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         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  His eyes were dark, wicked, his expression filled with sensuality, with lust. Her legs were clamped together as his fingers moved to the control box at her side and he thumbed the power up to its highest level.

  Her body jerked in response as the heat flared higher, hotter inside her tormented depths.

  “Who do you imagine inside you, Ella?” His voice was deep, rough. “Who’s fucking that tight pussy for you, in your mind?”

  The deep baritone of his voice stroked over her nerve endings, sending her senses into overdrive. Her hips jerked in reflex, her clit pulsing, throbbing in reaction.

  “Don’t do this,” she cried out, fighting the pleasure as he forced her wrists into one broad hand, holding her securely as he stared into her eyes.

  “Is it me, Ella?” he asked her softly. “Do I fuck you in your fantasies? I sure as hell fuck you in mine. Hard and deep, Ella, but my cock is a hell of a lot thicker than that baby pecker you picked. When I push inside you, you’re going to be so damned tight you’ll come from the pleasure/pain alone. Come for me now, Ella. Come for me baby, so we can discuss this rationally. ”

  Ella couldn’t bear it. His voice was enough to make her juices flood her pussy, making the vibration echo along her sensitized flesh.

  “I can’t. ” She fought to hold onto her control. She couldn’t do this. It was too horrifying, too humiliating. Dear God, how had he opened a locked door?

  He leaned closer, his legs loosening from around hers, his hand moving between their bodies as he watched her. She twisted against him as he forced his hand between her slick thighs and gripped the end of the dildo.

  “I’m going to fuck you, Ella. ” He pulled it back as she cried out, staring up at him, seeing his grimace of hot, desperate lust. “Like this. ” The vibrator was thrust into her pussy, squishing through the thick juices, pounding into her womb as he began to fuck her hard and fast with her own dildo.

  Her eyes widened. Her body stiffened as ripples of electricity began to flare through her womb. She could have survived it. She fought for control and it was nearly in her grasp when his head lowered to her nipples.

  It had been nearly a decade since a man had touched her. Nearly ten years of fantasizing about this, aching and dreaming of his dominate touch. When his teeth gripped her nipple, his tongue rasping over it as he fucked the vibrator hard and deep inside her pussy, she lost all sense of control.

  An orgasm unlike anything she had ever known ripped through her body. She felt the juices spray from her pussy as James groaned, fucking her harder with the latex toy, pushing her thighs apart and heading for her clit. When his lips covered it, his tongue stroked it, she screamed. Her hips arched, her pussy greedily sucking at the vibrator as her clit exploded, and she was flung into a vortex of pleasure that horrified her with its force.

  It wouldn’t stop. Her upper body jerked from the bed as her muscles contracted, her pussy exploding so hard, so deep, every bone and muscle spasmed in response. She shuddered, feeling the muscles tightening on the vibration inside her as she shook in the grip of her orgasm.

  Moments, hours later she collapsed to the bed again, though her womb continued to contract in deep, hard surges as the thick cream flowed from between her thighs.

  “There, baby,” James soothed her gently and she realized she was crying. His lips feathered over her cheek as he slowly lowered the speed of the vibrator, bringing her back to sanity. She could smell the slight earthy scent of her pussy on his lips, and shuddered at the knowledge of it. “It’s okay, baby,” he whispered again. “Ease back to me, Ella. It’s okay now. ” He eased back to look at her as the tears welled from her eyes, pouring down her cheeks. “Don’t cry, Ella,” he whispered gently. “It’s okay, baby, it’s what we both needed for now. ”

  She shook her head, fighting now to be free of him, to remove the proof of her need, her own perversions from the dripping channel between her thighs. She rolled to her side to escape him, but before she could get away, he pushed her down again, on her stomach, the vibrator once again trapped inside her quaking flesh.

  “No, Ella. ” His voice was hard, tight with lust as his hand smoothed over the quivering cheeks of her rear. “You won’t run from it, and by God, I won’t let you hide from it any longer. ” His fingers ran down the cleft of her ass as he hummed in approval.

  The juices that flowed from her pussy had slicked the area, giving his fingers greater ease despite the tightening of her muscles.

  “James. No,” she cried out as he circled the tight opening of her anus. Horror and shame streaked through her system, because despite her embarrassment, she could feel the entrance relaxing, her betraying body sucking at the tip of his finger.

  “For now. ” He was breathing hard at her ear, his chest laboring under his breaths. “For now, Ella. I’ll leave you, this time. But you have fifteen minutes to bring that pretty ass out to the living room where we can discuss this with relative sanity. You will not run, Ella. You will not hide. You’ve come in my mouth now, and I’ll be damned, but I won’t wait much longer to feel you coming around my cock. Fifteen minutes.

  He moved quickly from her, stalking to the door. “And the next fucking time you try to lock a door against me, I’ll break the son of a bitch down. Fifteen minutes. ”

  Chapter Five

  James was shaking as he stalked to the pristine, perfectly organized living room. His hands, his entire body, were nearly shuddering in reaction, in lust and need, and he feared the loss of his own control. Never. In his entire sexual life his own control had never been so sorely tempted as it had been in Ella’s bed, watching her push that pitiful excuse for a dildo inside her tight pussy.

  The vibrating toy was slender, soft to the touch, a teaser. A toy to use to drive her to distraction and make her hungry for more, and she didn’t even know it. But he intended to do his best to instruct her on the best toys for the job. The job of preparing her, opening her, driving her insane for his final possession.

  Jerking the cell phone from his waistband he made a quick call. His eyes watched the door carefully as he put in the order to the online supplier of adult products. A collection of toys, of devices, and he alone would show her the proper use of them.

  He wouldn’t have long. It would take her five minutes, he guessed, to work herself up. Another five to struggle back into her clothing as she fought the lethargy of her orgasm. Damn. He shook his head as he gave the owner of the adult products store the list. Damn, she had climaxed like nothing he had ever seen. Her pussy had gripped that dildo so tight, so hard, he’d had to struggle to fuck her through the rippling pleasure.

  He had watched her abdomen, seeing the convulsive shudders of her womb beneath her flesh as she cried out his name. But she hadn’t screamed it, and he swore before the week was over, she was going to scream his name.

  He had just flipped the phone close and pushed it back in its slim holder when she stormed into the room.

  “You dirty son of a bitch!” she screamed with rage and fear. “You dirty, perverted bastard. This is my home. Mine. And you can fucking leave now. ”

  No control. She flew at him, her face flushed, murder in her eyes, intent on knocking the hell out of him. He didn’t think so. He had seen that bruise Jase had sported for a week years before their divorce.

  Before she could land the blow he grabbed her wrists, shackling them together in one hand behind her back. His arm went around her waist and he jerked her against him. Before she could curse him again, his lips slanted over hers.

  She bit at him, but he nipped at her lip warningly a second before his tongue plunged into her mouth. She was heat and anger, and desperate, hungry lust. She groaned into the kiss, fighting his hold though her lips opened for his tongue, then suckled it tight into her mouth.

  James groaned, his cock jerking beneath his zipper at the thought of her mouth enclosing it in such hot pleasure. But for now, his
mouth had her, and the taste of her was indescribable. Sweet and warm, filled with the heady, aroused whimpers of a woman overcome with her own desires, pleasured, hungry for more.

  He allowed his tongue to stroke the inside of her mouth, to twine with hers as his head slanted, angling closer to allow his lips to stroke hers. She was trembling in his arms, and he knew her pussy would be dripping, wet and aching. And tight. He groaned at the thought of that as he lifted her closer. She had been so tight on that damned slender vibrator that he could barely fuck her with it. She would strangle his cock. His body tensed, his tongue fucking her mouth as she growled in greedy passion beneath his kiss.

  He couldn’t get enough of her. She arched to him, her breasts unconfined beneath the loose silk shirt she wore, her pants-covered thighs plastered to his as she pressed her mound hard against the thick erection beneath his slacks. The soft cotton pants she wore would do her little good, he promised himself. She would soak them with the juices from her sweet little cunt just as she had the silk slacks.

  With a muttered groan he pulled back from the kiss and stared into her face. Her eyes were dazed, her expression slack with sensual need. He could have her now if he was willing to take her. To give her no time for thought, to allow her to believe he had forced the control from her as he had in the bedroom. That would only hurt his intent. It would do nothing to further his own personal goals.

  “Enough,” he growled, holding onto her as he pushed her into the recliner at his side. “Sit there. And don’t get up, Ella, or I promise, you’ll regret it,” he warned her as she made to do just that.

  Evidently she heard the strain of his own fight for control in his voice. She pressed herself tighter against the back of the chair, staring up at him with wide eyes.

  James drew in a tight breath. His cock throbbed beneath his pants, pleading for a touch, no matter how timid, no matter how forced. He gritted his teeth and moved back from her.

  “Ten years,” he bit out, watching her broodingly. “I’ve wanted you for ten years, Ella, and I’m tired of fighting it. ”

  She shook her head, shock darkening her eyes. “That’s not possible. ” Her voice was thready, desperate.

  “Oh, it’s more than possible. ” Disgust welled inside him. “I’ve wanted you until I could barely breathe, ever since I walked into that damned house of Jase’s and saw all that careful control as you fought to give him at least part of what he wanted. ”

  Her face flamed and her eyes looked wild.

  “Did you think I couldn’t see who you were, Ella? Every time I saw you, you watched me as though you were terrified. Your nipples would harden, your face would flush, and I knew you wanted me. Me, Ella. And I fought it, fought it just as fucking hard as you did until I walked into that playroom. ”

  He remembered it clearly. Seeing her strapped down on the cot, unaroused, but trying, as Jase fought to pleasure her. He had seen her small cunt; dry yet looking so soft, so tender, as Jase touched it. Then she had seen him. She had fought Jase, screaming at him, crying, but James had watched her cunt. And within seconds it had glistened, her juices spreading over the delicate lips.

  He had left. Turned and stalked from the room because he couldn’t stand to see her lying there, crying brokenly as she cursed her husband. Jase had given up. He hadn’t loved her, and James knew it. What he needed sexually drove him, until he began to bring other women to his bed as his wife moved to the solitary comfort of a downstairs bedroom.

  Never in my home. Never again, she had said earlier. He had seen the humiliation flash in her gaze. Jase had brought other women to her home, had taken them to his bed, destroying the pride that was so much a part of her.

  “I want you to leave. ” Her voice quivered as she crossed her arms beneath her breasts, refusing to look at him. “I want you to leave now. ”

  James snorted. “Do you enjoy wasting your breath, Ella? You don’t want me to leave. You’re just too fucking scared for me to stay. ”
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