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         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  Ella squirmed in her chair. No, she thought, he had fucked her, thoroughly. And more than once. She sighed tiredly. Everyone would know it now.

  “It’s not Jesse,” she groaned, pushing her fingers restlessly through her hair. “You should know better than that. ”

  “James!” she squealed.

  “Dammit, Charlie, shut up,” she shushed her frantically. “He’ll hear you. ”

  “Ella, do you have any idea what you’re doing? What you’re getting into?” Her voice lowered. “Honey, he and Jesse have shared their women more than once…”

  “Not me. ” Ella came out of her chair, her hands trembling violently as she shoved them into the pockets of her robe.

  “Maybe not with Jesse, but Ella, James and Jesse aren’t the only members of their pack, hon. I could name you half a dozen now. ”

  She shook her head. “What the hell are you talking about?”

  Charlie sat back in her chair, her mouth falling open in surprise. “You haven’t heard? They’re called the Trojans, babe. Because of their dominance, and their sharing. They like submissives, Ella. You aren’t a submissive. Are you?”

  “You know I’m not,” Ella bit out. But she wondered. What James had done to her that night, the dark promises he had made to her as he buried his cock inside her over and over again, threatened her belief that she wasn’t.

  “Ella, those men, they don’t mess with women who aren’t submissive. Women who won’t give them that ultimate commitment. ” Charlie came to her feet, facing her in concern. “You ran from Jase because of his demands. James will be worse. ”

  Ella shook her head. “I’m in control,” she whispered. “He won’t do it if I don’t want it. ”

  “And when he leaves because you can’t do it?” she whispered fiercely. “Dammit, Ella, haven’t you been hurt enough?”

  “It’s my choice, Charlie. ” She raised her head in determination. “My choice. No matter what happens. ”

  Charlie watched her silently.

  “He’s the one,” she finally said slowly. “The one that came in while Jase had you tied down. The reason you divorced him and moved so damned far away for so long. ”

  Ella turned away, her lips opening as she fought to drag in more air, to stem the panic rising in her chest.

  “Stop, Charlie,” she whispered, turning back to her as she stared at her friend pleadingly. “Please, let it go. ”

  “My God. You’re in love with him. ” Charlie shook her head, amazement shaping her expression. “Ella, he’s the one. The reason you ran and turned into a bitter old nun. My God. He’s younger than you are. ”

  “Six years…”

  “He shares his women,” she pointed out again.

  “I don’t have to agree…”

  “But you will to keep him. ” Charlie was angry now. Her voice throbbed with it, her face flushing with it. “You will, Ella. Because you love him. ”

  “Enough. ” Her hand sliced through the air as her soul trembled with the knowledge. “This isn’t any of your business, Charlie…”

  “The hell it isn’t. ” Charlie’s voice rose with her anger. “Dammit, Ella, I watched you destroy yourself after that divorce. Turning into a bitter old woman before your time because of that bastard…”

  “Lower your voice. ” Ella was shaking with her own anger now. “And remember, Charlie, I didn’t ask you for your opinion then or now. ”

  “Like you have to ask for it,” Charlie snorted is disgust. “Really, Ella. It’s voluntary, darling. ” The sarcasm was a clear sign that Charlie was rapidly losing her temper. Ella wasn’t far behind.

  “Everything okay?” Ella’s head swung around to the doorway and she wanted to groan in dismay when she saw James standing there, watching them mockingly.

  “Don’t you know how to dress?” she bit out in irritation, seeing all the smooth, perfect muscle that she knew Charlie was eating up with her eyes.

  He arched a dark brow questioningly. “I thought all good little boy toys went around half naked? Don’t tell me you’re firing me after only a few hours on the job. ”

  Chapter Ten

  It was well after midnight before Charlie left. After James’ mocking statement and his declaration that he was going to bed to let them discuss him in peace, Ella broke out the wine. Some nights, there was nothing you could do but get a shade tipsy and remember all the reasons why you didn’t want a man in your life. Charlie was eager to go along with her. Evidently all that smooth male muscle and blatant sexuality had been too much for her to deal with at one time as well.

  Finally, her friend weaved her way to the limo waiting on her, thanked her aging driver nicely as he opened the door for her, and crawled into the vehicle. Ella herself felt she was walking reasonably straight until she closed the door and turned around. She proceeded to walk into the embroidered chair that sat off to the side. She frowned down at it in irritation before backing up and trying again.

  She needed to go to bed. But James was in her bed. She stopped as she headed through the kitchen. Of course James was in her bed. That was where he belonged, she decided with a sharp, rather jerky nod before squaring her shoulders and heading to the room.

  He was waiting on her. How had she known he would still be awake and waiting on her? His expression was cool, arrogant, as she removed her robe and started to lie down.

  “The gown. ” His voice was dark, foreboding.

  Ella stopped, staring at him in surprise.

  “Excuse me?” she asked him haughtily. “I sleep in my gown. ”

  “Take it off or I’ll tear it off. ” There was no mercy in his voice, no change in his expression.

  Ella snorted. “Some boy toy you are, James. I might have to fire you after all. You are supposed to obey me, not the other way around. ”

  “Take the gown off. I won’t tell you again, Ella. ” Her insides trembled at the dark brew of anger and desire that throbbed in his voice.

  She did as he said, suddenly too nervous not to. She watched him helplessly as the silk gown slithered to the floor, leaving her bare before his eyes. What did he see, she wondered? She was older; her body wasn’t as toned, as pretty as it had been ten years before. She knew all her problem areas, had stared at them in the mirror more times than she could count.

  He pulled the blankets back then and patted the bed beside him. Watching him warily, she got into bed, lying on her back as he stopped her from turning on her side. His big hand moved to her stomach, caressing the flesh there as her breath caught in her throat.

  “I won’t be regulated to the bedroom, hidden, a secret you keep from everyone,” he warned her coldly as he stared down at her. “Do you understand me, Ella?”

  “What do you want from me?” She shook her head, her brain clouded with the alcohol, her emotions sensitized from her friend’s warnings, and James’ demands. “Why are you even here, James? In my bed. My life,” she sighed wearily.

  “You have to figure that one out on your own,” he growled, his hand moving until he could brush back the lingering strands of hair that clung to her cheek, her neck. “You should have already figured it out, Ella, but you refuse to look beyond your own fears. I won’t allow that to continue. ”

  His eyes softened only marginally as she stared up at him. In the soft light of the lamp, his features were shadowed, savage yet softening with tenderness. She lifted her hand until she could touch the roughness of his beard-shadowed jaw, loving the warmth and roughness of his flesh.

  “I dreamed of you,” she whispered bleakly. “For so many years, I dreamed of you, James. You’ll break my heart if I let you. I can’t let you. ”

  His gaze became shuttered. “Go to sleep, Ella. We’ll talk tomorrow. ”

  He moved then, turning out the light before lying down beside her, wrapping his arms around her as he pulled her close. Ella stared up at the dark ceiling, feeling the warmt
h and vitality of his body as he held her. Feeling the hard length of his cock against her thigh.

  She breathed out regretfully. “I’ll miss you when you’re gone, James. ”

  “Go to sleep, Ella,” he warned, his voice soft yet commanding. “You don’t want to push me much further tonight. ”

  “But I will, James. ” She shook her head, the wistful sadness inside her heart too much to bear. “I was used to being alone. ”

  Silence met her words. He wasn’t asleep; his body was too tight, too tense for her to believe that. His anger thickened the air in the room, though, and she realized she didn’t really want him angry. Keeping him angry was to keep him at arm’s length, a safe distance from making her body torment her with its needs. But he was close now, he had already taken her, more than once, and the little aches in her body proved that.

  “I used to fantasize about you. ” She frowned as she thought of the years that had passed. “How silly is that, James? That’s when what little satisfaction I had found with Jase in all those years was gone. The moment you stepped into that room destroyed it all. ”

  His cock jerked against her thigh.

  “I warned you, Ella. I won’t warn you again. ” She shivered at the dominating tone of his voice.

  She turned her head to look at him, seeing only the shadowed impression of his form beside her. Her eyes lowered as she wondered what it would be like to see him out of control. All that cool purpose burned away. Could she do it? Could she make James Wyman, master of women, lose control? Her pussy gushed with the thought. She had heard rumors for years. Women talked, and unfortunately she heard the tales. And they talked about James and his cool control, his sexual deliberation. None had broken that calm. None had made him lose control.

  She rolled on her side slowly, shivering as she felt him adjust his erection to her new position. His body tightened further.

  “Maybe having a boy toy would be nice. ” She smoothed her hand up his chest, her nails glancing his hard male nipple as she scratched lightly over it.

  He caught her hand, holding it still against his chest as he stared at her through the darkness.

  “Do you think I’d make a good toy, Ella?” he asked her, his voice silky, dangerous. “It could blow up in your hands, sweetheart. You don’t want to continue on the course. ”

  She was just tipsy enough to smile. To lean forward and swirl her tongue over the sensitive nub of his nipple. She heard his breath catch, felt his body tighten further.

  “Isn’t that the point?” she asked him as she moved lower, her tongue stroking down his hard abdomen as the muscles there clenched tightly.

  His hands threaded through her hair, clenching on the strands as she nipped at his flesh, trying to halt her movements. Ella couldn’t halt her gasp. The prickling heat in her scalp was more exciting then she wanted to admit.

  “Ella. ” He spoke her name sharply, a demand, a command to stop, warning her in the sheer dangerous throb that lingered in the tone.

  “What, James?” she asked him softly. Her head held still just below his heart, but her hands were free. She raked her nails up his thighs, loving the sound of his breath catching in his throat.

  “You don’t want me to lose control, Ella,” he warned her softly.

  “Of course I don’t,” she whispered, her teeth nipping at his skin as her nails ran alongside his bulging cock.

  It was exhilarating, exciting. He was breathing harder now, his heart racing beneath her ear. She tugged at the grip on her hair, whimpering with the stimulation, that sharp flare of pleasure that raced through her body. Her head lowered until her tongue was able to reach the flared, hot crown of his cock. He jerked as she licked it.
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