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         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  The grip he had on her hair was fierce, the burning along her scalp intense, but it only fired her body as a distant amazement pierced her brain. The pain was a fiery cascade of sensations that nearly broke her. She was out of control. She, who had kept her control wrapped about her like a mantle of protection, had fallen as easily to this man as a virgin with no knowledge of the heartache awaiting her.

  She pulled further against his grip, crying out as she felt her cunt clench at the ache. Her lips capped the turgid head of his erection, slurping noisily as her tongue licked, stroked. She wanted him deep within her mouth, wanted to feel him fucking into it, unable to halt his own spiraling pleasure. To destroy his control as he had destroyed hers.

  One hand gripped the thick shaft as his hips jerked, burying the smooth crown in her suckling mouth. She heard his strangled moan above her, felt his erection throb with a deep, hard flex of the tightened muscle.

  “Enough. ” His voice was thicker now as he pulled at her hair. When that didn’t help, he gripped her head, pulling her up as she cried in protest.

  He flipped her to her back, jerking the blankets off the bed as he came over her.

  “You don’t want this, Ella,” he bit out fiercely. “You don’t want to tempt me this way. ”

  She undulated beneath him, raking her hard-tipped breasts against his chest, rubbing her aching pussy against the thigh wedged between her legs.

  “What will you do, James?” she asked him, tempting him, tempting fate and the dark visions suddenly rushing through her head. “How will you punish me? Will you share me then, to show me my place? To regain your control?”

  He stilled. His hands held her wrists to the mattress as he stared down at her, his savage expression only barely discernable. He was breathing hard and fast now, fighting to regain the upper hand, and now she knew how to make him lose it.

  “Can you bear it, James?” she asked him softly. “Will you join in, or merely watch as another man takes me, making me scream as you do, fucking me like you do…”

  Before she could anticipate him, his control broke. His legs wedged between her thighs and his cock pushed inside her swollen pussy in one hard, long stroke. She screamed out at the invasion, at the instant, fiery pleasure.

  “Do you know what you’re tempting, Ella?” he groaned as she fought to accept the heavy girth buried in her cunt. “Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

  He wasn’t still. His hips moved, his cock thrusting in and out of her in long smooth strokes as he fought to hold back. She didn’t want him to hold back. She didn’t want to hold back. Not any longer.

  “How will you do it, James? How can you make me accept it? I dare you to try. ”

  She didn’t expect the consequences of those words. His lips slammed down on hers, slanting across hers as his tongue drove deep into her mouth. At the same time, the thrusts of his cock inside her vagina increased in strength and power.

  Ella cried into the kiss, her tongue tangling with his as she tilted her hips to take him deeper, harder inside her sensitive cunt. She could feel her muscles gripping him, the thickness, the heat of his erection thrusting past the sensitive tissue, stroking nerve endings already enflamed with a lust she had never thought herself capable of.

  And with each stroke, each demanding invasion into the core of her body, she was reminded of what caused his loss of control. The thought of her with him and with another. Two cocks, hard and strong, pushing into her over and over again…

  Her body tightened, her cunt clamping down on the pistoning power of his cock as she exploded to the images twisting through her mind, her body. She tried to scream, but her mouth with filled with James. She tried to buck him away from her, to escape the driving pleasure, the knowledge, but her pussy was filled with James. Filled with him until he groaned hard and deep, powered into her one last brutal thrust before he exploded.

  The wash of his hot seed inside her channel triggered another, smaller climax as she whimpered beneath him. Her body shuddered, her womb rippling with the orgasm as the ice that had once encased her heart shattered.

  She loved James Wyman. And Ella knew to the farthest depths of her soul, that the love filling her would be her ultimate destruction.

  Chapter Eleven

  “I’ll be back in three hours. ” Ella lay face down on the bed at noon the next day, breathing through the fiery fullness that invaded her anus.

  James had taken her again when they woke up. He had been quiet, almost reflective as they showered and ate breakfast. Later they had lain around the pool until after a light lunch that he had prepared himself. They hadn’t talked much, but the silence hadn’t been uncomfortable.

  Ella had been wary, though. He wasn’t pushing her, for anything. He was contemplative as though his loss of control the night before bothered him in some way. An hour after lunch he laid out the box that contained a mild anal douche and ordered her to use it. His voice had hardened, sending heat streaking through her pussy.

  “So what am I supposed to do for three hours?” She turned her head, watching him with narrowed eyes.

  Preparing her for the anal invasion had left her hot, wet. She wanted him now, before he left.

  “Wait on me. ” His voice brooked no refusal. “Leave the plug in. I’ve removed the inflator, so you can dress, do what you normally do. Just do it as it eases the muscles there. ”

  He had inflated it farther than before. Through a tormenting hour of heated touches, burning strokes of his tongue in and out of her pussy, but never enough to push her over the edge. She was burning with lust now and reluctant to move. The thick intruder buried in her anus stretched the muscles there with fiery precision. He had given her all she could take, yet had assured her that it still had not been fully inflated.

  “Oh, that’s fair…” She stopped. The look in his eyes was almost frightening.

  She settled back on the bed, watching as his brooding look eased only slightly.

  “You pushed last night, Ella. You may think you’ve gotten away with it, but you haven’t. When I get back, I’ll show you just how you haven’t. If you get yourself off, I’ll punish you, Ella. I’ll tie you down to this bed and leave you there for the remainder of the night, and I’ll make sure you know how painful arousal can really be. ”

  She trembled at the sound of his voice. She had no doubt he would do it, too. If she was restrained, there would be no tempting his control, no pushing his personal limits. He could torment her as long as he liked. He had proved that in the last hour.

  He released the restraints that held her, leaving the chains attached to the bed as he moved away from her.

  “Wear a dress. Something loose and light. When I get back, we’ll see how much control you have, baby. ”

  Something about those words had trepidation skittering through her body. She eased up slowly on the bed, feeling her pussy clench, drench further as the plug bit at her tender anal muscles. She stared up at him silently, watching as his eyes darkened, his body tensing at the sight of her swollen, hard-tipped breasts, and the arousal that she knew was obvious in her expression.

  “What are you going to do, James?” she asked him softly.

  “You know, Ella. ” He pushed his hands into the pockets of his slacks as he watched her, his voice throbbing with an emotion she didn’t want to name. “I’ve waited ten years, and in those years you have refused to take my desire for you, or my needs seriously, let alone your own. Tonight, you will take those needs seriously. You’ll take me seriously, Ella. ”

  Had she ever seen him look so powerful, so commanding? Suddenly, she felt much younger than him, and definitely much less experienced. His command of his own power, his own control, went beyond age or experience, and entered that unknown realm of supreme self-confidence. He knew what he was doing, she realized suddenly. James had a plan, just as he always had, she knew now. But why and what that the plan was,
she couldn’t decide.

  “No other men. ” She shook her head, her hand trembling as she pushed her fingers through her hair. “I mean it, James. No one else. ”

  His lips quirked. “You no longer set your own limits, Ella. I do. You’ll learn that tonight. Whatever I want, however I want it, and you’ll love it. Or you can continue to be a coward and deny what I know you feel for me. If that’s the case, my bags are packed. Set them on the porch and I’ll never bother you again. ”

  She stared up at him, fear suddenly shaking her soul. “So I’m part of an orgy or I’m nothing to you, period?” she asked him, feeling her heart thunder in her chest. But what really terrified her was the clench of arousal that rippled through her cunt.

  “No, Ella. I would never put you in the middle of an orgy,” he promised her smoothly. “What I will put you in the middle of is more pleasure than you’ve known could exist. Pleasure I know you want. Need. Even now, after the past three days, you aren’t satisfied. You climax until you nearly pass out with the pleasure of it, but you need more. And, by God, tonight I’ll make sure you have what you need, or I won’t bother trying anymore. I love you, Ella. Love you until my heart breaks with it, but I won’t beg you, and I won’t let you deny either of our needs. Now think about that. ”

  Shock exploded through her body as he turned and left the room. She could feel her face paling, her body weakening at a knowledge he had possessed, and yet she hadn’t.

  It made sense now. James wasn’t a man to chase after any woman, to care one way or the other if his desires weren’t returned. Yet, he had chased her for ten years. Not in an obvious, lovesick manner, but in his own controlled, brooding way. He had made her aware of her own body, her own desires, even as she tried to hide from them, and made her more than aware of him.

  She bit her lip, staring at the door, remembering his driving demands, his loss of control the night before. No other woman had managed that. Had it happened, she would have known about it. And his need for her wasn’t diminishing. Like hers, it seemed to be growing stronger.

  Even after the excesses of the past days, the fiery heat and lust that flared between them. He was right, she had kept reaching for more. Something, some unknown dark desire kept pushing her.

  She shook her head, fighting the awakening realization. For years she had fought Jase, not because she secretly wanted what he offered, but because he didn’t satisfy her. He didn’t bring her to the mindless orgasms James could bring her to. He didn’t make her pussy drench with a look. His needs hadn’t filled her with this strange excitement and nervousness. She had never wanted to break the control he thought he had.

  She eased from the bed and walked slowly to the shower. A cool shower. She needed to think, she needed to make sense of the past and of the present. But more than anything, she had to decide if the desires that filled James were truly a part of her own needs, or just a part of her desperation to keep him now that she had held him. She had to know, before she took the chance of losing him forever.

  Chapter Twelve

  “I need to talk to you. ” Of the five friends Ella had kept over the years, Terrie was perhaps the freest; the one Ella felt would be the most likely to understand her present predicament.

  Silence met her request for long minutes. “Charlie called this morning, too,” Terrie finally said softly. “Are you okay?”

  Ella closed her eyes. Of course Charlie had called. Terrie, and Marey and most likely Pamela as well. Just what she needed, everyone to know who and what she was doing. Her parents would know, too, if they were still alive. Poor Charlie, she couldn’t keep anything from their small group of friends, no matter how hard she tried.

  “I’m fine,” she finally whispered. “I just need to talk. ”

  “I’ll be right over then. ” She could almost hear Terrie’s sharp nod.

  Ella hung up the phone, sighing deeply. Terrie would know James the best. She had been married to one of his two brothers, the bastard. Ella, for one, was glad to see his final demise. Thomas Wyman had been a stone cold prick.
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