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Guilty Pleasure, Page 43

Lora Leigh

Page 43


  She couldn't focus on just one touch; it was impossible. Hungry lips took hers as suckling lips drew a tight, sensitive nipple into a hot mouth and began to work it with a hungry tongue.

  Hands touched, stroked.

  They parted her thighs.

  Marty arched as desperation began to claw inside her. Two strong male fingers sank inside her pussy, working into the clenching flesh as Shayne began to kiss his way down her body.

  Fire tore through her. It wrapped around her clit, blazed across her nerve endings, and left her shaking, shuddering in need.

  As Khalid's lips lifted from hers, her eyes opened to stare into the hungry eyes of the rough-hewn man who held her heart.

  "Do you know what you do to me?" he whispered.

  How could she ever do more to him than he did to her? He stole her mind with his touch and stole reason with his kisses.

  "You make me dream, Marty. " His lips settled at her ear, his voice a breath of sound.

  She made him dream?

  Her breath caught in her chest. He was her dream, her greatest fantasy.

  "You make me come apart at the seams. "

  "Oh God. " The cry tore from her at the same moment, at the feel of Shayne's tongue delving into the folds of her pussy.

  A second later it was gone, and fierce male lips were kissing her thighs, teeth raking her flesh.

  Shayne's lips traveled lower, kissing behind her knees as his hands stroked and soothed her flesh, even as he built the fire inside her higher, hotter.

  "Khalid. " She was dazed, on fire as she lifted her lashes and stared up at him. "You're killing me. "

  "Pleasuring you. " Male satisfaction gleamed in his eyes as hers widened at the feel of Shayne's fingers easing inside her pussy once again, while his tongue moved back to the swollen knot of her clit.

  She was stretched so tight she trembled, her body shuddering at the pleasure.

  "There, little flower," Khalid soothed her, as his head lowered once again and his lips eased over her neck, then to the swollen nipple nearest him.

  Licking it sensually, he stared up at her, the exotic planes and angles of his face giving him a wicked, hungry expression.

  Gasping for breath, Marty tried to hold on to her senses just enough to understand which lover was touching which part of her body.

  She was losing that ability, though. Her lashes drifted closed and the erotic sensuality of the moment took over.

  Pleasure built and burned inside her.

  Shayne licked at her pussy, circling her clit with flickering quick little strokes that had her reaching, fighting to throw herself over the edge of ecstasy as his fingers stretched and eased inside the delicate tissue of her pussy.

  Hips arched, her hands buried in Khalid's hair, she moaned their names as the escalating pleasure whipped through her senses.

  She couldn't have imagined it could be this good, this erotic.

  "Sweet love. " Khalid groaned as his head lifted, his lips moving to hers once more. "Little flower. How beautiful you are. You're lost, aren't you, Marty? Lost inside the pleasure. I see it in your eyes, feel it in your body. "

  He stared down at her, his expression reflecting such hunger, such pleasure that she had to wonder what drove him to these lengths.

  "Nothing matters but this," he whispered. "Seeing you. Watching the pleasure transform you. Knowing the ecstasy you find in this will never be forgotten. "

  It was for her. It wasn't just for him. As she stared up at him that realization tore through her. He loved watching her pleasure. He loved seeing her reaching, tightening for release rather than becoming lost in it with her at these times.

  "There, precious. " His voice was thick, rough, as she fought the climax now, wanting to hold it back, to make this night last forever, to see this expression on his face for all time.

  He smiled down at her. "I won't let you fight it, baby. "

  Shayne's lips closed over her clit as his fingers began to move faster, harder inside the clenched recesses of her pussy.

  "Let me see it, baby. Let me see you come for us. "

  Shayne flicked his tongue over her clit as he sucked it deep, his hungry mouth surrounding it in heat as his fingers shafted inside her with pistoning strokes.

  She couldn't hold back. She wanted to. She ached to.

  The world exploded around her. Bright prisms of light detonated in front of her eyes as powerful waves of electric sensation began to electrify her flesh.

  It sizzled, a phantom stroke that became too much to bear, throwing her through that barrier of light and tossing her into a world of such extreme sensation that she wanted to scream in agony but could only gasp in pleasure.

  "Yes, baby. " Khalid's voice was guttural now. "Come for us, Marty. Suck his dick with your sweet pussy. Take it, baby. Take it all. "

  She was dying inside from the excess of sensation. She was unraveling, coming apart with the pleasure.

  No sooner had the wave of orgasm peaked and begun to ease, then they began building her higher.

  Who eased between her thighs she wasn't certain. Her eyes were closed tight, her fingers fisted in the sheets beneath her.

  Her thighs were lifted, placed over powerful thighs.

  Khalid. She knew his body, she knew the touch of his cock against the sensitive folds of her pussy.

  Her eyes opened to mere slits as she felt Shayne moving in beside her. His lips covered her nipple as she watched Khalid, watched as he lifted her hips closer, his gaze focused on the aching flesh of her pussy as he began to push inside her.

  Her back arched. This was pure rapture. The sensation of Shayne's touch was erotic, exciting, but the feel of Khalid taking her was like feeling electricity pound through her entire body.

  His cock eased inside her, working through the tight muscles, stroking them, caressing them with the wide head of his erection, and then the heavily veined shaft.

  Her hips arched closer, cries began spilling from her lips as the overwhelming sensations began to arc through her body. It was like tidal waves, never ending, laying destruction to any hope she may have had of retaining any part of her soul where he was concerned.

  But there was already no hope. He'd stolen it along with her heart.

  "Fuck. Sweet Marty," he moaned, as he worked deeper, deeper inside her. "So fucking tight. Like a fist clenched around my dick. "

  She clenched tighter, the involuntary reaction to his words slamming through her womb with spasms of sensation bordering on pain. The pleasure was too intense, too incredible.

  Shayne's lips drew tighter on her breast as Khalid began to move inside her, deeper, harder. He was taking her on a roller-coaster ride of such incredible power that she couldn't do anything but hang on for the ride.

  And the ride was incredible. As Khalid's cock thrust and stroked inside her, Shayne's lips played with her nipples as his fingers slid down her stomach to the distended bundle of nerves between her thighs.

  She was being stroked, taken, caressed, in ways she couldn't have anticipated. They drove her higher, sent her spinning through a sensual universe so filled with pleasure that it was almost agony.

  She was crying, trying to scream. She writhed and arched into the driving strokes of Khalid's cock as she fought to take him deeper, harder.

  "There, sweetheart," Shayne's voice began to croon at her ear. "Fuck, you're pretty, taking that dick. All flowered open and slick and sweet. " His fingers strummed against her clit now, driving sensation through the core of her as her pussy tightened around Khalid's thrusting cock.

  She couldn't bear it. She was dying. There was too much pleasure, too many sensations. God, she had never imagined there could be too much pleasure. It began to swamp her. Sensuality drowned her. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't move.

  Her body tightened to a breaking point, began to shake harder, to tighten until her
orgasm tore through her with a violence that threw her over the edge of reason.

  She didn't slip over. She didn't slide.

  She was catapulted into a shimmering sea of brilliant, pulsing sensation and explosive rapture.

  Crying out Khalid's name, Marty felt him slam deep just before the deep heavy throb of his cock signaled the fierce, heated jets of come spurting inside her and driving her higher.

  Beside her she felt Shayne's fist moving over his cock as the fingers of his other hand stroked her clit to a blistering release. He was moaning her name at her side as Khalid groaned above her, his body arched back, perspiration gleaming on his shoulders and chest as the flames of pleasure continued to flicker over them.

  As the final violent tremors of orgasm eased through her, Marty collapsed back on the bed, fighting to breathe as exhaustion moved through her.

  How the hell was she supposed to get through the rest of the day now? All she wanted to do was curl back into Khalid's arms and go to sleep.

  She was only distantly aware of Shayne groaning as he finally moved.

  Khalid was collapsed at her side, his arm thrown over her waist as he gasped for air as well.

  "Fuck me," Shayne breathed out roughly. "I'll have a heart attack at this rate. "

  He moved from the bed, stumbled, then padded off to the bathroom.

  "Kids, I need a nap," he announced long minutes later, as he came into the bedroom and moved back to the bed. "Rest, sweet thing. " He kissed her gently on the lips before she felt him move away. Seconds later she heard the bedroom door close softly.

  "I think I did have a heart attack," Khalid mumbled at her side. "I felt my heart rip out of my chest. "

  She turned her head and couldn't help the smile that curved at her lips as she asked, "How do you figure that?"

  As he lifted his head he stared back at her, his expression somber, serious. "I lost my heart," he said then. "You stole it, Marty. When I wasn't looking, you took it right from my chest. "

  What was he saying? She stared back at him in shock.

  "I love you, Marty," he said then, and she saw the truth of it in his eyes, in his expression. "I love you until there's no tomorrow without you. Until I think I would die a cold, lonely death without you. "

  He loved her.

  She stared back at him, still not entirely certain that she was awake. Had she fallen asleep? Had she somehow managed to slip into her greatest fantasy to hear the words she had needed to hear for so very long?

  "You're not saying anything, Marty. " He reached out, his fingertips caressing her cheek, then her jaw. "What's wrong?"

  She had to swallow tightly to speak.

  "Say it again. " Was that her voice? So desperate, so filled with hope. "Please, Khalid, say it again. "

  "I love you, Marty Mathews," he said simply, softly. "With everything inside me, I love you. "

  He loved her.

  She wasn't dreaming. This wasn't a fantasy. It was real, and she wasn't losing her mind.

  "You love me?"

  "I love you. " He gave her a small, gentle smile. "More than you can ever know. "

  She couldn't stem the tears. They filled her eyes and slid slowly down her cheeks as he stared back at her, a small, confused frown darkening his brow.

  "I've loved you since I was fifteen years old," she whispered. "So much, Khalid. I've loved you so much. "

  Her arms went around his neck as she buried her face in his chest, fighting to stop the tears. She didn't want to cry. She didn't want his face blurred because of her tears. She wanted to memorize it. She wanted to preserve this moment in time.

  "He loves you so much. "

  They both froze for one second before jerking around to stare in shock at the figure who stood in the doorway, an automatic rifle cradled in his arms.

  Aman Mustafa.

  Marty knew his scarred face instantly. The thick black hair was pulled back into a ponytail; a ragged, ill-kept bushy beard covered the lower part of his face.

  She couldn't move. She stared at the barrel of the rifle as it pointed toward her chest, the evil smile on his face as he moved into the room, terrifying her.