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       Submission, p.11

         Part #2 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
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  She bucked against them, the heat and hardness searing her, the pleasure/pain more than she could bear as he worked his cock inside her by slow degrees.

  She tried to thrash in their arms, tried to force Sax to enter her faster, harder, dying for the orgasm she knew was just out of reach.

  “James. Damn. She’s tight. ” He groaned beneath her as he rocked inside her, the slick inner juice easing his way, but not by much.

  As each agonizing inch pressed into her cunt, she could feel James, thicker, harder, as he throbbed inside her ass.

  “Almost there,” Sax groaned. “Hold on, baby, I’m giving it all to you. ”

  She screamed, loud and deep, as the last inches powered inside her with a strong surge of his hips, burying his erection into her to the hilt. A second later, James began to move behind her.

  The sounds of wet sex, desperate cries and hard male groans filled the air as Ella shuddered, her body jerking almost spasmodically in the grip of a lust she could have never imagined. The two men, their thrusts perfectly timed, began to fuck her with hard, driving strokes. Muscles protested, flared with heat, but parted beneath the driving strokes of the two thick shafts possessing her.

  Between them, Ella cried out their names repeatedly, pushing herself into each thrust, flying higher, surging deeper into the ecstatic orgasm she knew was building faster, harder inside her.

  Their thrusts quickened then, pushing into her body with rapid movements, rasping her clit against the wiry roughness of Sax’s pubic hair until the moment insanity hit. She felt her mind, her heart, her womb and her pussy explode. Convulsively, simultaneously, as her scream rocked the air between them. Behind her, James stiffened at that moment, his hot seed flooding her anus as Sax thrust into her tightening pussy one last time and tightened, his groan of release sounding hard and loud at her ear.

  “Ella, baby. ” James leaned over her, holding her close as she continued to cry out, her body shuddering so harshly she feared she would break apart.

  “James,” she cried out his name, tears wetting her face as another vibration wracked her body, tightening her, blinding her. She tightened on the cocks still filling her, riding her through the mindless orgasm until she collapsed, boneless, against Sax’s body.

  “Ella. God. Baby. ” James pulled her from Sax, easing her into his arms as he fell to the bed, holding her close, tight, as the other man moved from the bed.

  Ella could still feel the internal shudders racing through her womb, her own release dripping from her cunt as James rocked her, his lips caressing her face, his hands stroking her back.

  “Don’t leave me. ” She burrowed closer against his chest, too exhausted to hold him to her, praying he would hold her to him instead.

  “Never,” he whispered at her ear, his vow echoing to her soul. “Never, Ella. I’ll always be here. ”

  Chapter Fifteen

  “She asleep?” Sax was waiting in the kitchen, dressed, looking smartly presentable. He didn’t look as though he spent the last hours helping James fuck Ella into another screaming climax. James had held her in his arms, stroking her body, easing her through the destructive shudders of her orgasm before moving to take her again himself.

  After the first violent sensations had eased from her body, neither man had been able to leave her in peace. She responded to each touch, each stroke of their hands as though it were the first time.

  “She’s asleep. ” James nodded, wishing he were as well. He had never been so exhausted in his life.

  “Will she be okay?” Sax glanced back at the hallway that led to her bedroom, a frown shaping his brow.

  “She’ll be fine. ” James was sure of that. Her sleepily muttered words as she finally gave into her own exhaustion assured him of it.

  “Well, you waited long enough for her. ” Sax rolled his broad shoulders as he headed for the hallway. “I’m heading home now. I need to sleep. ”

  James followed him to the door and as the other man turned back to him, lifted a brow questioningly.

  “I’ll need your help now,” Sax said with a fierce frown. “You and Cole set up Ella’s downfall. I expect your help setting up my woman’s fall. ”

  James grinned. “You have a deal, Sax. Give me a chance to figure out how to get to her, and I’ll let you know. ”

  Sax nodded. “I’ll be waiting. Impatiently, but waiting. ”

  He walked out the front door, closing it softly behind him. James sighed deeply, secured the locks and then returned to Ella’s bedroom.

  She was in the same position he had left her in, curled up on her side, her auburn hair a cloud of silk around her face, her expression peaceful, serene. Had he ever seen her peaceful or serene before he invaded her life? He shook his head, knowing he hadn’t.

  “Is he gone?” she mumbled as he eased into the bed beside her.

  Surprised, James stared down at her closed eyes.

  “He’s gone. ” He pulled her into his arms, tucking the blankets around her again.

  Her voice was drowsy, replete, as she snuggled against him. “No more threesomes. ” She yawned. “I can’t move. ”

  He chuckled gently. “Let me know when you need to move and I’ll do it for you,” he assured her.

  Silence thickened around them again for long seconds.

  “What now?” she asked, her voice even, though he heard the worry in her tone.

  “Hmm. Many things. ” He smiled against her hair. “But I’m not leaving, Ella. Not now, not ever. You’re mine. You submitted to it, baby. You can’t back out now. ”

  The letter he had left that day was detailed in more than one regard. Submit now, submit for life. The ring that had accompanied it graced her finger, just where it belonged.

  “You have a lousy way of proposing, James. I’m going to have to teach you better. Boy toys are supposed to be more romantic, especially married ones. ” Warmth filled her voice, a warmth that gave him hope. Then joy swelled in his chest when she whispered, “Especially the one I love. ”

  He laughed then, feeling freer, happier than he could ever remember feeling.

  “I’ll keep that in mind, baby. ” He kissed her lips tenderly, feeling her smile, her exhausted response. “Sleep now. In my arms, Ella. The way it’s supposed to be. ”

  And they both slept.


  He had sworn she would come to him. He wouldn’t spend agonizing months trying to ease her into a relationship she had stated she would never tolerate. So he tried to seduce her into it instead.

  After Thomas’s death, he had made himself indispensable to her. He was at the house often, fixing this or that, just talking or watching movies late into the night. Despite appearances, Terrie was a wary person, well aware of how easily she could be hurt, how weak she was physically. From what he had gathered, his brother had been more of a bastard than he had ever imagined.

  “Now that was a beautiful wedding. ” Terrie stumbled against him a bit as he helped her into the house.

  James and Ella’s wedding ceremony had made her teary eyed, reflective. She had sat in the limo on the way home, quiet, a bit sad, staring out the window as her fingers stroked over the upper swell of one breast that her cream colored dress had revealed. The action had caused his cock to swell, to harden in agonized need.

  “Well, it wasn’t a long one, anyway. ” Jesse pulled her to him, leading her to the living room, enjoying her soft weight against his side.

  The soft silk of her dress slid against his hands, and when he sat her on the couch, the hem rode just below the crotch of her panties. Cream colored as well, silk. He was betting it was a thong.

  “You kissed the bride. ” Her surprising comment had his brows lifting in surprise.

  He had kissed the bride. Long and deep, to her complete surprise and shocked arousal.

  “Yeah, I did. ” He knelt at her feet, removing the high-
heeled shoes from her small feet.

  “That was so decadent,” she bit out. “Kissing her that way, with your tongue. You made her horny. ”

  He smothered his laughter. “That was the point,” he whispered up at her as he caressed the slight welts on the side of her foot.

  She pouted. She had such an intriguing pout, and used it on him often.

  “I promise not to kiss Ella again. ” His hand stroked her calf as he felt a small tremor work over her body.

  “Sax fucked her. He was at the wedding, of course,” she bit out. “I knew she couldn’t hold out. She gave in too easily. ”

  She sounded angry with Ella, though Jesse knew she was more than happy that her friend had finally found some happiness.

  “You, of course, would be much harder to convince?” he asked her, careful to keep his voice even, his hand on her calf comforting rather than arousing.

  She leveled a hard look at him. “I am not so easy. ”

  That was sure as hell the truth. He murmured consoling words, though, massaging her foot, well aware of how the heels made her feet ache.

  “I’m not your sister. ” She jerked her foot from his grasp, staring down at him angrily. “Stop treating me like one. ”

  “Keep it up and I’ll turn you over my knee and paddle your ass. ” He jerked her foot back. “Now what has you so upset? I thought you were happy for Ella. ”

  “I am. ” She was pouting again, watching him darkly.

  “Then what’s your problem?” he asked her again.

  “You’ve never kissed me like that,” she finally bit out, her cheeks blooming with a flush. “Why haven’t you?”

  He pursed his lips. Her breasts were moving quickly beneath her dress, her nipples hard, poking impatiently at the light fabric. He allowed his hand to stroke higher along the inside of her leg.

  “Because,” he whispered. “I can never decide where to put my tongue first. ”

  She blinked, confusion filling her expression. “What?” Her question was almost a gasp.

  “You heard me. ” His hand stroked to her thigh. “Do I take your lips and plunge my tongue into your mouth, Terrie, or do I push it as deep and as hard up your pussy as I can, and suck all that sweet cream into my mouth? Deciding is a bitch. ”

  Her mouth opened, her thighs tensed. He watched as she fought to breathe, to draw in air to counter the arousal he saw surging in her gaze. He parted her thighs then, his cock jerking at the sight of the damp spot on the silk of her panties. His gaze rose back to hers.

  “Do you want that, Terrie? My mouth buried in your cunt, my tongue fucking you to orgasm?” Her thighs opened farther as a strangled moan whispered past her throat.

  “Please,” she whispered, and his cock surged in joy then throbbed in disappointment as he gently closed her thighs.

  “Remind me when you’re sober, Terrie. ” He stood to his feet, staring down at her shocked expression. “I won’t fuck you drunk. Sober up, then call me. But don’t be surprised if you find out exactly why Sax was at that wedding, and what he’s most likely doing right now to your friend’s climaxing body. You won’t play with me, Terrie,” he warned her softly.

  He turned and left the room, then the house. If he didn’t, he knew he would fuck her, knew he would drive his cock so deep and hard inside her she would scream for her orgasm. And he couldn’t. Not yet. She hadn’t seduced him; she didn’t want it enough. When she did, well then, he grinned, then he would give her everything he had ever dreamed she could take.

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