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       Cowboy Take Me Away, p.12

         Part #16 of Rough Riders series by Lorelei James

  Then back to his place where he could get her completely nekkid and feast on her. Touch her, kiss her, taste her and show her how good it could be when he took his time.

  Now that he had a plan, she couldn’t argue he wasn’t taking into consideration what she wanted.

  Carson pulled alongside her car, put his truck in park and shut it off before he faced her. “Sorry that we ended up at cross purposes tonight.”

  Carolyn laughed cynically. “That’s one way of putting it.”

  “How would you have put it?”

  “You got your way. And whatever—” she gestured wildly, “—attraction you have for me is no match for your resolve to get your way.”

  “What the hell am I supposed to say to that, Caro?”

  “Nothing. Goodbye.” Carolyn bailed out of the truck.

  Goodbye? Not goodnight? “Oh no. Oh hell no.” Carson jumped out and caught her just as she started to unlock her car door. “You don’t get to—”

  Carolyn turned and shoved at him. “Leave me alone. I refuse to stand in the rain and argue with you.”

  She turned back and inserted the key, twisting hard. She did that twice more with no success.

  Carson said, “Let me try.”

  “I don’t want your help.”

  “I’m sure, but sugar, it looks like you need it.” He curled himself around her, trying to block her from the downpour as he jimmied the lock.

  And as he cranked and twisted, he was acutely aware of the soft cushion of her ass against his groin. The outer swell of her breast rubbing on the inside of his forearm. The way the rain released the flowery scent of her shampoo and the powdery sweet aroma of her perfume. The arm she’d braced against the window shook. He felt the heat rising from her neck and the press of her spine into his chest.

  In that moment he needed her more than his next breath.

  Then his mouth was on her ear. “Carolyn.”

  A shudder worked through her.

  The keys dropped to the ground.

  She tried to spin around but he held her in place. “Stay like this.”

  His hands moved to her hips and he followed the curve of her waist up to plant his hands on her breasts.

  She arched against him hard, turning her head, baring her throat, reaching around to dig her nails into the base of his neck.

  Carson tasted her skin, his lips gliding easily on the rain-slicked flesh. His teeth scraped along the tendon until his mouth connected with the spot where her pulse raged. He sucked hard.

  Her moan as she gyrated her soft ass against his erection spurred him to take the next step.

  Tugging her blouse free from her skirt, he worked the buttons until the back of his hand touched the bare skin of her belly. He trailed the fingers of his right hand to her left tit, and he slipped them beneath the satin cup, stroking before he lightly twisted the rigid tip while his mouth continued the onslaught of her throat. “Tell me what you want.”

  “Don’t stop this time.”

  He bunched the sodden material of her skirt in his left hand and rolled it up, tucking it into the waistband.

  The smooth skin of her thighs beckoned. While his right hand toyed with her hard nipple, his left hand delved between her legs. The heat and wetness soaking through her panties had nothing to do with the rain. A primitive growl rumbled free as he stroked her on the outside of her cleft, getting her used to his touch.

  Carolyn bumped her hips forward, panting for more.

  Pulling her panties aside, he hissed at that first slippery connection to the soft petals of her sex. He followed the wet slit, stopping at the top to finger her clit, loving that she nearly collapsed in his arms at his intimate touch. “Such a sweet, sweet pussy, sugar,” he murmured beneath her jaw.

  His fully erect cock protested the angle when he leaned forward to swirl his finger around her opening. His entire body was as rigid as his cock. Could Carolyn feel how hard his heart slammed in his chest as he pressed it against her back? Could she feel his blood pumping so fast and hot where her fingernails dug into the nape of his neck?

  Carson’s lips found hers. They kissed with desperation. He pushed his finger inside her, releasing another growl at the hot sheath that hugged it, knowing how fucking good it’d feel having his cock buried in the tight heat.

  Once he started to thrust in and out, she canted her hips, trying to drive him in deeper. He added another finger, scissoring his fingers as well, even knowing the best way to stretch her fully was to use his dick.

  “Carolyn.” He nuzzled her cheek while he continued to drive his fingers into her. This wasn’t how he wanted it to happen, but it was going to happen. “Stop me now if you don’t—”

  “Don’t stop. Please.”

  At some point the rain had let up, changing into misty drops. Steam radiated from the pavement and he felt it rising off of him, out of him.

  His head screamed with the need to have her. His hands left her body only long enough to turn her around and push her against the car. They were plastered together by the rain, and by need. Carson kissed her frantically as he unhooked his belt and dropped his jeans and boxers to his knees.

  Carolyn’s fingers were tugging on the buttons of his shirt. Then she raked her nails down his skin, stopping when the tips reached the head of his cock.

  He moved her hand up, placing it around the back of his neck again. “Hold on.” Grabbing the back of her left thigh, he wrapped it around his hip, bringing them groin to groin.

  She buried her face in his neck and her hot breath sent goose bumps down his arms.

  Carson bent down to align his cock, pausing at her opening. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask if she was ready or to tell her he’d go slow, but he hadn’t done a play by play so far; no need to do it now.

  Her hand on his chest tightened, her nails digging into his pectoral as he fed his cock into her.

  He closed his eyes, tempted to grit his teeth as her sheath enveloped him. Jesus. She was so tight. Wet, but tight. And hot. An overwhelming need to move had him holding his breath.

  Her softly whispered, “Yes, more,” was the signal he needed.

  He managed a couple of slow thrusts—pulling out fully and pushing back in to the root—keeping one hand braced on the car and the other hand on her knee, holding her steady.

  When Carolyn started rocking into him, her hot tongue tracing his collarbone while her thumb scraped his nipple, he kicked up the pace.

  It wasn’t long before he rammed into that yielding channel harder every time, his balls no longer swinging forward, but tight. Ready to blow.

  Without missing a stroke his lips traveled down her face, from her temple to her jaw and then over to fuse his mouth to hers. The burning passion between them flared higher. Hotter. She pulled his hair. Her kiss was ferocious. She canted her hips, matching his every hard thrust.

  At that rate Carson knew he’d be spilling inside her soon. Not knowing how close she was, he reached between their straining bodies and spread open the upper section of her pussy. When he pushed back inside her, he kept his groin pressed into hers, keeping constant contact on her clit.

  Carolyn started to shudder and he felt the rippling pulses of her pussy around his shaft. Instead of throwing her head back, she curled into him, pressing her mouth against the ball of his shoulder as she climaxed. With each rhythmic pulse her teeth sunk deeper into his flesh.

  Who knew that sexy love bite as she came would do it for him?

  Those glove-tight walls sucked every bit of seed from his balls. He didn’t hammer into her as he started to come. Slowing down prolonged every hot burst and he couldn’t stop the, “Fuckin’ hell, woman,” from tumbling out of his mouth before his brain functions ceased entirely.

  At some point he’d tipped his head back. Rain spattering his face roused him out of that post-orgasmic void. He glanced down to see Carolyn staring up at him. Her hair was soaked; she had makeup smudged beneath her eyes. Her lips were curved in a very feminine
smile; her eyes were half-lidded with sexual satisfaction.

  She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.


  She placed her fingers over his lips. “Don’t say anything. This was everything I thought it’d be. Thank you.” Then she kissed him with sweet reverence as she stared into his eyes. “This was perfect. You were perfect, Carson.”

  “Sugar.” He framed her face in his hands and covered her mouth with his, their bodies still connected. They kissed until they each had their fill, balancing tenderness with lingering desire. “I wish I could take you home and tuck you in my bed.”

  “I do too. But I need to get going.”

  She only winced a little when he pulled out.

  He lowered her leg and righted her panties and skirt before he fought with the wet, cold denim around his knees. Her hands shook as she buttoned her blouse. Carson didn’t bother fastening his shirt; he was going straight home and Cal wouldn’t care if he stumbled into the trailer naked.

  He picked up her key ring and inserted the key into the lock. It popped on the first try. When he opened the door, she smiled at him.


  “For the first time ever I’m happy that lock sticks.”

  “Me too.” He placed a kiss on the side of her neck and murmured, “Don’t be alarmed if you think someone is followin’ you home. It’s just me.”

  “Carson. You don’t have to. It’s another thirty miles out of your way.”

  “It’s late, it’s raining, and you’re alone, so yeah, I’m followin’ you. Like it or not.”

  “Okay.” She kissed his chin. “You’re sweet.”

  He snorted. “First time I’ve heard that.”

  “Then I’m happy to be the first one to have noticed it.”

  “I wanna see you tomorrow, Caro.” And the day after that, and the day after that.

  “I don’t know if I can swing it.”

  “The next night then.” But he knew he couldn’t stay away from her for even one day.

  She planted another kiss on his lips. “Drive safe after you see me home, okay?”

  “I will.”

  Chapter Seven


  The house was so quiet.

  It was strange being the only one home. Her father had taken her mother into Rapid City for doctor’s appointments and they’d be gone until suppertime. Marshall was in Cheyenne overnight. Stuart and Thomas were both at work. For the next few hours she could do anything she wanted.

  She could finish the pedal pushers she’d started last week. She could weed the garden. Or she could wander into the field behind the house, searching for wild parsnips and mushrooms, or pick a bouquet of wildflowers for her room.

  Or she could sit here with the sun warming her face, reliving every moment of losing her virginity to Carson McKay.

  Every single moment. Every word. Every touch. Especially his touch.

  She’d really thought he’d hold out after lecturing her on sex in a “proper” bed, even after she’d made the smart remark about his expectations of candlelight, flowers, chocolates and the release of beribboned doves at the moment of breaching her maidenhead—were not hers.

  But it turned out he’d been as powerless against the passion that exploded between them as she.

  So she hadn’t lost her virginity in any proper manner at all, rather one hot and bothered cowboy had pushed her up against her car and driven into her in the driving rain.

  She sighed and closed her eyes. It’d been absolutely perfect. Water soaking their feverish skin. His hot mouth on her rain-cooled flesh. His hardness filling her softness, over and over. His rough-skinned hand clamped onto her behind. The sexy rumble of his voice in her ear when he wasn’t kissing her. Kissing her like her mouth alone could sustain him.

  And when she feared her body would simply fly apart from the bliss that beckoned, Carson took her to paradise, joining her, and everything in her life changed.

  Dramatic? Maybe. But that physical connection was way more than she’d ever expected.

  Carolyn had just decided to quit lazing around and accomplish something, when she heard a vehicle turn up the drive. Probably just Harland or Darren coming to borrow tools or something, so she didn’t bother to move from her comfy spot in the sun. Maybe she wouldn’t do anything today but loaf.

  Right. That’s not your nature.

  A door slammed. “Sugar, is this really how you’re spendin’ all your days?”

  She sat up so fast her sunglasses went flying. Then she scrambled to her feet. “Carson? What are you doing here?”

  He paused at the bottom of the steps. His left eyebrow winged up. “That’s how you greet me after last night?”

  Happiness nearly split her heart in two. She laughed and said, “Catch!” before she launched herself at him.

  Carson caught her, his hands curling around her hips as his mouth found hers.

  With the hungry way he kissed her and with her arms twined around his neck she felt like she was floating. The kiss went on for a blissfully long time. He broke the kiss slowly, treating her lips to little nibbles, a soft glide and then decisive smooches. “I probably oughtn’t maul you on the front porch in case your mama is peeking out the window.”

  “She’s not here. My dad took her to the doctor and they’ll be gone all day.”

  “That right?”

  “My brothers are gone too.”

  “So you’re all alone?”

  She kissed his chin. “Not anymore. Have you had lunch?”


  “Come in.” She tugged his hand. “I’ll fix you something.”

  “In a second. Lemme grab something outta my truck.”

  Carolyn watched him amble to the driver’s side door, enjoying the view of his tight buns and long legs encased in denim. Although it was fairly warm out today, he wore a long-sleeved shirt—not that the extra fabric could hide the broad set of shoulders. Shoulders she’d been clinging to last night as his body had moved in and out of hers.

  She was still lost in heated memories of hands and mouths and bodies in motion when he stopped in front of her.

  “Whatcha thinkin’ about, Caro?”

  Her eyes locked onto his. “Last night.”

  He dipped his head and kissed the side of her throat. “You ain’t the only one.” Then he looked at her and smiled. A sweet, slightly devious smile and Lord have mercy she was just gone for this man. “I brought you something.”

  That’s when she noticed his hands were behind his back. “What?”

  Carson handed her a box of candy. “Since I didn’t give you the hearts and flowers romance you deserved last night, and since you were sarcastic about the doves at the moment of the official cherry popping, I thought I could at least bring you a sweet treat that’ll remind you of me.”

  She laughed softly and studied the box of chocolate-covered cherries, hoping he didn’t notice her damp eyes. This man was so sweet and he had a good sense of humor. “I love chocolate. Thank you.”

  “Hey.” His fingers were under her chin, lifting her face to meet his gaze. “You okay today?”

  “Very okay. I know last night wasn’t…didn’t play out how you’d hoped. But for me, it was everything I’d ever wanted it to be and more.”

  “Then that’s all that matters.”

  “Was it okay for you?”


  Her heart stopped. “It wasn’t?”

  “No,” he said again as he brushed soft, seductive kisses across her mouth. “It was fuckin’ amazing.”

  She smiled against his lips. “Oh. Good.”

  “Mmm-hmm.” He started nibbling her jaw. “Sugar, are we really alone?”

  She loved how his breath felt fanning her skin. “Yes.”

  “For how long?”

  “For hours.”

  “That’ll work.” He lifted her into his arms.


  “Open the door.”
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