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Guilty Pleasure

Lora Leigh

Page 13


  There was no time to think about where they were. They could be caught. Anyone could walk in on them.

  Then his head was lowering.

  Marty reached up, her fingers going to the leather tie that held back the long, coarse strands of black hair at his neck. When she loosened it, his hair fell around her fingers as his lips smoothed over the rise of her breast, his tongue licking, tasting her flesh, going ever closer to the aching peak of a breast.

  Her fingers speared into his hair, her head tipped back farther, pleasure whirled through her system as her knees gripped his hips, her pussy cushioning the hard ridge of his cock beneath his slacks.

  Shifting her hips beneath him, Marty felt the thick press of his erection as he thrust against her. His lips parted, his tongue licking over her nipple before drawing it into the heated dampness of his mouth.

  The stroke of his tongue, the flex and suction of his mouth over the ultrasensitive tip, made her hands clench his hair tighter, holding him to her as she arched closer to the flick of his tongue over the heated tip.

  The pleasure was torturous. She felt a searing sense of complete abandonment in his arms. Control had no meaning. Common sense had been lost long ago. There was just this, this man, this moment, this fantasy she had never been able to let go of.

  "Do you know what you do to me?" The rough caress of his voice stole through her senses as her lashes lifted to stare into the black heat of his eyes.

  "I know what you do to me. " She fought to breathe through the pleasure, through the sensations tearing through her as he brushed his jaw over her nipple, the light stubble on his flesh abrading with sensual roughness.

  Staring back at him, Marty fought to hold on to her senses as she felt his palm sliding along her leg to her thigh. The feel of his calloused fingertips was a sensual rasp of exquisite pleasure.

  "Khalid," she panted his name, fought to still the trembling of her body as he leaned back enough to watch the progress of his fingers.

  "Do you know how long I've wanted you?" His voice was dark, hungry. "Far longer than I should have, Marty. Far longer than I thought possible to want one woman. "

  Moistening her lips with her tongue, she drew in a hard, deep breath as those adventurous fingers moved along the elastic of the silk panties at her thigh.

  "I should stop. " The expression on his face, the dark hunger in his eyes weren't that of a man intent on stopping.

  The fingers dipping beneath the elastic leg band of her panties definitely weren't those of a man intending to stop. Marty all but held her breath as those knowing, wicked fingers began to play seductively beneath the silk.

  They parted the silken folds of flesh and his eyes locked with hers as she caught her breath at the feel of his fingers gliding through the satiny, slick dampness gathered there.

  Lips parted, a cry trapped in her throat, Marty could do nothing but whimper as those diabolical fingers slid upward to circle the tender, straining nub of her clit and torture it further.

  "All I can think about is fucking you. " His voice was a harsh rasp of hunger that had her womb clenching in demand. "Day and night, for years, the hunger for it has tormented me. "

  She bit her lip, whimpering little moans leaving her throat as his head lowered, his lips finding a tender nipple and sucking it inside as his free hand began to push her dress higher up her thighs.

  "Tasting you. " He breathed against her breast as his head began to move lower down her body. "I need to taste you, Marty. "

  Marty stared unseeingly up at the ceiling as she felt her panties being pulled to the side, and a second later she felt the heated rasp of a hungry tongue as it licked up the slit of her pussy.

  Pulses of brutal pleasure raced through her, flinching through her body as his tongue worked to her clit, circled it, and sipped at it before moving lower again.

  She wanted to scream out at the sensations tearing through her. The desperate ache that resulted from each lick was torture. An agony of sensation washed through her body as his tongue flickered and licked, driving her crazy with the need for more.

  Khalid ate the tender flesh like a connoisseur tasting nectar. A little groan vibrated against the tender bud, nearly sending her senses exploding in sensation before his lips moved again. His tongue licked lower, rimmed the clenched opening, then with a hot, wicked glide of his tongue, slid inside the clenched, ultrasensitive opening in a smooth, white-hot thrust.

  Marty's feet pressed into the edge of the desk, her hips rising in a desperate jerk as her hands clenched in his hair to hold him to her.

  She couldn't hold back the cry that tore from her throat, just as she couldn't stop the heated rush of her response from spilling to his tongue.

  Knowing, hungry thrusts of his tongue had her reaching desperately for an orgasm he held just out of reach as his hands clenched her rear, lifting her closer to him.

  Marty felt lost, suspended between pleasure and torture as sensation after sensation attacked her nerve endings. Heat blazed through her body, tore through her mind. The feel of his tongue fucking her drove her to a precipice she hadn't known existed as she fought to find release.

  Male groans vibrated against her flesh as she arched, pressing closer, desperate mewls falling from her lips as she felt the blazing sensation building inside her body.

  In that moment, the door opened and Shayne Connor stepped inside.

  Embarrassment should have seared her. As he closed the door quickly, his hand clenched on the doorknob, his gaze turning from curious to a blaze of arousal, something ignited and flamed inside her as Shayne locked the door and swiftly moved closer.

  Pleasure was agony. It was tearing through her body, burning her nerve endings as Shayne stopped at her side, his hands cupping her breasts, his fingers finding her nipples and tugging them deliciously as his lips moved to her neck.

  Khalid chose that moment to slide a finger along the crevice below her pussy. Drawing her juices, stroking, massaging, the tip of his finger slipped inside the clenched opening of her anus as Shayne licked his lips in hunger.

  Sensation detonated. Marty's lips opened for the scream that would have ricocheted from the room, but Shayne was there. His lips covered hers, his kiss stealing her cry as her fingers gripped his shoulders tight and she arched into the orgasm racing through her.

  Her thighs clenched around Khalid's head. Her free hand clenched in his hair as she began to shake, to tremble. A surge of pure electric pleasure raced up her spine and radiated in static ecstasy that shook her entire body.

  It was like flying, falling, burning, freezing. Nothing mattered, nothing existed but the pleasure and the pure heated release surging through her.

  Nothing mattered but the men touching her and the knowledge of the hunger she knew she couldn't escape.

  Chapter 6

  He was going to burn alive in the flames of need that had ignited inside his body as he felt Marty's release spill to his lips. The sweet, heated juices were like nectar, like the finest, silkiest syrup. He had felt the proof of her innocence, the virgin shield that no other had breached, just as he had felt, tasted, the heated honey of her response.

  Staring up at her, he'd seen her desperate grip on Shayne's shoulder, the way her screams fed into the other man's kiss, and nearly experienced his own release with no more than the rasp of his clothing against his cock.

  Her response destroyed him. Rather than embarrassment as Shayne touched her, she had instead exploded with a strength that still had him shaking nearly thirty minutes later, as he fought to move across the dance floor without stumbling over his own feet.

  On her other side, Shayne seemed no steadier. He swore they both looked like drunks.

  "We're leaving soon. " He made the decision as he looked down at her now, still seeing her flushed features rather than her now composed expression. Her gaze was still drowsy, tiny wisps of hair lay on her fore
head, still damp from the perspiration that had dotted her skin earlier.

  He wanted her hot and damp, her body sheened from her juices and their combined perspiration. He wanted to hear her scream rather than feel her muffling her cries.

  "It's about damned time," Shayne muttered.

  "Why would we want to do that?" There was a hint of a smile on her face as she stared up at him. "I haven't even got to dance with my date yet. " She cast an amused, teasing look toward Shayne before meeting Khalid's gaze once again.

  "I'll get Abdul. " Shayne's didn't bother to hide his grin as he moved away quickly and headed for the wide ballroom doors that had been thrown open earlier.

  "And you won't be dancing with him, either," he growled. "At least not here. "

  A hint of a smile tugged at her lips as she stared back at him. There was no mistaking the clear, dark possessiveness in his tone.

  That smile, so starkly feminine and filled with satisfaction had him reacting in a way he hadn't expected. He could feel the arousal tearing through him, building, burning hotter, brighter than ever before.

  He swore his cock had never been so hard, his balls so tight. The blood throbbed through the thick, tight flesh, reminding him that she could make him hunger for her like he had never hungered for another woman.

  "You're pushing. " And it would take her places he was certain she didn't want to go.

  Zach had assured him years ago that Marty wasn't the sharing kind. That when it came to a relationship, to the man she would eventually love, he had been warned not to attempt to draw her into the lifestyle that members of the club shared.

  "How am I pushing, Khalid?" she whispered archly. "Wouldn't it be difficult to push much further than I've already pushed you over the years? Or further than you're trying to push me? Don't imagine for a moment that I'll tolerate any of it. "

  She was aroused. He could see the hunger in her eyes and in the soft smile on her lips.

  She was more determined and certainly more stubborn than he had ever imagined.

  As they passed through the open ballroom doors, Khalid felt the overwhelming need for her tearing at him again. His self-control was deteriorating by the moment. If he didn't have her soon, if he didn't mark her, claim her, then he was going to go insane.

  He had to admit to a small bit of surprise when she followed him. They moved through the ballroom to the foyer, and without searching for Ian or Courtney, they left the party.

  Shayne was waiting outside, leaning lazily against the tall column of the porch as he watched them curiously.

  "Shayne will be coming with us," Khalid said, his body tightening to the point of breaking.

  Marty nodded, breathless.

  "Though when we get home, it will just be us," he said firmly.

  Marty looked confused but said, "Ok. "

  Shayne gave him a quick nod to show he understood, though there was a question in his eyes.

  Marty had saved herself for him and he would not share that gift even with the man he had chosen as a third. Still, he wanted her to continue to become accustomed to Shayne's touch and to the both of them giving her pleasure.

  Marty wanted to close her eyes, to hold onto the fantasy, if that was what this was, and never let it go. She felt as though she should pinch herself, do something, anything, to prove it was real.

  Her body was humming with sensation as the two men escorted her down the steps to the driveway where Abdul was pulling up in the limo. Khalid's hand rested low on her back, Shayne's arm brushed against her shoulder.

  The heated sensations washing over her were sizzling. The clear intent in their gazes, in the careful positioning of their larger bodies against hers was unmistakable.

  It was finally going to happen. So many years spent dreaming about it, fantasizing to it. And now that the moment was here, she was terrified she would awaken once again to find it was simply another dream.

  "Courtney is going to skin you alive," she said, hearing the breathlessness of her voice, the nervousness as she slid into the back of the limo.

  "Courtney will survive," Khalid informed her as Abdul closed the door behind them.