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       Cowboy Take Me Away, p.15

         Part #16 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James

  That simple, sweet gesture nearly did him in. But he’d sworn to himself he wasn’t dragging her to his bed as soon as she waltzed in the door. He nuzzled her neck. “You smell good.”

  “Like pork chops and fried apples? That’s what I cooked for them for supper and what I’m making us.”

  “No, like flowers and you. The scent of your skin drives me crazy.” He dragged his lips across her ear. “Almost as crazy as how hot and sweet you taste between your thighs.”

  “Carson McKay. Stop dirty talking me right now. I promised I’d cook for you first.”

  He trapped her face in his hands. “Sugar, I’m not like—” your family, “—I don’t expect you to cook for me if you don’t want to.”

  “Which is exactly why I want to do it.” She pecked him on the mouth. “I brought food with me, so if you’ll show me where you keep your cooking utensils?”

  “I’ll warn ya, it’s a pretty humble selection.”

  “I’ll make do.”

  “Tell me whatcha need.”

  Carolyn rattled off—a cast iron pan, a sharp knife, a cutting board, butter, salt, pepper and flour. Luckily he had everything.

  “Want a beer or something while you’re workin’?”

  “I’ll take a Coke if you’ve got one.”

  Carson poured her soda on ice, grabbed a beer for himself and turned the radio on to the local country station.

  He watched her work and they talked about their days while she fixed supper. It didn’t feel forced as it had other times women had offered to make him a home-cooked meal. It seemed natural and he imagined how heavenly it’d be coming home to her—and this—every night.

  “Carson?” she prompted.

  “Sorry. Lost in thought. What did you say?”

  “I asked if you’re okay with me putting onions in this?”

  He sipped his beer. “Depends on if the onions will keep you from kissin’ me tonight.”

  She grinned. “Nope.”

  “Then put ’em in.”

  “Where’s your brother? I thought maybe I’d meet him.”

  “He had plans.”

  “Do you guys have any problems working together all day and then living together?”

  “Once in a while, but not really. I’d rather hang out with him than anyone else.”

  “So is it the same way with your other brothers?”

  Carson shook his head. “My youngest brother Charlie is just outta high school and is finding his way.” He realized that Carolyn and Charlie were the same age, which was just plain weird because she was ten times more mature than his baby brother. “My middle brother Casper is an ass. I hafta work with him for now, so I don’t spend time with him outside of the ranch if I can help it. Although he is a mean son of a bitch so he’s good to have backin’ me in a fight if Cal ain’t around.”

  Her eyes widened. “Is fighting a habit of yours?”

  He could lie, but that’d come back on him the first time she saw him with a black eye or a busted lip. “I’d say it’s more of a hobby.”

  She laughed, thinking he was joking and he let it go.

  “I really miss my sister, Kimi. I saw her all the time during the school year.”

  “What’s she doin’ now?”

  “She’s with our Aunt Hulda. In years past I’d work with our aunt for six weeks of the summer and I’d be home six weeks. Kimi would be there and I’d be here, so we didn’t spend our summers together.” She turned off the stove. “Supper is done. You want to get the plates?”

  “Be my pleasure.”

  First bite of the pork chop, Carson dropped his fork and grabbed her hand. “Forget about you bein’ the sexiest, sweetest woman I’ve ever met, or the fact I’d like to keep you tied to my bed twenty-four hours a day, or that I never get tired of talkin’ to you…this meal just proves that I was dead on with proposing marriage to you last week.”

  Carolyn blushed. “Silver-tongued devil, that’s what you are.”

  He could tell he’d made her uncomfortable, so he dropped it, even when he wanted to convince her every word he’d said was the gospel truth.

  After they finished the delicious meal, Carolyn popped up to do the dishes. Carson circled his arm around her waist and set her on his knee. When she opened her mouth to protest, he kissed her. Thoroughly. “Thank you for supper. Leave the dishes. I want you to ride along when I do the last cattle check.”

  “Really? Okay. Will I have to, umm…do cow stuff?”

  He laughed. “No. But I’ll show you how to open gates.”

  Carolyn asked a million questions as they bumped through the pastures, insightful questions so he knew she wasn’t just being polite.

  “In the next couple weeks, we’ll turn out the bulls.”

  “Meaning what?”

  Carson peered at her from beneath the brim of his hat. “You really need me to explain what happens when we put the bulls and the cows together?”

  “Oh. Uh, no.” Then a very female, very devious smirk tilted the corners of her lips. “But maybe you’d better show me what happens when a male and a female are alone together, to make sure I have a solid understanding of the process.”

  “Sugar, are you sure?”

  “Very. You’ve been in my bed. Now I want to be in yours.”

  His dick went hard.

  Instead of sitting on her side of the truck all prim and proper, Carolyn was all over him. Sucking on his neck. Nibbling his ear. Rubbing his chest. And those fingers kept sliding lower and lower.

  “Caro. Slow down.”

  “I don’t want to,” she cooed in his ear. “I want to feel you. Every. Hot. Inch. Of. You.”

  Holy shit. Her hand was on his cock. Rubbing on his cock. Damn…that felt good. He wondered how long before he convinced her to put her mouth there. He imagined those velvety soft lips dragging up and down the length and her wicked little tongue circling the tip.

  “Carson,” she whispered against his throat.


  “Are you going to open the gate?”

  He blinked. He’d driven back to the trailer on autopilot, but some part of him had been conscious enough during his oral fantasy to not plow through it. He picked her hand up from his chest and kissed her fingertips before he bailed out.

  Open the gate. Drive through the gate. Close the gate.

  Now they were home free.

  The instant they stopped in front of the trailer, Carolyn was on his lap. He didn’t know how he managed to get them out of the truck and inside, while he was carrying her with her legs clamped around his waist, while their mouths were fused together. He just knew as he carried her down the hallway to his bedroom that her sexy little whimpers and moans made his dick harder yet.

  His hat hit the floor when he dropped her on the bed. “Strip or I swear I’ll rip off every stitch of clothes you’re still wearing by the time I’m nekkid.”

  Carolyn stood and lifted the dress over her head. She unhooked her bra and tossed it at him, then shimmied her panties down her legs. She tilted her head and wore a cheeky grin. “Doesn’t look like I’m the slow one getting nekkid, cowboy.”

  “Holy hell you are drivin’ me crazy with that body made for sin and that fuck-me-now attitude.”

  “Prove it.” She bounced on the bed and crooked her finger at him.

  Carson lost a few buttons getting his shirt off. Lost a few brain cells when she parted her legs and showed him the hot, tight paradise awaiting him. He nearly fell on his ass when the big head reminded him he had to take off his boots before his jeans, while the little head strained to get out of his boxers.

  Then, as naked as she was, he pounced on her.

  She curled around him like a vine. Her mouth avid on his. One hand gripping his hair, the other hand scratching down his back to cup his ass. Her pelvis rocking. Her back arching, forcing more skin on skin contact.

  He fought a grin. From chaste and curious to a hellcat between the sheets. Yeah, this woman was fucking per

  Slipping a hand between them, he touched her soft curls and wet center. He stroked that pretty pussy, circling her clit, then following her slit down to the tight entrance to her body. He pushed a finger into her, swallowing her moan. When she whispered, “Yes, please, more,” against his lips, he added another finger, loving how ready her body was for his possession.

  This time there’d be no foreplay.

  But this time, he’d give her the reins.

  Carson rolled, landing on his back with Carolyn astride him.

  She broke the kiss on a gasp and pushed up. “What…? Why did you do that?”

  “Because I want you to ride me.” He cupped those perfect, perky tits, rubbing his thumbs over the pale peach tips. “You can go as fast or as slow as you want. And while you’re doin’ that, I’m gonna suck on you, and rub on you and enjoy the hell out of myself.”

  “But I don’t know how to do this.”

  “You’ll figure it out.” He moved his hands up to palm her shoulders, urging her forward to kiss him.

  Then as the kiss grew more heated, and his cock was weeping with want, he reached between them and poised the head at her opening. “Lower onto me when you’re ready.”

  Carolyn immediately sank down to the root. She trailed her lips to the underside of his jaw. “I love how it feels when you’re inside me.”

  “That feelin’ is yours whenever you want it.”

  She remained like that, not moving, kissing his throat and nuzzling his ear.

  He palmed her ass, squeezing the soft flesh. “Move on me. There’s no wrong way. It’ll all feel good.”

  “Help me.”

  Carson nudged her cheek so he could get at her mouth and kissed her with sweet heat.

  She was tentative at first, but once she found a rhythm, she used her body like a weapon. Arching and rubbing her nipples on every upward glide, grinding her pubic bone against him on every backward push. All the while kissing him, only stopping to look into his eyes, their lips only a breath apart.

  She owned him, this woman who gave him her all without question. The irony of a virgin teaching him what it really meant to make love wasn’t lost on him.

  “Carson,” she whispered. “I need…”

  “What? Sugar, just ask me.”

  “I need it harder. Faster.”

  He sat up so they were both upright. Keeping hold of her hips, he thrust up into her hard and deep.

  “Oh. Yes. Just like that.” Her head fell back.

  Carson slid the elastic from her hair, shaking the strands loose so he could feel that blonde silk teasing his thighs as she rode him. “Rise up on your knees and then drop back down.”

  When she lowered down he powered up into her. The rhythm became frantic. He buried his face in her breasts, kissing the soft swells, bringing her nipples into his mouth and sucking hard.

  She dug her nails into the back of his neck with enough force it stung.

  He loved every fucking second of it.

  Knowing he couldn’t hold off much longer, he snaked his hand down her belly, finding her clit and stroking side to side until he felt her body tightening around him.

  She cried out when the orgasm overtook her. Her lush body shaking as he rammed into her harder, his mouth at her throat, her clit throbbing beneath his thumb.

  When the last spasm pulled at his cock, he slammed deep and stayed deep in those clenching pussy walls, each hot pulse sending an electric charge up his spine. Blood rushing in his head, racing through his veins, pounding in his balls.

  Soft hands petting his hair roused him. He glanced down and saw he’d left a hickey on her breast. Shit. Were those…teeth marks?

  Obviously he’d been lost in a fog. He opened his mouth to apologize, and Carolyn pressed her lips to his, the kiss intimate and powerful.

  She rested her forehead to his after that soul-marking kiss. “I never knew it could be like this.”

  “I didn’t either.”

  Those pleasure-hazed blue eyes bored into his. “Really?”

  “Not a line, sugar. It’s never been like this for me before.”

  Her entire face lit up. “Good.”

  “Cocky is a good look on you.” He lightly slapped her ass. “Move off me slowly because we went at it pretty hard and you might be a little sore.”

  “It was worth it.” Carolyn lifted up, only wincing slightly. But he realized it wasn’t pain that caused her reaction but the long line of seed running down the inside of her thigh.

  “Sex can get a little messy.”

  “Sex can get me more than a little pregnant too.”

  Carson froze. He’d forgotten to use a goddamned rubber. All three times. Unlike most guys, he almost always used one—he didn’t want to knock up someone he had no intention of marrying.

  But this was different. If he’d planted his seed in Carolyn, he’d happily marry her.

  “We can use something, right? That’ll keep me from getting pregnant?”

  His eyes narrowed. “Thought Catholics were opposed to that.”

  “Catholics are also opposed to premarital sex, but that didn’t seem to stop us. So as long as we’re already sinning, let’s just add another thing when I go to confession, okay?”

  He laughed. “Okay.” He brushed the hair back from her face. “Can you stay a little longer?”

  “Another hour or so.”

  “I wish you could stay all night.”

  “Me too.”

  Around noon the next day, Carson was thinking about how he’d get a message to Carolyn that he wanted to see her, when a truck he didn’t recognize pulled into the yard.

  He wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his glove and waited for this person to get out of the vehicle.

  The truck door slammed and a barrel-shaped guy stormed toward him. He didn’t recognize the guy until he was on him, a meaty fist headed right for his face.

  His last thought before he hit the dirt was he knew where Carolyn had learned to punch—from her brother Harland.

  Chapter Nine


  She hadn’t seen or heard from Carson in two days. Not since she’d shown up at his place and he’d whisked her off to bed after she’d cooked him dinner.

  Everything inside her tightened in remembrance of his fevered kisses. His reverent touches. How marvelous it felt to have his solid body beneath hers. His damp skin sliding against hers. The stretch and burn as their bodies connected so intimately. And how that discomfort had changed into pleasure as he taught her to trust her instincts on how to move with him.

  Then Carson had been so sweet, yet fiercely possessive. The way he put his hands on her body as if every inch of flesh now belonged to him. The whispers in her ear that sounded like promises, even when her head had spun so much she couldn’t process the words, just the intensity behind them.

  After she’d left and had time to reflect that she’d had sex with him three days in a row, she expected guilt to weigh on her, because she’d been raised to believe that sex was to be saved for marriage. But an act so beautiful and loving between two people should be celebrated.

  And she looked forward to celebrating with Carson many, many more times.

  She was so lost in thoughts of heat and body friction that she almost passed the turnoff to Beverly’s house. She knew Beverly would only be at the dance long enough to meet up with Mike and then sneak off to his place, and for the first time she understood why.

  Beverly’s mother and father were sitting on the front porch when
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