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Alpha Bloodlines

Kirsty Moseley

  Alpha Bloodlines by Kirsty Moseley

  Copyright © 2011 Kirsty Moseley

  Brook Mill's is an ordinary 17 year old girl with an older abusive boyfriend, when her boyfriend Trey goes out of town for the weekend her best friend Mel convinces her to go to her brothers friends party. Things take an interesting turn when she meets a beautiful boy at the party and both of them seem to lose control, but it turns out the boy isn't what he appears. He's a shifter, son of an Alpha wolf, he accidentally mates her, marking her as his own. Her boyfriend is set on revenge, can Jayden protect her? And what will it cost him?

  Chapter 1

  I glanced over to see he was still asleep, I pulled the cover back off of me slowly trying desperately not to wake him. He didn't move so I held my breath as I scooted to the edge of the bed wincing as I moved my legs. They were aching bad today, I glanced over at Trey as I climbed out of the bed. Oh god please don't wake up! I gritted my teeth and tried desperately not to step on any squeaky floorboards as I tip toed over to the chair to grab my clothes and slipped into the hallway naked praying that none of his boys were up so early and would see me. That would be really bad for both me and them!

  I pulled on my jeans and black vest top and made my way downstairs quickly grabbing a juice box and granola bar before heading to my car. He was gonna be mad that I left without saying goodbye but I really needed to go to classes today, I had a test coming up and I couldn't fail, not again, this was already a re-sit. I sped to off to school praying I wouldn't be late again, I really could do without another detention!

  I met my best friend in the world in the car park. Melissa Porter was the best friend a girl could ask for, supportive, loyal, funny and kind. She was also gorgeous with poker straight blonde hair that hung just past her shoulders with the tips dyed a shocking cherry red. She had big blue eyes and was always smiling, she was around 5 foot 5 just a little shorter than me and was stick thin even though she ate like a horse. I on the other hand was about 5 foot 7 with a curvy figure which I hated, I had plain brown hair that was just above my shoulders and brown eyes and was totally average, well maybe not even that.

  "Hey Brook" she said as she threw her arms around me happily, I winced as she touched my sore back but worked hard not to show it.

  "Hey Mel" I said grinning.

  "You stay at Trey's last night?" she asked curiously, I nodded and looked down at myself.

  "That obvious huh?" I asked looking over my clothes that I had thrown on in less than a minute flat.

  She laughed "You wore that yesterday, dirty stop out" she said teasingly as she linked her arm through mine and we started walking off to classes.

  "So what, no one'll notice, who cares" I said shrugging.

  She grinned, "Whatever tramp, guess what?" she said skipping along excitedly.

  "What?" I asked grinning, what the hell is she so excited about? She only gets this excited about shopping, boys and oh no! "Not a party" I said grimacing.

  She nodded happily, "My brothers best friend is having a party on Saturday and I scored us invites!" she said practically bouncing on the spot. I rolled my eyes, as if Trey would let me go to a party without him.

  "I'm not going Mel" I said sternly.

  She snorted "Yes you are! You need to have some fun without that asshole, and I know he's going away for the weekend" she said waving her hand dismissively.

  I frowned "I can't, Trey would go crazy if he found out I went out when he wasn't here" I admitted.

  Mel knew all about Trey, how he was jealous and possessive and would beat me if I did anything wrong. God if I went to a party without him he would literally beat me senseless and I couldn't stand anymore pain, not yet, I was still recovering from the last beating he gave me for ruining his favourite shirt by putting it in the tumble dryer and shrinking it.

  "You're going! This is gonna be the hottest party of the year, and besides, it's my birthday, I'm gonna be seventeen so you have to come with me, for my birthday" she said proudly thinking she'd cornered me.

  I laughed "Your birthday's not for another two weeks" I said shaking my head, she is so sneaky.

  She grinned "Yeah well think of it as a early present then, come on please, you're my best friend, you have to come with me, please Brook" she said giving me the puppy dog face. I sighed, I guess I could go for a couple of hours. I didn't know any of Mel's brothers friends so it shouldn't get back to Trey that I went.

  "Oh for goodness sake fine! I'll go but ONLY if Trey definitely leaves for the weekend, there's some big deal going down and he said he needs to get it sorted before he can go" I said shrugging. Trey never really told me anything to do with his business and to be honest I just didn't want to know.

  She squealed and I smiled at how happy a simple party could make her. "Come on then, let's get to class" I said rolling my eyes. Hopefully I'd be able to go as long as Trey left town like he planned and I wouldn't have to let her down.

  After school I made my way back to my house, Trey was already standing in my kitchen waiting for me as I walked through the door, "Hey boyfriend" I said smiling and trying to ignore the glare he was shooting me. He slammed his cup down onto the kitchen side smashing it and I held my breath.

  "Where the fuck have you been Brook?" he shouted as he strode over and grabbed my arm digging his fingers into my skin. I tried not to flinch as he didn't like it when I was scared of him.

  "I was at school" I said quietly looking at the floor not wanting to see the blow coming. I knew I shouldn't have crept out of the bed this morning.

  He jerked my arm making me slam into his chest, "Why the fuck did you not say goodbye?" he shouted squeezing my arm tighter. Oh shit! Come on Brook think of something to make this better, I thought desperately of a reason but I couldn't come up with anything that would satisfy him at all.

  He slammed me back hard against the wall, I couldn't help the little yelp that came out as pain shot up my already bruised back. He put his hands on the wall either side of my head and leant his face into mine, "You think that's ok just to go fucking sneaking off without saying goodbye? Were you meeting another guy?" he asked angrily.

  I gasped, holy shit this is bad! I wrapped my arms around him tight ignoring the ache in my upper arm where he gripped me so tight. "No hon, I swear, I went to school, I had a test in calculus and I didn't want to wake you so early I swear" I said honestly begging him to believe me with my eyes.

  His face softened slightly as he took a deep breath, he looked into my eyes for a minute before stepping back and running a hand through his short brown hair.

  I felt my heart rate slowing back down again as he relaxed, he smiled his cocky smile and held his arms open for me. He looked really cute when he smiled, he didn't do it very often, not a real one anyway. I pushed away from the wall and went to him immediately wrapping my arms around him as he hugged me back kissing the side of my head. "I'm sorry baby, I just thought when I woke up and you weren't there that you'd left me, I've been calling you all day" he said as he held me tight.

  I shook my head "No Trey, I wouldn't, I just needed to get to school, I had my phone off the battery was dead, I wouldn't leave you" I said wincing as his hand brushed over my bruised back.

  "Good, because I woudn't let you leave me anyway" he said smiling but his eyes were hard, he meant it, this was a warning. I cupped his face in my hands and pulled his face to mine, swallowing my fear as I kissed him. He moaned in the back of his throat and pulled me closer as he kissed me deeply.

  "Get on the counter" he said unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down over my ass, he pushed me backwards to the kitchen counter. I gulped and lifted myself onto the counter, as soon as I was on he yanked my jeans the rest of the way off and ripped open his flies. He grabbed
my legs yanking me to the edge of the counter as he ran his hands down my body looking at me lustfully.

  Oh please not again please! My heart started beating way too fast as I saw the passion in his eyes, this was gonna hurt, he wasn't interested in being gentle today.

  He kissed me hard hurting my lips making me move my head back and bang my head on the cupboard behind me. He gripped my hips and thrust his shaft into me hard. I gritted my teeth as pain started to burn in my core, he wrapped my legs around his waist as he continued to pound into me. He kissed down my neck as his breathing sped up, oh God please hurry up!

  He was moaning so I matched my moans to his and arranged my face to look like I was enjoying myself. He smiled as he pulled me closer to him gripping my hips tightly banging himself into me harder and deeper, I tried desperately not to wince as each thrust felt like being stabbed with a knife.

  "Fucking hell Brook, that's good, arch your back baby" he ordered, I did as he told me and he grunted breathlessly, a couple more thrusts and he climaxed digging his fingernails into my thighs.

  I closed my eyes as he kissed over my face, "God that was good baby" he murmured against my lips.

  I nodded "Yeah" I lied wrapping my legs round him pulling him closer to me, he pulled out of me and I breathed a sigh of relief.

  "You'd better clean this shit up before your Mom gets home" he said nodding towards the smashed cup and the puddle of coffee on the side. He walked away zipping up his flies and went to sit on one of the kitchen stools watching me climb down from the counter. I grabbed my jeans and bent to put them on, "No, leave them off and do it" he said raising his eyebrow at me smirking.

  I sighed and threw them back to the floor, God this was embarrassing! I grabbed a cloth and started mopping up his mess while he watched me with a small satisfied smile on his face. When I was done I looked at my jeans longingly and then back to him, he nodded so I grabbed them and put them on quickly before he changed his mind and wanted to fuck me again. I was still aching from his rough antics last night and that little episode didn't help at all!

  "Come sit with me baby" he said patting his knee, I smiled and went to sit with him, "So I'm leaving tomorrow around one, so I guess I won't see you until Monday after school" he said running his hands down my back brushing my hair behind my ear. I nodded and hugged him, "Brook, why the hell are you wearing this shirt? You look like shit! Your too fucking fat to wear something this tight" he said sneering at me.

  I gulped, and looked down feeling like a piece of shit, I knew I didn't have a perfect body, he reminded me everyday. I shook my head "I'm sorry Trey, I won't wear it anymore" I said fighting the tear that was trying to escape.

  He smiled "Good, because it's fucking embarrassing, seeing you walk around with everything hanging out like that, you know everybody's laughing at you right?" he said smoothing my hair down. I felt sick, god everyone was laughing at me?

  "Ok, thank you for telling me" I said quietly.

  He smiled "You're welcome baby, now go change" he said happily easing me off of his lap.

  I walked up the stairs and went straight over to the mirror looking at myself, I couldn't stop the tears from falling down my face, how the hell could I have gone to school looking like this all day? I looked like a fat ugly tramp. I ripped the top off of my head and threw it in the bin, I glanced back at myself in the mirror and brought my hands to my stomach gripping the skin there, I closed my eyes not able to look at myself anymore and grabbed a baggy t-shirt and quickly did fifty sit ups before heading back downstairs to see Trey.

  My Mom was home now and her and Trey were sat around drinking tea in the lounge, as I walked in Trey smiled at me approvingly and patted the seat beside him.

  "Hi Honey" my Mom said smiling at me.

  "Hi Mom, good day?" I asked as I sat close to Trey leaning on him and folding my legs up resting my chin on my knees to hide my stomach from view even more.

  She nodded smiling, "I had a great day, I was just telling Trey about this little boy who came into the hospital today, he was unconscious and" I couldn't listen to her anymore so I smiled and nodded pretending I was listening all the time wishing Trey would go home so I could go upstairs and crawl into bed and cry.

  "Well I'm gonna go make dinner, you staying Trey?" my Mom asked a little while later standing up and heading to the kitchen.

  "I'd love to Beth" he said politely, she nodded, my Mother adored Trey because whenever they would meet he would be the perfect boyfriend. I mean she had her reservations about him at first, he is seven years older than me. What mother likes being introduced to their thirteen year olds boyfriend who's twenty? I can't imagine many parents would be thrilled about it.

  But we'd been together for four years now and he had somehow convinced her after about a year that he was worthy, that was around about the time that he first hit me, when I was fourteen, I forgave him then, but I should have just walked away. Now I was trapped, he wouldn't let me go. I tried to break it off once and he went crazy, broke my arm and three ribs, split my head open and told me that next time I tried to break it off with him he would kill my Mom. I lied to everyone about it, the only one that knew a slight part of the truth was Melissa, I told her that he hit me occasionally as she started to become suspicious about some bruises I had. I made her promise not to tell, and to this day she hasn't.

  I sat watching TV with Trey in silence until dinner was ready then went into the kitchen to eat. I sat down at the table and my Mom put a big plate of cheesy chicken and chips in front of me. Shit this has a lot of calories in it! I glanced at Trey who looked at my plate and shook his head slightly meaning I shouldn't eat it. "Thanks Mom this looks great" I said honestly, it did look good.

  "Yeah thanks Beth this is awesome" Trey said shovelling his food down his throat.

  I picked up my knife and fork and began scraping the cheese from the chicken, I could eat a chicken breast right? I mean that's not too bad, I'd just leave the chips and the cheese. I finished the chicken and my Mom glanced at my plate, "You not eating the chips hon?" she asked curiously.

  I shook my head "Sorry Mom, I had a big lunch today so I'm not too hungry" I said apologetically.

  She smiled, my Mom was incredible, the best Mom a girl could have, so I couldn't let Trey hurt her.

  She was the only reason I put up with him, that and the fact that I didn't want to be on my own. I mean who the hell else would want to be with me? I can't go through life on my own, Trey always says he was doing me a favour being with me, he said he loved me and that's why he could put up with my flaws and my body.

  "No problem honey, what did you have?" she asked happily.

  I smiled "Mel and I went to the café down the road, I had lasagne" I lied. Actually I had hardly eaten at all today, I had been trying to cut down on the amount I ate for the last couple of weeks when Trey first told me I was starting to put on weight.

  "That's nice hon" Mom said turning to Trey and starting a conversation about her car that was due to a service this month and wanted to know where the best place to take it was.

  I tuned out and looked longingly at the pile of food that was still on my plate, I could feel my stomach hurting where I was so hungry. When everyone was done I excused myself from the chocolate cake desert and went to wash up while they ate.

  After dinner we sat back in the lounge watching TV. At nine Trey turned to me and nodded towards the stairs, I smiled and took his hand, "We're gonna go listen to some music Mom" I said pulling Trey up from the couch. He smiled and followed me up the stairs eagerly, as soon as my door shut he grabbed me and pushed me towards the bed making me sit on the edge as he stood in front of me.

  "I think you should give me a little going away present, show me how much your gonna miss me this weekend" he said smirking at me as he pulled his top off over his head. I nodded and reached to pull my top off but he caught my hand, "No baby, I don't want to see that, it'll turn me off" he said turning his nose up. I gulped ashamed of my body, wow I m
ust be disgusting if he can't even look at me anymore! He unbuttoned his jeans pulling his shaft free and putting one hand on the back of my head guiding my mouth to his erection with a huge smile on his face.

  When he finally left at about eleven I changed into some sweats and jumped on the treadmill running for ten miles then doing a hundred sit ups. I grabbed a piece of newspaper and taped it over my mirror inside my wardrobe covering it so I couldn't look at myself anymore. I couldn't see myself anymore, not if I was that repulsive. I climbed in the bed still sweaty and sticky from my work out and cried myself to sleep, how the hell did I let myself get like this?

  Chapter 2

  I was staying at Mel's for the weekend seen as Trey had left for Denver for three days. He text me and told me he'd left so I went straight to Mel's after school on Friday. I followed behind her in my car to her little house on the edge of the woods, I loved Mel's house, it was so cute and adorable.

  Her family were awesome too, and her brother, my god her brother was hot! I used to have a huge crush on Scott, he had blonde hair and big blue eyes like Mel, but he had a bad boy vibe going on.

  He wasn't a bad boy though, he was never in trouble or anything, he just had this badass attitude about him, I definitely wouldn't want to mess with him!

  He was a college student so I hadn't seen him for almost a year, but he was back for the holidays today apparently so I was looking forward to seeing him. As I pulled up behind Mel I could see her waiting there for me excitedly, we were going to watch a movie tonight and have a girls night, she wanted to paint toenails and wax our legs all that type of girly crap and was ridiculously eager and excited about it! I skipped up to her pretending to be excited about it too.

  "Come on then, I think Scott's home now" she said happily, Mel loved her brother and missed him like crazy. We walked inside and I saw a messy blonde head for a fraction of a second before he scooped Mel into a hug spinning her around in a circle making her laugh.