Cowboy take me away, p.13
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       Cowboy Take Me Away, p.13

         Part #16 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James

  She turned the handle and he strode inside the house and kicked the door shut behind them. “Which way?”

  “To the kitchen for lunch?”

  “No. To your bedroom. We can eat food after I’ve had a taste of you.”

  Her stomach cartwheeled so hard it kicked her heart into high gear.


  “Straight ahead. I sleep in the sun porch.”

  Once they were in her space, she tried to see it from his point of view. Half the room was packed with junk since it doubled as a storage room when she and Kimi weren’t here. Her mother’s sewing machine, dress maker dummy, ironing board, irons and sewing instruments were in the center of the room, along with stacks of material, thread, ribbons, notions, paper patterns, a box of buttons and other odds and ends.

  In the corner, she’d pushed the twin beds together, making a decent-sized sleeping area for herself. A bed with pale peach sheets, lots of pillows, a bright reading lamp for the foldable flat board so she could hand sew pieces in bed if she chose. Her closet and dressing area was in the opposite corner behind two floral sheets. She’d hung her clothes on a dowel placed between two chains. Her underwear, slips and hosiery were in an old suitcase she’d cut in half and converted into dresser drawers.

  The click of the lock brought her attention back to Carson. He wasn’t looking at her surroundings. At all. His eyes were focused solely on her.

  It dawned on her it was the middle of the day. There’d be no darkness, every part of her, every part of him would be completely visible. Every other time they’d been intimate had been at night. And she’d never completely bared herself to another person…well…ever.

  “Don’t,” he said softly as he stalked closer.

  “Don’t what?”

  “Don’t think.” He reached her and pushed her hair over her shoulder. “You’re beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on every inch of you. Last night was just the start. Trust me.” He rested his forehead to hers. “You do trust me, right?”


  “Good. First you gotta lose the clothes.” He hooked his fingers in the hem of her baggy red peasant shirt and pulled it up until she raised her arms.

  Her bra wasn’t sheer, just plain white. She fought the urge to cross her arms over her chest.

  His fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her skirt near her belly button, using her skin as a guide to find the button in the back. After unbuttoning her, Carson made short work of the zipper too. The navy blue cotton skirt fell to the floor.

  Her panties matched her bra—bonus points for that, but her underwear wasn’t sexy, just plain white cotton.

  Then his mouth was on her neck and his hands started at her shoulders and moved down. Stroking and caressing her skin. His thumbs following the swell of her breasts while his palms curled around her ribcage.

  At Carson’s show of reverence, she relaxed even when every tender touch and nip of his teeth set her body on fire.

  His hands stopped on her hips, those wickedly stroking thumbs of his brushed over the rise of her mound and the sensitive inner skin by her hipbone. And still he didn’t say a word, he just explored. As his hands moved south so did his mouth. He palmed her behind in both hands as his tongue traced the edge of her bra, down one side and up the other.

  Carolyn wasn’t sure what to do with her hands. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair. Grip his shoulders. Or should she start to undress him too?

  “Unhook your bra for me so I don’t have to stop touchin’ you.”

  She twisted her arms behind her back and tugged the clasp.

  Carson’s gaze met hers as he eased the straps down her arms. Only when the straps cleared her fingertips did he look at her chest.

  “Perfect. Jesus, look at you.” He held her breasts and rubbed his cheek and jaw from the top of the left side, down to her sternum and back up the right side.

  Every kiss, every taste inched closer to her nipple and her body went rigid in anticipation. Then his mouth enclosed the hardened tip.

  Wet. Hot. His tongue flicking, his mouth sucking. Her head fell back and she groaned as each determined suck sent chills racing down her body.

  Carolyn was so lost in the way he worshipped her breasts that she didn’t notice his hand had slid down the center of her torso until he was stroking her there. Right there.

  “You like that.”


  “I can tell,” he murmured against the side of her breast. “Your panties are getting wet.” He nipped her breast with his teeth and stroked her faster. “Time to take them off.”

  She froze.

  “Trust me, sugar, you want this.” He captured her mouth in one of those kisses that made her mind fuzzy as his hand slipped inside her panties, his finger connecting with her bare flesh. “Take them off.”

  She tugged her underwear down, even while his finger kept up that long glide on her slit.

  Carson broke the kiss to whisper, “Sit on the edge of the bed.”

  Somehow she managed it, despite the throbbing between her legs and her head floating in the clouds. She closed her eyes and started to lie back on the mattress but Carson’s grip on her wrist stopped her.

  “Huh-uh. I want you to watch.”

  Carolyn opened her eyes and immediately snapped out of the passion-filled stupor. Her gaze moved over him. He was still fully dressed. Was he going to strip for her? “Watch what?”

  Carson dropped to his knees, right between hers. His hands landed on her thighs and he pushed them wider apart, his focus completely on her sex.

  She felt her entire body turn the color of a ripe tomato as he stared at her there. Stared and made a growling noise as his fingers inched forward.

  What was he doing? Her mouth went so dry she couldn’t form a question.

  Then those blue blue eyes hooked hers, sending a blast of heat through her. “Watch me put my mouth on you.”

  Wait. What?

  Then Carson bent his head, moving closer and closer…surely he didn’t mean to…? And a bolt of electricity shot through her at the first touch of his tongue.

  The second and third licks were delicate, but no less powerful. She held herself stiff, waiting—hoping—for more.

  “So goddamn sweet,” he said roughly, but his lips were gentle as he brushed his mouth over the blonde curls at the top of her sex. He kept muttering.


  Again he looked at her. She blushed, thinking about the intimate position they were in. “Ever had a man’s mouth down here?”

  She shook her head. But something compelled her to say, “I didn’t know that—this—was part of it. Of sex. I just thought it was…you know. What happened last night.”

  That surprised him. Then he grinned. “I love that you don’t know nothin’ about this and I’m the first to taste this sweet pussy.”

  Before she wanted to close her eyes; now she couldn’t look away when he lowered his head.

  He curled the tip of his tongue where the split in her sex started at the top of her pubic bone. He wiggled his tongue side to side, so it would hit that good spot and then he’d move it away. She wanted to force him to stay there and keep doing that flicking thing until the ache abated.

  “That’s my favorite spot, but I love it here, where all your sweet juice gathers.” He swirled his tongue around her opening, keeping his eyes locked on hers. Then he plunged his tongue into her, like he’d plunged his hardness into her last night. He closed his eyes and groaned softly, his face lost in bliss as he tongued her deeply.

  With each plunge and lick she felt the changes in her body. Getting wetter. Swelling and yet softening. Her thighs were quivering. Her spine tingled from the nape of her neck to her tailbone. She wanted that pulsing rush. “Carson.”

  He eased back, letting his hot breath wash over her tender tissues, and his tongue darted out to trace her inner folds. “Do you want me to make you come?”


ter that…you know we ain’t done.” He placed a soft kiss on the insides of her thighs. “I’m thinkin’ I ain’t ever gonna be done with you.”

  Before she could ask him what he meant, he fastened his mouth around that hot spot and began to suck.

  Then he’d flutter his tongue over the swollen nub, pause and return to sucking.

  Carolyn couldn’t keep her eyes open. She threw her head back. She couldn’t stop the pleading noises from coming out of her mouth. When he brought her to the edge of release and then backed off, she grabbed hold of his head, her fingers gripping his hair, holding him exactly where she needed him. “Don’t move. Don’t stop. Please.”

  And he didn’t. The intensity of her climax…she’d never experienced anything like it. She cried out his name, she pulled his hair, she thrashed against the mattress and when he finally brought her down, she had the overwhelming urge to cry.

  But Carson petted and stroked her. Planting sweet, soft, lingering kisses on her quaking legs and kissing the insides of her wrists. That’s when she realized she still had a strong grip on his hair. Her hands fell away. “Sorry.”

  “Don’t be. I loved that you didn’t hold back even on your first time.” He kissed her fingertips. “That seems to be the norm with you sugar, and I like it. A lot.”

  Carson stood. She noticed his hands shook as he began to unbutton his shirt.

  He helped you get undressed; help him. Show him you want him.

  Carolyn sat up and reached for his belt buckle.

  “I got this,” he said, staying her hand.

  “I want to.”

  Uncertainty flickered in his eyes but he never missed a button. He tugged the arms free and the shirt fell to the floor.

  By then Carolyn had already worked the belt buckle loose. She popped the button on the waistband of his jeans and noticed the zipper tab poked out. After she lowered the zipper to the base, she pulled apart the material and ran her fingers along the hard length.

  He sucked in a swift breath.

  So she did it again.


  “I want to see it.”

  Immediately he bent over and shucked his pants and underwear. When he stood before her completely naked, her eyes widened. His manhood was bigger than she expected. Reddish purple at the tip. An angry-looking red. Veins stuck out clear to the base where it disappeared into thick black hair. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

  “Can I touch it?”

  “As much as you want.”

  She wrapped her fingers around the base. So hard. And hot. As she moved her hand up, she realized as hard as it was, the skin was also soft and smooth.

  While Carolyn was touching him, Carson had his hand in her hair, pushing the damn strands away from her face, twisting tendrils around his finger.

  “You’re so quiet,” he murmured.

  “So are you.” She followed the edge of the head with her thumb. When she reached the front, he hissed and it jerked in her hand. “Is that a good spot?”


  Okay. Now what?

  His fingers were under her chin and he lifted her face up. “Talk to me. No time to be shy when your hand is on my dick.”

  “I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know what you want me to do.”

  Carson put her hand back down at the base and curled his hand around hers. Then he stroked upward, exerting more pressure than she would’ve dared to try. “Like this. The faster you do it the quicker I’ll come. Usually.”

  The more she moved her hand, the more little beads of clear fluid appeared on the tip.


  She tilted her head back to look at him. “Am I doing something wrong?”

  “No. But I wanna be inside you when I come. Up you go on the bed.”

  Instead of trying to crawl backward, she rolled to her knees and crawled forward across the mattress.

  Carson growled behind her.

  She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him.

  He was stroking himself. “I can’t fuckin’ wait to take you like that. Drivin’ into you from behind. Feelin’ your soft ass as a cushion for my hips.”

  Carolyn rolled onto her backside, propping herself up on her elbows to watch him.

  “Why didn’t that make you blush?”

  “I don’t know. I wish I didn’t blush at all.”

  “It’s sweet. And I plan to teach you all sorts of other fun stuff that’ll really make you blush.” Then he put his knees on the bed, lowering his head to kiss her ankle. He scattered kisses on her shin, knee and thigh as he moved up her body. He pushed her thighs apart and stopped to run his tongue down her slit to her opening and back up to lightly suck on her clit. “You’re still wet. That means you liked touchin’ me.”

  “I told you I did.”

  “Mmm-hmm.” He pressed hot, soft kisses in a line up her belly and between her breasts. “Words lie, but sugar, your body don’t.” Carson’s tongue zigzagged across her breasts, from one to the other. Teasing with fast flicks. Making her arch when he sucked her nipple deeply into his mouth.

  But he didn’t spend as much time there as before. Those soft, yet firm lips trailed kisses up her neck. Kisses that made her flesh tingle. And she loved having his chest pressed to hers, even when it made it harder to breathe.

  Then Carson’s face was above hers, his blue eyes glittering with an emotion she couldn’t name.

  “Reach between us and guide me in.”

  “But I—”

  “I’m dyin’ to be with you like this.”

  That’s when she noticed his body was shaking. She arched up, smashing her mouth to his while her hands trailed down his sides and between their hips. After a couple of bobbles she aligned the head of his shaft at her opening.

  He eased inside her just an inch.

  “Look at me, beautiful.”

  Carolyn met his gaze and everything inside her went soft with the perfect and loving way this sexy man gazed at her in this moment.



  He slowly pushed inside her, keeping their eyes locked. They were so close they shared the same breath.

  “You okay,” he whispered against her lips.

  “Very okay.”

  “You feel so damn good, Caro.”

  She slid her hands over his shoulders and his muscular back, loving the sensation of skin on skin. “So do you.”

  When he stopped she knew why he’d gone slowly; he filled her completely.

  “Wrap your legs around me.”

  As soon as she shifted, her body seemed to open and he pushed in deeper. “Oh.” Her hands found purchase on his butt cheeks. Whenever he angled his pelvis those powerful muscles flexed beneath her hands.

  Carson kissed her, bringing her focus to the soft stroke of his tongue against hers.

  During the kiss, she felt him start to move, pulling back and pushing forward. Her inner tissues were gripping him so tightly, trying to keep him buried inside.

  His lips followed the line of her jaw to whisper, “You with me if I pick up the pace?”


  Then Carson’s mouth seemed to be everywhere, nuzzling her throat, leaving sucking kisses on the inner curve of her shoulder, his uneven breath in her ear proved he was as affected by this as she was.

  He pushed his body up higher, but his gaze was glued to her face. “Look at you. I’ve imagined bein’ with you like this, but my imagination didn’t do it justice.”

  She opened her mouth, but closed it.

  Carson stopped moving. “What?”

  “We did this last night.”

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