okay?”

  “I think so. I like how it feels. I just need a moment.”

  He lifted her head off his chest so he could kiss her. The kiss began with just a pass of his lips over hers. A side-to-side glide that he mimicked where they were joined. Nothing overt, just subtle movement.

  Jade whispered, “Yes,” against his mouth and the kiss got a little hotter. More tongue, more panting breaths.

  Then his fingers drifted up and down her spine, stopping to squeeze her ass or caress the dimples in the small of her back.

  She rolled her body up over his and kissed him harder. Opening her mouth fully, her body started to set a rhythm. Once the pace increased, she moved her hands to his chest for leverage as she pushed back onto his dick.

  That’s it, baby. You got this.

  Tobin closed his eyes. Fuck. That felt good. Especially when she added a clenching grind on the downstroke. All the tightness increased around his cock and he could feel her getting wetter and his balls drew up in response.

  Whoa. Not yet. It’d been a while for him but he wasn’t gonna blow this fast.

  Sweat dotted his body, and he’d run through the periodic table of elements when Jade stopped moving completely.

  Softly, she said, “Tobin?”

  He looked at her. “You okay?”

  “Help me. It feels good, but awkward. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

  “Hey, tiger. You’re not doin’ anything wrong, let’s just fine-tune it a little, okay?”

  “Thank you.”

  She kissed him so sweetly that when she started to retreat, he growled and clamped his hand onto her head to keep her in place. Using that kiss to crank the heat back up between them so they were both panting when he said, “Scoot back some and push up.”

  She batted her hair out of her face. “Like this?”

  “Yep.” Tobin rose up far enough to latch onto her nipples, one with his mouth, the other he twisted and pulled with his fingers.

  “Oh, I like that.”

  “I can tell.” Jade had started moving faster, creating more friction, driving his cock deeper.

  Did she have any idea how sexy she looked? With her hair swirling around them, her teeth digging into her bottom lip, her eyes closed, one hand clutching his head as he alternated between sucking on her neck and her tit.

  “Tobin. I’m . . .” Her expression changed and she rocked her hips with shallow strokes, again and again until her body shook and she shouted, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, that feels so good, don’t stop, oh please . . .”

  Tobin couldn’t hide his grin. So Jade was loud in bed. He kept kissing her neck, nuzzling her and caressing her as she came down.

  Then she pushed him flat to the mattress and devoured him with hot, wet kisses. Her lips migrated to his ear. “Tell me what’ll get you there.”

  Immediately, he rolled her beneath him.

  She blinked those golden eyes and smiled. “Agile and hung. I like that.”

  He pecked her on the mouth and rested his forehead to hers. “Are you sore?”

  “Not yet, I’m still delightfully tingly. Why?”

  “I need it hard and fast.”

  “Tobin, I’m not fragile.”

  “Guess we’ll test that, won’t we?”

  Jade hooked her legs around his hips and nipped his neck. “Come apart for me, cowboy.”

  Tobin took some of his weight off her as he began sliding in and out. It also allowed him to watch his cock disappearing into that tight pussy.

  Fuck yeah. He liked that.

  He picked up speed, bottoming out on every thrust.

  She used that sassy little tongue on his neck, and her hands were on his chest, thumbing his nipples.

  That combination sent gooseflesh straight to his balls.

  Despite the cool air blowing in the room, sweat escaped from his hairline and ran down his spine.

  He plowed into her harder, not as close to the edge as he thought he was. But it felt too damn good to stop.

  Jade’s lips brushed his ear. “Yes. Like that. You’re going to make me come again.”

  When her body tightened around his, he let go, pumping into her with enough force to rattle the bedframe. So lost in the rush of release, he barely heard her cry out before she muffled the sound in his chest.

  After he’d stopped shuddering in pleasure above her, her mouth reconnected with his. Between sweet and teasing kisses, Tobin managed to roll to his side so he didn’t crush her.

  “Okay, that was awesome.”

  Tobin laughed. “Yeah it was.”

  “But we’ll probably have to invest in some lube from here on out.”

  He nuzzled her temple. “This wasn’t a onetime thing for you? Crossing ‘banging a cowboy’ off your list on your Wild West adventure?”

  Jade scooted up and got in his face. “It’s not a onetime thing for me, any more than it is for you. We can at least be honest that neither of us is into casual one-offs. Or at least not very often.”

  “More often than I’d like in my younger years.”


  He shook his head. Then he curled his hand around her jaw. “This didn’t happen because you were convenient. This didn’t happen because I’m tryin’ to manipulate you around to my way of thinking with Miz G. This happened because you’ve fired my blood since the moment I set eyes on you. And I like you.” He stroked the corner of her mouth with his thumb. “We clear on that?”


  “Good.” He pressed his mouth to hers. “Be right back.”

  In the bathroom Tobin ditched the condom. He took a leak. He washed his hands and face and wet a washcloth with cold water. Exiting the bathroom, he found Jade beneath the sheet.

  She eyed the washcloth suspiciously. “What’s that?”

  “How sore are you now?”

  “A little.”

  Which probably meant a lot. “This will help.” Tobin pulled back the sheet and said, “Spread ’em.”

  “You’re joking.”

  “Nope.” He waited.

  Finally she slid her heels out and said, “Whatever.”
  He placed the cloth between her legs and muffled her shriek with his mouth. When he was relatively sure she wouldn’t take a swing at him, he ended the kiss and looked into her eyes. “Better?”

  “Yes, but it’s cold.”

  Tobin crawled in bed, gathering her into his arms. It surprised him how quickly and easily she snuggled into him. “If it gets too cold, I’d be more than happy to warm you up with my mouth.”

  “I’ll keep that in mind.” Jade drew circles on his chest. “How many condoms did you bring tonight?”

  “Just one.”

  She lifted her head and looked at him. “Really?”

  He grinned. “Nope. Got another one in my wallet.”

  “Boy Scout,” she teased.

  “Optimistic,” he volleyed back. “As much as I’d love to spend the night over you, under you, behind you, seeing how many times I can make you come, it’d kill the mood to see you wincing.”

  “Has that happened before?”

  Even as he wondered how honest he should be, Jade said, “Truth between us always, Tobin.”

  “All right. I’ve had a few women only want me for my cock; that never lasted long. But one time I stripped down and the chick I was with looked at my groin with complete horror and told me to get my ‘meat club’ the hell away from her.”

  “Meat club? Seriously?”


  “Meat club,” Jade repeated. Then she started to giggle.

  He loved to hear her giggle; it might’ve been one of the happiest sounds in the entire world.

  “Sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing,” she said, still laughing. “I’ll pipe down before you club me with your—”

  Tobin put his hand over her mouth. “Don’t even think about sayin’ it.”

  She snickered off and on for the next little bit. Then she yawned.

  “Want me to shut off the light?”

  “Mmm. But come right back where you were. I’m so comfy like this.”

  Once they were twined together in the darkness, Jade said, “This didn’t happen because I wanted a wild cowboy sex tale to brag about to my friends in New York. It didn’t happen because I was bored and lonely—I live with that every day so that’s nothing new. It happened because something about you sucked me in, Tobin. The more time I spend with you, the more I like you.”

  He kissed the top of her head. “Thanks.”

  As he drifted off she whispered, “And now I’m pretty fond of your meat club too.”

  “Now you’re in for it.” Tobin tickled her until she shrieked.

  Then he kissed her until she twined herself around him again.

  Sleep didn’t come as easily the second time when she said, “How will we explain this to GG? Or is this something we keep to ourselves for a little longer?”

  “I don’t know, darlin’. I truly don’t. Can we talk about it in the morning?”

  “I suppose. But I’m not really tired anymore.”

  “Me neither.”

  “Do you want to watch TV?”

  “We haven’t done that, have we?”

  “That’s because we’re not allowed in the same room.” Jade snickered.

  “We’re definitely breaking all the rules tonight.”

  After a bit, Jade murmured, “Being here with you like this? The ultimate pixie dust night.”

  Tobin fell more than a little in love with her right then.

  Chapter Eighteen

  Jade woke up alone the next morning.

  She stretched and smiled, feeling so well . . . rested. And deliciously sore in all the right places.

  Man. Tobin definitely knew how to use that rocket in his pocket. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had two orgasms in one night. Two and a half orgasms if she counted that mini O when he’d sucked her nipples. Guys overlooked her breasts since they weren’t big, bouncing mounds, but her breasts were so sensitive that she could get off just from a hungry mouth and clever hands. And the sexy cowboy had both of those.

  As she dreamily relived everything that happened last night, she realized being in bed with Tobin had been fun. And intense. And adventurous. She definitely wanted more of him—of this—but where did they go from here?

  The door clicked, the knob turned and Tobin walked in, balancing two cups of coffee on a tray in one hand and a plastic bag draped around his other wrist. He smiled at her. “Mornin’, tiger.”

  “Good morning, slick.”

  “Here I went out and got us coffee and a few toiletries and I can tell by your eyes that you thought I’d bailed on you first thing.”

  She blushed. “Busted.” She scooted up and held out her hand for the coffee, sending the sheet sliding down to her hips. “I am happy you didn’t take off.”

  Tobin leaned over and kissed her lips, then bent down even more and brushed his mouth across her exposed nipple. “Drink your coffee and get dressed before I ditch my clothes and crawl back in with you.”

  “That condom burning a hole in your pocket?”

  “Yep.” He handed her a cardboard cup, but his eyes were on her chest. “Maybe I’ve got time for a little taste of you.”

  “Go. I’m getting dressed.”

  Tobin ducked into the bathroom.

  Jade found her clothes—she’d be doing the walk of shame into GG’s house. She snagged her purse off the floor and fished out her brush. After a few detangling passes, she pulled her hair into a low ponytail at the base of her neck.

  Sipping her coffee, she looked around the room. Pretty basic. Strange to think this had been the first time she’d checked into a hotel with a guy for the express reason to have sex.

  Don’t forget watching TV. Which she’d loved. Snuggled up to Tobin’s big body. He constantly had to be touching her and she could easily become addicted to it.

  The bathroom door opened and Tobin stepped out, that clean soap scent trailing behind him. “I got you a toothbrush.”

  “Thanks. What about hair spray?”

  Those beautiful eyes of his sparkled. “Sorry, babe. I bought some but I used it all. Takes a ton of product to make my hair look this damn good every morning.”

  She smiled. “I like your hair. As if you couldn’t tell by how many times I pulled it last night.”

  “No complaints from me about that.”

  “My turn.” Teeth brushed, face washed, she left the bathroom to find Tobin frowning at his phone. “Something wrong?”

  “Did you get a text from Miz G about both of us bein’ on a conference call with her at eleven this morning?”

  “I haven’t looked at my phone since last night.” She dug it out of her purse and punched in the access code. “I got the same message.” Jade looked at Tobin. “Maybe someone saw us racing off to the motel last night and tattled on us.”

  “Could be.”

  “If that is the case, what are we going to tell her?”

  “You regret what happened?”

  “Not at all. Do you?”

  “Not a single moment. So if I had my way? I’d sit Miz G down and tell her that we’re involved.”

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