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Guilty Pleasure, Page 15

Lora Leigh

Page 15


  He could see her in his mind's eye, stretched out, at the mercy of their touch, steeped in pleasure so rich, so exquisite that she could do nothing but ride the waves of arousal as they washed over her.

  Watching his cock press inside her mouth, feeling her cries vibrating around it. The darkness inside him became lost to the sweet pleasure that he knew he would find only with her now.

  "Damn you. " He cursed her as well as himself as her tongue rubbed erotically against the underside of his cock.

  "I won't take you here. Not like this," he groaned, knowing he was so very close to doing just that. He was ready to fuck them both into oblivion here and now. If he did so, then Shayne would have her as well. The other man would press his way into the ultrasnug entrance of her ass and introduce her to a pleasure that she should only know later.

  This first time. God help him, this first time had to be for her, for him. He couldn't bear the thought of another sharing it.

  Her lashes lifted. Soft gray eyes had turned stormy, nearly black with the need filling her as he drew back. Watching as his cock pulled free, he wondered with agonized hunger how it would feel to fuck her pussy with the same soft, easy motions.

  "You're killing me," he whispered as he gripped his cock in his fist and rubbed the head of it against her swollen, cherry red lips.

  Shayne was in agony. Licking over the sweet, flushed curves of her pussy, the taste of her like nectar against his tongue, was nearly too much to bear.

  She was so responsive, so sweet.

  Glancing up he watched as Khalid rubbed the head of his cock over her lips and he couldn't resist. Cupping the cheeks of her ass in a firm grip he lifted her closer and thrust his tongue deep, hard, into the white-hot entrance of her pussy.

  The taste of her exploded against his tongue. Silky, with the barest hint of sweetness and the delicate flavor of feminine heat. It combined to a subtle, addictive flavor that seeped into his senses and left him aching to fuck her as the muscles clenched around his tongue.

  "Once I get you home I'm going to eat you with the same greedy hunger as Shayne is eating you now," Khalid groaned. "Is he fucking your pussy with his tongue, baby, like I did earlier? Is he making you crazy to feel my cock stretching you, taking you as no other man has dared?

  She licked at the head of his cock as he held it back from her, crying out in need and in pleasure as she shuddered, her body rocking in Shayne's grip.

  She was close. So close to release. A release he knew Shayne was holding back from her.

  "Damn. " Shayne's head lifted. "Fuck. She tastes like pure heat, Khalid. So fucking hot it burns. "

  Just then, the limo pulled into the driveway of the estate. Khalid pulled back from her as Shayne slowly released her then fought to get his cock back in his pants.

  Marty looked erotically drugged as Shayne released her. She stared back at Khalid with the dazed, confused expression of a woman who didn't quite know how to handle the sensations racing through her. God knew, he understood exactly how she felt. Never had such pleasure racked his body.

  "I need you. " Her voice was thin and breathless as she tugged at the bodice of her dress to right it as the limo pulled into the driveway of the estate. "I might not survive how desperately I need you. "

  Helping her fit the material of her dress back in place over her breasts, Khalid stared back at her, rather humbled by the helplessness she saw on his face.

  Independent, willful, his Marty wasn't a weak woman. Yet the pleasure they shared left her faltering, her hands shaking and her body trembling as Khalid eased her dress back over her thighs.

  He leaned forward to touch her lips with his.

  What he had meant to be a soft, gentle kiss turned into something more. Lips parted, his as well as hers, and seconds later their tongues were licking, stroking, lips melded together as if they were trying to consume each other.

  Khalid drew back, knowing that they had to get out of this car right now. Abdul wasn't exactly an emergency. He stood patiently after opening the door, waiting on Khalid and Shayne to step from the vehicle before Khalid extended his hand to Marty and helped her from the car.

  Sultry summer heat wrapped around Khalid as he helped Marty from the back, like the heat of her body, tinged with moisture, sinking into his flesh and warming the places inside him that had been cold until her touch.

  "Abdul, you may retire for the night," Khalid informed him as he led Marty up the marble steps to the front door, Shayne moving ahead of them. "I'll see you in the morning. "

  A security guard opened the door from the inside, his impassive gaze flickering over them as Khalid escorted Marty inside.

  Marty was silent as he led her into the house and up the curved staircase to his bedroom while Shayne headed to the opposite side of the house in silence. The fingers that he held in his hand still trembled, and her breathing, as well as his own, was still slightly labored.

  His heart was racing in his chest. Like a youth, the sheer excitement of touching her, of knowing that soon she would belong to him, was nearly the last measure of pressure that his control could take.

  "Would you like a drink?" he asked, as he pushed open the door to his suite and led her inside.

  "No. " Her voice was as unsteady as he knew his own would be if he didn't control it.

  "Hungry?" He closed the door behind them before stepping closer to her and gripping her hips and pulling her to him.

  Graceful hands landed against his chest, reminding him that his shirt was undone. Hell, he hadn't even thought to fix it before leaving the limo. At least his slacks were firmly zipped.

  "I'm very hungry. " The tone of her voice assured him that it wasn't food she wanted.

  Her hands reached up, tugging at the edges of his jacket until he shrugged the material from his shoulders. His shirt followed, leaving him naked from the waist up as his fingers moved to the zipper at the back of her dress.

  Undressing her took no time. The soft material slid from her body as his lips moved to hers once again, covering them, immersing his senses in the delicate heat and hunger of her arousal.

  Marty had never known the desperation for another's touch that she felt for Khalid's now. Over the years she had ached for him, needed him, but never with such power that it made her body tremble and left her weak to his touch. So weak she had to fight to stand. To breathe. Her lungs labored as a fragile groan tore from her chest. Her hands gripped his shoulders, fighting to hold on to him as he lifted her against him, moving, gliding to the huge bed at the far end of the open suite.

  He didn't pause as he laid her on the black coverlet. She heard his shoes thud against the soft carpeting, felt his hands tearing at his pants as his kisses grew more demanding and became edged with a sensual roughness that had her heart rate doubling.

  Within seconds he was moving over her, hard, hot, naked. His knees parted her legs as his lips moved to her jaw, her neck. Hungry lips moved to her breasts, where he kissed with delicate greed before consuming the ultrasensitive point of her nipple with a hungry mouth.

  Marty flinched at the surge of ecstatic pleasure that tore through her. Electric shards of sensation tore from her nipple to her womb; it clenched tight as her clit began to throb with excitement.

  It was the most amazing feeling. As though the thinnest of nerve endings connected her nipples, her womb, and her clit. Each tug at the swollen tip caused a surge of heat to travel below, shaking her with the force of the pleasure tearing through her.

  "You're destroying my control," he groaned, as her fingers curled around the thick erection between his thighs.

  "Who needs control?" She could barely force the words past her lips as he moved to her other breast and drew that neglected nipple into his mouth.

  Marty arched tightly, a cry tearing from her throat as the need became painful.

  Parting her legs as she felt Khalid's hand str
oking down her midriff, she prayed for his touch at the tormented flesh between her thighs. Her pussy throbbed in need, the ache centered deep in her belly and blooming with heat as his fingers slid into the narrow slit between the folds of flesh.

  "Khalid!" She cried out his name as he circled her clit, never giving her the touch she needed as his lips began to move down her body.

  "I'm going to eat you like candy, baby. "

  Sliding between her thighs, he pushed her legs wide, his hands pressing beneath her rear to cup it and lift her to him.

  The first touch of his lips made her entire body tense, and a ragged moan echoed from her chest. They circled her clit, drew it inside, and then proceeded to drive her insane as he began to suckle at the little bud.

  His tongue stroked over it, around it. Each touch was never firm enough, never fast enough to send her racing over the edge of release that she could feel just out of reach.

  His fingers clenched her rear, parting the twin globes and dipping into the narrow crevice there. Drawing the juices that spilled from her pussy back to the snug opening, he began to massage it firmly.

  There was too much pleasure. Too many sensations. Marty couldn't hold her careening senses in place as he stroked her in places where her own fingers had never ventured.

  The tiny prick of pleasure pain at her ass had her pressing closer to the caress. The suction of his mouth at her clit destroyed her, the waves of pleasure tearing through her as she writhed beneath the destruction his mouth and tongue created.

  Her senses were whirling with the extremeness of sensations. The feel of his calloused palms on the sensitive flesh of her rear had her twisting in his grip, the rasp of them stroking over nerve endings she hadn't known could be so sensitive.

  It was his finger stroking, massaging, pressing against the tender opening of her rear as his lips and tongue sucked and licked at the too sensitive folds of her pussy that drove her to the edge of sanity.

  She needed . . . she wasn't certain what she needed. She had never felt this. She had never known such pleasure. It built and built. It burned and ached.

  "Khalid. " She arched into his grip as his tongue circled her clit with rapid, heated strokes. It flickered over the swollen bud before he sucked it inside once again. At the same time, his finger slipped into the tight entrance of her rear. The alternating, blistering sensations were too much to process, too much to bear.

  As his finger stretched her anally and his tongue stroked over her clit rapidly, something exploded, detonated. In a blaze of sensation, a white-hot heat she couldn't resist, pleasure ruptured inside her and sent her flying, as a strangled scream tore from her throat.

  She was dying. She couldn't live through it. She couldn't survive it. Ecstasy was a brilliant conflagration whipping through her mind and body.

  Marty fought to catch her breath, to still the rapid beating of her heart. Her body shook in the grip of a rapture she couldn't explain, and one she couldn't escape.

  "Sweet baby. " His voice stroked over her as his hands smoothed along her sides, his lips moving up her stomach to her breasts.

  When they reached her lips, the need was burning inside her again.

  Opening her eyes, Marty stared up at him, her breath catching at the extreme sensual hunger that tightened his face. That look was as arousing as any touch he had given her so far. The sheer desperate lust, the tightening of his features, the heaviness about his lips, the drowsiness in his eyes, the rivulet of sweat that eased along his dark face. The combination was like a hit of aphrodisiac that surged through her system.

  "Khalid. " She breathed his name as his thighs slid between hers, the wide crest of his erection pressing against her pussy.

  "Damn. I've never done this before. " His breath was heavy, rough, as she stared up at him in surprised amusement.

  "You could have fooled me. " She panted, her hands gripping his hard shoulders as he pressed closer, his hips shifting, his cock stretching the untried entrance of her sex.

  He almost smiled. "I've never taken a virgin," he growled, as he gripped her hip and pressed closer.