Guilty pleasure, p.20
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       Guilty Pleasure, p.20

         Part #11 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  In that moment, as the pleasure eased and another hunger built, a wisp of a thought, a desire shocked her senses. It could have been hotter. There was a component missing, something she knew she could have, something she was terrified to reach out for.

  Fighting back that thought, she reached for the man destroying her senses and her sense of herself. As he rose to his knees in front of her, spreading her thighs farther, Marty sat up, one hand gripping his hip, the other curling around the thick, dark protrusion of his cock.

  Khalid froze in front of her.

  He had never known such pleasure. He had never known a woman who could give pleasure as she did with the simple act of coming around his fingers.

  Now her slender, fragile fingers gripped his dick with silken strength.

  "What now, precious?" He fought the urge to dominate now, to let loose the sexual animal that existed inside him.

  It was hard, though, incredibly hard. Her hand stroked the length of his cock, her thumb whispering over the swollen crest to gather the droplet of precum that moistened it.

  "You always manage to destroy my control. "

  He heard the emotion in her voice. That edge of fear there clenched his heart.

  "What do you do to mine?" His fingers flexed with the need to dominate her now. "You do not know the edge you push me to, love. "

  Her tongue glanced over her lips, so close to the tip of his cock, his flesh so close to such extreme pleasure.

  "What would you do if I asked you to lose that control?"

  Khalid stilled at her question. There was something in her expression now, in the heat of her eyes that sent anticipation tightening his gut.

  "Is that what you want, precious?" He touched her face, his fingertips relishing the feel of her satiny flesh. "No control? No limits?"

  "What would you do?"

  "I believe you know what I would do. I would give you pleasures that even your imagination could not perceive. I would ensure it. "

  He would give her not just himself, but Shayne as well. Whenever she wanted it, in ways she most likely couldn't imagine. Khalid knew, even if she didn't suspect, that his sexuality, his sensual hungers went far deeper than she had most likely considered, even knowing how sexual he could become.

  "Right now," she whispered, that edge of anticipation and desperation still ever present in her voice. "Right now, Khalid, what would you do with no control?"

  A part of him sensed what she wanted. She was a strong woman, a woman who had made her own rules long ago and had lived with them, no matter the cost to her heart. But now, in this one moment, only seconds after her release, she was wondering what that control had cost her.

  It had cost her the knowledge of her own female strength, Khalid thought. His Marty had denied herself that adventurous, sensual core of femininity that lurked just beneath the surface of her control.

  His hand slid into her hair.

  "You want this?" he asked, hardening his voice, forcing himself to hold back. "All that I am at this moment, sweet flower? Is that what you want?"

  She licked her lips again. He expected to see indecision in her eyes, a flash of regret or denial. Instead he saw an excitement, a flash of hunger and lust that he was certain she was unaware lurked inside her.

  "Yes. "

  His fingers clenched in her hair, tightening, pulling at the strands with just enough force to send what he knew would be a rush of fiery pleasure pain through her already overloaded senses.

  She moaned. Her lashes fluttered closed.

  Gripping the base of his cock he pressed it to her parted lips.

  "Suck my cock, precious. Slow and easy. I want to feel that sweet little tongue working over the head. It's my favorite fantasy. Your pretty lips wrapped around my dick. "

  His teeth snapped the last word off as she did just as he ordered. Her lips parted as she sucked him in, her tongue lashing over the sensitive crown as a low growl tore from his chest.

  "Fuck yes. " The words were torn from him.

  Lightning flares of exquisite pleasure began to race through his body as he continued to flex his fingers in her hair, pulling delicately.

  Her expression became a picture of perfect sensual pleasure. Her lashes drifted closed over her soft gray eyes, her face flushed, a delicate pink staining the creamy flesh.

  Watching her, his body tight with the need for release and the demand to hold back, Khalid controlled her movements. One hand in her hair, the other wrapped around the base of his cock, he fucked her mouth with slow, easy strokes, letting the pleasure wash through his senses.

  The deep, measured suckling of her mouth over the sensitized crest was nearly more than he could bear, though. In all his sexual years he had never known the pleasure that Marty managed to send rushing through his body. She was like a narcotic, instantly addictive, always desired.

  Clenching his teeth, he fought the tightening of his balls as she sucked him deeper, her tongue stroking over his cock as he took her mouth with gentle greed.

  Moving his hand from his cock he watched as she wrapped the fingers of both hands around the heavy flesh. He wanted to touch her, to follow the curve of her breast, to feel the hardness of her nipples.

  Like responsive live pebbles, her nipples were tight and hard, silken and heated. At his first touch he felt the little moan from her throat vibrate against his dick and nearly lost his control then.

  His hips jerked, his ability to pull back nearly disintegrating beneath the heated strokes of her tongue and the snug suckling of her mouth.

  "Your sweet mouth is destroying me," he groaned, his hands tightening further in her hair. "Are you sure you want this?"

  There was so much he wanted to do to her. So much he would do if she gave him the chance.

  Her answer was a moan and the swirl of her tongue over his cock, and the leash snapped.

  Marty didn't know what she expected, but when he pulled back, his expression, his eyes wild, she was certain it wasn't quite this, though "this" sent screaming waves of pleasure and anticipation tearing through her.

  "Over. " She sure wasn't expecting him to turn her, to push her upper body to the bed as he lifted her hips.

  "Khalid. "

  "You asked for all of me. " His voice sounded torn, dark and dangerous. "Give it to me now, because I need all of you. "

  She felt his cock tuck against the folds of her pussy, spreading her flesh as it began to push inside, opening her, searing nerve endings that seemed to have forgotten the last time he had taken her.

  "Sweet. Fuck me, you're so tight and sweet. " His voice was rougher, deeper, darker. "Fucking you is like drowning in pleasure. "

  He surged inside her. Half the length of his cock buried inside her in one firm thrust that had her fighting to lift her upper body from the bed in reaction.

  A broad, calloused hand pressed her back down, held her there as he pulled back, then surged inside again. With each broad stroke his flesh buried deeper inside her, stretched her farther, and sent explosions of sensation erupting.

  It was like being burned alive from the inside out with such incredible pleasure that there was no way to acclimate herself to it. She could only take it, love it, press back for more of it.

  "Stay there. " His hand lifted from her back. "Keep that pretty ass raised for me, sweet. Let me show you a mere shadow of the pleasure I can give you. "

  Marty's breath caught as his fingers moved along the crevice of her rear. Caressing, firm, demanding, his fingers stroked the juices of her pussy from the heavy layer coating his cock and the folds of her sex.

  Slick, heated, his fingers always returned to her rear as she felt him like a thick, living wedge, buried inside her. The thunder of blood rushing through his cock pounded through her pussy as the heated rasp of his fingers began to press against the delicate opening of her anus.

  She had never been touche
d there before Khalid.

  Marty shuddered with the pleasure.

  She had never been taken quite this way.

  A desperate moan pushed past her lips.

  His hips moved, his cock easing back as a single finger slipped just inside the sensitive opening of her ass.

  "Khalid. " She could only gasp his name.

  He thrust inside her again as his finger eased back. Seconds later he pulled back once more, his finger slipped deeper into her rear, and Marty lost that last fragile thread of control.

  "Damn you," she cried out, feeling her juices gush between them a second before his finger slipped free entirely to gather more. His finger slipped in, coated the opening, then slid back once more.

  "Khalid. " She was demanding. She needed it. She knew there was more than the gentle caresses he was giving her. She knew there was more he wanted to give her. Much more that she was willing to take.

  "Then take it, sweet," he urged her, as he filled her pussy again, every thick, hard inch of his cock burying inside her. "Take what I have to give you. "

  He pulled back, and this time two fingers slipped into her rear and sent her senses reeling.

  Pleasure pain. The most incredible burning, agonizing pleasure tore through her as his fingers slid inside her ass. Delicate, ultrasensitive tissue screamed out in ecstasy and in agony. Fiery pleasure enveloped her, brutal ecstasy threatened on the edges of her senses.

  She couldn't help but clench on the invasions as she cried out at the sensations, the alternate strokes fucking inside her with wicked intensity, tearing away her control and her will to resist.

  Pressing back, she took what he gave and demanded what he held back. Her nails clawed at the blankets as perspiration coated her flesh, and waves of lust and hunger surged through her with tidal waves of sensation.

  "Harder. " Her cry was a mix of desperate begging and demanding passion. "Oh God, Khalid. Fuck me harder. Harder. "

  She needed more. She needed to ride this incredible wave into the pure bliss she could sense just out of reach. The pinnacle of pleasure awaited her, and she wanted to fly into it.

  Tiny shocks of sensation began to ignite inside her with every alternate thrust inside her pussy, her rear. She could feel the explosion coming, building. It was there. It was a golden ball of pure white-hot heat, and it sucked her in with such a burst of sensation that she feared she may not survive it.

  Tension gripped her, tightened her. Her muscles gripped his cock, sucked at his fingers, and the white-hot conflagration of sensation building inside her erupted.

  She felt Khalid, thrusting powerfully, his release powering inside her, heating her, filling her. His groan was a distant sound, his heavy body coming over her another pleasure mixing with the torrent of sensation already tearing her apart.

  Was she screaming or just trying to scream?

  She was shuddering beneath him, crying, locked inside the heavy pulses of agonizing sensation still tearing through her. She was his. In that moment, in that second, she sensed it like an animal senses its mate.

  She belonged to him totally.

  Chapter 9

  Khalid stared out the window of his library, three days later, a frown marring his brow. He watched the breeze drift through the trees surrounding the gardens. He looked tired, he thought, catching sight of his reflection in the window. Nothing like the charming seducer he was supposed to be. Or the carefree lover he tried to be with Marty. Though, he admitted, at the best of times, he was anything but carefree.

  Working for Joseph Mathews and Zachary Jennings had done this to him, he thought, with a twinge of amusement. He thought perhaps he had earlier even glimpsed a gray hair or two in the thick black strands of his hair.

  Of course, knowing his brothers would move against him didn't help things. A man could grow old before his time looking over his shoulder as often as Khalid was forced to. Not to mention the strain it had placed on him of all those years fighting his overwhelming desire for a woman who he knew would be placed in danger the moment she came to his bed.

  Marty was in the thick of it now, and protecting her was his main priority. His brothers had sworn they would destroy any woman who held his heart, and he feared they were now making good on thier promise.
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