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Shoulda Been a Cowboy, Page 22

Lorelei James

Page 22


  He pumped into her. Not faster but with precision and finesse. “Say my name when you come. ”

  His harsh breathing in her ear, the sucking sounds of his sex driving into hers, the scent of his skin, the feel of his hard chest muscles and fingers and cock…she couldn’t even think straight.

  “I wanna hear you say it, Domini. ” Cam teasingly licked the column of her throat as his fingers strummed her clit. “Say it. ”

  “Please. ”

  “I can feel those cunt muscles gripping my cock, trying to bring me all the way inside you. Until all you feel is me. In you. On you. ” His hoarse whisper, “Say my name,” was a sexy command she ached to obey. “Or better yet—” he lightly pinched her clit, “—scream it. ”

  That tiny pinch of pain sent her rushing into pleasure so dark and sharp she did scream.

  Cam hammered into her, whispering sweet, dirty nothings into her ear as her body pulsed around his. He slanted his mouth open wider and kissed her in a hot, wet, clashing of tongues. Her insides were flooded with the heat of his ejaculate.

  Domini brought her arms around his neck and held on.

  After he broke the kiss, he murmured, “You never fail to amaze me, Domini. ” He pulled out and stepped back.

  Suddenly off balance, she windmilled her arms to no avail. She yelped, fell backward, narrowly missing kicking Cam in the head as she bounced on the couch cushion and crashed to the floor.

  “Shit! Are you okay?”

  Domini started to giggle.

  Cam seemed wary of her laughter as he skirted the couch, fumbling with his belt buckle after he refastened his pants. He loomed over her. “Did you hurt yourself?”

  “Just my pride. ”

  He jammed his hands on his hips. “I’m sorry. I should’ve tried to catch you. It’s just…I have this thing about falling. I did it a lot when I first… Sometimes I still fall and I fucking hate it. Makes me feel helpless. ”

  “I should’ve been paying attention. ” She rolled to her feet, noticing he’d dressed his lower half. “So are you leaving now?”

  No answer.

  What was he thinking about with that far-off look? “Cam?”

  Still no response.

  Which ticked her off. “Is this where you tell me you hate to screw and run, but you’ve got to be up early tomorrow?”

  Then Cam was right there. “Excuse me? Did I say we were done?”

  She shook her head.

  “Who has the say so in that?”

  “You. ”

  “And if I didn’t say it, then we’re not done, are we?”

  “No. ” When her eyes darted away, he held her chin, forcing her to lock onto his dark and dangerous gaze.

  “Maybe you need a reminder of who’s in charge. ” He leaned forward, taking his time, until finally his lips grazed her hairline. “Go wait for me in your room. ”


  “Now. ”

  Domini knew better than to argue. But the truth was, she didn’t want to argue. She wondered if he’d dally. Probably not. Cam liked to play, but he didn’t play games. Right after she’d arranged herself on the bed, she glanced up and saw him propped against the doorframe.

  “Pull the covers back and get your vibrator. ”

  His bossy tone shouldn’t have hardened her nipples, made her wet, caused her skin to tighten with anticipation, but those short, terse, commanding words did it for her.

  Boy did they ever do it for her.

  Cam sauntered into the room. He set a bottle of vegetable oil on the nightstand. His gaze never wavered from hers as he dropped his pants and his shorts to his ankles. He sat in the chair and yanked them off.

  Now they were both naked. Yet, they weren’t on a level playing field because Cam had the upper hand. She allowed her gaze to drop to his cock.

  His fully erect cock.

  He wrapped his fingers around it and stroked. “Sit on the edge of the bed and spread your knees so I can see every bit of that sweet pussy. ”

  Domini’s heart raced at the wild look in Cam’s eyes. This was the predator. The alpha. She, shy Domini Katzinski, brought out that beastly side in Cameron McKay.

  “Have you ever masturbated for a man?” he murmured.

  “No. ”

  He emitted a pleased-sounding growl. “You will for me. Use the vibrator and show me how you get yourself off. ”

  Even after all they’d done with each other, she blushed at the idea of performing such an intimate act in front of him. She turned the vibrator on and let the buzzing tip follow the rise of her pubic bone down to the opening of her sex. She rimmed the outer edges of her pussy, leisurely. Thoroughly.

  “Do you always draw it out like that?” he asked.

  “No. ”

  “Show me how you do it when you’re alone. ”

  “You sure you want to see how fast I can get off with a vibrator?”

  “Yep. ” Cam cocked his head. “You say that like my ego will take a hit when I see what battery power can do. ”

  “It might. ”

  “Darlin’, when they manufacture one that can do all the things my hot, wet tongue and my soft lips and sucking mouth can do, well, then I might be worried. ” He grinned with pure male confidence. “Then again, maybe not. ”

  Cocky man.

  If Cam wanted fast, she’d give him fast. Switching it to high, Domini set it directly on the swollen nub of flesh. She rubbed up and down, back and forth mostly for show. The sensation of her tissues pulling tight built and her clit was pulsating beneath the vibrating tip. Her head fell back and she moaned. The short, intense orgasm was nothing like having Cam’s cock pounding into her or his tongue bringing her to climax, but it was good nonetheless.

  She peeked from beneath her lashes and saw Cam still stroking himself, still watching her.

  “How soon before you can go again?”

  “Usually one is enough. ”

  “One is never enough. ”

  “Umm. Well, it might take a while. ”

  Cam shrugged. “I doubt it, but I’m in no hurry. Show me. Now. ”

  Another command. Another overpowering need to please him. Another wave of desire swamped her. Domini gave him a raunchy show as she played with herself and her vibrator. He’d been right; it didn’t take long to get off a second time. After she clicked the toy off, Cam was there. Right there. All dangerous, hungry, challenged male.

  “My turn. ” He pushed her flat on the mattress, slapped his hands on the inside of her thighs and set his mouth on her.

  Oh he had something to prove. Cam used his tongue in so many naughty, delectable ways, keeping her dangling on the precipice of bliss. If he suspected she was close to careening into pleasure, he’d stop, yank her back to sanity, and start over.

  While his busy mouth tended to her clit, his fingers pumped in and out of her wet pussy. She swore he was fucking and sucking her at the same time. And his wicked thumb brushed across her bottom hole, bringing her awareness to those sensitive nerve endings. She noticed his probing of that untried area became more insistent with each pass.

  Her stomach muscles were quivering. Her legs were doing this weird, twitchy thing. And she absolutely couldn’t take any more. “Cam. Please. ”

  He lifted his face from between her thighs and his mouth was shiny with her juices. “Please what?”

  “Please make me come. ”

  Cam blew a cool stream of air across her hot, wet folds. Teasing. Tormenting. Proving his mastery over her.

  Then he bent his head.

  He’d kept her on the edge for so long, when he sealed his mouth to her clit and sucked, Domini started to come immediately. She gasped when a finger breached the first ring of anal muscles and slid deep.

  That added stimulation catapulted her to another level of pleasure. She placed one hand on Cam’s head, wrapping the other hand aroun
d his thick wrist, not sure if she was trying to pull that probing finger out, or making sure he kept it in.

  As soon as the last twinge faded, she propped herself on her elbows and looked at him.

  He wore a funny little smirk. “I’ve got nothin’ to worry about from a piece of plastic, do I?”

  “Umm. No. ”

  “Good. Now that you’re all relaxed, we’re gonna try something new. ”

  “New?” she squeaked.

  Cam dipped his head to her right nipple. “Uh-huh. ”

  “Does it involve the bottle of oil?”

  “Yep. ” He lapped around the areola, loving her greedy hum of approval. His lips skimmed the shallow dent above her sternum and he licked the left nipple. Her breasts were small, but proportioned perfectly, and Cam never considered himself a tit man anyway. Give him a firm, shapely ass over enormous jugs any day. Speaking of ass…he wasn’t surprised to see Domini looking down at him curiously as he enjoyed her body.

  He kept eye contact with her. “You know what I want?”

  Domini nodded.

  “Say it. Straight up. ”

  “My ass. You want to fuck my ass. ”

  He smiled. “See? We’re getting good at this communication stuff, ain’t we?”

  She threw her head back and laughed like he’d said the funniest thing in the history of the world.

  Her pure, unrestrained joy was one of the most beautiful sounds Cam had ever heard.

  He was past the point of no return with this woman and she hadn’t a clue how he felt about her. Not a freakin’ clue.

  When Domini gifted him with a sweet smile, he kissed her. The glide of her lush mouth on his always brought his arousal to fever pitch, but it seemed sharper tonight. Deeper. Almost desperate.

  Cam brushed his nose by her ear. He loved the feel of her silky, baby-fine hair on his skin. When wisps stuck to the whiskers on his face and tickled his neck. Or crushed in his hands and twined through his fingers. Trailing down his body. And the scent. Lord. The cool scent of her hair drove him insane. Or maybe it was the perfume of her skin that seeped into his brain, making him absolutely crazed for everything about her.

  “Domini,” he murmured against her throat. “I need this from you. ”