Dangerous pleasure, p.25
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       Dangerous Pleasure, p.25

         Part #12 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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Page 25


  He stroked his hands up her shoulders, pressing against them to ease her to her knees, the demand imperative, the need clawing at his spine.

  Not that she did as he expected. She didn’t go immediately to her knees. She didn’t suck his cock into the fiery furnace of her mouth.


  She destroyed him.

  She tore aside the fragile illusions of cynicism.

  She used that ragged wound growing in his soul.

  She broke him.

  Then lick by sweet lick down his body she began to remake him.

  Paige could barely breathe.

  Heat raced within her chest furiously, nerves and desire, fear and excitement making her entire body tremble.

  As his hands pressed against her shoulders her lips moved to his shoulders, her tongue tasted the salt and male flavor of his flesh.

  Her hands moved down his sides as he caressed down her arms, back up, along her back. His head lowered, strong teeth nipping at her ear in retaliation.

  Then she retaliated back. Her teeth scraped over his shoulder and she nipped hard, then lowered to the heavy muscle at his chest, then the male point of a nipple.

  Abram jerked, groaning in surprise and in pleasure as her hot little tongue rakeer his nipple, and sent heat spinning through his senses.

  Damn her, she made him want things, made him want things from her that he was certain weren’t good for either of their emotional health.

  “My emotional health is not inexhaustible,” he groaned as her tongue licked and strolled down his chest to the tight, clenched muscles of his stomach.

  The closer she got the harder his dick pulsed and swelled. The flesh was tight, so hard it was painful, so damned sensitive he swore he could feel the air around it.

  Her nails scraped down his abs to his thighs as she kissed, licked, and nipped her way down until she was only inches from the heavy, engorged head.

  And he was sure as hell doing his best to encourage her to lower, faster.

  Damn if he wasn’t ready to fucking explode from the need tearing through him.

  Slender, graceful fingers curved around the side of the shaft, but there wasn’t a chance of them fully encircling it. But she was touching it, and those pouty lips were coming closer by the second.

  His fingers were buried in her hair again, clenched, and he grimaced as he felt her heated breath against the engorged, throbbing head of his dick.

  He watched, his gaze on her flushed features, closed eyes, and her pink little tongue as it suddenly licked over the darkly flushed head.

  She licked and tasted, each stroke of her tongue like a lash of painful ecstasy. Once she got her lips around it and sucked him inside, he wouldn’t last seconds.

  Then her lips were there, slowly, so damned slowly, enveloping the head of his cock and sucking it into the tight, hot depths of her mouth.

  He watched. Watched as her lips closed on him, as her tongue began to lick and rub against the underside of his dick as his fingers tugged at her hair, pulling and releasing as she moaned against the overly sensitive crest of his cock.

  Holding onto his control was hell, not releasing the heavy tension invading his balls was becoming the most ecstatic torture he had ever known in his life.

  Her tongue was lightning and rapture, her fingers silken heat as she began stroking the heavy shaft, her moans vibrating along the nerve-laden crest as he began thrusting slow and easy, fucking those sweet, pretty lips as he’d only fantasized about for many years.

  And he wasn’t going to survive this much longer. The tight suction of her mouth, her tongue lashing at it.

  His hands tightened.

  He could feel the perspiration easing down his temple as his control began to fray to the point that he could feel his balls tightening violently.

  He was going to come.

  Control be damned. He couldn’t keep it together here. He wasn’t going to last and he wanted to be buried inside her first. He had to be buried inside her before he lost his mind as he had the first time he had her naked body beneath him.

  “Enough,” he growled.

  She didn’t stop.

  Her lashes lifted. Her eyes watered from taking him deep and she moaned again.

  “I’m going to come in that sweet mouth of yours. ” He breathed out roughly, his voice ragged. “Is that what you want, precious? My come filing your hot little mouth?”

  She flushed deeper. She sucked his dick tighter and left him strung out on a rack of impending bliss.

  “So pretty, precious,” he crooned, watching her swollen lips draw on the heavy width of his dick.

  Her mouth capped the swollen crest, worked around it and rubbed the overly sensitive underside with her hot little tongue.

  She was destroying him.

  He couldn’t hold on.

  He didn’t want to let her go.

  He wanted inside her. The full length of his cock sheltered in the sweet heat of her pussy.

  His hips shifted, thrust, and moved against the swollen beauty of her lips.

  His hands clasped her head and he forced himself to draw back. To drag the painfully swollen length of his cock away from the pleasure of her mouth.

  Glistening, moist from her mouth and so damned hard he was dying. Then he lifted her from her knees and laid her back easily on the bed.

  Then she shocked him. She had him stilling, his mouth watering, every nerve ending in his body heating in fiery response.

  She laid back against the pillows, slender legs parted as her fingers slid into the moist heat of her saturated pussy.

  Slender fingertips moved through the wet folds as she stroked and circled the swollen bud of her clit.

  Dazed, mesmerized, she stared back at him, stroked her pussy, and whispered a broken moan.

  He moved. Quickly, firmly, he gripped her wrist and pulled her fingers from the flesh he was going to own. Every kiss, every touch, every sweet erotic moan.

  “It was feeling good,” she whispered hoarsely, her fingers curling against his hand. “Aren’t you curious how I please myself? How I fantasize and whisper your name when I come?”

  Seeing it would have him coming to the air alone, and that he wasn’t doing.

  Taking her other wrist he placed both on the pillow above her head with a determined look.

  “Leave them there,” he warned her. “Don’t move them. ”

  Her hot little tongue flicked over her lips as he shoved his knee between her thighs as he moved over her.

  He hadn’t meant to kiss her lips, he’d intended to go straight to her pussy to lick at the sweet, heated warmth spilling from it.

  But those sweet lips beckoned, they drew him.

  His tongue pumped into her mouth, stroked and devoured her as he came over her, spreading her thighs to create the sweetest embrace he’d ever known.

  Her legs lifted, knees bending as her feet pressed into the mattress, her knees gripping his thighs.

  Thick and heavy, his cock slid against the slick wet folds of her pussy. Engorged, aching with a hunger tearing him apart.

  His lips slid from hers, ran down the silk of her neck to the rise of firm, sweet breasts and tight hard nipples.

  He had to taste her nipples. Candy pink and hard and sweet as hell. He curled his tongue around one and let his hunger have its way.

  Paige was drowning. She could feel herself drowning in pleasure so incredible she couldn’t find the strength to even attempt to resist even a second of it.

  He’d warned her to keep her hands at the pillow, but she had to touch him, she had to hold onto him.

  Her head was spinning like a top, pleasure whipping through her system like a fire burning out of control.

  Her fingers dug into his hair as his lips drew the sensitized flesh into his mouth.

  Sucking, drawing on it, his
tongue licking, his teeth scraping. Flares of sensation whipped and raced through her entire body. Arching into it she was desperate to get closer.

  She wanted to hold onto him forever. She just wanted to stay here in his arms.

  “I waited,” she whispered, dazed, so much pleasure. “I waited so long, Abram. ”

  So many years and so many dreams of his touch.

  “God, Paige, sweetheart. ” Lifting his head he stared down at her, his legs pressing hers farther apart as he lifted, his knees digging into the bed, the head of his cock nestling into the satiny soft folds of her pussy.

  The clenched entrance flared around the tip of his cock as he pressed forward, his eyes locked with the drowsy heat of hers and he began to work the stiff flesh into the heated grip of her pussy.

  Paige was caught by the midnight of his eyes. She was caught by the pleasure-pain piercing and stretching her sex.

  Her thighs trembled, her back arching, neck stretched back as her nails dug into his shoulders, her knees lifting, gripping his hips and opening herself to him.

  “There, baby,” he groaned, his fingers gripping her hips, his gaze still locked with hers.

  “Hold onto me, baby,” he groaned as she watched his expression tighten, watched his eyes flare.

  That heat was burning through her. Like flames licking over her flesh, ripping through her senses. The thick width of his cock pressed in, stretched her and sent desperate aching need shattering through her as she arched, bucking against him, fighting to drive him deeper.

  His fingers tightened on her hips, his hips keeping a steady, heated rhythm. He didn’t speed up, he didn’t go any slower. Keeping his gaze on her, he continued to work deeper into flesh rarely used.

  Her head twisted on the pillows, dug into them, and with desperate whimpers she begged for more. She wanted to cry out, she wanted to scream for more, but oh God, she couldn’t breathe.

  “Please,” she gasped, her nails digging into his shoulders, gripping as the muscles of her cunt rippled and sucked in tight hard spasms as the head of his cock lodged inside her. Working against the resistant muscles, the heavy flesh throbbing, burning inside her.

  She needed more.

  “Abram, please,” she moaned. “Oh God! Fuck me. Please, Abram. ”

  His hips jerked, burying him deeper.

  Paige lifted her knees, her legs wrapping around his hips as she ground her pussy upward, gasping with pleasure.

  “There you go, precious,” he groaned. “Fuck that sweet pussy up to me. Give it to me, baby. Work on my cock. ” His lips moved to her neck, biting kisses, strokes of his tongue licking over her as he began to move deeper inside her.


  “Yes,” she whispered, her pleasure echoing in the low cry that left her lips. “Deeper, Abram. ”

  She lifted closer, her legs tightening around his hips. “Fuck me deeper. ”

  His hips jerked against her, driving his cock deeper, harder inside her.

  She was shaking, shuddering in his grip, but he was shuddering too. She could feel him. His face buried in her neck, his lips moving against the sensitive flesh, his hips moving harder now, pushing his cock deeper inside her.

  The pleasure began to whip through her. Sensation upon sensation as she writhed beneath him, her legs tightening around his hips, her arms clasping his neck.

  “Take me, Paige. ” He nipped at her shoulders. “Take all of me, precious. ”

  She didn’t have so much as a second’s warning. She’d barely drawn in a tremulous breath when his hips bunched, gathering strength, then in one stroke he buried the full length inside her.

  The heavy breadth of his cock forced its way inside her. Every hard inch stroking to her furthest depth and deeper. Pleasure and pain became rocketing fire as he began to move. He didn’t pause, he didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath or to prepare for the sensations tearing across her body, throwing her into a maelstrom of pure bliss. She wanted to scream it was so good, but she couldn’t scream. Instinct kept the desperation bottled inside, silent, or nearly silent.

  She had to bite her lip. She bit his shoulder.

  “Ah fuck!” Her teeth at his shoulder did something. It triggered a reaction. It set loose a primal, sensual creature she could have never expected. A wild, primitive, erotic lover that hijacked her senses.

  His hips twisted and surged, shafted inside her and fucked her with driving, forceful strokes. Each rasp of his cock thrusting through her pussy, pushing her to a limit she hadn’t known existed. Pushing her toward an ecstasy so fiery she was lost in it, begging for more, dying with each stroke.
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