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Guilty Pleasure, Page 36

Lora Leigh

Page 36


  She sat calmly, though she allowed the contempt to reflect in her face. It was better not to argue with him. At this point, it would be much more productive to allow his paranoia to build instead.

  "Get the fuck out of here," he snarled, when she said nothing. "I hope you sleep well at night. " His hand brushed the paper violently to the side of his desk.

  She was dismissed that easily. Contempt glittered in Deerfield's gaze, as did an edge of fear.

  Rising to her feet, Marty moved to the door.

  "He's nothing but a fucking disease and you don't want to see it," he told her as she gripped the doorknob. "

  "If he's such a monster, then his enemies would already be taken care of, wouldn't they?" she asked him. "Khalid is innocent, Deerfield. You simply refuse to accept it. "

  She didn't give him time to reply. Pulling the doorknob, she left the office quickly and strode past the secretary watching her suspiciously as she left.

  The office was filled with suspicion and plots. Everyone watched everyone else with the knowledge that a meeting with Deerfield could signify yet another spate of harassment or suspicion of their character or their investigations.

  No one was safe here when it came to having their character sliced and diced.

  While entering the elevator, Marty clenched her teeth to hold back the curse trembling on her tongue. Damn Deerfield. The bastard made her want to rake his eyes out. He was condescending, superior, and completely neurotic. She had never been so certain of her decision to resign as she was at this moment.

  After leaving the elevator, Marty walked quickly through the exit to the outside parking lot. Sunlight speared through the shelter of trees that filled the barriers between each section and lent a measure of shade to the overly warm day.

  Stepping to the curb, she waited as the limo came to a stop in front of her. Stepping quickly from the driver's side, Abdul rushed around the vehicle and opened the door for her with a flourish.

  Marty slipped inside where Khalid and Shayne waited silently, their gazes on her.

  "I can see a pleasant time has been had within the offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation," Khalid drawled knowingly. "Is Deerfield still living or should I start purchasing alibis and having federal surveillance videos acquired?"

  He sounded much too certain that he could do exactly that, and in her experience, given enough money, most anything could be accomplished.

  "He's still alive," she breathed out roughly as she pushed her fingers through her hair. Anger still washed from her in waves, instilling a heated tension in the air that had Marty's nerve endings suddenly more sensitive than they should have been.

  Or perhaps it was simply the fact that the two men were in the back of the limo together. After the past night, she found herself too aware of them, too aware of herself. It hadn't been a problem after she had left the limo earlier to enter the federal building. That sensitivity had evaporated as though it had never been present. The moment she stepped back into the limo, though, it had increased in strength and depth.

  "He's riding a fine line. " Marty swallowed tightly as she tried to ignore the sexual intensity wrapping around her. "He's been riding it for a while. And that's a shame, because he was once a well-respected agent. He should have never been promoted to bureau chief. "

  "Having me branded as a traitor and locked away would make it much easier for my brothers to get to me. " Khalid shrugged. "It would also implicate Abram and almost assure his execution. I feel no sympathy for him, love, and neither should you. "

  "I don't feel sympathy for him," she sighed heavily. "Just for the agents working under him. "

  "Agreed. " He nodded at her. "And it's something Zach will be taking care of with the investigation he started. Deerfield ruined his own career when he targeted you as he did. "

  Khalid moved to sit beside her, his hand lifting and curling around the back of her neck to stroke the sensitive flesh there gently.

  The stroke of his calloused fingertips over her skin sent a shiver racing down her back. She was still sensitive, not sore exactly, but the flesh between her thighs knew it had been thoroughly ridden the night before.

  The thought of it had her thighs clenching, as a sudden wave of heat flushed through her body. She could feel her pussy becoming sensitive, swollen, needy.

  Breathing in deeply, her gaze lifted, suddenly becoming locked with Shayne's.

  "Shayne becomes very wired when he allows his anger free," Khalid stated, as Marty felt her heart begin to race. "He's furious that you had to go into Deerfield's office and be subjected to his abuse alone. "

  "I can handle Deerfield. " She had to force the words past her lips. "And I'm not a toy to relieve the stress with. " She shot Khalid a challenging look, knowing what it would do to his lust. She wanted to be their toy, just for a little while. A favorite toy. A much loved toy.

  "I'll be your toy," Shayne said, as she felt Khalid's hand move to her side, his fingers bunching in the material of her T-shirt to begin lifting it.

  "Allow me to see how gently he would play with your perfect body, precious," Khalid crooned, his dark voice filled with lust now.

  She couldn't breathe. Her chest felt constricted as Khalid shifted her, lifting her to his lap as he pulled the shirt from her body.

  She shouldn't allow this. Oh God, she was melting right there for them, allowing them to do whatever the hell they wanted to do, as though she were the toy she had said she wouldn't be.

  She had to admit, though, the thought of how wicked he could be in the back of the limo was burning through her now.

  "We have several hours before we arrive at my mother's estate to ensure my family's protected," Khalid whispered against her ear, as Shayne released the catch of her bra and spread the lace from her breasts. "How many different ways could we make you come?"

  A lot, she was betting.

  "I want your ass this time. " Shayne cupped her breasts as she stared back at him, dazed. "I want to watch my cock stretch you, watch you take me as you scream for more. "

  She whimpered. Her pussy was so wet she swore she was soaking her jeans.

  It didn't take long to undress her, then themselves. Within minutes the back of the limo was steamy with sexual tension as Shayne lifted her to his knees, spread her thighs, and ran his fingers through the generous wealth of juices gathered between the folds of her pussy.

  She only had eyes for Khalid now. One broad hand curved around the base of his cock before he stroked upward, caressing himself as he watched Shayne's fingers find her clit.

  Marty flinched at the wave of excessive pleasure washing through her as she watched the thick width of his jutting erection and remembered the feel of it in her mouth.

  "Such a sweet wet pussy," Khalid murmured, as he nodded to Shayne.

  A second later Shayne slid back into the corner of the seat, leaning back and pulling Marty against his chest as his knees held her thighs spread wide.

  Khalid reached out, his fingers sliding through her thick juices as Shayne's fingers began to torment her nipples.

  Khalid parted the folds, rubbed against her clit, then slid lower to find the clenched entrance to her vagina.

  "Oh God!" she screamed a second later as he plunged two fingers deep inside her and began stroking, fucking inside her with dominant, powerful thrusts.

  "Come for me," he said roughly, his black eyes blazing with lust now.

  Marty shuddered, her hips trying to move with the plunging force of his fingers as she felt her body flying closer to orgasm.

  "Fuck my fingers back, baby. " He was powerful now, demanding. "Take it like you'll take my cock. All of it, Marty. Give it to me, baby. " His fingers reached deep inside her, stroking beneath her clit, sending her exploding with such sudden force that she could do nothing but let it have her.

  She felt her juices soaking his fingers, her orgasm r

ipping through her and spinning her into a velvet sea of sensation.

  "Sweet baby. " His fingers eased from her as he knelt to the floor between the seats. "Let's see if you can come another way. With my tongue fucking that sweet little pussy and my fingers buried up your tight ass. I want you ready, precious. When Shayne leans over you and sinks inside that special little place, I want you ready. "

  The image he planted in her mind was too much: bent over, Shayne taking her from behind. She nearly came from the force of the response as she felt Khalid's lubricated fingers easing into the cleft.

  This time, he was slow and easy.

  His tongue licked through her folds, circled her clit, and then sucked it gently into his mouth as his fingertip pierced her anus.

  "You're shaking, Marty," Shayne whispered at her neck, his lips pressing against her flesh. "Does it feel good, baby? I know what he's tasting. The sweetest pussy I've ever laid my lips on. "

  Marty jerked in their grip, crying out as Khalid whispered a moan against her clit. Another finger joined the first, pierced her anus, then sank inside the nerve-laden entrance.

  "Is your pretty ass tender?" Shayne's fingers tugged at her nipples. "I felt him riding you, his dick plunging in as I fucked your pretty pussy. "

  She shook her head. She couldn't talk. She arched to Khalid's mouth, his tongue, the fingers moving inside her, stretching her.

  She couldn't hold on like this. With each retreat Khalid slicked his fingers again, then penetrated again. She could feel her muscles sucking his fingers in, eager for more.

  Eager for Shayne's cock. She wanted more--the burning, agonizing pleasure that sent a razor-sharp edge of ecstasy tearing through her.

  Khalid's tongue plunged inside her pussy as his fingers thrust inside her again. She was going to come. He was licking inside her, fucking her with his tongue, spearing into the tight muscles, and flickering over them with loving, demanding licks.

  When it hit, she couldn't breathe. Her orgasm shook through her, powerful, blinding, as she felt Khalid's fingers sink deeper inside her ass.

  She couldn't handle it. It was too much. She was whimpering with the ecstasy pouring through her now.

  As the waves of painful pleasure eased, her lashes drifted open. Khalid was watching her, stroking his cock, his black eyes demon bright.

  "Ride his cock," he whispered. "Take it up that sweet, tight little ass while I watch. Let me see your face, Marty. I want to watch as you allow him to stretch you, to take you in this way. "

  She was, for that moment, more than willing to do anything he asked. Shaky, whimpering with the intensity of the wicked pleasure tearing through her, she let Shayne lift her so he could sheath his erection in a condom. Kneeling above him, she felt his hand wrap around the base of his cock before he brought it in line and tucked it against the too tight entrance Khalid had prepared before drawing her back against his chest.

  She watched Khalid's face. Bracing her back against Shayne's chest as he held his erection steady, she pressed down on the thick width invading her.

  Khalid's gaze flared. His fingers tightened on his cock as he watched her take the impalement, watched as her tender flesh stretched, burned.

  "Khalid!" Her head ground against the chest behind her as she felt the agonizing pleasure blooming through her rear, spreading to her pussy.

  "Beautiful," Khalid groaned. "Take it, precious. Take him inside you. All of it, baby. "

  Shayne's hips arched as his hands gripped her hips, holding her in place. Each shallow thrust took him deeper, spread her farther as she fought to clench on the impalement.

  "Khalid, I can't . . . "

  She couldn't take any more. She couldn't bear the sensations.

  "You can," he crooned, as his hands gripped her ankles, drawing them up until her feet rested on Shayne's knees. Shayne's cock slipped in farther, spearing inside her with a burning thrust that had her screaming and fighting the hands holding her hips.