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       Saddled and Spurred, p.16

         Part #2 of Blacktop Cowboys series by Lorelei James

  lifted her sex to his mouth, swiping his tongue up the glistening pink folds. God. She was so tangy. So sweet. His mouth watered for another taste of her, so he took a leisurely lick. And another. He closed his eyes and savored her. Since he’d blown it before with sex, he doubled his determination to make this first intimate kiss memorable.

  Her body began to shake. The muscles in her thighs tightened, as she attempted to keep them from trembling. He smiled against the crease where her thigh met her hip, pressing kisses on the closely trimmed blond curls covering the rise of her mound. Again his tongue delved into that creamy slit, pushing deep into her opening. He dragged his tongue back up to her pussy lips, sucking them into his mouth.

  Harper moaned.

  Bran flicked the tip of his tongue over her clitoris and met her eyes as he looked across the plane of her body. He expected her to ask him to send her over the edge. Maybe even plead. But she just stared at him with such a yearning need that he knew he was a goner for this woman. He’d take her any way he could get her, even for a short time.

  Needing to prove to her that he was the man who could satisfy the need in her eyes, Bran settled his lips around that throbbing bit of flesh, alternating sucking with butterfly licks.

  “Oh. Yes. I like that.”

  He applied more suction, lost in the taste and feel of her sweet syrup coating his tongue and flowing down his throat.

  “Bran. I’m . . . almost.” Her legs and her belly quivered and her breathing quickened.

  Then boom, her orgasm was right there. And so were her hands, gripping his head as she bowed into his mouth, her pussy pulsing against his lips as she gasped, “Oh God, oh God, oh God.”

  He loved her uninhibited reaction and gave her everything he had, keeping a steady rhythm until the last orgasmic pulse faded.

  She slumped back into the pillows with a very satisfied, very feminine sigh.

  One down, more to go, because he wasn’t nearly done with her. With his dick as hard as a fence post, he would’ve liked to plow into her, sate his obsessive need, but instead he explored. Kissing her hipbones, letting his tongue lead the way up all those luscious curves. His hands squeezed her ass, then moved to her belly, smoothing up to the underswell of her full breasts.

  Bran’s thumb lazily traced the dusky pink areola. The tip puckered and he latched on to it with his mouth. He groaned. A man could lose his mind in the sensation of her flesh soft against his face and her nipple diamond hard against his tongue. Her quick bursts of breath stirring his hair.

  Harper made another mewling whimper.

  He sucked and teased, lightly scraping his teeth across the peak, testing how much pressure she could take, testing that line between pleasure and pain. While his mouth worshipped one breast, the center of his palm gently stroked the other, the contrast between his explicit attention and casual treatment letting her know that he planned to mix it up.

  Her hips shifted restlessly and her hands were back on his head, urging him forward, urging him to take all of her breast in his mouth.

  Bran lifted his mouth from her kiss-swollen nipple. “You don’t get to direct how I do this, Harper. Understand?”


  He kissed her for a good long time. Pleasing himself but also enjoying her impatience. The proof of his impatience poked her in the belly. He pushed up and rolled on his back beside her.

  Harper looked at him with total confusion. “Did I do something wrong?”

  “No.” Bran brushed the wild, staticky blond strands behind her ear. “Ride me, sweetheart.”

  Pink tinged her cheeks as she rose to her knees and threw one leg over his thighs. The uncertainty on her beautiful face almost had him taking control again. But he forced himself to be patient. She scooted up, circling her fingers around his condom-covered cock as she aligned their bodies and impaled herself. She began to bounce on his pole as if there was a race and she intended to get first place. Her hands landed on his chest and her head fell back as she bounced.

  Slap slap slap echoed as their flesh connected. As good—okay, as amazing—as it felt, what was her rush? He curled his hands around her hips, stopping her frantic movements.

  Harper opened her eyes.

  “Are you tryin’ to get this over with as soon as possible?”

  “No! It’s just . . . you got me so worked up, I want to come again.” Her chin fell to her chest. “You probably think I’m really selfish.”

  “Not at all. Harper, look at me.” She lifted her head and those wonderfully expressive eyes locked on his. “I think bein’ greedy is good and I can’t deny you a damn thing. Tell me what you want.” Bran let his hands drift up her torso. Such smooth skin. He cupped her abundant breasts in his hands and feathered his thumbs across her nipples. “Do you want my hands here?” His finger traced the valley of her cleavage down, over her belly button, past her bikini line, right to where the heart of her joined the heart of him. “Or here?”

  “There. Definitely there.”

  He chuckled. “Put your hands on my legs, sweetheart, so I can touch you. Let me make you fly.”

  When Harper placed her palms behind her on his thighs, the beautiful arch of her back changed the angle of her body, allowing him total access. Oh, hell, yeah. Now he could even see all her soft, wet, pink parts perfectly.

  Bran anchored her hip with his left hand while his fingers stroked that sweet cleft. She jumped and gasped when he made direct contact with her clit. “You like that?”

  “Uh-huh.” She bumped her hips. “That’s almost as good as your mouth.”

  He growled.

  “But after this you could use your mouth again, you know, just to refresh my memory.”

  Cheeky thing. “Oh, someone’s gonna be usin’ their mouth, but it ain’t gonna be me.”

  Harper peered at him from beneath lowered lashes and smirked. “So the quicker you get me off . . .”

  The quicker he could have his cock buried in her sweet mouth. With a grin bordering on evil, Bran increased the up-and-down movement.

  She stilled completely, her grip increased on his thighs, and she moaned.

  Bran flicked just the tip of his finger over that swollen bud, faster and faster. With her hips bumping crazily and her body writhing above him, he pinched her nipple. Hard.

  Harper shrieked as she came undone.

  She was absolutely breathtaking. Bran just stared at her.

  When she blinked those sated, caramel-colored eyes at him, he brought her mouth to his for a ravenous kiss. He rolled until she was on her back. He pulled out and grabbed her hand, hopping to his feet. “Come on, sweetheart. Time to pay up.”

  “Pay up for what?” she asked as he dragged her into the bathroom.

  “For making you come fast.” He ditched the condom and turned on the shower. When Bran looked at her again, she wore the oddest expression. “What?”

  “We’re having shower sex?”

  “Yeah. Why? Don’t you like it?”

  “I’ve never tried it. Always wanted to, though.”

  He traced the curve of her jaw, once again touched by her surprising innocence. “Then this is your lucky day.”

  “In more ways than one.”


  “I’ve never swallowed before, but I’m betting that’ll change too.” Harper’s gaze swept him head to toe and she licked her lips before she stepped into the tub. “Coming, cowboy?”

  “Not yet. But soon. Very, very soon.”

  She laughed, a throaty, sexy, very . . . confident laugh, and Bran wondered if he’d been had.

  Chapter Ten

  The next morning was remarkably free of sexual tension. Almost to the point that Harper wondered if she’d imagined them lolling around in bed, in the shower, and then back in bed before she’d gone home.

  The workday on the ranch started normally as once again they were back to sharing coffee and small talk. The bouts of silence in the truck cab weren’t weighted with awkwardness. So
the fact that they’d both stuck to the “no messing around during working hours” rule was a relief.

  Rather than head home after she finished chores, Harper tracked down all the empty feed buckets and stacked them outside the tack room in the big barn. She gathered the insulated coffee mugs she’d found scattered in various places. Sometimes Bran was seriously disorganized. He’d complained that all his coffee mugs had grown legs and run away. Washing dishes wasn’t part of her job, but she carried the armful into his kitchen and dropped them in the sink.

  She’d poured herself a glass of water when the door opened and Bran sauntered into the trailer. He must not have expected to see her because he froze.

  Her mouth had gone completely dry. She carefully set the glass on the counter behind her, never taking her eyes off him.

  While they stared at one another, Bran removed his leather work gloves, finger by finger, and tossed them on the table. He unzipped his Carhartt coat and hung it on the peg by the door, never taking his eyes off her.

  He epitomized sexy and commanding, standing before her in a frayed flannel shirt, faded Wranglers, and dirty work boots. Under those ratty clothes was a body that screamed perfection. A body forged from physical labor. Sinewy muscles. Rock-hard abs. Strong shoulders. Ripped chest. Delineated muscles earned the hard way. She’d mapped his masculine form with her hands. With her mouth.

  Imagining her tongue tracing the dips and hollows of his naked form caused a puddle of drool to form on her tongue. She swallowed loudly and met his molten gaze again.

  His big, rough hands were clenched into fists at his sides.


  One word.

  That was all he said.

  That was all he needed to say.

  The next thing she knew, they’d collided in the middle of the room, just like in the movies. Kissing crazily. Hands roaming, bodies straining to get closer, fingers fumbling with buttons and zippers. Feet shuffling to remove boots.

  Never had she felt this intense burning need. Her heart threatened to beat out of her chest. A low hum overtook rational thought processes in her brain as the words more, more, more competed with now, now, now. Every part of her being that should’ve warned slow down, screamed speed up!

  Her coat hit the floor.

  Bran started backing her toward his bedroom. He broke their tongue-tangling kiss to lift her arms over her head and yank off her long johns shirt. Then his lips were back on hers in a sensual caress as he cupped her breasts over the white satin material of her bra. His fingers found the front clasp and popped it open. He muttered, “Goddamn, I love your tits,” against the corner of her mouth.

  Her back connected with the wall at the start of the hallway. Bran’s tongue followed the slope of her breast straight to her left nipple. Then to her right. His lips, his teeth, his tongue all worked together, driving her higher until she restlessly rubbed her thighs together, craving relief from the wet ache he’d created. Relief that only he could give her.


  His mouth ended her protest and his fingers made quick work of the snap and zipper on her jeans.

  Harper followed his lead, reaching between them to undo his buckle. His hands got in the way of her hands and he pushed back away from her with a frustrated growl.

  “You do yours, I’ll do mine.”

  She shimmied out of her jeans in record time, but she didn’t beat him in the race to get naked. His fully erect cock bounced against his abdomen, leaving a slick spot on the trail of dark hair. She looked up at him and the stark need reflecting back at her caused another spike in her pulse. She’d never had a man look at her like that. Ever. Not even all the times she’d paraded across the stage in a skimpy swimsuit.

  Bran slammed his mouth to hers, stoking the fire inside her with breath-stealing kisses. His rough-skinned hands cupped her butt cheeks and he lifted her, using his body weight to hoist her against the paneled wall.

  Her legs automatically circled his hips. She felt his cock trapped between their bodies, hard and thick and eager. She reached down and guided the head, canting her pelvis, giving him easier access, giving herself over to him completely.

  With one quick snap of his hips, Bran was buried to the root inside her.

  Oh, that felt good. Full. Amazing.

  “Hold on to me,” he rasped.

  Harper wreathed her arms around his neck. Hard thrust after hard thrust should’ve sent her back slamming into the wall, but Bran held her protectively as he plunged in and out.

  “You’re so wet,” he murmured against her temple. “So tight. So perfect.”

  Her body trembled. The deep rumble of his voice seemed to be vibrating inside her skin.

  He licked the shell of her ear, sending a strong shudder through her again. His rapid breathing teased the damp spot. “I could fuck you for hours.” His teeth tugged her earlobe, his warm mouth brushed the sensitive hollow below her ear. “And I will. But I’m too far gone to make it happen now.”

  The tiny part of her brain not lost in foggy pleasure wondered if he’d get his orgasm first, then worry about hers.

  “Widen your legs a little,” he urged thickly against her throat.

  She arched slightly, allowing her thighs to spread.

  Then Bran rearranged his stance. The top of her pubic bone connected with his groin in the exact spot that rubbed her clit.

  Harper gasped.

  He chuckled and let his open mouth slide down the tendon straining on the side of her neck. “Like that, do you?”

  “Yes. God. Yes.”

  Bran stopped thrusting and left his cock buried deep, shifting his hips side to side, keeping constant contact with her clit. He scattered firm-lipped kisses across the slope of her shoulder, while his fingers squeezed her butt cheeks to the same rhythm as his hip movements.

  Sweet Lord. Who knew the man could move like that standing up?

  She dug her nails into the back of his neck. Her head fell against the wall as she let his heat, his hardness, and his expertise push her closer to that elusive point of throbbing orgasmic goodness.

  “Fly apart for me,” he whispered as he nuzzled the tops of her breasts. “I’m right behind you.”

  “No. You’re right in front of me.”

  “Smart-ass. Next time I’m takin’ you from behind,” he half growled.

  Harper angled her head to kiss him, but Bran zeroed in on the spot at the base of her throat guaranteed to make her come. He merely opened his hot mouth on that section of skin and sucked.

  Tingles chased after goose bumps, sensitizing every inch of flesh on her body. Her clit pulsed, contracting her pussy muscles around Bran’s nearly motionless cock. She cried out, each spasm built on the last until she hit the pinnacle. Then the pulses decreased in intensity and faded away.

  As soon as she could remember how to breathe, she opened her eyes.

  Bran’s whole body shook. He lifted his head from where it’d rested in the curve of her neck.

  She caressed the side of his damp face, humbled that he’d seen to her needs at the expense of his own. She murmured, “Your turn to fly, cowboy,” and kicked him in the curve of his butt with her bare heels, spurring him on.

  He began pumping into her with enough force that her spine connected with the wall. But she didn’t mind. She was lost in the look of bliss on Bran’s face when he threw his head back and shouted hoarsely as he came.

  Harper felt his cock jerking inside her. With each burst of warm seed she tightened her pussy muscles, earning another low growl of male approval.

  His hips quit moving. He leaned forward and kissed her, switching to a better grip on her ass as he tugged her away from the wall. He caught her surprised gasp in his hungry mouth as he carried her down the hall to his bedroom.

  It was heady stuff, Bran laying her on the center of his bed, feeling his cock still embedded inside her. Feeling his cock hardening as he pressed his body to hers. He broke the kiss and said, “Again. Right now.”

  Those three little words uncoiled her desire like a long, silken ribbon.

  He rested on his haunches, bringing her with him at an angle across his bent knees. He pushed her legs apart until she was almost in straddle splits.


  “Keep your legs like that and grab the headboard.”

  She curled her fingers beneath the brass rails and held on.

  His thumb distracted her as it slid up and down her creamy slit, from her clitoris down to where they were joined. His passionglazed eyes didn’t stray from watching his cock tunnel in and out of her body.

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