Dangerous pleasure, p.17
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       Dangerous Pleasure, p.17

         Part #12 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 17


  “Abram, please,” she begged, her voice raspy.

  “Please, precious,” he crooned in a dark, black velvet tone. “Please let me touch you. Just for this moment. ” There was no plea in his tone despite the words.

  There was nothing but pure, dominant demand.

  One hand still held her wrists, his fingers locked around them to hold her in place. His lips lifted from her upper chest, his black eyes flaming with heated hunger as he stared down at her.

  The expression on his face had her hips arching involuntarily, desperate for more now. cov height="0em">

  She couldn’t get enough of him. Each touch had her flesh tingling, aching for more.

  The long, powerful fingers cupping her breast lifted it, his gaze holding hers as his head lowered, lips parting, his tongue peeking out to curl around her nipple as his lips met the flushed, swollen flesh.

  “Yes,” she hissed roughly as she watched, mesmerized by his lips closing on the tip and the feel of his mouth suddenly drawing on it, his tongue rubbing and stroking the nerve-laden tip. “That’s so good. ” She arched again, her back bowing as she pressed her pussy into the heavy heat of his cock. “It’s so good in your mouth, Abram. So hot. ”

  She was afraid she was going to come from this alone and she didn’t even care. She just wanted to come. She wanted the explosion tearing through her senses and throwing her into a pleasure she knew was going to leave her aching for more.

  Sensation was racing to her clit, to her pussy. Her womb clenched hard and tight, rippling with nearing ecstasy as she moaned and fought desperately to get closer to him.

  The heated, heavy juices of her arousal were saturating her pussy now, as well as the cotton that covered his leg where it pressed into her.

  A cry tore from her as his teeth pressed against the hard nipple, sensitizing it further. He raked them against it, then drew it back, sucked it inside, and licked over it.

  The different sensations were killing her with pleasure.

  “What are you doing to me?” she gasped. “Oh God, Abram, it’s so good. So good. ”

  His head lifted to allow his lips to smooth over her nipple. “I’m pleasuring you, baby,” he growled. “And how I’ve dreamed of pleasuring you. ”

  Paige pushed her head deeper into the pillow behind her as she lifted, trying to get closer.

  “I can’t think,” she cried out. “Let me think. ”

  She wanted to scream, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t draw in enough oxygen to push the sound free.

  As she fought for breath, fought to find a way to think, to consider what she was doing, she felt his hand move from the curve of her breast, his fingers stroking, rubbing, easing slowly down her torso, over her lower stomach, then brushing against the light growth of curls at the top of her sex.

  Her fingers curled against his hand as his fingers slid through the slick, saturated slit of her pussy. He parted the swollen folds, the roughened fingertips rubbing and stroking until his fingers found her straining c0">Her finrawing another cry from her lips.

  She loved it. Each touch. It was incredible.

  It was like little flares of lightning piercing her clit each time he stroked around it, sending flames to caress her pussy.

  Her hips jerked, pushing closer, feeling his fingers rake against the opening of her saturated cunt. She could feel her juices, thick and heated as they coated the folds and then his fingers.

  The need for more, the need to have his fingers filling her was making her crazy.

  “What do you want, Paige?” he groaned, his voice rough. “Tell me, baby, and I’ll give it to you. ”

  “You know what I want,” she protested weakly.

  She couldn’t think. She couldn’t make sense of the impulses surging through her system.

  “Let me hear it,” he demanded roughly. “Tell me what you want. How should I touch you?”

  She shook her head, imperatively. So many fantasies. She wanted so much, needed so much. How was she supposed to settle for just one touch?

  “How sweet and soft your pussy feels, Paige. ” His lips moved against her nipples again. “I love the feel of it against my fingers, but I want to feel it on my tongue. The way your juices feel, the tug of your pussy as I fuck my tongue inside you. The feel of you coming on my tongue—”

  “Oh God!” She was so close.

  She nearly raced over the edge of completion; she was that close, that sensitized.

  She wanted to feel his tongue as she felt his fingers now. Licking over her, stroking her past reason.

  “Let me touch you. ” She breathed out roughly. “Let me go, Abram. ”

  “Not yet. ” His teeth raked against her nipple. “Just take the pleasure, Paige. Just for a minute, sweetheart. ”

  It was too destructive. Being effectively bound, restrained, and touched with devastating results.

  “I want to touch too,” she demanded roughly.

  His fingers waited at the entrance of her sex, two broad, strong digits tucking against the clenched opening as she stilled. She stared up at him and fought to breathe as he began pushing inside the snug depths of her pussy.

  Her hips surged upward. The feel of his fingers stretching her, pushing inside her, would have had her screaming in violent pleasure if she could have just breathed.

  As his fingers tormented her pussy, thrusting in, stoking an erotic, blazing heat through it, Abram moved his lips to her other breast, found the tight peak of her nipple, and sucked it in.

  The alternating sensations, the flashes of electric pleasure surged from her nipple to her clit with each draw of his mouth, from her pussy to the rest of her body with each stroke of the two fingers inside her.

  “Lick it,” she moaned, needing that particular stroke against her nipple. “Lick it, Abram, just a second. ”

  She wanted to come. She needed to come now.

  Her hips arched and rotated, working her pussy on his thrusting fingers as rapid, desperate cries fell from her lips.

  His tongue licked over her nipple, rubbed it.

  “Don’t stop,” she moaned, her head thrown back as her hips thrust into his fucking fingers.

  “Do you like it, precious? Do you like my fingers fucking inside you? Filling your tight little pussy?” His head lifted, his lips brushing the peak as his fingers stretched and burned her flesh.

  With powerful, controlled thrusts his fingers reached inside her, stroking against nerve endings never touched, never pleasured before and sending her senses rioting. They scissored, stretched her, worked inside her. Blinding, elemental sensation tore through so many nerve endings it nearly sent her into sensory overload.

  “More…” she cried out.

  “More what, Paige?” He whispered against her lips as she dragged her lashes open to stare into the burning depths of his eyes.

  “Your fingers,” she gasped. “Fuck me harder, Abram. ” She arched, blinding pleasure searing her as she fought to find release. “Please. Please let me come. ”

  She was so close. The need to come was screaming through her now. Her hips jerked, grinding into each thrust, her thighs tightening on the powerful legs holding hers apart as his fingers tortured her.

  So close.

  She gasped, her breath catching. Whimpers fell from her lips, then a startled, agonizing cry as he pulled back.

  Suddenly her wrists were free and before she could do more than cry out his name his shoulders were between her thighs, his mouth on her pussy.

  His tongue licked through the sensitive folds, the tip flicking and probing at her clit as she gasped, arched, and felt the flames rising inside her tortured pussy.

  If she didn’t come she was going to die from the need.

  As his lips moved over her clit and surrounded it, his fingers slid against her entrance again, probing, rubbing, the two tormenting digits working inside the slic
k, juice-laden tissue.

  A haze of blinding lust filled Abram’s head as his fingers worked inside the velvety tissue as it clamped tightly on his fingers.

  Ripples washed over his fingers as the muscles tightened and spasmed on his flesh.

  “Abram. ” She moaned his name, the need in her voice pushing the blinding haze of lust higher and ripping at the control he was fighting to hold onto. “It’s so good. Your fingers…” Her hips lifted and flexed into each thrust he worked inside the gripping flesh.

  Damn, she was hot. Her pussy clamped and sucked at his fingers, as he imagined his cock buried inside the snug, fist-tight flesh.

  “Fuck me,” she whispered, desperation filling her voice. “Please, Abram, fuck me. Make me come. ”

  For a second, just a few fragile seconds, he lost his grip on his control.

  He sucked her clit tighter into his mouth, his tongue working it, licking against it as his fingers began to thrust deeper, harder, feeling her tighten, then a second later, feeling her explode.

  It was the most incredible sensation for him.

  Never while pleasuring a woman had he spilled himself to the sheets simply from his lover’s pleasure, but as Paige’s pussy tightened on his fingers with a strength that had him groaning at the thought of it wrapped around his dick, he couldn’t hold back.

  As she came, her flesh rippling and clenching, he let his fingertips stroke a tiny spot deep and high inside her pussy, extending her climax and the shudders of release.

  With each hard jerk of her body he let her ease down. Slowly, because he wanted to relish it. Drawing it out, because the thought of letting her go was suddenly abhorrent.

  Paige’s eyes were open, unseeing, dazed. All she was aware of, all she could process was the hard, brilliant flashes of light and pleasure rippling through her. It burned, exploded in flashing points of ecstasy that had her tightening to the breaking point.

  She could feel every nerve ending in her body sizzling, burning in rapture.

  She gasped, fighting to pull oxygen into her lungs as throaty, ecstatic moans escaped her throat.

  She had never known herself to make such sounds. She had never known such pleasure or that pleasure could be so destructive and yet so filled with satisfaction.

  As the last pulsing wave of release eased through her body, she blinked, feeling his fingers ease from her as he moved up her body, his chest rising hard and fast with his accelerated breathing, perspiration gleaming on his flesh.

  His gaze looked almost satiated, his face flushed. There was a dominant, possessive expression that had her stilling while watching him warily.

  “While you’re here, until I can get you home, until I can ensure your safety you will stay within this suite. You will sleep in my bed and you will belong to me. ”

  Well hell, and here she thought she already did.

  But she kept her lips wisely closed and simply stared back at him defiantly, even if she really didn’t feel that much defiance.

  And her reward?

  His gaze flamed with lust again.

  His expression tightened with it.

  And if she wasn’t mistaken his cock was harder, thicker beneath the damp cotton of the loose trousers he still wore.


  “Are you on birth control?”

  Abram asked as Paige pulled on the long, winter-warm gray thobe he had handed her moments before.

  The loose dresslike garment flowed around her rather shapelessly but it covered her, and it was warm.

  “Paige. ” He repeated her name, obviously expecting an answer.

  Lifting her head she stared back at him, still amazed that she had, less than an hour ago, climaxed in his arms as though she were exploding from the inside out, and he still hadn’t fully had sex with her.

  “I’m protected,” she replied. “I’m the one that can get pregnant, so I’m the one that makes certain it doesn’t happen. ”

  “I’ll need to have whatever you take collected quickly,” he told her. “Give me the name and dosage so I can have Tariq acquire it. ”

  She stared back at him implacably. “You make it sound as though I’m going to be stuck here indefinite, Abram. ”
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